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Shots Fired: Tamar Braxton Throws Major Shade at Her Sister Traci’s Album on Twitter [Photos]

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The Braxton Sisters are still working on their relationships with one another — and that’s okay, all families go through it. However, not all families take nasty shots at one another on social media.

In the most recent episode of Braxton Family Values, sisters Trina and Tamar got into a huge argument. During the argument Trina gave Toni credit for Tamar’s career.

Tamar wasn’t having it, saying her successful career is a result of her own hard work. After the episode aired, the sisters began taking slight digs at each other on social media.

Following the release of Traci’s first solo album this past week, Traci also praised her sister Toni (and threw a little shade) on Instagram. She thanked Toni for paving the way for her AND her sisters’ careers. You know that rubbed Tamar the wrong way.

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Traci later began retweeting some of the nice things people were saying about her album. She retweeted one tweet in particular from a fan suggesting that she’d get a Grammy for her work.

“You’re going to get a Grammy Tracy, I can see it already,” the fan said.

Shortly after, Tamar Braxton sent out a tweet that appeared to be a direct shot at Traci and what she retweeted.

Do the Grammys have a duet with auto tune category yet? Cause…(chair emoji) (thumbs down emoji),” responded Tamar.

Ouch. Tamar later deleted the tweet, but not before it was captured and passed around the Internet. Check it out below.

Tamar Traci AutoTune Lovebscott



  1. She starting to get wack now. Sooooooonn she will be sat done. Beyonce where she is bc she ALWAYS remained HUMBLED. Gaga successful bc she chill too since she always throwing GAGA up.#ChillTamar#ijs

  2. Charles Winston Jackson

    Tamar is a Joke.

    • Tamartian Justin King

      Well, you’ll eat your own words when she wins a Grammy, because it WILL HAPPEN. Anyone out there denying Tamar’s success and RAW TALENT are just being haters and frankly, you jealous. Have a seat.

  3. Damn Tamar..

  4. Tamar always wondering why her sisters always loving her from a distance. Like she didn’t audiotune her songs, she’ll get on my nerves her sisters are good not had snatched her butt up.

  5. Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    She’s a classless a**hole for that…that was unnecessary & yes Toni paved the way even for u

    • Toni can’t”pave the way” for anyone unless they are talented. Give the lady credit for her HARD WORK. Tamar is a STAR.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        ok Tamar

      • talent is one thing…being able to navigate the business, be introduced to hitmakers, producers, managers (that later become your husband), getting meetings at record companies, getting work singing backup for one of this generation’s best vocalists, being sent to VIPs and grammy afterparties for you to hob-nob with entertainment movers and shakers at 16, 17, 18 years old…that is called ‘paved the way’ and believe me NO ONE would be reaching for the phone to take tamars calls if ‘braxton’ was not attached to her name. toni busted her a** AND spread the wealth to her family, whereas tamar does the complete opposite. all she cares about is ME, ME, ME and had the NERVE to say, ‘jesus paved the way for me’ last i checked, tamar wasn’t ‘doo-wop pop chickin” on jesus’ last tour. and let’s be real honest…if she WAS that good, she would not have sat on the shelf for 20 years after her debut. nobody was checking for her then and judging by her record/download sales…people still aren’t.

  6. last time I checked Tamar was still grammy-less and if they did have a category for best duel with autotune she would probably be a winner..she is the one who needs to have a seat

    • you wont find no song Tamar recorded thats auto tuned the way Traci’s record is. I dont think anyone in R&B has ever done that.

      • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

        Regardless of how much or how little, it was used. And her behavior is FOWL!

        • F-O-U-L; as in unsavory or stank or whatever. NOT f-o-w-l, as in a bird. Unless you’re trying to call either woman a chicken head or something.

          • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

            Thank you. I do appreciate that. In my frustration I missed it. Although, with her behavior…! LOL.

      • You can not make that statement about the auto tune because you really don’t know. You’ve never seen Tamar sing with just a band and background singers. She always sings with a track. And her beginning performances were shaky at best. Ever reviews say she was criticized for not sounding like her records.

        • No one really sings with bands now a days… very expensive… and Tamar showed her ass for her showcase… so do some research.. the girl can blow… dnt search fort hings to hate on… put that energy into making money

          • Vince has money. Anyway, why you mad. still don’t mean she was actually singing. Were you at the showcase? Because her TV performances were always a little off.

    • She has been nominated, there are lot of people who are still waiting for a nomination.

