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TLC Throws Major Shade Towards Rihanna: ‘Every Time I See You, You Don’t Have to be Naked’


The remaining members of TLC might want to stay away from social media for a while.

T-Boz and Chilli threw major shade towards Rihanna for using her body and sex to sell records. The comments come just days after Rihanna hit the CDFA wearing nearly nothing.

They appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise on Friday morning ahead of their sold out show in Sydney, Australia.

‘Every time I see you you don’t have to be naked,’ T-Boz said.

‘It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, ‘Oh TLC must be jealous’, but I call a spade a spade,’ T-Boz added.

‘We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot,’ Chilli chimed in.

‘We could go around too with booby cakes [breasts] out all day long,’

The Navy is NOT going to be happy about this!

[via Daily Mail]


  1. Anything to keep people talking about them…how about releasing some new music instead and keeping other artist out of their mouths?

    • They will be releasing some new music and for sure it will be winning Rihanna, Beyonce and any other crappy artist.

    • lmao do they really HAVE to be “relevant” .. they already broke records they’ll be relevant for all of music history no need for new records. People are just upset that they are tellin the truth. YES theyve posed sexy/nude-ish before but not all the damn time – and they always had a powerful message behind it. Its sad people are coming against tlc

    • That’s dumb. I could say the same thing to you. And if you say you’re not making any music, then you’re really a talent-less waste.

    • they already have new music out. look it up

  2. lol its true tho.. the fuckin lil kid ass navy could go suck some balls. silly ass bitchez

  3. THEY BE TELLING THE TRUTH! Rihanna is just an industry hoe.

  4. I listened to the interview, Not once did they say Rihanna name.


  6. Chilli act like she ain’t a H** back in the 90s…ask pebbles!! She knows;)

  7. T-biscuit & Hot CHILLI peppers act like their didn’t go naked a few times to promote their albums back in the 90s..these two has-been need to stop been a hypocrite. & chilli, stop it!! we all know ur past, wassup with that abortion gurl!?! Or you sure it wasn’t LA Reid’s baby u abort!?!

    • I don’t remember seeing them naked. Why are you so mad tho? Isnt Rihanna naked all the time? Why get mad at the truth, that only makes you look belligerent.

    • I don’t even understand why you are so mad? If the interviewer ASKED their opinion, it’s people like you who don’t know HOW to get the TAMPON out their ASS. Rihanna is always naked, that’s just how she is. People get abortions that’s just how it is. CHILL

  8. The funniest ish is Tboz is the same old thot that was defending Miley Cyrus last year about her been naked but u trashing your own race for doing the same thing..FOH b*tch!! She’s bipolar as hell..most be the old age.

  9. Oh, Ya OLD Gurlz please stfu and let RIRI do her ! I guess TC is trying to make a comeback by starting “beef” with the Navy & RiRi! #SmartMove #SillyHoes

  10. We’re in 2014..no longer in 1991..get ya life TLC the industry has changed.

  11. ahhhhh…shut up…she slayed and EVERYBODY knows it!…jaded and shade!

  12. Who cares how them haters feel… Still got more money …call Jay up and close a deal … Still got more money … Rihanna said it best”Old Thots”

  13. Alecia Christie Adams

    Ummm … they didn’t say Rihanna’s name, the commentator did. They could have been talking about any number of female singers in this day and age!!

    • It doesnt look like breast cancer awareness to me yall all cheesy tht is sumthang that should be taken seriously if it were about breast cancer awareness left eye wouldn’t be ashamed to show her breast just be reel an stop the damm lying bcos your clowining yourselves.

  14. It’s not like what they’re saying is false and for those of ya’ll trying to diminish TLC’s relevance, they’re bank account has nothing to do with it. They’re misfortuned are an account to being taken advantage of by their team, NOT for lack of skill, talent or great music. 20 years later, we’re still listening to their music.

    Need I remind you, we were all watching their biopic a few months ago and stanning, now all of sudden they give an opinion and people want to act brand new. Get your life!

  15. Look the bottom line, Rihanna is and always be an industry ho. I’m sorry she has been used as a rag doll, paid her dues and literally fucked her way to the top. She did what she had to do. The industry got her young, don’t have much talent and she did what she needed to survive in this new world industry. Tlc doesn’t need to prove anything. They paid their dues and then some. She got upset cause she knew they were right. It must have struck a nerve and the truth is there. Bash Tlc all you want. Lol but the bottom line is they had and still have talent. They can sing without music on que in good voice without any hesitation. Also Rihanna is going to be old one day as well lol let’s see what she will have to show for it. So you folks bashing say well they are old. Haa haa when you all get old you are in for a rude awakening.
    However the times where different the era of Aliyah and Missy Elliot with baggy pants and a bra that was the style. This is a new generation and the likes of Josephine Baker look is here to stay.

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