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‘The Real’ Threatens to Sue Tamar and Vince & Release Clips of Tamar Cussing Out Executive Producer Over ‘Staged’ Episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’

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If you thought Tamar Braxton was keeping it ‘real’ during last night’s episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’, you might want to reconsider.

According to sources, Warner Bros isn’t happy of how they’re being portrayed by Tamar and Vince since Tamar was fired from ‘The Real,’ and the company has threatened to sue.

Not only did the company threaten to sue, but they’re also threatening to release video of Tamar ‘imploding’ on set and cussing out an executive producer.

via Mail Online:

‘They reenacted the day that Tamar found out she was fired and staged an entire scene where Tamar is laying in bed crying and declaring that she doesn’t know why she was fired, while her sisters attempt to console her.’

Warner Bros fired off legal letters to WE TV about this Thursday’s episode claiming that if anything on the show’s reenactment further disparages The Real or violates Tamar and Vince’s non-disclosure agreement, they plan to pursue litigation.

The New York Post has since reported that Vince was aware that his wife was being fired from The Real two weeks before he actually told her.

Daily Mail Online has also learned, that Warner Bros initially decided to ditch Vince as an executive producer on the series and wanted to have a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ with Tamar one last time to help her keep her job.

‘They had completed a photo shoot for Season three,’ the source said. 

The source added: ‘Their intention was not to fire her, but because Vince was dropped as a producer he wouldn’t allow the executives to speak to his wife directly and that’s what pushed the network to not pick up her option either and can her from the show.’ In addition to sending letters to WE TV, Warner Bros. is also threatening to release multiple videos of Tamar imploding on set, as well as the video of her meltdown and cussed out the show’s executive producer.

‘Everyone on set will tell you that her actions that day were reprehensible and the epitome of insubordination. All the cursing and violent language, it was just a chaotic scene that will make Dennis Quaid’s movie set meltdown look like a nursery rhyme session at a daycare center,’ the source said, before adding: ‘It would definitely affect her ability to get work in this business!’

Sources close to The Real believe that Tamar and Vince are trying to portray her as the victim because they need to find a new gig now that they’ve lost The Real. Warner Bros is moving forward with plans to replace Tamar and have schedule a group of chemistry test with potential candidates for the job in early August.

This is getting messier by the day.

Update: We received the following in an email from ‘The Real’.

In response to statements made by Tamar Braxton during recent interviews and appearances surrounding her departure from “The Real,” we felt compelled to correct some inaccuracies.    

Tamar Braxton’s contract was not renewed for reasons that will remain privileged and private, and that are between her and the Studio. However, we would like to make it crystal clear that Ms. Braxton’s departure from the show had nothing to do with her former co-hosts; any suggestion to the contrary unfairly tarnishes them. As always, we wish Tamar and Vince all the best.


  1. Well, Tamar already has another job and I’m loving all these developments! It makes for great entertainment! I’m not usually all about the drama like this… but this is JUICY.

    • We’ll see if this Steve Harvey production come to fruition. I think it was the action of a friend trying to help another friend save face. Steve Harvey hasn’t produced anyting yet under his deal and you think his first production is going to be Tamar. Can we say Tiny Tonight.

      • Love Effortlessly

        Do you really know, that Steve Harvey hasn’t produced anything? He did have two successful movies.

        • He did not produce nor financially back them. He was paid good money for the rights to use his publication for the movie…..that’s ALL. Quite different from having his own production company. Yet, he is NO fool with his talents or money, so I’m figuring he will rethink this talk show deal. It’s easy to shelve because it’s ONLY in possible production talks. We’ll see. Either way, I won’t be watching Tamar on any talk show as any host or otherwise. When she treats her family/sisters with more respect and support then I may reconsider.

      • DaysofWineandRoses

        His company produces Little Big Shots in conjunction with Ellen Degeneres. It’s alllll a club. But let see what happens. Ellen tried to bring RHoNY and Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel to tv sets across America and after a year, audiences said, “no bueno” to her version of Team Too Much, too.

      • Right. It will start, but it definitely won’t last. Tamar will destroy it with her big mouth and rotten attitude. WATCH!

    • If Tamar is too much in a group setting, just image how “extra” she would be by herself. Any show that Steve produces for her most likely will not be picked up.

  2. By definition if it was a true reenactment she was still keeping it real. We all know its a tv show but the fact that it actually happened means it was real. Secondly Warner Bros. are the ones making Tamar look like a victim not Tamar and Vince. You can’t fire someone and then try to stop them from talking about it or showing any kind of disappointment or emotion about it, that’s ridiculous. Warner Bros and the Real come out looking like bullies to everyone with eyes.

    • “Warner Bros fired off legal letters to WE TV about this Thursday’s episode claiming that if anything on the show’s reenactment further disparages The Real or violates Tamar and Vince’s non-disclosure agreement, they plan to pursue litigation.”

      Actually if the above is true and she has some sort of non-disclosure agreement that she signed that includes language about what can or cannot be said after departing or being fired then she might be in violation. When signing those documents you have to be very careful and have your lawyers redline the hell out of it to your benefit. The company I work for won’t even allow our non-disclosure agreement to get marked up (changed) by the outside persons or company’s legal counsel. So you have to be very mindful of what you have signed because it can come back and bite you on the a** later.

      • You are absolutely right. You have to be careful signing exit documents from any job.

        • Yep, and you never know she might have signed something when hired, in my experience these studios cover themselves up front, and on the exit. You have to be careful to remember and keep documentation of everything you sign because these studios or any large corporation are out for self interest, not you. IMO!

        • Many, many years ago there were no “exit interviews” your “firing” was your EXIT…..LOL….
          companies protect themselves and their brand. If you sign exit documents you are agreeing
          to abide by signed documents.

          • Yep, and those interviews are for everyone. I have learned to never burn a bridge on the way out!

          • Absolutely, because the “spark” of your words could ignite the “flame” once again.

          • Large and small corporations alike. Even when it comes to human resources at a job. HR is not on your side (for the most part) Sure the story will continue to unfold….

          • You are correct about HR. Some employees think HR is their friend, while HR may defend you
            against other employees, trust me HR is the companies best friend when it comes to defending
            the company against you!

      • All she said was that she was hurt by losing her job, and she was making it clear that the rumors that was saying that she did not get along with her co-stars was untrue. Warner Bros must be guilty of something, What she was doing was expressing her feelings.

    • Thank you, Some of the post are so hateful toward Tamar they are not looking at the real picture, this is how big companies get away. Now if this happens to one of these negative people, they would be crying wolf.

  3. Tamar’s got THREE jobs! Two tv shows and a recording career! she ain’t hurting ~

    • Addison Martin

      If she is not hurting, why is she acting like a victim and trying to gain sympathy? Nobody really knows what anybody has including you and me. A person can have lots of jobs but if they are living above their means, the amount of jobs mean nothing.
      I’m not saying this is the case, I’m jut saying the amount of jobs a person has means nothing, if you’re not taking care of business in the right way.

      • How is she acting like a victim? she got fired from a job she loves and just wanted to tell her side of the story after remaining quite for over a week, while The Real was bashing her in the media, and saying she left.

        • Addison Martin

          Hi Lola, Shehgas been crying everytime she is in front of a camera. Just because you love a job does not mean you can disrespect people. Her husband was warned and she still acted disrespectful. We all have to be accounatable for our actions. And if you think cussing people out at work is ok. Welllllllll

          • Love Effortlessly

            You type, as if, you really know. You only know what you were told or read. And who is to say, that any of that is factual. Tamar has every right to respond to The Real.

          • Addison Martin

            What are you talking about! I have said many times, it is only opinion. I have also said nobody knows what really happened. And Im sure she can defend herself

          • Right Addison, That’s what i’m saying. These ppl for Tamar…do you all not think she’s disrespectful? Or that she has a bad attitude? I don’t you all at all or these tamartians. omg!

  4. the real question is………….will she be mad at Vince?

    • Marie Yvette Carter

      that’s what I was thinking … it’s almost like Warner Bros are trying to cause friction in their relatiionship

      • Warner Bros. is defending their reputation and the show’s as well since Tamar insists on painting them as the villains who fired her for no apparent reason. She tells a completely different story that what this article alleges.

        • I just fill like as big as Warner Bro is why would they continue to minimize and do distasteful things as far as, continuing to discuss the situation about T.B. And now they mention Vince. Why? Either way it go she no longer work there and it should not be anything talked about to any media outlet about themselves nor T.B or V.H. I’m not trying to be on anybody side the fact of it is that she may have really felt like these chicks were her friend and deep down in her heart she fill betrayed by them. When your friends with someone and your around them on a day to day basis you can most certainly tell if they are lying about something and with them claiming that they had no idea that she was gonna be terminated was just a slap in the freaking face considering that everyone else knew besides them so she knew that they were not being honest. So she just decided to only keep the only friend she felt that was honest with her and that was T.M.H. Everyone just need to stop adding fuel to the fire, is everything that T.B is doing being done in a great way? No because everyone are speculating off of anything that she presents to the media or public. Which is making T.B look as if she is upset with certain people. At this point and time i just fill my opinion only, that T.B is very hurt and distraught over her job loss not so much of her so called friendships. She’s very embarrassed on how it’s being played out so far & and she’s not thinking about how her feeling embarrassed those decisions that she enact and put out there on display could very well have devastating outcome. And not any of us not even the Tmartians will do anything further, other than complaining from afar because this is all we can do simply because she is the entertainer and we are the on looking fans just playing our positions. That’s her life that she is allowing others to fuk around with because of her heart/ image .At the end of the day she really need to do things quietly because no matter if its the right way they will make the situation worse for her, my opinion she had the right to act out how she feel if she like laying in the bed and her sisters consoling her and what about it ? So what it was scripted!!! As most of the shows are. It only raised an eyebrow only because W.B felt like it would make them look some type of way. The real was scripted to all the freaking time but who talked about that?????? This is some real life devil filled bullshit that will continue to happen everyday in this selfish ,but rigged up world that people are just clueless in what’s going on around them.

          • Is your question serious? When Tamar was let go, the studio released the standard generic statement about how, in a mutual decision, they were parting ways so that Tamar could concentrate on her singing career. That in no way reflects negatively on or embarrasses Tamar. However, big mouth Tamar couldn’t leave it there. She started making statements of questionable veracity that reflects negatively on the studio and the show. So now they are in a position to have to defend themselves. If Tamar insists on making the media rounds telling stories that are not 100%, then the studios have every right to set the record straight even if they have to drag Vince into it. The producers of the show are not angry at Tamar simply because she reenacted the scene of how she was let go for BFV. They are angry because she is taking liberties with the facts of what actually happened in order to make herself out to be the victim. For example, on BFV she says that the reasons they gave for letting her go was that she wasn’t getting along with her cohosts and producers, but on Steve Harvey’s radio show interview, she says they never gave her any kind of reason at all. Why the different stories? The only thing the BFV scene accomplished wass to oncw again throw her co-hosts under the bus. So now the producers of The Real have to defend them against Tamar.