      • With that logic, a person on the list for a kidney but doesn’t get picked is a winner. No. I believe Tamar’s attitude is a deal stopper. She (they) owe recognition to Toni Braxton. She made them relevant. She introduced Tamar to her manager (Vince). As I recall, previous relationships were abusive. Toni bowed out of management from Vince due to her sister. Their would have been a conflict of interest. Need I say more…..?

        • Toni did open doors… but Tamar’s talent walked her through them…Tamar (as of now) is the only one really making it.. if that is entirely because of Toni, why aren’t they a equally successful. … there has to be a line where Tamar’s talent kicks in.
          If someone mentions you to their manage… if you gave what it takes they pick you….. if you don’t they won’t. .. and tamar probably feels automatically ppl think shes ONLY THERE because of Toni…. she helped yes.. but Tamar busted her ass…… AND… if it wasn’t for their mother…. NONE of them would probably be there…. toni initially declined the offer with her sisters… they came into this together..

          • Nicely put.

          • Shannon, are u getting paid by tamar, or are u really tamar mascarading as Shannon? Maybe she can sing, however her attitude is at an all time high!!! There is no reason in the world for her to act that stank towards hers own sisters. And a fool could only see that she wAs lying through her teeth while telling Toni what happened back stage.

        • You havent said much. LOL!!! Just because Toni introduced them does not mean her or Vince need to get credit for Tamar continuing to want it. Tamar work hard to get where she is because many artist do not come back after one album did okay more than 10 years ago and suddenly come back. Her voice is amazing and without that, Vince nor Toni could do anything for her. Toni definitely couldnt sing for her on stage. Stop trying bring her down because you do not like her arrogance. You either like her or you do not. You simply do not.

          • Its funny how ppl are so stuck up celebrities asses that they can’t even be real. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Yes Tamar does have a wonderful voice but that does not give her the right to shade her sisters esp her sisters on social network. At the end of the day she do owe Toni and Vince credit becuz alot of mfers wouldn’t know who she is if it wasn’t for the show. She is where she is becuz of her husband. Yes she has talent but talent don’t mean shit to these record labesl if ya attitude is nasty

          • Sweetie, people who are not famous shade their siblings.She owes them some credit, which she has given to them. As I said, unless she was willing to work for it, it would not have happen. No matter what Vince or Toni did. Maybe if you were so stuck up your own ass, you would get that. It’s not wrong for her to want her own credit for her own hard work. If she had not kept saying to her husband, I want to do music she wouldn’t have had anything. Mainly because he just wanted her to be a wife, not his artist. There are a lot of record labels who are interested in talent and there are plenty of artist out here. They just aren’t the most popular ones, maybe you should listen all kinds of music and you will know that. Its not all about those they show on TV and play on radio, there are other artist great ones, who don’t care about the money. They want their music out there and be able to perform it. Enough of this. Siblings fight, but they still love each other. I know this from my own family.

      • Nominations are political and typically people well connected with the music industry. Hence she hooked up with LA Reid and his major label, Epic to put out her singles and album.

        • If that’s true why don’t many other artist, such as LA Reid’s own wife at the time did not get the same. I call BULLS***

    • The show would not be interesting without Tamar. She is funny and has more going for her than Traci, Twanda, and Trina. Her phraseology and made-up words has me on the floor laughing. And talented….YES! The least interesting sisters are Traci and Twanda and Trina. They all ganged up on Tamar and tried to sabotage her show. How could Toni defend that? A bit of jealousy? They grew up in church and should understand that “A House Divided Can Not Stand.” (Mama Braxton needs to retire).

    • We have great RB singers that have never won. Maze for instant, yet no one can ever say their work is not Grammy quality. Which I feel is overrated and political because she and a lot of other Artist that did not win last year shouldn’t have won. They all need to stop. Because it nothing worse than family taking pot shots at each other in the Media. Tamar Braxton, like her or not can sing. Her and Toni definitely deserve what they have and their talents stand on their own.

    • …the only one of them I’ve really ever heard of IS Toni Braxton; …personally, I think Tamar is very…ghetto. They’re like the black version of the kardashians! …ain’t nan one of ’em got any real talent, (except Toni Braxton)…that I’ve heard…or seen.

  7. Tamar is just irritable because the timer is ticking on that talk show of hers. She is too loud and too immature on it.

