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Shirley Caesar Defends Kim Burrell, Says Kim Should’ve Spoken Out Against Homosexuality Four Years Ago ‘Before the President Made That Stuff Alright’ [Video]


Pastor Shirley Caesar decided to add her two cents into the Kim Burrell controversy and apparently she’s a bigot too.

While addressing the congregation at First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Shirley touched on Kim Burrell’s hateful anti-gay sermon and said the following:

“You (Kim Burrell) should’ve said something 4 years ago when our President made that stuff alright!”

In case you weren’t clear, ‘that stuff’ Shirley is referring to is the legalization of same-sex marriage under President Obama’s administration.

Watch the video below. Shame on you, Shirley.

Update: There’s a longer video segment which gives Shirley’s comments a bit more context — but it doesn’t really help her case. She basically suggests that from now on if pastors want to speak and keep things ‘in house’ then they better start collecting phones at the door.

Translation: If you’re going to preach hate, make sure no one records it and puts it on the internet.

No, Shirley. That’s not how this works.

Shirley then went on to say that ‘we’ve all made mistakes’ and that she’s learning to process things before she speaks because ‘once it’s out there, it’s out there.’



  1. I need text also. Folks be baiting you int0 thinkin what they want you to think.

  2. Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    I need to hear more just to make sure I haven’t taken anything out of context, i.e., “But you opened your mouth now and nobody wants to deal with your mess.” HOWEVER, the choice of words “made that stuff alright”, makes me wonder. Eagerly awaiting statement from Shirley…because if she feels the same as Burrell…skate

    • Charlesetta Brown

      Because Bible Believing Christians believe the scriptures teach that homosexuality is not a race or a gender. They teach that it is a sin according to the Bible! Tolerance should be for all. Not all believe the same

      • Please show us EXACTLY where the bible (a book written by man) teaches about homosexuality. Gluttony is a sin and by the looks of your profile pic you’re living in sin. WE tolerate you chunky.

        • Leviticus 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”1

          Leviticus 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them.”

      • Yes it is absolutely fine for people to be against homosexuality and say so. It is also absolutely fine that those of us for equality speak out and refuse to work with those against equality. Tolerance is not being quiet when bigots speak out but bigots have a right to speak out so the rest of us can know their true feelings.

      • It’s a sad irony that you are using the Bible to defend homophobia, when it was the same book that whites used to justify the enslavement of Africans.

      • Prophetess Christina Asher

        We brlieve?? It is written…in plain english

  3. In her song you name it” it state foods something’s also a sin to eat. Here we go again..God said there will be false! Love you but please take a back sit!

    • Charlesetta Brown

      Why should Christians obey Jewish laws that were only meant for Israel.

      • Chaveevah Banks Ferguson

        Are you serious? If you’re going to use the bible’s teachings about sin to uphold your condemnation of homosexuals, how are you able to fix your mouth to say those “Jewish laws” were only meant for Israel?! Furthermore, you DO understand that Jesus was a Jew, right? Feel however you want to feel about the bible, sin, dietary laws, WHATEVER…but at least be clear on the connection between them.

      • *slow blink*

        You do realise that the entire Old Testament was “written” by Jews, yes?

    • She doesn’t have a song “you name
      it”…that clip was taken from a song called “Hold my Mule” and was taken out of context…she was naming animals and vegetables that were on a farm! The song was never about food…so please expect Pastor Shirley to take her seat after you take yours! You tried it, try harder ?????

    • SIT DOWN! Do your research before you post dumb shit on social media. Don’t make an ass of yourself….

  4. It’s ironic that the movie for which Kim “I’m a nasty bigot” Burrell sings is about women, specifically black women, who are fighting for equality and acceptance from bigots. Now Shirley “I need attention too” Caesar is coming to her aid to defend the remarks made against another oppressed people. These two bitches sure as hell forgot they was black AND Christian.

  5. It’s seems counterproductive to have actual Black women belittle and berate other Black women to aid the LGBT community which does nothing for any Blacks.

    • so confused as to what this means.

      • You Black. Stop throwing Black people under the bus for gays who don’t give a damn about you.