          • With all this Tamar tantrums, I know now that The Real will be BIGGER than ever, especially since a lot of viewers did not like Tamar anyway. I know that now I will go back to viewing it.

          • JabbingJay I couldn’t have said it better myself. Tamar’s whole problem is her mouth!

          • If you were a big business and you fired me because I was very disrespectful to you and others at work and then I went on tv, radio and social media putting the blame at your business door step. Are you saying that you would not defend your business?

          • The only one who makes Tamar look bad is Tamar. She should stop looking at everyone else and start looking in the mirror. Sadly she has been acting like a brat for so long, she is clueless on how to stop.

          • Because she is trying to make sure the show doesn’t go on without her by turning everyone against the other co-hosts. I don’t know why they continue to kiss her ass.

          • Exactly, she is trying to bring the whole show down in a ball of flames.

        • You would do the same if you got fired ,because they had a issue with your husband. We donot know the whole story.You may not care for Tamar but it is something wrong with the situation.

          • No, I would not do the same thing especially if I signed a non-disclosure agreement. It’s called being an adult and having self-control. The only thing “wrong” with the situation is Tamar telling a different version of events every time she opens her mouth.

          • Okay!!!

          • Angels and Demons

            Your arguments under this blog dies not have any substance. Pure opinions backed by little facts

          • Stop projecting dear. My arguments are based on actual reading comprehension and critical analysis of the various reports and hearing the cornucopia of lies that have come out of Tamar’s mouth. Your arguments are based on you having your head so far up Tamar’s a-s-s that you don’t know left from right.

        • Vanita Washington

          My issue with this story is that Warner Bros. publicly stated that Tamar was fired because she did not come across well with the advertisers and audience. This store contradicts the previous store because this article says that Tamar was not going to be fired until she went on a ‘rant’. Which store is true? I believe in being fair.

          • The studio didn’t publicly state that. That’s information the blogs alleged based on “sources.” The studio’s original statement was that they had come to a mutual decision to part ways, period. Tamar tried to out-maneuver the studio by getting her version of events out there first once the BLOGS, not the studio, started reporting she was actually fired. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the upper hand in the situation so her plan backfired.

          • Vanita Washington

            I disagree because this article says that she was not going to be fired and that Tamar was upset about her husband being fired and that Vince would not allow anyone to speak to her. The Daily Mail wrote this:

            Executives of the hit daytime talk show reportedly fired Tamar because “of negative feedback on her ‘ghetto’ persona given by focus groups – as well as on-set insubordination and a rebellion by advertisers,” according to the Daily Mail. Apparently, advertisers did not want her in their segments due to “her antics and lack of cooperation.”

            During one particular taping of the show in May, Tamar allegedly cursed out an executive producers and other staff members after losing a game during the taping.

            If there is a tape, it came for this incident. This event has nothing to do with Vince at all. The firing came as a shock to Tamar and her coworkers If this was a pattern of behavior, Tamar’s coworkers would not have been caught off guard by the firing. Why? Because actions have consequences. The bottomline is that based on the outpouring of support for Tamar, Warner Bros. is concerned about the rating going down. The fact that Warner Bros are threatening to sue Tamar and Vince implies that there is something that Warner Bros does not want the public to know.

          • You do realize that your first paragraph completely contradicts your assertion that “this event has nothing to do with Vince at all”, right? It seems that Tamar was acting up and he was using his positions as a producer and her husband to firewall the other producers from getting to Tamar. It seems to me that Warner Bros. is threatening to suing her because she wants to portray a version of events that is not factual. You can believe her innocent act if you want to. I don’t.

          • Vanita Washington

            ? My first statement does not contradict that it has nothing with Vince. This article says that Tamar was upset because her husband was no longer a producer. The Daily Mail said that Tamar was upset because she lost one of the games during a segment of the show. We will have to agree to disagree but I want to add this: WE TV would not have allowed the segment with Tamar explaining why she was fired to air on the Braxton Family Values without Tamar having proof to back up her claims. Why? Because that would open them up to a lawsuit.

          • Actually, no. The only person who is opening herself up to a lawsuit is Tamar because she is the one speaking “her truth.” WE TV has their batallion of lawyers that have counseled them. They are more interested in ratings that protecting Tamar at this point. As I said, feel free to believe in Tamar’s seer innocence. I see her for the manipulator she is.

        • DaysofWineandRoses

          Nope. This is Business 101, the occupational hazard of combining family with business interests. and reponsibilties. There’s always going to be a possible conflict of interest if you’re simultaneously beholden to a platform and corporation as a producer, and to your own spouse as a manager with them as your client. Some couples can make it work seamlessly. Others not so much.

      • Addison Martin

        What! Stop it!! Warner bros is NOT trying to cause friction. You totally misread what Jabbing Jay wrote.

      • I think so also, It is a known fact that Vince tries to handle things , before he goes to his wife, and he is protective of her. So for them to want to talk to her without him, i cannot imagine, then to fire her because of it is strange.

      • No Warner Brothers is doing what it is supposed to do and protecting a brand that is decades old. No company is going to sit still and allow Tamar or anyone else to tarnish their brand.

    • That’s what makes Tamar so hateful. In her initial IG comment, she made sure to say that her husband (along with her sisters) were not responsible for the “betrayal” that led to her termination. She chose to leave her co-hosts out in the open to be attacked by her angry mob of Tamartians. Despite the endless reports that have come out stating they had nothing to do with it, Tamar has yet to speak out in their defense. That’s cold. I hope the videos of her acting a fool are leaked so that she’ll finally be exposed once and for all.

      • I get what you are saying,but she did not leave her co- stars out, she referred to them as her friends, and she also stated that she did not at first know where it came from that she did not get along with them, she loves them. The whole thing is really not clear.

        • Um, on IG someone posted a photo in which Tamar is sitting at somewhat of a distance from her co-hosts with the caption saying something to the effect of how people have to separate themselves from fake bitches and she responded to that by saying “Pretty much.” Now tell me Tamar isn’t talking out of both sides of her neck and being greasy.

          • Love Effortlessly

            And a meme is suppose to be evidence?

          • No, but her response to it definitely is.

          • Yup! She is acting like a child.

          • I read online earlier whenever Tamar was asked why she made
            that comment about her co-hostsm she replied she was just joking.

            I thought this whole experience was so dramatic for her, so where
            does the joke about her pain come in. If she thinks this is such a
            laughing matter, why all the tears. Has Tamar kept anything REAL.
            Was this whole situation a set-up, to boost ratings for BFV at the
            expense of producers, staff and co-hosts. Tamar better be very
            careful about pulling the rug from beneath others, her own heel
            just may get caught also!

          • She is a fool. It is really funny that her joke has led to their harassment. As usual, no one is laughing WITH Tamar.

          • Agreed. smh.

          • Nothing Real about this cause why would she feel the need to re-shoot her reaction

          • The “realness” in pain can not be reenacted. The impact of the first initial shock to your
            gut, releases your true reaction and anything else is pretend. ijs.

        • Verna you are wrong, She immediately jump on the ladies. If they were really friends like she said they were, she would not have put that on her IG. She stop following three of them. Now what does that tell you.

      • Very well stated. Tamar, herself is the blame for the drive-by circus her firing has become.
        She could have came to her co-hosts defense and cleared all the whispers and finger-
        pointing up, instead she threw them under the bus on the turnpike!

        • Exactly. She has a chronic case of “Can’t STFU” Syndrome. Hers is a mutant super strain with no known cure.

          • OUCH!……

          • They would of aired the video they got nothing . Lies they tell . I want to kick the Real and Harvey at TMZ teeth in spreading lies like this Wendy too got me on my last nerve with these lies. Im gonna give someone a hematoma

          • You want to hit people over Tamar? Perhaps you should recalibrate your priorities.

        • Actually, I don’t blame her. I blame the production company as they are the ones who leaked this to the press, repeatedly changed their story and shaded this woman. They also told her initially that the firing was due to her relationship with her co-workers. Knowing that she had good relationships with them, and her firing coming from left-field, left her to initially believe that she had been betrayed by co-workers, thus her IM message. It took Tamar two weeks to officially respond and when she did, the message was reflective. She blamed no one, and basically said that she’d cried and now she is moving on. All of the time before she spoke, the production company was running its mouth, making statements about her firing that no company should make about an employee because the information is covered by employment privacy laws. How is she to blame for this drive-by circus?

          • My opinion as I clearly stated, however, thank you for your

          • But, of course. It is a discussion. We are all sharing our points of views. I respect all expression and expect that people will have differing opinions. Thanks.

          • Your welcome. I respect your understanding.

          • I think its great when we can agree to disagree without attack. Good Job

          • Thank you/

          • Angels and Demons

            You know it’s the truth Djphoenix is saying. Your thoughts is only an opinion but his or her thoughts are more factual. Don’t get hype off of the likes your comment received

          • Whether I agree with Diphoenix is not your issue. I still respected
            her opinion as she did mine. Hype/likes is not important to me….
            but the freedom for myself and others to express themselves is.
            Whenever you express something intelligent, hopefully you will
            receive the hype/likes that you mentioned. In the meantime enjoy
            the rest of your day…..you still have more hours to go…..12hrs.
            minding your business…….and 12hrs. staying out of mine!

          • Angels and Demons

            Great response

          • She is to blame because she didn’t clearify that her co hosts had nothing to do with her firing, and she agreed with onr of her fans pictures and comments about her cohosts calling them shady [email protected]$Thes. Thats how she is to blame for the attack against them.

          • They would of aired the video they got nothing . Lies they tell . I want to kick the Real and Harvey at TMZ teeth in spreading lies like this Wendy too got me on my last nerve with these lies. No video and Rachel the producer called Tamar too ghetto and she belonged on RUPaul . Rachel racist

          • Them saying stuff about her is probably why she decided to air her reaction. I’m sure she felt some type of way as to how they kept saying things about her. She chose to just say she briefly let us know she was mad but didn’t say why or who and left it at that. Thats not what they did. They could have just been quiet but no they had to give reasons after another as to why she was fired then lied on top of that smh. They know it wasn’t a mutual decision. And them changing their mind about releasing the footage is probably because Tamar can sue them for defaming her character.