    • You don’t find the rest of them immature? I do. Toni throws her money around like a drunken sailor and then declares Bankruptsy. Not too smart. How many time? one…two…who’s counting. Trina and Gabe are silly as heck. Tawanda and Traci appear to be older than my grandma and just as boring. What made them think the audience wanted to see them on stage when Tamar performed. I don’t blame Tamar for being upset. She should have thrown a brick at them…not a water bottle. Glad she told them to Scram, get lost, get out! Go “teletubbies.”

      • Speaking candidly I don’t watch the Braxtons and only focused on Tamar as this article highlights her. I have only seen Tamar on her talk show a few time and I just can’t stomach her and some of her co hosts. I believe in being fun and keeping it real but she comes across to me as some made up character who snaps her fingers and insists on speaking in some sort of “gay lingo”. But from what you have described they all seem to need a little help….just like the rest of us.

      • The places she performed sued her when she was in in hospital. Thats why she filed bankruptcy.

  8. I’m not sure what show y’all watching.. Tamar has been the same from day one.. and according to her mother, even when she was younger she was the same. Toni did make it in the industry first BUT her sisters helped her as well being her back up singers. Tamar and Traci had to get their albums in other ways without Toni even helping. You say Tamar loud and jealous of her sisters but what I see is the opposite. Yeah, she’s loud but she is the real estate of them all. Toni has become so stuck up and act like her shit don’t stink. I love her but I see her being mean and snobby to all her sisters. They all have an issue with Tamar no matter what she does. She speaks her mind but they are all mean to her. They hate how close her mom is to her and are so jealous of her success. Especially Towanda!!! Even Traci always trying to pick fights with Tamar.. it’s sad and they are disfunctional.. I’m team Tamar all day.

    • I agree with Teresa. Toni is ALWAYS busy and can’t attend any of Tamar’s shows. Toni resents Tamars success and so does Tawanda.

      • Why would Toni resent Tamar of all people? Toni is a legend, a great performer and great singer. Tamar is what……. A lack of discipline, rude, and non creative singer.

      • Toni is busy because she sit on several boards Lupus LA and Austin speaks. She just doesn’t perform.

    • Even then, many people had an issue with Tamar’s attitude. This whole beef is stemming from Tamar denying that Toni helped paved the way for them, which is true, and when Traci agreed with it, Tamar takes a shot at her. That’s not being loud, that’s being rude.

      I’ve watched the show and they are mean to each other; Tamar is no angel. Toni is snobby, but so what? She’s no blatantly rude. Traci just said that Toni paved the way–that’s not being rude or taking shots. Tamar took a shot at her sister because she was made about Traci supporting Toni and not her.

      • But in the same way Toni helped her sisters they helped right back, when Tamar was singing background for Toni she never took payment, Tamar has got to where she is with her own sweat and tears just like Toni, I feel she only went off like that because she felt they were trying to down play her success. And out of all the Braxton sisters Traci has the least vocal ability. Even with messed up vocal cords Tamar sounds better than Traci.

        • But, has Toni denied that her sisters helped her? No. And admitting that someone paved the way for you doesn’t diminish your handwork. No one was trying to downplay her success, she just felt some kind of way because she is mostly jealous of Toni’s career and wants to make it seem like she did it all on her own–she didn’t. Who was checking for Tamar before the show and who would’ve watched without Toni’s involvement?

          It’s not about whether or not Traci has less vocal ability OR if Tamar is better vocally, but rather, acknowledging who helped you get where you are. Traci realizes that, Tamar is too bitter to admit it.

        • Glad someone said it. She needs more training.

        • I’m still stuck on how any of you guys know that the sisters did Toni’s shows gratis…did that info come from them?

    • I disagree. Lets see for example Toni:
      1. Got Tamar 3 different record deals in the past after she kept being dropped.
      2. Got 3 of her sisters, including Tamar signed with Atlantic as “The Braxtons” by asking her then boyfriend, Briant Reid to sign them.
      3. Let Tamar sing background and write on many of her albums even though no other artist picked Tamar to sing backgrounds or write.
      4. Introduced her to her now husband Vincent Herbert.
      5. Took Tamar and her sisters on her tours and employed them as background singers.

      I could go on but I already proved my point. You act like the dialogue that goes on during a scripted reality show is all true and as if Tamar is a new artist. Tamar is 37 years old…way too old to be acting so immature and classless. She has been around the block too many times not to know that her sisters are her biggest fans. Also, Toni is definitely not stuck up. Toni and Tamar are very close. But of course on reality shows without drama producers think people will not watch.