        • oh, so start supporting people who don’t support me (people like Shirley Ceasar + Kim Burrell) and stop supporting the LGBTQ community, which I’m a part of, because I’m black. You’re sleeping bud. I love non judgmental black women who don’t involve themselves in hate speech and they’ll receive all my support. Kim and Shirley being black has nothing to do with the controversy they have created for themselves.

          • It definitely does because you’re carrying the flag for a group that does nothing for you. No matter how much you feel that you are LGBT first and foremost at the end of the day you’re Black and that community says and does nothing for you as a Black person.

            Milo Yiannopoulos is a high-profile gay man and an ardent white supremacist. His antics are easily searchable. The Community has not and will not call out his hate speech against Blacks because it isn’t a priority for them.

          • Milo is an ass. He’s not a speaker for the lgbt people, he attacks them too. It’s called self hate. Do you realize how many blacks are lgbt ? You’re also attacking your own. Did you ever stop to think that it was the oppressive white Christians, aka slave owners who taught your churches to discriminate against your own ? People who have been historically oppressed should know better than to turn around and oppress others. So before you accuse others of carrying the flag lgbt, look at the flag of bigotry you’re holding. Jesus said NOTHING negative about lgbt, in fact he ACTUALLY was quoted as saying not to condemn those who were born that way. You were lied to by white Christian writers who purposefully translated the Bible to perpetuate white straight cisgender supremacy over everyone else. That’s what you support

          • I don’t care about damn Christianity. I’m talking about willing Black pawns who refuse see themselves in a war. Petty infighting. LGBT having laws passed to protect them while a Black person still doesn’t have basic rights as an American citizen. Kim Burrell is powerless to oppress you. Seriously, what can she do to stop a gay person from living their lives? Miss me with this “The Black church’s verbal rejection (and its only verbal because gays are out and all within the church) is as bad as white supremacy is to Blacks” false equivalency.

          • Hmmmm….never thought about it this way, but that actually makes sense.

          • Lies. Can you reference a scripture supports homosexuality? If homosexuals have such a problem with the teaching of Christianity, why continue to go to and attempt to be married in the Christian church? Our faith teaches love. We can love you all at a distance. We can agree to disagree. None of us will be there with homosexuals on judgement day, just like you people won’t be there when we are judge for our sins.

          • So let me understand this.. you think i should support all black people just because they’re black? and I should not defend others that belong to other communities (including myself) because they “don’t do anything for me”. What are they supposed to be doing exactly? How do you qualify for justice? Are you supposed to just let ANYONE be hateful because they belong to a group who faced oppression? A bigot is a bigot! and since you know me so well, please tell me what I am supposed to be receiving from the LGBTQ community that the black community offers me. Please tell me what they’re supposed to be doing for it to be okay for me to speak up. At the end of the day, you’re just a homophobe hiding in ethnic pride. My skin color doesn’t blind me to injustice. I hope no one trusts you to do what’s right. It’s clear you can’t do it here.

          • What is the point of representing anything that goes out of its way to not represent you? Hey, maybe you’re young and the clique thing is important. It seems like it. You use all the LGBT oppreshun vocabulary words and you seek and attack anyone who questions their agenda like a good little soldier. Seriously, I had to ebonically translate the plain English of my initial comment because you couldn’t recognize the logic of being Black first instead of gay agenda first. So I’ll be a homophobe if that word makes you happy. I have an irrational fear of gay Blacks who think the LGBT flag will cover them if a Daniel Pantaleo or Dylan Roof comes to harm them.

          • Seriously man get help. You’re not helping a single black soul by supporting hate.

          • I know you work hard to blur those lines, but I’m a born female. While I’m seeking help, you go ahead and learn the contrast between difference of opinion and actual hate speech.

          • The thing is, I really don’t. When it’s there it’s there. Kim Burrell was completely out of pocket and so is anyone who defends what she said.

          • old_salty_dawg99

            To say something is WRONG is not Hate speech as you contend or do you think theft and killing are OK?????? See people can disagree with out it being Hate. I mean what you said shows TRUE HATE. You say you do not agree with me so you cannot speak out how you believe but I can no matter how many feel that it is WRONG. I bet Thieves and killers all say to say they are WRONG is Hate speech but that does not make it so. Not only the BIBLE but all most all religions say Homosexuality is WRONG but I notice there is no out cry against them. WHY????? Simple hating Christians is OK so long as it is done in the LIE that is diversity.

          • go away.