          • They would NOT have said anything about her had she NOT opened that door AGAIN Tamar needs to learn how to be quiet sometimes

          • Rita Greene Hailey

            i agree.


      • That is because at the time she was led by the production company to believe that her co-hosts had stabbed her in the back. They initially told her that she was fired because she did not get along with co-hosts. This was a big surprise to her and she thought that one or more of them had come for her. She did not know what to believe. It all appeared to be so random.

        • Right, that’s one of the stories she has given. The other version is that the production company didn’t give her any reason at all. Since she is going around changing her story depending on her mood, I don’t believe as word she says.

        • She said on the Steve Harvey show that they didn’t give her any reason as to why they fired her, and on BFV she says that they told her she did not get along with her co hosts or the production team so which is the truth according to Tamar?

          • She said that this is what Vince was told, however, when you don’t have a problem with your co-hosts, as evidenced by the fact that they have come out with statements supporting her, then what are they telling her? Some make believe? Your excuse/reason has to be grounded in some reality for it to compute. Tamar also stated that she was confused and did not know why she was fired on BFV, given that the reason presented had no truth and no other reason was given. Also, the producers have said many things, all of them contradictory, i.e. she was fired due to a focus group of professional women that found Tamar to be too “ghetto”. Yet, the focus group does not match the demographic for the show. Hum. Then it was because of her behavior with the cast. That didn’t wash so it was her behavior with the production crew and the fact that even Vince could not handle her. Now, their latest statement is that Vince is at fault because they wanted to fire him, not her (they had no intention of firing her — direct quote), but he wouldn’t let her talk directly to them, so they let them both go. They also said that Vince’s production job was in title only. He really wasn’t a serious producer. Really? What kind of professional people are these? He co-produces two other shows, and he and Tamar are the people who originally pitched the idea for the Real, so what are they talking about? I am left wondering what the truth is according to the producers. Also, I don’t believe all of Tamar’s story either, however, i do understand the need to fight and to save your name. I believe that the truth is some where in the middle. She is not solely the blame for this and neither is Vince.

      • Rita Greene Hailey

        If Tamar speaks publicly it would be “Lies” as she always states. Just like the lie she told on the Braxtons reality show that she didn’t have her sister’s kicked out of the concert. she is a liar. shes good at it. Its such a shame how her fans did the other Real co-host. She would rather throw them under the bus than to tell the truth of why she got fired. now her reputation of ruin. and Vince also.

        • Thank you! She straight up lied to their faces and never copped to it. She also took her staff’s side over her sisters and then denied the whole thing. I’ve said it before, if someone is willing to publicly shade her sisters, then that person is no good. When things were looking up for her a few years ago, she crossed the line from mildly irritating to horridly unbearable and now that b*tch called karma came back to tear a chunk out of her a-s-s.

      • LIES! This is NOT true! Tamar was called too ghetto by this racist producer Rachel and that she belonged on RuPaul’s drag race

    • Of she she will not be mad at Vince. He’s her meal ticket and she doesn’t want to risk losing that lavish lifestyle.

      • Addison Martin

        Actually, you have it wrong. Tamar is Vince’s meal ticket. He is the one who stands to lose the most.

        • He was doing quite well before her

        • No, they don’t, Tamar was singing background for Toni. While Vince manages Tamar now, his main money comes from Lady Gaga (which Tamar’s dollars don’t come close too). Vince also had other artists.

        • Are you freakin serious!!! Tamar is where she is because of Vince.

          • Addison Martin

            I’m not saying Vince did not play a major role in her success. What I am saying is regardless of what he has done in the past or who he has worked with, Tamar is his current income.

            It’s just like any other job. You leave one and go to another, but that doesn’t mean the first job is still paying you.

            I think they need each other.

      • That is her husband, whatever the problem is, if she was not with Vince she will be alright, so please think of something positive to say.

        • I have opinions just as you do. That’s the great thing about blogs, etc. And, for the record, please don’t try to act like you know them first-hand and try to discipline me for having my own opinions. #agreetodisagree

          • Angels and Demons

            It’s not about disciplining you for having an opinion is about stop stating opinionated garbage. See how quick you justify your filthy mouth with having the right to have an opinion ????????????

          • LOL

          • That is your assumption of my intentions, in which i was not disciplining you, i was having my own opinion. But sorry you took me wrong.

        • No she wasn’t. She was known just as Toni sister singing background and she married Vince who produced Toni and Lady Gaga. She would not be as successful as she is now if it wasn’t for Vince.

          • You are correct and Vince didn’t manage Toni long and he didn’t do it well which is why she dropped him. Once Toni let VInce go as her manager, her career took off again

          • Vince was an important ingredient, but he does not sing, nor do all of her gigs for her. Her talent and work ethic is what keeps her successful. Thamar co-produces two shows and has other businesses. She is going to be successful regardless.

      • Tamar love Vince and i don’t think she see it like that now i think she can move on without Vince and be a very successful women on her own.

    • More than likely, if she sticks to her normal script of being mad at Vince. Vince tried many times to save
      Tamar from herself to no avail.

    • Exactly! He is one of the reason she was fired.

    • Exactly she done ruined her co-hosts image when she was incorrect. Looks like her husband was the true and only back stabber.

    • Demetrius Mckinnon

      Vince was taken of the production crew and wasnt behind the scenes months before she got the boots. He didn’t have access to inside info after that

  5. Let’s wait and see but tamar is already moving forward with her life.
    Warner Bros needs to set the record straight so everybody can move on.

    • Eleanora Jones

      Tamar is moving on, which is why she should have never included anything about The Real in her family show…legal documents are tricky and I don’t think WB would keep wasting thier time and money if they were in the wrong. She needs to stop talking…Vince keeps telling her ” Tarmar, Watch your Mouth”….

      • I think the lawsuit would be about the ” i am fired speech” and these companies don’t like scandals or people to know their inside business. Outside of that, i still think some producers did not like her behaviour and she messed up

        • Daniella Dwellingham

          I think so too but i also think they will bring in a white woman because there was three black women on the panel talking but none to represent the white woman. Why not cut of the highest paying woman or second highest sitting.

          • Addison Martin

            OH GIVE IT A REST! Being Black DOES not mean you have a right to act in an unprofessional manner.
            And since you went in the that direction.
            A word to my BLACK Females and Yes I am one!
            Clean up your act! Start respecting yourselves and others. Stop acting trashy. Clean up your mouth! Act with CLASS and not CRASS! And last not least! Defend what you know and realize everything is not race related!

          • Daniella Dwellingham

            You are a joke because you are just jumping out the wagon without really watching the show. When has she EVER acted unprofessional on the show NONE. She had an on air and off air relationship will all the women on the stage. She also had friendships with the members of the production team. I know this because I watched the show. The show would show pictures of parties that were thrown at TAMAR’S house and the girls would talk about those parties on the SHOW. They hired a new EXES while Tamar was out sick. So state FACTS. When has she EVER cursed on the show. Stop repeating things you have no knowledge of, just to justify her being fired. Fans of the REAL are confused because we have watched the show from the beginning we saw how ALLLLLLL the women played off each other. How Loni jokes lead to Tamar jokes. How Tamera and Jenni opened up to let us in more. How Adrian was the baby of the group and everyone had advised for her. We saw how all of them defended each other when the media or people came at one. So as a fan of the show I want to know the REAL reason. AND about the race thing. So let’s state FACTS. The show said “they conducted test groups and Tamar did not test well with those groups.” Tamar has been on the show for two seasons now and the show was nominated for an Emmy. But while she was sick new executive producer Rachel Miskowiec came in because they wanted to open up to a “broader” audience of women. There was three black women, an Asian, and Latino. They were not going to fire Tamera and Loni does not make enough to replace her with a known celebrity. So if you are a person who actually follows the show you will see.

          • Addison Martin

            Grow up. Get a life outside of Tv and live your own life. This is the end of this conversation.

          • Daniella Dwellingham

            Then shut the F up. You are just mad because I said something that was true. You can not say no one knows what happen then defend the show. I said the information that has been released does not match the facts. The show came out with too much information that did not make sense. As far as me getting a life I have one but ii does seem funny that you too are on here. I guess you don’t have a life.

          • Addison Martin

            Your profanity shows inmaturity. Keep in mind. This is all about a show and someone who is on TV.

          • And your telling Daniella to grow up when she is putting her opinion across in the same way that you put your opinion across is mature and grown up behaviour? Agree to disagree and keep it moving

          • Addison Martin

            Apparently you didnt read All of the exchanges between Dabiella and I. In any event, I stand by what I said. And Im saying this to you. It’s over. Please move on!

          • Another viewpoint that makes sense to me. Could be.

          • That’s a thought too.

        • I don’t think there is going to be a lawsuit because of the way Tamar was let go by them and the timing of it, which is why they sent out the email to back peddle on the threats a bit, there are a couple of holes in their story too, a good deal of this doesn’t add up on either side, I think the public threats were basically an intimidation tactic to make her shut up.

    • Addison Martin

      Nobody is keeping people from moving on but Tamar. People should read the stories and keep it movin. Because NOBODY knows what actually happened except those who were there.

      • Actually, I think they both share some blame in that, the show conveniently allowed a bunch of cryptic reasons for her release from the show to be leaked, if Tamar is telling the complete truth and they gave her NO reason/s (normally one will get an explanation as to why they are being fired from any job) as to why she was being released, of course she would be confused as to why they would do that and at the very least would need some type of closure that she could wrap her mind around. I mean they won’t tell her why but they’ll let the pubic know? Come on.

        • Addison Martin

          Hi Roz. People seem to be ignoring the title of this article. There is also a statement from the company which tals about Tamars behavior towards others. Unless you own a company, you can be fired. In this case her contract was not renewed. Also her husband knew the reason weeks before it was announced.

          You cannot force someone to keep you for any reason once the contract is over. I wish people would stop thinking the world owes them something. I also wish people would stop thinking they can cuss people out and its ok. It Not.

          If you don’t respect your employer then don’t expect them to respect you. And guess who is the first to go.

          Have a nice day.

          • Addison…None of that is lost on me, in fact I agree mostly, I just feel that this whole thing could have been handled better by both sides, if there are so many statements being released by the company regarding why she left, why not tell them all to her directly? Listen, I’m no Tamar fan but they are threatening to sue her because she’s expressing her feelings on the show with her sisters and so publicly, yet they have been leaking and making public statements themselves? I guess they are both doing what they feel they have to at this point. You are right, respect does get respect, neither one of them should have taken this to a public forum.

            Because honestly before I started reading the different statements from the network regarding her release, I was pretty much feeling like whatever happened is more than likely alllll her fault. At this point now, I do feel as well that the new Exec Producer did walk in the door knowing that she was going to cut her and probably some more folks at some point and I’m basing that opinion on a few of their leaked/released statements.