      • What point did you prove?? lol.. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Toni did not get any “record deal” for them (EXcept, the one with all three of the sisters). You stated, more than once, that Toni “employed” her sisters as background singers (though they weren’t paid).. Shiiittt, Toni didn’t even get paid, ie. her multiple bankruptcies. Toni did introduce Tamar to Vince (what that has to do with anything?? idk) but Tamar was singing before her marriage. Even during her marriage, her husband didn’t just GIVE her a record deal and was still managing Toni. There is no way you can say they (ALL OF THE SISTERS) aren’t giving Tamar the side-eye. The only one that is neutral and loves unconditionally is Trina.. Traci, Towanda AND Toni hate on Tamar every single episode and Towanda, underhandedly, tried to sabotage Tamar. HATER’s will never win. You can see the evil in Towanda and sometimes Traci too.. It’s sad. Toni turns her nose up as if she is better than all of them. Not saying she doesn’t love her sisters or her family, but she does act snobbish. What we all need to do is stop trying to compare them because they have their own personalities and gifts. Tamar has a “hate it or love it” personality and she is REAL.. I love it.. Toni’s is a bit quiet and calmer and she is the oldest. Traci ass is so daggon country and ghetto. Trina is more “suburban” and fun. Towanda is just evil and has a lot of hatred in her. — Again, just my opinion and what I see.. (Maybe I love Tamar because she reminds me a lot of my late sister who died at 24)..But I Love Tamar’s voice, personality, and loudness.. and Toni’s amazing voice.. #teamTamar

        • Toni did help and he proved many points. I love them all and people should feel bad that reality tv is doing this to them instead of trying to defend sides. If y’all wanna play Dr. Phil then y’all should learn to be neutral and not bias!

        • Ho what dis YOU prove?? U funky ho

          • LMAO.. I’m going to pray for u!!

          • Here is the deal WeTv would have NEVER picked up the show if it Toni would not have signed. No one even knew who Tamar was now people know here as who? Toni Braxton’s sister. Toni doing the show along helped her sister because Toni did not want to do the show and even Tamar admitted that but she did it to help them. Tamar’s doing all of these over the top antics for attention so people can see her and it worked because she knows drama sells. Vince is trying desperately to rebrand her but at 37 years old she is proving to the world why she was never successful. Her attitude is unprofessional and over the top. She is a good singer but it takes much more that that to reach Toni Braxton’s level. It is unfortunate that strangers are able to pay homage to industry greats like Toni and thank her for paving the way but due to jealously and childishness her own sister can not giver credit where credit is so painfully obviously due!

        • Ok I’m sorry but Teresa your long ass paragraph was stupid. You’re askin for the relevance of toni introducing tamar to Vince? The man who married her, signed her, executive produced her new talk show and both reality shows. Which WeTv passed on without participation from Toni? Toni is the reason we know any of their names. When she was discovered at they gas station they wanted her NOT her sisters. Toni dragged them with her. And as far as compensation for background work, tamar is quick to say she doesn’t need Vince’s “coins” because she made her own by background singing for her sister. Toni got paid for her tours and she paid them. Yes tamar works very hard.. However she is building a brand OFF the back of her sister! Point black and the period!

          • You must not have read what I said..never asked for relevance of Toni introducing them!! If it was too long for u, then don’t read it.. Oh well if what I said was stupid to u. Ur response was stupid.. lol

          • We TV just might be regretting that because the show has been picked up and in it’s second season on two or three different networks. What is for you is for you. No matter who opens the door. We have seen all of their personalities, Trina, got smart with her mother, Traci has disrespected her Mother, her father, and we have seen her come after her sister, Towanda explosion and putting her brother in law financial out there. They all have faults. Tamar is talented and deserves her success, that all I’m saying. They are all going to be who they are.

        • Toni did VINCE a favor when she introduced him to Tamar….not the other way around.

      • Thank you!! I love Tamar but she’s acting badly this time. I’m the youngest of 5 I can relate to her most of the time but this time I don’t. She’s selfish and mean for no reason.

      • thank you Jasmine

    • You nailed it. They really need to stop. Toni is showing her colors now. I was surprised and disappointed. I really want her to be the piece maker, even if it does work.

      • Oh my. Are you sure you want her to be the piece maker, and not the peace maker?

      • Toni was trying to make peace. Rewatch the conversation she had with both sides. She told the girls she had to hear Tamar’s side and she didn’t come down on Tamar. She just knew Tamar was lying because she knows NO tour manager would take it upon themselves to ask the artist’ s guests to leave. Especially when there were out of town guests in adjacent rooms that were not asked to leave. I think people just want to hate Toni. She criticized whatever she does. No one wants to accept that Toni is fighting a deadly illness and heart disease while she still sits on several boards and volunteers for Lupus LA, the heart association, and Austin speaks.

