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Say What Now? CeeLo Green Tries to Define Rape on Twitter, Says It’s Not Rape If You Don’t Remember It


CeeLo Green recently pled “no contest” to charges stemming from a 2012 incident in which he allegedly slipped a 33-year-old woman ecstasy during a dinner in Los Angeles. The woman claims she woke up next to CeeLo naked with no recollection of their night, but CeeLo’s lawyer says they had ‘consensual relations’.

No sex charges were filed due to a lack of evidence, and his no contest plea allowed him to maintain his innocence. He did get sentenced to three years of probation and 45 days of community service for furnishing ecstasy.

For CeeLo, that wasn’t enough. He decided he needed to speak out publicly and attempt to clear his name. The only problem is that he ended up sounding much more like a rapist. He gave his thoughts on what qualifies as rape and what doesn’t.

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously,” he tweeted. “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

It got worse. He continued to dig himself in to a deeper hole until he eventually deleted the entire rant. Check out a few of his other tweets below. 

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  1. Someone please teach this man the concept of consent and what rape actually is. So so sad.

  2. Really. REALLY?? Lack of consciousness implies consent? What kinda shit are you smoking, ASSHOLE? You better get your ass to detox YESTERDAY!

    • No, but going to a hotel room with someone might.

    • Logic like CeeLo’s generally comes for someone who is trying to justify their own actions.

    • Dee one of the problems with some men’s interpretation of rape is that, they don’t realize how early in the “event” the rape begins. They don’t include the planning, they just include the “incident”. So the fact that Ceelo just happened to have a “Date Rape Drug” in his possession, or was able to once he determined he needed one to acquire it, is considered “collateral, or coincidental info.” related to his guilt or innocence.
      As for the subject, she literally “never knew what hit her” pardon the pun. She may have thought she was just out to have a good time, once the sensory bombardment (loud music, lights, explosions, fire, choreography, drinks, stargazing, eye to eye contact, sub-liminal targeting etc.) was in full blast, all of her defenses and inhibitions melted. Until that is, she found herself “in the Big Leagues”, alone in a swanky hotel room, tipsy from expensive champagne (perhaps unable to drive) with a man she knew little about other than what she had seen on television. The good news is that now Ceelo, has a better understanding of “how he is using his knife”. We, laymen and those with supposed “audience potential” can learn from the experience and women will be safer. Come on men: Stop the Date Rape Drug Thing!

  3. Ok, go to jail get punched unconscious, then raped, but then again, it’s not raped because Celo was unconscious in his cell.

  4. How much fun can sex with someone that is passed out actually be? He’d be better off breaking into a morgue at least no one would be able to file a complaint that way.

  5. My Dude… How you gonna says some ish like this man? SMH

  6. This idiot really need to be educated on the definition of consensual sex. So he is clearly saying it was ok to drug that young lady and rape her because she was unconscious. Ceelo you knew she would say, so you took her choices away from her by drugging her so you could have your way.

    • Kinda the way alcohol doesn’t poor itself down your throat, and you don’t just mysteriously end up in a hotel room? Those aren’t volitional, contributing factors I assume?

  7. My exchange with him on the subject also resulted in him deleting his tweets. I am guessing a publicist or lawyer was horrified and worried about either his career, his legal standing or both because he seemed to be admitting to rape (woman too intoxicated to give consent or remember events). I observed his conversation where he said he was found not guilty of rape so I replied “@CeeLoGreen My understanding was they didn’t press rape charges bc lack of evidence (& her memory impaired). But drugging before sex…
    @CeeLoGreen and therefore diminishing the mental capacity of your sexual partner can in SOME cases be rape if unconscious or not lucid.” A friend joined in: “[@] boldandworthy mentioned you:

    @CeeLoGreen @tapati Why would you say you were found not guilty when the rape charge never saw court?” and CeeLo responded, [@CeeLoGreen mentioned you:]
    ” [@] boldandworthy @tapati o I got u now. Not the correct wording obviously I just trying to plainly connect those dots”

    I also took issue with his “you’d remember” remark also and gave a lengthy breakdown on what was wrong with that notion.

    This was recorded in my Klout record and remained even after he deleted his tweet. He was talking about having learned his lesson and showing his fans that this is not who he is and he would help educate people on these issues. But after all the tweets where he seemed to be getting it disappeared I am left to wonder if he really heard what we were all saying and will wait to see how he behaves going forward.

    • NO, he’s saying that intoxication isn’t validation of rape, just cause a female wants to be all Jaimie Foxx and blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol baby. Also, how does the female in question know it was specifically ecstasy? She’s on a first name basis with the side effects, right? You’d probably remember without alcohol as well.

  8. Have never really had an opinion one way or another on this person. I have one now, and will never support him or anyone he works for in any way.

  9. Another thing anyone who wants to slip someone a drug should consider–if they are severely allergic and go into anaphylactic shock, dying before they reach the hospital, you are so screwed because they died while you were committing a felony. You get a murder charge–in some locations a first degree murder charge that may include the death penalty. So if the fact that drugging people without their knowledge is a heinous act doesn’t convince you not to do it, self preservation ought to.

  10. Not cool. But I don’t think you pass out on ecstasy.

    • More to the point, if she really believed that, where’s the toxicology report? You mean to tell me someone slipped you drugs, and you didn’t want to find out what they slipped you. How does she know it’s ecstasy?

