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Shocking: Racist ‘RIP Trayvon Martin’ Facebook Page Surfaces


It truly saddens me to know that there are so many disturbed people in this world. A RIP Trayvon Martin Facebook page has emerged containing numerous memes created by using Treyvon’s death photos.

Many of you love muffins have been sending us this page to bring awareness and get it taken down. I must warn you that it is indeed graphic and truly difficult to look at.

If you’d like to help get the page removed, click the button below and report the page to Facebook. You can do it without scrolling through the images. Once you get to the page, click the dropdown arrow as shown.

treyvon martin rip report lovebscott

Warning: Graphic Images 

Click to Proceed to Facebook Page

UPDATE: The original page got shut down, but there are two more.

Click Here to Report Page

Click Here to Report Page #3


  1. Shlomo Shekelsteinfeinblatt


    • Hi doll! This is Beyonce’s assistant Melissa and I am so shocked to see you post this. It truly breaks my heart to know that this is still the America we live in. “In the end, after he has felt the full force of our justice system, what will be remembered are the good people who were impacted by this tragedy,” I will be shooting you a quick email for further details on this story as we both know Bey is a huge advocate against hate crimes and would love to make a public statement regarding the page and question.

      Look forward to talking with you.


  2. David Steinburg

    Support for George

  3. Oy vey. This is like another holocaust!

  4. Looks like Reddit is at it again. Wish they could just leave well enough alone

  5. Oy Vey. This is free speech.

  6. Reddit and Ben Garrison need to STOP BEING SO RACIST. They are the scum behind these pages. REALTALK

  7. Reddit is an absolutely despicable website. I mean, they are known to stoop low, but I would never have expected them to go to this level. It’s absolutely disgusting, and I’m repulsed at the fact that these people out there actually find enjoyment out of making fun of a dead child. Reddit needs to be taken down.

  8. Absolutely disgusting Reddit! Shame on you for making this garbage!

    Reddit is a website full of immature racists and the members there need to grow up!

  9. It’s been reported for awesomeness!

  10. Sanderson Gilderson

    Pure evil! this website called Reddit is behind this! The evil started as a small stub in SRS and THEY TOOK IT TOO FAR! No respect for this innocent life!

  11. Eden from Sweden

    Reddit.com and ebaumsworld need to be shut down!!!

  12. Seriously Reddit, you’ve gone too far this time.

  13. I wonder if you are as outraged by Trayvon using the term cracka all the time?

  14. I am sitting here crying very upset about the fake Trayvon Martin pages. This is very upsetting. This has got to stop!!!!

  15. Felecia Carver-Spires

    Facebook says the other two pages are not hate speech and will not remove them.

  16. The VOICES HAVE SPOKEN! Two of the pages have been taken down. STOP THE HATE-BASED PAGES ON FACEBOOK! SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION. http://www.change.org/petitions/hate-based-facebook-pages-remove-this-and-others-from-facebook-and-urge-closer-page-monitoring-and-penalization#share

  17. Here is a non-racist page that remembers Trayvon. Like it to combat the racists out there!


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