    • oh please…Team Toni#Traci#Trina#Towanda.

  9. Tamar seems to be irrated with her sisters. Being from a family with sisters sometimes it seems like one person can be singled out. Tamar sisters have been throwing shade about Tamar, and they seem to always gang up on her over the years. I honestly don’t blame Tamar for her actions. But I fee like like she could have handled her actions in a better way. I feel like they need to he separated and let Tamar do her thing. There is a thing called loving from a distance. And family is the main reason in this case. Tamar keep your head up! Your own family shaded you, but when you shade them its a problem. Please go back and read all the mess her so called sisters was throwing over the years.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!

    • CosmicRealityJunkie

      Yeah but Tamar NEVER takes responsibility for her actions. Look how she reacted when Toni confronted her about putting Traci and Trina out of the building, and then had the nerve to say they should apologize to her. She’s always on some “What I do?”

      • Disagree! Those teletubbies were a hot mess. Their outfits were terrible and the dance was awful. They should never have sabotaged Tamar’s show in order to SPOTLIGHT THEMSELVES.

        • The sisters outfits looked like Tamar’s plus was designed by the same person. Don’t hate on the sisters. Anyway, Tamar had no right to criticize Traci ‘ s music on social media. A prime example of throwing rock and trying to hide her hand. This time someone copied the tweet before Tamar could delete it and claim she didn’t remember tweeting it. Tamar doesn’t get a pass to be ugly.

        • How much she paying You for all your agreements because You holding her down for all her B’s hell. Vince cant Deal sometimes. She over the top for t.v and really. Have a seat how about several seats.

      • They were wrong. She put her feelings out to Toni. I’m trying to figure it out . I just started, I’m new and trying to find out what works. She is not Toni and I didn’t see Toni say I understand, I’ve been there. This is a gang up and its looking bad. Tamar should separate herself or her Brand will suffer, because they will see to it. Don’t like people for what ever reason. But don’t take away from their accomplishments, their work and their talent. Traci is trying but I think she needs new management, because you don’t put someone in front of a Howard University crowd not prepared. It was a mess.

        • Toni did say she understood. And went on to say that Tamar and the sisters surprised her the same way. I think you need to re – watch Tamar and Toni’s conversation. And Toni’s confessional.

        • I don’t care if she thinks her sister is talented or not she shouldn’t have said something so mean to her own flesh and blood. I like tamar and she is very talented but she is very rude and mean for no reason sometimes and that takes away from her beauty.

    • Child please tamar is a hot mess…Any adult can see that…stop with the excuse

  10. Im really really really still trying to like Tamar…because she’s so funny and silly but at the same time she’s scaring me! I hope her success is not going to her head. I think they should all quit reality T.V. it’s not a very handsome look on them.

  11. Toni helped all of them period she tried to get them record deals but it didn’t happen until they got this reality show if it wasn’t for reality show none of them would b as successful as they r if it wasn’t for Toni so b team Tamar all day if u want but her ego is bigger now then it ever was if that’s the case y it take her to get a reality show for a record deal if she got the record without reality show then yes u can say she did it on her own boom

    • They have all had record deals and before Toni went solo they were a group with a record deal and single. Back than Tricia was the lead singer. The age gaps and the fact that they had signed TLC is the reason that Toni was signed later by herself. She also wrote in her book that she had her sisters there because she felt guilty not because she wanted them there. Tamar did the work on her own they all have been in the industry the same amount of time.

  12. And Toni never denied her sisters helping her she gave them credit as background singers

  13. Tamar doesn’t want to be Toni. She wants to be Beyoncé. Its obvious

  14. I’m here for Tamar and all of her antics. That’s the only reason people are paying any of them any attention.

  15. Tamar is trash. She is loud and obnoxious. Why demean your sisters first solo album??? Toni did set up Tamar for success. Toni had a huge hand in the roll out of their reality show. No one cared for Tamar before that. Trash azz

  16. I like Tamar but she needs to stop lashing out!

  17. I find it funny that people do not see the facts for what they are. Toni Braxton is a star and will always be. She did pave the way for her sisters and if Toni was not an artist. Tamar would have never meet her husband or even made a song. She would be working in a fast food chain or some where using her big mouth of hers. Tamar live at the corner of WANT A BE and THREE TIME GRAMMY LOSER. FACTS ARE FACTS.
    This all comes down to her parents who did not stop this monster and correct her behavor, but they encourage and did not stop this, so sad.