            You are right, if she cussed the woman out, no, that’s not ok but I would think it should have also been grounds for immediate dismissal and a good excuse period to give her walking papers on the spot, the reason would have been crystal clear to Tamar in that instance and Vince too If her contract was up for renewal and they simply decided that she didn’t appeal to the demographic they would have liked her to, that would have been another clear cut reason and we probably wouldn’t be witnessing all of this convoluted mess right now.

            Vince, I blame him on some level, he should have prepared her but then they are saying, that she was fired as a result of him, they muddied the waters in my opinion, way too much here, unnecessarily. I also agree that you cannot force any job to keep you once they decide to let you go, she just appears to feel blindsided at the way it was all handled and from where I’m sitting, everyone involved in this could have handled it better.

            Thanks for your viewpoint and you have a nice day as well.

          • Addison Martin

            Roz, , Thanks for your response. It was insightful and you gave me food for thought.

            Take Care

  6. Never liked her on the show.

    • I never like Loni coming out holding Tamar’s hand and presenting her as if she was the show. Very misleading and very disrespectful to the other ladies.

  7. She needs to stop and reassess what she’s doing. True Steve Harvey agreed to produce a new show for her but that show will need other producers, financial backing from sponsors and a network willing to air the show. If she continues with this nonsense that financial backing may not be.

    • So true!

    • Love Effortlessly

      What did she do? This post is about The Real discrediting Tamar’s claims. Is she not entitled to peak about what occurred, to her?

      • From what I read she as well as Vince signed a non-disclosure agreement, they knew what was in that agreement. Also, I’m pretty sure if you fired me and I was doing interviews making false claims against you, you wouldn’t be happy.

        • Both should realize that the network is BIGGER than both of them put together. Tamar is not idolized as much as she thinks. And they WILL be sued if this continues.

      • Up and Coming online

        Is that what you call it peak out?

      • Tamar has been around the business long enough to know there is a point that she should not reach. She has been dropped from 4 or 5 record labels because of her attitude and I think she believed that she was finally untouchable. Right about now both Tamar and Vince both need to think about what they say and do. It was only a matter of time before all that mouth and attitude got her in trouble. Not every one thinks its cute and if she wants to have a business then she needs to learn how to conduct business like a adult. All the lip smacking, neck rolling and talking over people is too much. Sadly, this has happened to her so many times, I just don’t think she will ever get it. At this rate, she will be a doo wop chick again very soon.

      • Rhyme and Reason

        I don’t believe that none of this has EVER been leaked before, in the day and age of cellphone cameras. No crew member, ever filmed one of these all so familiar episodes. First it was she was too ghetto, and didn’t test well with focus groups and her brand wasn’t sales friendly, which should come as no surprise to the network or show producers. Her co-hosts talked about how she’s the first person at work and professional.

        But (IMO), she was fired to dismantle the show, bottom line, and Steve Harvey’s production offers blind-sighted them. They were grooming the time-slot for a new direction, of course, Tamar was an easy target, and a sometimes nuisance, no doubt, but she brought-in viewers, and the controversial firing was suppose to hype ratings, and pique our interest of who will replace her, now it won’t be a big deal. The show was being dismantled, believe it! I believe they want a younger more general market version of The View, code: less minorities!

        Tamar and Vince have said enough, and should keep it moving, and sincerely wish the remaining co-hosts the best, they’re the pawns (collateral damage) in all of this! We’ve seen Tamar on seasons of BFV, we know she can throw a fit, so let them release the videos, but they knew this too!

        • Hmmm, something else to think about.

          • Judging from the email sent by the WB, which almost sounds like a retraction of anything that they’ve already said at this point, they won’t be releasing anything.

        • Tamar was larger than a nuisance. This type of thing has been happening to her since her first album release many years ago (before VInce). She never sees anything wrong with her actions because she has always been allowed to act out (her family admitted this). She is not a baby anymore and the rest of the world does not and will not put up with her antics. Its time for her to pick her self up and dust her self off but it is also time for reflection because her antics are rubbing more than just Warners Bros. the wrong way. No one is shaken up by Steve Harvey’s offer because it still has to go through King Productions. Mr. Harvey knows how it is to let your mouth get you in trouble because he was actually supposed to have a talk show a few years because his aired.

    • Wise advice. Hopefully, someone in Tamar’s real life is telling her this as well.

    • Steve will not ruin his reputation just to get Tamar a job, he is probably retracting that offer now

      • I doubt it. More likely counting the checks that she will bring him.

        • He can offer her a talk show but even that has to go through King Productions and even then, someone is going to have a conversation with Tamar about her behavior before airing anything.

    • Demetrius Mckinnon

      Yeah you’re very on point. She just needs to stop trying to beat a dead horse. Her time on that show was coming to an end at yhe the beginning of season 2 when the new excutive producer came on and they didnt mix well and with her missing time off of work being sick, it gave them ample opportunity to test out how much more easier things would go without her. Tamar just needs to remember when the devil shuts one door the Lord will open a window.

  8. WB is doing this because they want people to keep watching the show and as long as this drama exists and The Real is being blamed, her fanbase won’t watch. They are covering themselves.

    • Or maybe theybare doing this because Tamar might be lying. Everyone has a right to defend their reputation.

      • Daniella Dwellingham

        You are right just like Tamar has a right.

        • Who said Tamar didn’t have a right to defend her reputation? What she doesn’t have a right to do is make up stories that make every else out to be the villain and she the victim.

          • Daniella Dwellingham

            You are so full of it. You say they have a right to defend themselves then get mad when she defends herself. Yes, defend herself. They leaked the information that she was not testing good for the show, even after she was on it for two season and they were nominated for an Emmy. They leaked the information she was not getting along with the other girls. Even though on number of occasions on the show the girls talked about Tamar throwing parties at her house for the whole show to celebrated someone’s birthday, holiday or promotion. WAIT. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY DID. Just like you don’t know what she did. Her putting a statement out that someone betrayed her is her side of the story. Letting someone ruined your name in the business is a stupid move. So while you are saying she is playing the victim I see her telling her side of the story. You saying she should be quiet is telling her to not to have a voice. The show is mad because now everyone in trying to find out what really happen and so far it looks bad on them not her. If you were a watcher of THE REAL you would be confused too why she was let go most stars who came to the show was invited by her or Tamera. She could not promote her last album because it conflicted with the recording of the show so canceled her tours. She got sick and everyone was visiting her at HER house even the producers. So when she says I don’t know why because I thought they were my friends I can understand. YOU don’t like HER so automatic you are on the side of the show but if you were in her shoes would you let the show start rumors that would make it harder to find work in the business again or would YOU defend yourself.

          • You admit that you don’t know what they did, but everything you wrote contradicts that. You are in fact confirming her side of the story like you know it to be true. If they have dirt on her, then it would be in her best interest to just let it slide. Staging scenes for a reality show that is not based on the whole truth and nothing but the truth is not “defending” herself. That’s slander. Implying the other co-hosts had something to do with her getting fired is not “defending” herself. That’s slander. If she knows she blew up on set, then she is lying when she claims she doesn’t know what she did to get herself fired. If the show leaked information about her that is true, her making up a false stories is not a legitimate way to defend her reputation. Notice how she is not the one threatening to sue the show, that’s because everything they have said about her is probably true, whereas they are threatening to sue her because she is maligning the show. Furthermore, her not being able to promote her album because she had to fulfill the duties she signed on for as a host of the show is completely irrelevant to this conversation.

          • Have you seen the film of Tamar blowing up? If so, can you please post a link?

          • No, I have not. I wish they would release it.

          • Addison Martin

            You’re wasting your time. Sometimes, people just don’t understand.

          • Yeah, that is becoming quite clear.

          • Angels and Demons

            Nothing Warner brothers said seems true. First they put out a statement that said they mutually agree to depart…..LIE!! Then information got leaked to say how she was hard to work with, diva, PININTEREST melt down, Rachel wanted to prove a point by firing her to showing that no one job is safe and that they fired some people behind the scene as well, how Vince wasn’t doing his job etc. Now they are say the reasons why her contract was terminated are private and privileged information ????. BFV is still currently filming their reality show. Wetv was there when her termination occurred because they were still filming and I repeat, they are still filming! Btw you know Tamar blew up on set???? You have yet to produce valuable source, until that video release you have no proof.

          • Um, their initial statement actually proves they tried to keep the reason for firing her protected and priviliged. They released a generic statement that actually protected her reputation and minimized any embarrassment to her. Trap mouth Tamar decided she wasn’t going to leave it there because she just had to play the victim and started doing what she does best. Tamar has told two different versions of what happened as well. On that ridiculously fake, badly acted scene on BFV she says the producers told her she was being let go because she wasn’t getting along with anyone on set. On Steve Harvey’s interview she said she was still completely in the dark as to why’s he was fired as they never gave her any kind of reason. Which Tamar?

          • Angels and Demons

            She didn’t tell two different version of what happened. The woman said she thought they get along since she had parties and they all attended. Secondly, if it was private and privileged, that’s meanS A DISHONEST STATEMENT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN THE FIRST PLACE. THE PRIVATE AND PRIVELEGED INFORMATION SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST STATEMENT RELEASED THE SUNDAY OF LAST WEEK. GET YOUR FACTS AND ANALYSIS TOGETHER.

          • No, you get your facts and analysis together. On BFV she says the reason the producers have her for letting her go was that she didn’t get along with her co-hosts and the other producers. On Steve Harvey’s radio show she said she is completely in the dark as to why she was fired because they DID NOT GIVE HER ANY REASON AT ALL. Those are two different stories and if you can’t see that, then it is obvious you are arguing for the sake of arguing.

          • Angels and Demons

            She said she heard that’s the situation. Hearing and the actually the situation is two total different thing. The key word is “HEARD” I heard I didn’t get along with the cohosts, that’s not the true reason.

          • Not true. On her little BFV theater scene she said she just got off the phone with producers and was TOLD that she wasn’t getting along with her co-hosts and producers when Toni asked her what reason they gave for her termination. She even made a point of saying that the show was basically TELLING her that she didn’t get along with her friends.

          • Angels and Demons

            And she thought she did and now they are saying she doesn’t. So when she went on the Steve Harvey show, her sorry remained the same by simply stating, I really don’t know the reason ????????

          • I am not going to continue going back and forth with a delusional Tamartian. Like her, you change your story every time you are confronted with facts. On Steve Harvey, she didn’t say she didn’t really know the reason, she said she was NEVER given a reason AT ALL, which is not what she said on BFV. Again, you can continue on your tireless efforts of arguing facts if you like, that won’t mean they will change.

