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Watch: Chris Brown’s ‘Welcome to My Life’ Documentary Gets a Trailer [Video]


Chris Brown is giving fans a peek into his life with the upcoming documentary, Welcome to My Life.

The Andrew Sandler-directed documentary doesn’t have a release date just yet — but it does have a trailer. The doc is made up of old and new interviews and commentary from Chris’ friends and family.

From what we see in this three-minute first look, Chris gets candid about dealing with life after the Rihanna assault and how it has affected both his personal and professional life.

Take a look.


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  2. It pains me how much I want CB to just go away. And no biased documentary will change that. He’s so talented and we dance to his jams & love watching him perform and we *almost* forget how much of an arrogant asshole he is. Until he goes out of his way to remind us time and time again………. 1 step forward, 3 steps back. I’d love to root for him, and witness another Black boy fly high, but I can’t do it until he gets his ish together and actually becomes the man he’s portraying himself to be in this piece.

  3. Lol, we all know he’s a crackhead.

  4. It’s too late for this. He shares his story almost everyday on social media and it’s a horrible one. How many times does he lash out at women?

    Rihanna? Karruche? Kehlani? Tinashe? Zendaya? His fans?

    I’m tired of him. I’m tired of his opinions. I’m tired of the ignorance. I’m tired of his voice on the radio. Why does it sound the same like 10 years later? He’s not even cute. He’s not singing about anything outside of sex/drinking/partying/thots/money. Then he threatens people with gang violence. He’s just a waste of talent who surrounded himself with the worst people.

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