    Toni Braxton is a CLASS ACT AND WILL BE THAT ALWAYS, the true and only Braxton.
    Tracy good luck with your New Cd, Hope you show the big mouth you got it.

    • Entertainmentluvva


    • Bob hate to break it to you, Tamar had songs back in the 90s. She was working with Jermaine Dupri at the point. She might had as large of a success then, as she has now but she did have more than most artist. LOL!! All of them are Braxtons. Toni is the only true and only TONI!! Traci isn’t as good as a song, as Tamar or Toni. It is the truth. You do not know where she would be, since Tamar did know people in the business from working with JD. You do not know if she would have met her husband some other way. This all comes down to, we all say things about our siblings. Most of us just are not in the lame light. But good luck fortune tell LOL!

      • She Did have songs but no hits so they really dont count sorry and no only reason she know vince is through toni. Do you see the pattern her whole life involves toni. She throws shade at everyone family friends other celebrities she a bitch.

        • I will have you know they did chart, it might not has been as high as anyone else. They were popular singles, at least in the R&B. I see a pattern of all the sisters are together. Everyone in her family throw shade at her. Hell I have sisters and we throw shade when we are mad at each other, we aren’t even famous LOL!! So, if you talking about siblings fighting, I am going to need you to know if that makes her a bitch, it makes all the sisters a bitch. Plus some regular people bitches. That is what family does. They fight.

  18. Tamar your days are numbered hunny. Karma is a b. Somebody need to bust that big oh head of yours and bring you back down to reality quick.

  19. Family is supposed to support one another, then again there’s always that one…

  20. Entertainmentluvva

    duet with auto tune lol

  21. Felicia Inmyhappyspacedonotdis

    OUCH! That’s a low blow.

  22. I agree with zia paul they support each it’s the fact that it’s reality tv they got make it juicy reality tv is evil

  23. I think that they all are amazing artists, and are doing great things! Tamar just released her new single “Let Me Know” ft. Future! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-me-know-feat.-future-single/id925954347

  24. I call BS, from the very first episode of The Braxton’s Tamar has shown consistently that she was determined to be a solo artist and not a back up singer, unlike the other sisters. With that determination Tamar would have broke neck to get her music out there and jump start that solo career. UNLIKE HER SISTERS. As far as jealousy I think Towanda carries that honor, which she has proven consistently with random rants towards Tamar that at time she can’t explain, except to say ” What about me?” How about the sisters stop using Tamar as a scapegoat and address their own personal issues or address Towanda’s instead of always supporting her?

  25. I find this all humorous that the public can see a program and yet they don’t see the reality of it. It is true, Toni Braxton is and will always be the the Class act and only one. Toni, did pave the way for her sisters, Stop, if Toni was not an artist, no one even know who were the Braxtons. It lease some sisters know this. Tamar need to face facts, that Toni did open the doors for them and even introduce her husband to her. If Toni did not have a successful career. Tamar would be work at a fast food restaurant or a position where she could use that big mouth of hers.

    Tamar, need to grow up and become a women, she is need 40 years old and has a child. To old to act like a fool.Tamar does not have any thing special about her or her voice, just another reality star trying to be an singer.

    Traci, good luck on your new CD, hope you are acknowledge at the Grammy Awards. You go.

    All this drama about Tamar and her bad behavior is due to her up bring, she was not control by her parents and stop this monster behavior. No, they added more fuel to it.
    As for that Counselor, she need to be re educated before making any conclusion and know her fact or even see the show. She must be on Tamar payroll.

    For those who dis agree with me, start viewing the show form day one and be open minded and see the true fact and be bias, to see the truth. Tamar is just a THREE TIMES GRAMMY LOSER. She lives on the corner of What A Be and Three Time Loser. Because if she was all that, she would have hit big already due to her talent and she has a husband who is a producer. FACT. She couldn’t do it before, why, due to talent, HE HE.

  26. Peggie Burnett Wise

    What is sad is the way that pseudo fame and reality TV is leading to the destruction of families. Some thing is extremely wrong with the Braxton sisters relationship. Denigrating your Sister’s work on Social media… Sad !

  27. I did not even know who Tamar was until she appeared on the Braxtons, I liked her from the beginning but now she is just awful. Her attitude is horrible, she talks entirely too much, I don’t even understand how Vince can stand to listen to her. She always has to be right. I think Toni has paved the way for all of them. I don’t think her sisters are jealous of her at all. I think they are just fed up with that big mouth,and wondering what the hell has happened to her. The fame has gotten to her, she needs to chill out a bit. The words that came out of her mouth regarding her sisters were awful, I would never talk about my sisters
    like that. She claimed Jesus Paved the way for her, well that mouth should be paved as well.