          • On the show, BFV, Tamar told Toni that Vince had just gotten off the phone with the production company and that basically she was fired because she didn’t get along with her co-workers, so it appears that she didn’t talk to anyone at the production company directly, Vince did and this was the reason that they gave Vince for her release (the impression I got) and he passed the information on to Tamar.
            Because Tamar thought the other women were her friends, this seemed to be a confusing reason by itself that she was fired, so IMO, I would think that Tamar still didn’t understand why she was really fired, she did say she might be able to understand it if she knew what she had done but she didn’t understand what she had done because as far as she knew, as per her explanation to Toni, she had an after work friendship with the other ladies on the show, so her being fired for that reason made no sense to her?

          • If you ask me, both of them have more than one story going on…Fishy on both sides.

          • I think the studio heads made a genuine effort to keep the situation from getting ugly, so they first put out a version of events that would do that. Tamar opened the can of worms and then they were forced to deal with that by responding with the actual truth.

          • I don’t see where the studio should have felt compelled to put out any statement at all, it all should have been privileged and private information from day one and they could have said as much, as they are doing now. If at that point Tamar was making accusations that were in breach somehow of a clause in her contract, then do what they threatened, sue her but IMO, they haven’t handled this any better than she has.

          • Warner Brothers knew how Tamar was before they put her on the show, you act like they were blindsided.Because she is not saying or doing what you feel that give you reason to Bash her. Have a good day.

          • They did not bash her. Their initial statement said that they were parting ways for her to focus on her music career and that the feeling was mutual. That is as generic a statement as possible. Tamar decided to play the victim and started telling stories that are not 100% true. I know they are not true because she contradicts herself every time she opens her mouth.

          • I think that may be why the show issued that email, because them saying that she staged her reaction on the BFV, is well for one thing, speculation (they just didn’t like it) and slander too. Reportedly, she received the information shortly before taping BFV, seems the show was informed of that tidbit as well, hence the email to try to back track a bit by saying things regarding this issue will be privileged and private now. They were threatening to sue her but they need to be careful as well because she may be able to sue them right back if it comes to that.

          • Nothing you said makes sense. If she was wrongfully accused of staging her reaction, she would not be silent about the accusation. The fact that the threats to sue have shut her a-s-s right up, actually demonstrates that the studio is the one who is speaking something closer to the truth. If the studio were slandering Tamar, she’d be the one threatening to sue, don’t you think? The studio has spoken up in response to all the crapola that Tamar has said since she has been fired.

          • They do not know for a fact if she was staging anything or if she was still reeling from the news at the time of taping because of when the news was received by Tamar, so it is speculation and basically what WB believes to be the case. We also do not know if that’s why she hasn’t said anything else regarding the whole thing, she may simply be ready to move on now that she has it all off her chest. (we are all here speculating too) They leaked public information giving reasons why they felt the need to let her go, that doesn’t make the network look good either IMO, it should have been privileged and private on their part from the get go, I said it once, I’ll say again, I believe this whole mess was handled badly by all involved. And I think that the by issuing that email, the studio realizes that they messed up somewhat too.

          • It is obvious that you are operating under the double standard that anything that makes Tamar look bad is speculation and everything that makes her look good is fact. I am sticking to logic: if Tamar were speaking the truth she would not need to feel intimidated by threats of legal action. In fact, she’d be the one threatening to sue. So you may continue with your mental gymnastics, but no one except he fans are buying her story.

          • Jabbing, No double standard, you sound angry and you need to get a grip, no need to be so blatantly insulting, this is a discussion about a group of people none of us actually know and we are all speculating about this situation. I do not know how much clearer I can be, I’ve already said numerous times that I think this whole thing was handled badly by BOTH sides, I do not mind you responding to what I post but do not try to put words in my mouth or try to twist my meaning.

          • You can go elsewhere with your patronizing nonsense. How is stating you have a double standard even begin to fall under the category of “blatantly insulting”? I think it is quite obvious we are speculating, so there is no need for you to reiterate it like it is some sort of revelation. You think it was handled badly by both sides and I disagree–no need to continue this back and forth.

          • Jabbing….Patronizing? You need to go back and read nearly all of your responses to well nearly everyone you’ve responded to and while you’re at it, re-read your response to me, the entire response had a belittling tone it . if there is anyone being patronizing, not to mention down right RUDE on this board to people, it’s YOU. I don’t have a problem with your disagreeing with me but we do need to keep our tone towards one another respectful in the process and as far as I’m concerned you haven’t been doing that, you have found in a way in many of your responses to people to be somewhat confrontational with little splashes of nastiness thrown in here and there and I don’t feel it’s necessary, I’m assuming we are adults here, we should be able to have a discussion whether we agree or not without hurling insults at one another……But I do finally agree with you on something. No need to continue this back and forth.

          • Great, now buzz off.

          • No, you buzz off.

          • You first.

          • Keep on proving my point, not only do you have a hard time with respecting people and their right to their opinions, you are at this point out of line. Grow up.

          • You are way too preachy.

          • In regards to you….Yep, I think you are a bully.

          • You are melodramatic. “Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict. Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets.” Yeah, none of that applies here. I can see why you defend Tamar so much. Playing the victim and scandalizing nonsense are definitely something you two have in common.

          • Some definitions for cyberbullying include communications that seek to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate the recipient.

            You’re a bully, you’re up and down the thread verbally attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with you, not appreciating that everyone here is entitled to their point of view, whether we agree with one another or not. LOL it’s almost funny that you would accuse me of being a Tamar when I was honestly starting to think the very same thing about you. You’re basically being the Tamar here, behaving badly and then acting out, when you’re called out on it, you are practically throwing tantrums in your responses to what people have to say for having an opinion that differs from yours. Once again, I am not taking a side here, I’m trying to see it from both sides. As I’ve said repeatedly, I feel the whole batch of these people have handled this situation poorly, that is my opinion and we do not have to agree but just respect one another’s right to have a different opinion and you seem incapable of doing that.

            When I initially responded to your post, I didn’t try to use language that you might find hostile, insulting, critical or make you feel as if I were putting you down, I merely stated my point of view and I remained respectful in doing so and since entering into this sparring session with you, my only request has been that you do the same. And for some unfathomable reason, you seem to feel offended by that of all things.

          • You are just making crap up. Now you are trying to redefine “cyberbullying” because your ridiculous claims have no merit. Please list all the people I have verbally attacked “up and down this thread” and provide the exact quotes that constitute actual attacks. I can’t help that you have a delicate constitution and are prone to overdramatizing. You may pride yourself in your ability to nag a situation to death, but it is as tiresome as your sanctimonious bs. Take a hike, seriously.

          • LOL…You’re funny. Look it up like I did……You are the one nagging the situation to death and because you came for me first, I am not backing down and it’s pissing you off. Yep, Tamar, you’re literally sitting here behaving as if you don’t understand where your tone has been on the aggressive side, I’m not listing anything, re-read your stuff yourself, not that it would do any good, as you are clearly in denial, like someone else we both know of and as far taking a hike….Make me. I’mmo be right here, until I’m ready to not be, seriously.

            Actually, you’re starting to impress me as someone who might have anger management issues.

          • Your whipping out the psychobabble. This is all clearly very important to you. Carry on.

          • LOL…As much as it is to you.

          • LOLz.

          • Yep. Next.

          • Exactly. Next.

          • LOL, Ok…….So next.

          • Do you need help with the meaning of the word?

          • Nope, do you? I”m agreeing with you….Next.

          • Perfect. Next.

          • LOLz. Next.

          • Addison Martin

            Daniella. Nobody knows what actually happened and what is true. Were you there?

          • Why do black people love to play the victim? Learn to behave respectfully, get over your insecurities and stop assuming the worst in others.

          • Why do “white” people lump all Black people into one big stereotype? It’s pretty obvious that your knowledge of Black people is pretty limited. So please hush. I said “PLEASE.”

          • @ wintersun why does it have to be black people? you need to look in the mirror. Look at Tv today your people or whatever are all acting a fool. So take the race card and shove it!

          • Daniella Dwellingham

            Are you that dump, yes i think so. You are the kind of person that would think the shooting of John Crawford III is black people playing the victim, Tamir Rice, Jordan Davis and the list goes on but you would not care about that list of black people murdered. You would say Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group for asking for justices in murder. Her speaking up for herself is not playing the race card it defending yourself against something you know is not true but when it happens to the same type of people then it is racism.

          • You said it right. That is why she calls herself or himself Jabbing Jay,

        • Addison Martin

          Daniella. Sometimes the people we care about are wrong. It’s nice that we want to defend them. Please remember. There is always two sides to EVERY story. And always remember, nobody knows what actually happened except the people who were there.
          So, just try and remember, we are all entitled to our opinions. Just don’t take it personally.
          Have a nice day.

          • Right is always Right….Wrong is always Wrong……and the TRUTH never picks a side!

            Actually, I often find that there are 3 sides to every story…..My side, Your side and the
            real TRUTH. Eventually the truth will prevail itself.

          • Daniella Dwellingham

            Addison Martin, I understand what you were TRYING to say but still put in shade. While you say there are two sides to every story she has hers. So when someone says she should shut up or stop playing the victim and lying they are saying she should not defend herself. So why would you put in ” sometimes the people we care about are wrong” ? Maybe it’s because you have picked a side. I as a person who watch the show want to know what happen and the information that has been leaked by the show and Tamar does not make sense. You follow that up with ” nobody knows what actually happened except the people who were there” then go into” we are all entitled to our opinions”. Well i gave my opinion so don’t take it personal.

          • Addison Martin

            Let it go.

      • Angels and Demons

        Tamar has a right to defend herself as well just like how Warner brothers have a right to. They have been leaking information that may be true or false to the blogs non stop. Tamar has a right to as well

        • Not if she signed a nondisclosure agreement. No one knows who leaked that information. It could be the cameraman for all we know. She needs to keep her mouth shut if she doesn’t want a powerful studio to sue the breaks off her. They don’t even have to win, just keeping her in court for a few years will drain Tamar’s bank account in legal expenses, not to mention that no one will touch her afterward.

      • Disagree with your statement.

  9. Don’t believe YT folks when it comes to Black talent. They will say anything and do anything to have/keep the advantage. Here’s one thing I believe, The Real will suffer without Tamar. Apple begged back Steve Jobs and RHOA begged back NeNe. Tamar has a new gig. Living well is the best revenge. I for one won’t be watching The Real without Tamar. Watch Loni ruminate about her mythical men? LMAO. Hell to the NO.