        • Bitch..shut up! and sit yo dumb ass down somewhere.

        • I agree with your statement.

    • You sound dumb as hell.

    • You must be extremely stupid. Shirley didn’t come to gays defense she came to Kim’s defense.

    • ????????????????????????

  6. Everyone needs to stop being a parrot and saying Kim “preached hate” and say what the “hate” actually was. Exactly what was her “hate speech?” Maybe everyone else have watched more than the 20-seconds worth of video I’ve seen, and can tell everyone what she said that was “hateful.”

  7. The Truth of the matter is Pastor Shirley Caesar and Kim Burrell just can’t handle the fact that eternal friend and ally of the LGBT community Aretha Franklin made her 1972 Amazing Grace album (aka the greatest and most important live gospel recording in the history of music) with cock-sucking faggot Rev. James Cleveland with pussy-eating bull dyke gospel legend Clara Ward in the audience and both of you dried up homophobic bitches will always be nothing more than dirt under their feet.

  8. The one tweet says ” I had friends there who were offended and uncomfortable”. May question is why stay? Unless of course you are taping to show the world. Camera phones are of the best truth inventions of all time. They also need another device that isn’t as obvious since some folks don’t want their true thoughts on record. The nonsense Shirley Ceasar said about collecting phones is the reason the next recording device needs to be invented.

  9. isnt their rumors about Shirley Caesar liking fussy also.

  10. Funny how people go crazy over the gay issue because “it’s against the Bible” but have no problem electing a thrice married, twice divorced adulterer who’s never seen the inside of a church and spends his time groping young girls.

  11. True dat.. what she said.

  12. Just like Reagan forced the discussion away from divorce because he had divorced his first wife… it’ll take a strong Republican homosexual to change the discussion away from homosexuality into something else for the far-right.

  13. Damn Shirley, you just killed yourself!

  14. I detected no issues with Shirley’s statement. Are yall all of a sudden expecting preachers to embrace gays? It’s not a bigot thing, but rather the way they have interpreted the scriptures they live by.

  15. Well Shirley maybe black & gay Freedom Rider Rodney Powell shouldn’t have led that sit-in at a Walgreens in 1960 Nashville Tennessee so that your Uncle Tom black ass could be treated equally, b!t(h!

  16. Prophetess Christina Asher

    Preach Mama Shirley….

  17. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And her heart is abundantly clear.

  18. Hello world my name is Lerone Baker. I’m here to tell you do not pay Shirley Caesar any attention. She is only doing this to get some more attention and to stay alive in the music industry. Shirley Caesar is a Lesbian herself and is only doing this to make it look like she isn’t a Lesbian. If you look back over her career she has used several gay “GOSPEL SINGERS” to stay alive in the industry. Tonex/B Slade Who came out and told the world he was gay, O’landa Draper Who Died Of AIDS/HIV, Kirk Carr, So called X gay Donnie McClurkin, Donald Lawerence, Bobby Jones and I can give about 20 more she has recorded with or sang with on stage with knowing they were gay. Shirley Caesar is a SOLD-OUT old church Lesbian she use to record with my Late Aunt Cassietta Baker George in The Caravans. I know this woman and “SHE AIN’T NO GOOD.” Shirley you need to sit you behind down and stop trying to “USE THE MEDIA” you have “NO RIGHT TO GET UP AND SPEAK OVER PEOPLE LIVES” you have no “HEAVEN OR HELL” to put anyone in. Last you are a Lesbian yourself. You were caught down on your knees in a “HOTEL ROOM PERFORMING ORAL SEX ON ANOTHER WOAMN.” You are a hypocrite, you, Kim Burrell with her no dressing behind. You “BLACK Church HYPOCRITES” know me and know I don’t play and I will expose all you “FAKE BLASPHEMY CROOKS.” Once again if I see or here of anything like this again “I’M GOING TO CONTACT THE HEAD OF THE “LGBT community” AND EXPOSE ALL OF YOU PASTORS, EVANGELIST, AND GOSPEL SINGERS WHO ARE LIVING A CLOSET LIFE STYLE AND UP USING “GODS NAME AS A COVER.” I AM SICK OF YOU ‘BLACK CHURCH HYPOCRITES.” DON’T YOU PLAY WITH MR. LERONE BAKER.

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