  28. If it wasn’t for Toni who would have even watched the Braxtons

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      Which is why Tamar convinced her to do the show.

    • How many random reality shows are own tv, Housewives, love and hip hop, people would have watched it if Toni was not there. But who will watch it if Tamar leaves? Her personality made the show.

  29. So funny so sad.

  30. I am so sick of Tamar’s ass. I used to love her and bought her alb um, however, I will not be buying anything she releases. That attitude of her is stank. She talks a lot of shit for a bitch who cant play arenas or stadiums. Theater playing flop cunt. Her album wasn’t even certified. Have a seat bitch.

  31. Ummm she’s right about the Grammy comment though too much autotune on that damn song

  32. Tamar Braxton’s new single will NOT get any Air Play on our station: Urban Hitz Radio, until she publicly apologizes to her sister for that out of line BS!!! It’s uncalled for and NASTY!

    • Maybe your station should tell Traci not to put out tweets that allude to her sister, if she does not want to get it back. It goes both ways. I don’t think your station will matter too much in the success of the record. How smart is that? They just need to stop.

  33. Tamar wasn’t talking about Traci , people be so pressed for no reason.

  34. However, how much business sense can Toni have – she’s bankrupt twice. Most all of babyface artist are bankrupt.

    • How many business sense can Donald Trump has with 5 bankruptcies? Lol at you fools , Toni won in her 2 bankruptcies..

  35. Toni is the reason for Tamar success. Yes Tamar has a nice voice but she’s also had several failed record contracts and albums. If it weren’t for the show and Toni she would still just be Vincent Hubert’s wife and younger sister of Toni braxton

  36. Ya’ll don’t even know if Tamar wrote that. Alot of times their p.r. ppl have access to their twitter and other pages and post for them. Thats probably why it was deleted. Tamar prob saw it and deleted it.

  37. Seems Traci started the shade. Tamar maybe should not respond to them because you can see the jealousy in all of her sisters who she has also helped. It’s getting to be too much. She knew what she was doing when she tweeted that Toni paved the way for all of them. Why not just keep it focused on her and her work? You can’t blame someone for fighting back. No matter who opened the door, if you don’t walk through it working hard with real talent it is not going to work no matter who your sister or husband is. Tamar is a hard worker, talented and committed. Like her or not, you can’t take that away from her. She has been trying for years while the rest were content with their life. Toni has never been to one of her shows. Toni also criticized Traci weight, she did not want her on her stage looking like that. Trina kicked them all out of her rehearsal with her band, because Toni and Tamar felt they were taking away from her. They all do the same things but only Tamar faults are made front and center. She’s achieving and they are jealous of the little sister, who they feel is safe to take down because her personality is a little over the top. That and her talent has made her marketable, plus having a husband that have access to help her get there. They are making her the underdog, who has the talent and is resented for it. In the end Tamar wins. Traci has a lot of work to do. Her team know she’s not ready to tour and perform. Look at the Howard University performance she did. I like her but it was just wrong. They should not have put her out there like that. They seem to just want money. Towanda is more ready she has a beautiful voice but no confidence and is mean spirited. Can’t see the forest for the trees. I think this should be there last season. Is it really worth a family falling apart?

  38. Tamar plays the victim too much and never really takes ownership for her behavior. She was about to lie to Toni about what happened with her sisters at dinner. Then starts saying she knows she has not been the best sister but she invited them out after insulting them in front of eveyone instead of being a REAL WOMAN and talk to them like a grown woman. She is becoming a mess and unraveling. Toni is a classy lady and Tamar needs to pay more attention to her. Look and learn from Toni… Stop being in private competition and secret jealousy of her.