  10. I think the whole REAL show was on her coat tails anyway. Tamar was at a very good place having been nominated for 2 grammies, having 2 shows. She was popular and brought the audience. I will never watch again I’m on to her NEW SHOW!!!! Now thats Real!!!!

  11. They don’t have a show without Tamar. The entire show is built around her likeness down to the names of the segments. This show will not last without her. The fact that she may or may not have had an issue on set nly adds to her brand of keeping it real. The entire basis of the show. I’m sure the original concept of the show was Tamar as a signal host. However, making it a panel show would counteract perceived negatives to broaden viewership. However, this was definitely Tamar’s show

    • Addison Martin

      Well, if you are right, why is she so upset. The REAL will continue to be a good show without her. And I doubt very seriousely if they built the show around her. Only time will tell.

    • Except no one likes Tamar besides her delusional Tamartians.

      • Daniella Dwellingham

        Im not a Tamartian’s. I loved her on the show because all the women played off each other to make it funny.

  12. We can all speculate about what may or may not have happened, but truth is we don’t know what happened. We weren’t there. This story is all over the place. However, I did notice that on BFV, during Tamar’s finally interview, she used words like “loved” and “respected” when referring to the other ladies on the panel. All past tense adjectives. They may not have gotten Tamar fired directly, but perhaps indirectly, with complaints to EP’s behind her back???( Of course other factors contributed)The article above also says that they let VINCE go, and wanted to keep Tamar. If she was soooo horrible, why did they want to keep her even after shooting the promos for season 3 which included Tamar? And this “coming to Jesus talk; maybe this was the talk to request that she curtell some of her “animation” so that they can broaden the show’s audience. I say let her talk. If she lies then they can come after her. WB + The Real may have something to hide. Just a thought.

    • Daniella Dwellingham

      Everything they put out dont make sense. People keep catching them in lies that why people are up in arms. First it was she was not testing so good in groups but the show was nominated for a Grammy or Emmy one of them. Then it was because she did not get along with the other co host but all them came out to support her. Now its because of her husband. So people are wondering WHY. They are getting backlash so now they will do something to make her look even worst.

    • A rather good thought……with many valid unanswered questions.

    • I strongly agree.

  13. Shs is an over-the-top ghetto fabulous Diva who has not been trained to act like a lady. This is evident in how she acts with her sisters like her feelings are the only ones that matter.

    • Daniella Dwellingham

      How is she not a lady? I would love for you to explain that to me.

      • Addison Martin

        Please read the comments. It seems you are a Tamar fan. That’s good. But understand she is arrogant and self centered. She has little respect for others and she is phony and has a trashy mouth. A real LADY does not have those traits. They respect people and they know how to communicate without all the profanity.
        It’s nice if you are a fan. Just try not to act like her.

        • I am sure that because someone states their opinion and you don’t agree, you go on the defense,because that last statement was not necessary.

          • Addison Martin

            Everyone is entitled to their opinions. What I said is my opinion. So, please don’t tell me what you feel is necessary or what was not necessary. The question was asked what is a lady. I gave my opinion. Leave it at that.

        • Daniella Dwellingham

          You my LADY (?). I am glad I am not. I don’t look down on anyone because of how they speak or how they act. I was told by my mother the true character of a person is how they treat others. Am I a fan of hers? Yes, I love her songs on her first album but that does not stop me from paying attention to the facts. Since I am a watcher of the show. I know that the statements and the leaks to the media is confusing. It makes me wonder what really happen. You saying she has little respect for others. Have you watched the show since season one? NO. If you did you would know that she spent time with all the women off set. And not once has she used PROFANITY. She repeats YES JESUS, and would he do it on the show not curse words. So me being a fan of the SHOW actually is why I am confused of why she was fired. SHE stop promoting her album for THE REAL, she canceled her tour for THE REAL, she asked her family to cover for her while she was sick for THE REAL. But she is self-centered. On the show when they show pictures of parties they were at HER house. When they show pictures of the group gathering HER and VINCE are in them. When they talk on girl chat, Tamar was included in those talks saying things like “we went out with TAMAR here “, “Tamar told me about this” or “she looked up this for me”. COME On, while you may say me being a so call fan maybe why I am taking up for her maybe it’s because of your hate for her is why you are talking down on her. So if I had to choose someone to act like I would not choose you because you are judgmental disrespectful hateful person. And I only got that from the write you typed.

        • Well said Addison.

      • If you don’t know already, then you won’t understand or listen to anyone’s response. A loud mouth woman, who curses, smacks her lips when she speaks and who’s behavior is GHETTO, despite no t being from an impoverished upbringing, is not a lady. Be a LADY: Stay classy, speak respectfully, smacking your lips is only acceptable as a kid, and learn to behave accordingly to any situation.

        • @winter sun …Yes GhETTO people are not as bad as people like you…who are just down right IGNORANT PEOPLE

        • DaysofWineandRoses

          I’ve always thought Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie is the epitome of a lady: I’m hoping that partnering in a developement deal with Steve’s company will provide some mentoring for Tamar.

    • @Deidre Berry ….See Tamar is not from the Ghetto…I wish you folks who think you know about the Ghetto, would stop using that word to describe folks. Why? because I’m from the Ghetto. The Ghetto is where you live …..The Hood is a lifestyle. As children we can’t pick where we live, we are delegated to live where our parents can afford. Some of us were not born with a spoon in our mouth, let alone a gold or silver spoon. We have Doctors, Lawyers and etc. who came from the Ghetto, we also have those who take on the lifestyle as “Hood”, who sell drugs. who kill, who do all the things that bring shame to us in the Ghetto. Tamar was born in an upper middle class family. Tamar use to sound like a Valley Girl not she has a new Persona ….with sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes and making faces. Truly this is not a Ghetto move or a Hood move….or she would be teeth less. Tamar is acting folks, like most in her field. Tamar went to a person who told her to cut out the Valley Girl act and try to relate to your audience. So Tamar wanting to be relevant. Don’t like Tamar…for only one reason…Tamar cares only for Tamar. Listen to what comes out her mouth …to her sisters, to her audience…did not she state only reason she married her husband is because he started dating someone else. Tells you a lot about this foolish young woman.

    • She has to be “trained” to act ladylike? I thought it was an ascribed condition: either you have it, or you don’t. I only saw ths show like twice and thought she was so ghetto compared to the other hostesses. She doesn’t have it. I seriously hope Steve doesn’t waste his money.

      • @CarlaD , Don’t insult the woman’s Mother, she is well trained. What makes you so judgemental. People act the way they want to when they get grown.

  14. Vince is acting like a punk and not being true to everyone because he knew Tamar was already fired. I hope that they show how ignorant she was, like she always are. Besides she can’t even get along with her sisters so you can imagine how she was with the girls.

  15. so after she acted a damn fool on set they still wanted to keep her…so whats the big deal….why they keep saying she was difficult to work with then? all because they want to get rid of Vince as producer they assume she wouldn’t want to work there anymore as well…yea okay..Warner Bros producers know this show is done..with all this drama, them co host should be scared they may get canned too.

  16. Lets be REAL ….I can’t stand Tamar, but Let us admit how many folks when they are fired leave gracefully or if they did. Wish in their heart they could cursed out their boss or bosses. Or was smart enough to say “Take this job and shove it” before they were fired. So me and you can hate Tamar but as My grandma once told me “Even the Devil knew how to the quote a scripture and a broken clock is right twice in a 12 hour day ……..

  17. Of course she will not be mad at Vince. He’s her meal ticket and she doesn’t want to risk losing her lifestyle.

  18. Addison Martin

    Well. The truth is now coming out. Tamar always seemed arrogant and phony. Steve Harvey has announced he is developing a show for her. It will be interesting to see how long it last. I wish her well and I hope she learns from this experience.

  19. Tamar’s mouth is reckless and will always lead to her demise

  20. Anyone who got used to Tamar on “Braxton Family Values” could pretty much piece together how she was behind the scenes on “The Real”. Remember her rant after her sisters surprised her on stage at her show? We all knew she was cursing them out. Her sisters heard it. But she is going to act (when confronted about it) like she did nothing and like it was her assistant who put them out on his own. She even had her assistant apologize to keep his job to keep the flashlight off of her and her ridiculous actions towards her family. She is loud and obnoxious. She thinks she is always right about everything. She has no ability to see her flaws and how her mouth and attitude cause and/or contribute to issues. She has the nerve to go on Steve Harvey and portray that she had no idea why she would be fired. Well, that is not surprising since she doesn’t seem to be able to take stock in herself. She probably truly does not believe she ever did anything inappropriate. It’s easier to blame co-hosts and allow Steve Harvey to blame “suits” sitting behind a desk who brazenly make decisions about people’s livelihood. Yeah, we all know they are there to further the network’s bottom line, but at the end of the day, I don’t believe the decision to let her go was brazen and if she wasn’t acting like a ghetto hood rat behind the scenes, they would not have had impetus to let her go. For her to blame her co-hosts and allow people to think they were in on it or contributed to it is just another sign that she shifts blame to take no responsibility for herself. It’s typical younger sibling syndrome which she never grew out of. I should know. I am one. I used to be just like her. The only difference is, I grew up. She should try it.

    • Tamar is now grown accountable for her own actions. Tamar is suffering from Donald Trump syndrome,
      not younger sibling syndrome. Do a quick comparison of the two of them……..see what I am saying.

    • When I was watching their show, I could tell how uncomfortable Trina, Towanda and especially Traci were around Tamar. As if on edge and careful what to say and how to be with her. Ms. Evelyn would just sit there and look. Trina, Towanda and Traci were more fun to watch when they were together.

    • I agree with that too, all of that is classic Tamar but for some reason the show leaking all of these different reasons, just feels like they felt Tamar was an easy target because they know we the viewers know how she can be because we watch BFV. (my first instinct, yep all Tamar, I am really not a fan) It feels off on both sides to me. Neither party in this it seems to me is being entirely on the up and up.

      I say new Executive Producer, new ideas for the show, she may have known coming in that she might want to lose Tamar. Now had she fired Tamar on the spot the day she allegedly got cussed out, she had every reason to, then I would only be able to see this one way but because of everything that I’m reading, I have to give both parties the side eye.

  21. mybelovethchild1987

    why everyone talking bout she ghetto,(lol) , okay maybe she’s just over the top ( just a little , but maybe if we step back and just look at her, and see why she does the things she does ,. you know, maybe someone never taught her how to be a lady or behave in such a manner were you respect yourself and co- workers even if you do get fired ,, right now i think she should just suck it up ! and move the hell on // there are to many damn open doors out there for her to walk thru>>>>,

  22. I hope that she does well in the future…for her child’s sake!

    And please wise up more Tamar…for both yours, your child, your husband and your newer show’s fan base!

