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Shots Fired: Rihanna & Teyana Taylor Shade Each Other on Instagram & Twitter [Video]

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We’re not sure what’s behind this beef, but it’s obvious that somethings going on between Rihanna and Teyana Taylor.

Teyana Taylor posted the below video to Instagram of her singing:

Rihanna has since posted THIS video to Instagram of what appears to be a a friend of hers impersonating Teyana and singing the same song.

Teyana later responded with:

This could get real messy…. Teyana took to Twitter and said the following:

We’re still waiting for Rihanna’s response. You KNOW she has one…

UPDATE: Teyana and Rihanna’s best friend Melissa are now popping off on Twitter.

Not to be outdone, Rihanna herself has jumped back into the argument.

[she has since deleted the above tweet]


…and Teyana continues….

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.25.30 PM
[she has since deleted the above tweet]

 Smh…this is out of control.

Did Teyana just bring up ‘the incident’ on the low?

That might be a low blow. We hope this ends soon…

UPDATE: Rihanna isn’t finished…
Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 1.23.10 PM

Teyana isn’t finished either…

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 1.41.44 PM

*sigh* This is so much drama. We didn’t think it would get worse than Ciara vs. Rihanna…but we were wrong.


  1. Sounds like paranoia to me… Its not that serious Teyana, it’s just stupid fun at your expense. Don’t read too much into to stuff, that is what gets people in trouble (overreacting, SMH)

  2. Sit your ass down somewhere Teyana. You getting rowdy for no reason. Just wanna keep her name in the spotlight by any means necessary. Chile boo. I hope rihanna come back and slay your messy ass.

    • Rihanna won’t come back and do a damn thing! She will slay the hell out of “regular” people, but the people she knows she will have to see at some point, all the island bravado goes out of the window. She knows who to fuk with. Her friend does to. Rhianna is a bully. Coward people usually are.

      • Island bravado? WTF

        • Yes. She is a woman from the Caribbean with with a big bark and a small bite.

          • Them cairbbeans don’t play. I don’t think it’s a bark…they do and will bite. Crazy people

          • Let’s see if SHE bits Teyana. IMO, Teyana would beat the brakes off Rhianna.

          • As a caribbean woman myself I’ll have you know, if it were me, with all the money I had being a “celebrity” I would have had my people make arrangements and dealt some damage to that “Byrrrooooon” screaming broad. Same way Teyana could do the same. This is clearly all a show. They both don’t want anything. Teyanna wants her name in the spotlight and Rihanna was being childish as per usual.

          • I agree. Teyana is getting her name in the spotlight and Rhianna is childish.

  3. these people are soooo sensitive. If she has her number than Teyana has hers too.. but yet she took it to instagram. the music industry used to be attractive…it’s not anymore.. just a bunch of dumb ass kids with money.

  4. Rihanna tried that and Teyana clapped back. It’s 2013 ain’t nobody with that slick, shady, sub shit. That’s a Nicki Minaj move and nobody is here for it. Now, if Teyana had one of her boys put on a wig and goat-yodeled on IG to make fun of Rih, the “Navy” would be in a frenzy.

  5. Yall act like yall wouldn’t have responded the SAME way Teyanna did. As a matter of fact, I always see Twitter beefs like this from regular people. And guess what? They react the SAME way. So let’s all have several seats and stop trying to throw shade at someone who “comes” at your favorite celebrity. Child please…

  6. Teyanna served RiRi straight with no chaser!! Good for her, no subliminal shyt…she came straight and addressed the source.

  7. You can call a person sensitive as much as you want but I have noticed a trend with Rihanna. She allows people to throw stones in a Glass house and that is not cute. If she didn’t feel that way then she shouldn’t condone it. Yeah we all have a joke we can say about anyone but when you post it your actions are then noted. So Teyanna response although she could have called was on point.

  8. im sorry but Rihanna was wrong for this and T is in the right to snap on her ass. Rihanna is a bully and were suppose to be stoping whats going on with kids and bullying and look, rihanna is a perfect example of why young girls and guys should walk or follow her, not saying they should follow T either but woman need to grow a higher respect for eachother and know what, when and how not to do things. theres a time and place for everything, i been lost respect for rihanna when she started posted half of her whole body naked on IG and twitter and Facebook, shows no respect for yourself or well-being. Rihanna has alot of growing up to do. If it does get outta hand which i hope it doesnt, but rihanna deserves every bit of slap, punch and kick she deserve for doing that to T, smh lol

  9. possibly a publicity stunt.

  10. Lol all I see is 2 typical females arguing. Nothing new. Names have nothing to do with it!

  11. real talk – for a minute. I think Rihanna has a bit of a self-esteem issue. I mean I could be wrong it just seems like it’s affecting all the aspects of her life. IJS. I think shes a beautiful girl and has an entertaining voice but the bs is going to ruin her..

  12. i dont even know who that teyanna chick is but she won this fight with the last post lol

  13. Teyana came with it, if Riri wanna bring it then she should handle the drama that comes with it – Riri claim she about that #THUGLIFE ?? yeah righ! lol

  14. I just gained a new level of respect for Teyana Taylor……Ilike her……

  15. Rihanna is a bully she is my fav and now its confirmed that she does coke I get why she acts crazy now I get it she is a bully period yes I said so I am a member of the NAVY but she is a bully Teyana never shade her for her unrehearsed shows she is lucky that we support her although she cant sing

  16. rihanna seems a bit of a bully, why start anything, ur worth that much money and u still have time to clown on people for no reason, i look at her differently, she really thinks her fame will last forever, it never does!!!


  18. TT gave it to this no talent bitch STRAIGHT!!! Money can’t buy you class. And yes TT said the realest shit in the world, her net worth and her body count are neck in neck!! This bitch is nothing more than coked up industry pussy and so is her “best friend”

  19. I’m sorry, but RiRi’s comeback video is freaking hilarious! Dude in the wig, I died 10x’s KML!

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