  39. This comment was in reference to @iamZo for saying Tamar’s auto tune was the real MVP …. Don’t believe the hype

  40. Tamar is so wrong she is acting like an ass…. If you’re treating your family like shit what do you think other people are gonna do to your family or you for that matter…. I have four sisters myself and I be damn if I’m gonna blast my sisters for the whole world to see…. Then call them in private to say sorry…. Tamar your family is all you have…. Soon those yes men you have that are throwing your sisters out of your concerts will be gone just like your career…. And Vince is observing how you treat your family…. I’m sure he is observing…. No one wants to share a life with a person who disrespects their own family… I saw the last episode with her throwing water at traci ….. Tamar you’re wrong…. If you throw water at all your concerts… Stop! It’s a hazard and you dranked out the bottle now you wanna throw it…. That shits nasty! Stop acting like a child… You’re too old…. Toni get her together… Stop babying her because she thinks she is on your level…. She thinks she’s too good…. She not humble at all…. Tamar talk about being bullied as a kid…. But you grow up and bully people…. Your sister! Keep doing it and see your ass won’t be like keyshia…. Keyshia did the same damn thing… Humiliated her family for a buck…. She got married…. Then she put her mother and sister on the back burner…. Stop talking to them… Because she thought she was better…. Got a show with her hubby…. That didnt work out…. Now she trying to pick up her fan base, marriage didnt work out…. Who do she call …. The same family members who she looked down on to do another reality show

  41. Well if Traci get serious she would be really good…maybe better than Tamar and Tamar knows it. she knows Traci is insecure so she just put another crack in her hoping she gets no competition. I still love Tamar, she is an original personality.

  42. Oh and without Toni, you guys would have been one hit wonders! if that, it would have been Braxton who???

  43. why does Tamar have to be like that???? Traci’s album is amazing… Tamar should be the last to talk about autotune since in her song with Future the whistle note at the end was copied and pasted…. I truly believe she sees Traci as a threat because with very little promo and not an incredible record deal, Traci’s album is genius and doing well.. Tamar has good management and worked with amazing writers plus she had major promotion in order for her album to do great.. Traci is knew and people is now getting to know her but she has talent and she can sing, dont take that from her…. Congrats to Traci Braxton.. I enjoy every song on that album….

  44. Bumb this family drama…They need to get over that…however, Tamar’s new song featuring Future is crazy…I would never have guessed that she would do a song with him…Cool little twist. I love Tamar’s Braxton’s new song “Let Me Know” featuring Future! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-me-know-feat.-future-single/id925954347

  45. LMAO. Toni is the reason Tamar is married to Vincent Herbert, which is why she is doing well (her first solo album flopped). So SHE needs to “have several” herself!

  46. Somebody Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee make Tamar have a seat. She is so wrong

  47. I don’t see Tamar Braxton’s talent. She’s not awful but her tracks are meh, and she has nowhere near the chops of Toni. That’s just obvious, evident, fact.

    I’m sorry but when someone in your field is your OBVIOUS better, you show respect and appropriate deference or you look like a damned fool. Braxton, take it out of the picture. Toni and Tamar, Toni’s voice, tracks and ability BLOW TAMAR OUT OF THE WATER.

    If you’re serious about your career and your craft, you don’t get offended, you get to studying. She’s got too much to learn and too far to go to be huffy over those who opened doors getting credit. Unless she is as far as she plans to go that is……

  48. I remember the Braxtons when they first came out and Toni was lead singer than when Toni left Tamar became lead so they all sang good however, I think Toni and Tamar have the best vocals out of the Braxtons. If Trina’s or Towanda’s vocals were better than one of them they would have been lead after Toni left and they were not. Traci got pregnant and left the group so she didn’t keep up her vocals and she didn’t make a record until the Braxton show came out. So if anything Toni paved the way for Traci because she left the group way back then and didn’t come out until now. Tamar has been making music but getting screwed over like when Toni did by music managers. Now having a steady manager which is her husband is doing well. Trina did a good song but doesn’t have the vocal range as Tamar or Toni. Though Toni is a grammy winner they did come out first as the Braxtons and made good music. Toni did well on her own whereas people were comparing Tamar to Toni so she had to and maybe still has to prove she is different. Tamar didn’t have good guidance or direction after the Braxtons and ended up back up vocals for Toni while still trying to make something of herself. Anyone having a sibling knows how much your always compared to the other is liked. This is all pertaining to vocals and music. As far as auto tuned and all that the only music that has a live band is Blues, Rock, Country and Jazz. Hiphop, Rap and pop all prerecorded. I like all music even opera and classical. Blues is my favorite however.:) Just my opinion.

  49. she’s jealous of her big sisters especially of Toni. even in the Braxton show the way she looks at her sisters… wow. and she accuses them of being haters and jealous of her? projecting much Tamar? you don’t know if you’ll ever face a life threatening illness like Toni and can’t sing and make money like you used to anymore then what?

  50. Tamar is a spoiled brat. Toni’s talent is timeless. Tamar is a good singer, but she’s no Toni and never will be.

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