  23. Why didn’t they threaten to sue her before. Now that she has a new talk show now they want to sue. White people will never change.

    • Stop being a racist cunt.

      • Shut the hell up. That white witch rachael producer is the cause of all the drama. Now they want to turn the tables and blame Tamar. This what white people do.

        • So because a large number of black people are murders and criminals, would it be fair to say that’s what black people do? Racism is racism. And you cunt, are a racist.

          • Why a cunt? You already called her a racist, you got your point across with that alone, calling her a cunt makes you a misogynistic sexist, one is just as bad as the other.

          • I’m not calling her a cunt because she’s a woman, I’m calling her a cunt because cunt is about the most offensive curse word there is.

    • I was thinking the same Mona. Also why not fire her immediately after Tamar cussed her out? That was big time insubordinate behavior and surely grounds for her to have been fired right on the spot, personally the whole thing sounds off from both sides to me and at this point, it sounds to me like both sides are out to try to ruin the other.

  24. THAT is one ugly dude!!!!

  25. She’s a deluded swellhead wannabe Diva. She thinks she’s Whitney but she aint even a K Michelle! I dont believe a word she says.

  26. Tamar has never been put in her place and told to cut the baby, temper tantrum brat act. The Real wasn’t going to put up with that and I’m sure the other ladies put up with a lot from her. She needed a reality check, acting like that is not cute it’s actually quite ignorant.

  27. Love Effortlessly

    Really? I would love to see said video, in its entirety. Not clips, but its true unedited form. I think, “they” do not like the fact, that Tamar still has a voice after she was let go. She was offered her own show-Ha Ha Ha! The devil is busy. The Real is causing this situation to be messy. Did they really expect Tamar to say nothing? She is entitled to speak her truth! Especially, after “they” release a statement saying she is leaving The Real to pursue her music career? BS! And Tamar never mentioned or suggested that her former co-hosts, were to blame—the media made this assumption. —— Oh, Lets not forget, Vince was established, and very successful before The Real and BFV. But the general public is so gullible.

  28. Just ask yourself if you would be fine with a former employer lying on you to save themselves backlash? It was NEVER a mutual decision, why say so? Tamar has every right to defend herself as would any of us.

    • Getting fired is not a mutual decision. It has been my experience that this statement.allows the person to leave with dignity. However Tamar not having any and with her ratchetness and over-sized ego amped the situation by throwing bricks at the other hosts. Let her keep it up she will learn that they have the knife and she has the blade. Watch and see if Steve Harvey and his teeth will come to battle for her against the machine. Toni and her sisters need to have her sit her arse down before she get all of them thrown into the streets with cancellations of those other boring arse shows.

      • Your comment focuses more on your dislike for Tamar rather than the issue at hand, or the question I posed. I’m not a fan of Tamar’s however I can see beyond my dislike and assess the situation for what it really is. Simply put for whatever reason Tamar was fired and to make matters worse The Real lied about it being a mutual decision. That’s never good and there’s more going on behind the scenes that we’re not privy to. Once you agree with a lie, you can never dispute it. You obviously are okay with being lied on, or you just think Tamar should be? At any rate I agree to disagree, have a nice day Mo.

        • True, I do not. I find her to be one of the most narcissist people I have ever seen. But.that is neither here nor there. Read my comment again…I said getting fired is not a mutual decision. It allows the person to leave with dignity…But an overgrown spoiled brat is not a dignified person
          Undoubtedly there is more going on “behind the scenes”. With the behavior Tamar exhibits “in front of the scenes” I can only imagine how horrendous her behavior is “behind the scenes”. In the end, whether they lied or not she is still “just as gone”. Is the avenue she taking the right one to make her point?

        • I agree with basically everything you just said, if she walks away quietly, it’s has if she is saying they are correct and she has no recourse later should she choose to. I am not a big fan of Tamar either and I know she has lied in the past, we all do but if “The Real” put out or allowed information to leak out about why she was fired, (which is slander and to me it seems like they did) yet gave Tamar no Explanation as she is stating, that would be a hard pill for anyone to swallow, I would think. From where I’m sitting it appears “The Real” went public first with their reasons, reasons, that she is saying she had no knowledge of, if that’s true, then they opted to tell her in a public way that was understandably humiliating to her, where’s the dignity in that? Allowing anything to leak to the public at all put her in a position to have to fight for herself professionally. Bottom line to me though everything is not adding up on either side.

          And once again this is coming from one who is no fan of Tamar, yet I am able to stay objective and try to see it from both sides based on the information that is out there.

  29. ~~~??Baby Doll??~~~

    he looks like he has mental issues…

  30. I said earlier that Vince was involved in some fashion. Anybody knows HR procedures knows that the company cannot state why the person was let go and folks trying to guess needs to put a lid on it because they don’t know HR procedures If Tamar as paid as she claims and don’t need the money, let it go, stop talking about it and keep it moving.

    • I think it’s too late for that because, the company has already been leaking why and multiple whys at that, I think the problem is, is that they didn’t tell her (if that can be believed) why she was being let go.

  31. this is what happens when you cater to them…….PS who’s the tard in the pix with her?

  32. Who cares? You have Teen Mom Farrah calling the producers all kind of names and acting outrageous, so when Tamar acts up it’s an hypocrisy! Tamar and Vince will be alright, people get fired everyday and we are tired of hearing about it!

  33. I love how the Real is suppose to be Real but clearly is fake azz like everything in Hollywood. Also a show with ethnic women on it being run by a white woman? Yeah that s real lol

  34. There not innocent they couldnt talk to Tamar because vince said so? Really she was in your studio and you couldnt get some alone time with her? lol

  35. If the fit was on the day she was fired id doubt many would hold it against her.

    • Basically, one would think that would be grounds for immediate termination, cussing out your boss? Yeah definitely.

  36. Watch your next Real co host will be white or some person of color who acts more white.. They dont want real if it is ghetto, They knew the womanthey hired now that its getting bigger the white folks are clling the shots and they are bowing thank you massa

    • Well they said the woman that is responsible is a new Executive replacing the old Executive, the old bunch of folks knew what they were getting, this new Exec didn’t care as she obviously decided somewhere along the line that she wanted to appeal to a different demographic and Tamar for her doesn’t fit the personality profile she needs to reach said audience, she may have walked in the door already knowing what she ultimately would do.

  37. Hold up….Vince knew two weeks before that she was fired, and didn’t tell her when he first found out??…Nah, that’s not cool at all. I find that hard to believe that he knew this for that long. That’s his wife. How could he withhold that information from her for two whole weeks..doesn’t make sense. Sounds like a lot of miscommunication from the company. And why when it first hit the blogs, the company said that it was a “mutual agreement” and that Tamar is gonna focus on her music career…LIES… What I don’t understand is why didn’t the producer didn’t call Tamar personally. I don’t wanna hear what your intent was, everybody has good intentions some time in their life, why wasn’t the call made, before it got this messy. Why was the news delivered to Vince, and not Tamar. Wow…

    • I’ve been wondering that too, I think Vince may be her manager, agent or something in that vein as well, which is why they went to him first, also, from what it says in the above article, they may have been communicating with her through Vince all along. Vince not telling her sooner though, I don’t get that either.

  38. Crying with no tears….it was obvious it was staged. Tamar cussed like a longshoreman when her sisters came on the stage during her show–and then lied thru her teeth about it. Tamar is no sweet angel like she pretends she is.

    • LOL….She did do that and in fact she never seemed to know what she did to any of sisters’ throughout any of the confrontations/interventions etc. they always had to end up having with her, in the many attempts to try to clear the air between them, always the victim…..But I still say, that something is rotten in Denmark with this firing business. Also it seems that the email that the company sent, was sent after it was found out that BFV, taped the show just shortly after Tamar found out that she was fired, so they were accusing her of staging a second reaction, without any proof, that’s slander. That’s why they sent the email saying that her firing would remain privileged and private information, not to mention, they haven’t seemed to settle on on a reason as to why they actually fired her.

  39. I like Tamar on the show and i hate to see her go she brought something funny to the show and i hope all the women the best, but if they was going to let Vince go he should have told Tamar what was going on and not leave her looking clueless.I would have been mad to if they call me in and told me well you see we going to have to let you go without any explanation i probably would have been cursing and yelling to me. Best of luck to the rest of the lady’s and best of luck to Tamar.

  40. I am NOT surprised by any of this. Tamar uses Vince for her purposes ONLY. I hope Steve Harvey sees this email article from the broadcasting network that featured the show The Real.This could tank her OWN show before it gets off the production talks table. However, all of this mess is typical of Tamar. She won’t be completely satisfied until she totally disintegrates. She should give it a REST, and focus on her husband, son and mother. Why continue to embarrass the whole family because she is denied the opportunity to further nurse her ego.

    • At this point in the game, I think they both could be guilty of depending on each other, which I
      have no problem with, they are husband and wife and I am not touching that part of their relationship.

      I totally agree with everything else that you stated concerning her future endeavors moving forward.

      • “At this point in the game, I think they both could be guilty of depending on each other, which I have no problem with, they are husband and wife and I am not touching that part of their relationship.”

        I agree.

  41. So they’re saying they fired her because Vince was fired and would not let them talk to her. Huh? Both parties need to walk away.

    • And that right there, is where a lot of this started sounding weak to me…..Vince is her husband yes but it does seem that she is also his client on some level, is he her manager, agent, what? If so, then of course they would have to go through him to talk to her and more than likely had been until they fired him and probably still would’ve had to do so whether he was employed by them or not, they were basically trying to talk to her through him when they told her that she was fired 2 weeks prior to sending her notice. They may have fired him as an Executive Producer, SHE didn’t fired him from representing her and looking out for her business interests, why would she be fired for a decision that he made regarding her at that point? Again, too many reasons and not enough of them making sense.

      • Here’s my thoughts on Vince being thrown into this. I think they probably were ending things with Vince as a producer for whatever reason and were considering letting Tamar go, but decided they would see if they could work things out first. I think the producers did tell Vince all of this 2 weeks prior to Tamar finding out and the producers possibly explained to Vince since he is her manager that they didn’t like Tamar’s actions and were considering ending her contract, but wanted to talk with her and see if they could come to a resolution. Vince was probably salty about them letting him go and refused them to speak with Tamar. He probably feels they come as a two-pack deal and if they are canning him they can kick rocks and just not renew her contract because without him being there as producer, they won’t allow Tamar to be Tamar and he no longer has control or any say-so or better yet he can’t protect her if he’s not producing on the show.

        • Brae, most of that had crossed my mind too, especially her potential reaction to getting this two week notice, which is pretty much what I think it was mean’t to be. I do feel Vince should have said something sooner and gave her an opportunity to process the information and decide if SHE wanted to stay there without his protection. Basically for me though, there is plenty of blame to go around for all involved.

          • Just to clarify for others reading our comments, we’re only speculating since we don’t know what really happened, but I agree that Vince should have let Tamar know and given her the option on whether she wanted to stay or leave with him, but honestly I think had he told her, she would have acted a dang fool and really showed her behind. She probably wouldn’t have stayed if they were getting rid of her hubby.

          • LOL…Sad but probably true.

  42. B SCOTT you clearly are a puppett for who ever is telling you to write these blogs and bash Tamar. In one of your articles you didnt even defend her for people bashing her for using gay lingo. Its gays like you who keep the LGBT community down

  43. Warner Bros don’t do things like speak out to this extent. It is out of the norm and they want to tarnish her reputation. Everybody gets cussed out in television, it’s just that stressful.

  44. She should focus on her singing career, it took forever for her to release her second CD after the first one years ago. She is a awesome vocalist, maybe health issues may prevent her from touring, etc. But just find something else to do. Move on the Real is not all that anyway.

  45. Tamar Braxton is not as innocent as she seems. The truth shall come out soon enough.

  46. It’s her attitude, big mouth and the way she addresses people period.

  47. DoReMeFa SoLaTiDo

    I guess the Tamar-rats owe Loni Love an apology.. LOL!

  48. lame, ugly-ass couple!!!! get them off TV…. PLEASE!!! fuckin’ pests.

  49. Dorleen Bowers

    take a big slice of humble pie, chew it slowly

  50. Dorleen Bowers

    Hey Tamar, I hear Live with Kelly is looking for a co-host you both can upstage each other.

  51. hold on …..is ms. mush mouth next to her supposed to be her “man”?

  52. messy af!!! she is ghetto and a hoodrat…. dmv is full of them!!!!!! she’s an embarrassment!!!

  53. Casandra Chozen Ware

    She needs to shut her mouth. Her behavior is so stereotypical, and what society has inaccurately come to expect…unfortunately, we keep giving them ammunition…

  54. Cassy Manatobe


  55. Rhyme and Reason

    The producers banked too heavily on those who can’t stand Tamar, and just can’t with her over-the-top public persona. I’m one of them, but a huge fan, still! They couldn’t anticipate that she would receive as much sympathy or support, given her cry baby diva antics, we’ve seen for years on BFV. She’s made no hiding of the fact she wants to be Beyonce, the iconic superstar. They don’t compare for pluses and minuses for both artists! They thought the dislike or the name-calling people have for Tamar would please more people, and no one would offer her not one, but two shows within a week’s time of her public early dismissal! Blacks watched shows like Martin, Living Single, In Living Color help build the same network that fired Tamar, so we kinda know the script, so the joy of her firing wasn’t felt by nearly enough people, even I was surprised!

    • I like that you pointed this out. I work in this field and what happens often is, big wigs take a popular “urban” celebrity with a great following to gain the “urban” support and build steam for a particular project. In this case, said project is “The Real.” Once the ball is rolling, you simply ask the celebrity to not be so ghetto. The celebrity is groomed to be a bit more soft and appealing to a more educated ( and by educated, networks mean white) audience. Example The Monique show. She refused to play the game. She stayed true to herself. The end.

      • Hence, one reason why I suspect she was brought on The Real in the first place, she had fans who would follow her as viewers to the show, it’s not like they didn’t know what they were getting. Bottom line, new Executive, new direction, bye, bye Tamar. I agree, I agree, a thousand times I agree with both of you.

  56. If they refuse to tell us why she was fired. we have no other choice to believe the one whose talking. You can’t say it not-true if you don’t tell your side of the story?

  57. Dawn Lashea Dorsey

    She knew that she couldn’t be clowning them white folks. She got to cut it!

  58. can that man please put his tongue in his mouth?

  59. This story sounds fishy.

  60. Here’s the thing that gets me about all of this, how can she not know what she did? (some of this is not adding up on either side) Granted the article says that they were only going to let Vince go and then have a meeting with Tamar but because Vince would not allow them to speak with her directly, this is what prompted them to fire her, well if he were acting as her manager, agent or whatever in regard to her position on that show, then it would seem to make sense that they might have to deal with him on some level in order to deal with her but is his refusal to allow them to speak with her directly enough for them to fire her, without having something legitimate on her that she actually did? It has been leaked, (should I say) that she has been insubordinate, had a meltdown and verbally attacked an Executive Producer by cussing this person out, earlier on when I read this, this information supposedly came from WB or sources or something like that.

    Now you have Tamar crying and upset on BFV saying that she doesn’t even know what she did, this is classic Tamar, she does the same thing with her sisters’ after she’s managed to get them all riled up with her and they’re fed up and want to hash things out with her, she always plays the injured party and anyone who has watched the show knows this about her, either she is lying because she knows they actually had cause to fire her or they are because they 1.) Just wanted to get rid of Vince 2.) They were not pleased with so called negative feedback from sponsors regarding her not appealing to the demographic that they would have liked her to. Basically they would still need a solid reason for firing HER. Now the WB is coming along and basically making a retraction of some or all accusations against her by sending the above email statement regarding privilege and privacy, seems to me like both Tamar and the WB are not telling the full story which could possibly result in lawsuits from sides.

    I’m not a Tamartian at all but there is the possibility that she was blindsided even though Tamar knows they may have had good cause to fire her i.e. being insubordinate but something is fishy about the timing and how it was done. We may never know the full story because if Tamar was difficult and insubordinate as was earlier reported, she more than likely will never confess to it. And the WB has already shut down on this.

    • Being insubordinate, throwing tantrums, and using foul language towards producers are all very valid reasons to part ways with an employee. With that being said, why would the show want to keep her if this was her behavior?? Why go through the hassle of including Tamar in season 3 promo shoots if there was no intention to keep her? Commenter, Brae, mentioned Tamar’s frequent absences from the show (illness, DWTS). Another valid reason to terminate an employee. However, I am sure the show didn’t have an issue with the publicity received from Tamar’s absences. Another note, I have 5 sisters and the relationship that I share with these women, and the behavior that I display when with my sisters is not how I behave at work. What we see on Braxton Family Values cannot be the determining factor of how Tamar performs in a work environment behind the scences. It’s not a fair assessment.

      • I agree with all of this….But this right here….”I have 5 sisters and the relationship that I share with these women, and the behavior that I display when with my sisters is not how I behave at work. What we see on Braxton Family Values cannot be the determining factor of how Tamar performs in a work environment behind the scences. It’s not a fair assessment.”

        I think the studio was counting on that part of her image, to help viewers support them in this decision, easy mark and it’s not fair, as far as her being sick, I don’t think it’s fair to hold that against her, although I know they will.

  61. She needs to learn STFU!

  62. I have read a lot of the comments here and the one main componet that people are missing is the fact that Tamar’s contract was up and they decided not to renew her contract. I am not a lawyer, but I deal with contract law on the job everyday. I don’t know the specifics of Tamar’s contract, but usually once a contract is up the company can renew or end it. In Tamar’s case they decided to end it and it could have been a combination of things that happened throughout the season(s) that led up to their decision of non-renewal including, but not limited to Tamar not doing well with the focus groups and advertisers, the tantrum after losing a game, cursing out producers, missing serveral days and Vince not allowing producers to speak with Tamar. As far as we know most of those things are hearsay however, they’re not far-fetched based on those of us that know Tamar’s personality and mannerisms and we do know that she missed several days due to being ill. However, when you’re under contract there’s a start date and an end date and it’s at the company’s discretion whether to renew your contract or not….. and guess what, if your contract is up and the company doesn’t renew it, they don’t have to give you a reason why they didn’t renew it. So maybe Tamar is telling the truth when she says she doesn’t know why she was let go, maybe they really didn’t give her a reason and told her that they decided not to renew her contract. My personal opinion is that Tamar sealed her own fate and she would not be so embarrassed if she left WB statement as, it was a mutual decision to part ways. I like Tamar, but it initially took me a while to get used to her on the show. She grew on me, but she still needed to tone it down a bit mainly when it came to respecting her castmates opinions. I hate that she won’t be on the next season, but I do feel she did it to herself and hopefully she humbles herself and won’t take opportunities for granted. As far as WB suing, they’re well within their rights and will win hands down, especially if Tamar and Vince signed a disclosure statement. I could go on and on about how WB would win if they sued Tamar and Vince, but I don’t think it will go that far. I think Tamar and Vince will realize it’s in their best interest to stand down.

  63. U wrong as hell for this picture of her crooked eye and his slovenly ass tongue hangin’ outta his mouth.

  64. HandsomeMiamitotheRescue

    Fact of the matter is this is what emotional or women with insecurities do when their support system is shaken. You find out what you are made of when your coal is being changed into a diamond.

    What isn’t cool is how WB is running around like a sissy throwing names and specifics at individuals when you are in turn a larger corporation.

    $20 bucks says the one who wrote that email was a sista or gay black dude that they get to handle the “urban” environment. Yes, that’s right they always put an Uncle Tom in a position where there are other black people to keep them in check.

    Vince…IDK hometeam; I like to protect my woman too and Lord knows she has gotten herself into many a situation with her mouth and actions, and if she was in the wrong and you know it. Then tell her in private and away from the cameras that she has to drink the cup she poured, however if you two are victims in this thing then let it die and go on. It’s difficult to prove wrongful termination or whatever in a situation where your actions arrive before your do.

  65. HandsomeMiamitotheRescue

    Help me out here someone…..”The New York Post has since reported that Vince was aware that his wife was being fired from The Real two weeks before he actually told her.

    Daily Mail Online has also learned, that Warner Bros initially decided to ditch Vince as an executive producer on the series and wanted to have a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ with Tamar one last time to help her keep her job.”

    Followed by this: “The source added: ‘Their intention was not to fire her, but because Vince was dropped as a producer he wouldn’t allow the executives to speak to his wife directly and that’s what pushed the network to not pick up her option either and can her from the show”

    If he was dropped, when did you decide to fire her? At what point during the two weeks was he notified he was cut? Anddddddddd, if they wanted to keep her and not him; I find it very hard to believe that an employer is not able to have a 1 on 1 with an employee; even with the union present(Vince).

  66. LIES! That Rachel racist said Tamar was too ghetto and she belonged on RuPauls drag race. t
    THE REAL WILL GO UNDER WITHOUT TAMAR ! Congratulations Tamar got signed with Steve Harvey . SHE WON!


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