      • Unless you were in the courtroom for his trial, at which he was found guilty of drugging the woman, I really don’t think you get to second guess the evidence presented there, Captain Rape Apologist.

  11. He has at least one daughter. I pray that she is never faced with a situation like the one he put his victim in.

    • How much did the female in question have to drink, again?

      • That matters why?

        • Alcohol blackout is also a cause of memory loss.

          • er, blackout drunk is still unable to give consent, therefore rape.

          • Er, you can perform actions during memory blackout, even if you don’t remember them. Ergo, it’s not specifically rape, just cause you don’t remember.

          • man, i’d hate to be a girl dating you and seeing that.

            the fact that they had sex is not argued. the fact that she was blackout drunk/high is also apparently not argued. there are plenty of cases where there is a gray area, but this isn’t one of them. the only reason cee lo got this sweet no contest probation deal is because he is rich; anyone else who put the facts as he has put them would be sent to prison, and put on the sex offender registry, and rightly so on both counts, because that person is a RAPIST.

            but thanks for playing rape apologist of the day.

          • I do drink on dates, right? You’re not a girl, so that’s pretty much irrelevant, opinion stirring — and a pathetic attempt at that. Isn’t a case where there’s a grey area? Alcohol blackout means she couldn’t remember, not that she was raped. The only grey area here is your reasoning. No, the reason he got the “sweet, no contest” deal is because that retrograde amnesia doesn’t specifically validate sexual assault charges, in a court of law.

            But thanks for playing the women are automatons apologist of the day.

          • alcohol blackout means she can’t give consent. therefore, IF they had sex, THEN it was rape by the definition of the law. and they did have sex; cee lo isn’t denying it.

            i don’t know why you’re taking this so personally; i assume you’re a fan of the guy’s music or reality show or whatever. he’s definitely talented. sadly, he is also a rapist, and you’re on a message board defending him and contributing to a culture that gives rapists the benefit of the doubt at every turn, and always assumes the worst of their victims.

          • Alcohol blackout just means her brain stopped recording, not that she didn’t give consent, or wasn’t consciously able to do things, therefore, it’s not rape, by definition of law, lack of recollection doesn’t specifically incapacitate. Just because they had sex doesn’t mean it was forced, what was she doing in his hotel room?

            His music, which I’ve never listened to, is irrelevant to the charges of rape, and when did they prove it was actual sexual assault, not a drunk woman crying rape? How are you a victim for volitionally drinking and going to someone’s hotel room?

          • Because if you are drunk, YOU CANNOT CONSENT. There is no such thing as consensual sex if you are blackout drunk, any more than there is consensual sex if you are 12, or if the other person has a gun to your head. In all of these cases you cannot make a rational decision to have or not have sex. It doesn’t matter if you drank yourself drunk, it doesn’t matter if you weren’t drunk when you walked upstairs to the other person’s hotel room, it doesn’t matter if you put on a short skirt or went to a club or hit on the other person and “led them on”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fight back or protest in the moment. It doesn’t matter if he was so very, very horny.

            The only thing that matters is consent at the moment of sex.

            If your date cannot consent at the moment of sex, and you have sex with her anyway, then you are a rapist. Then it’s just a question of whether she is willing to undergo the horrific victim-blaming that all rape victims undergo and that you are demonstrating here, and overcome the rather high bar of proof any serious allegation must clear to stick in a court of law.

            I’m tired of going around and around with you on this one. If you are still confused on the definition of consent I would STRONGLY recommend you contact a lawyer in your state who can explain it to you. You are dangerously ill-informed about a very important aspect of our legal system, and if you persist in your ignorance and don’t happen to be a millionaire one day you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

          • Consent = informed consent.

            Drunk = not capable to consent

            Drugged = not capable to consent

            Not aware of being drugged while being drunk = definitely not able to consent.

            Also, on behalf of this woman: I completely agree with Isaiah, I would DEFINITELY hate to be the girl dating you and seeing that. On the other hand, I would LOVE to be the girl dating you and seeing you and then PROMPTLY DUMPING YOU VERY LOUDLY, WITH LOTS OF PUBLIC SHAMING.

            Do you loooooooove Cee-Lo or something? Or is it that you’re really tired of these pesky women you drugged telling you that you raped them or something, bra?

          • In California no means no has been changed to yes means yes. Unless you agree to sex it is rape. and you can not agree if you are passed out.

          • yes it is.

      • Sounds like something a rapist would say. Try again.

        • Hiya HmmLetMeThink, I hope you don’t mind me asking but I am curious about the purpose of your involvement in this debate? At first I thought you were trying (in an unfortunately less than artful way) to clarify the specific issue of whether the lady had been a willing participant when drugged & drunk, who when sober could not recall the event, and had not in her initial sobriety on the date intended to have sex with Mr. Green?
          If this is the case then I think perhaps you misunderstood the root issue which is not whether her being intoxicated influenced her to consent to sex, but that in fact by giving her a drug of this nature Mr. Green took from her the full capacity to give that consent. By both making her (I would imagine) more dehydrated, thereby likely to drink more (probably alcohol) and inebriate herself further, at a rate she could not control as she was not privy to knowing why her mood and inclinations had changed.
          If I’m wrong and you were trying to antagonise/patronise or otherwise (as suggested by your later comment ‘sounds like something a rapist might say. Try again.’) then I do apologise for interfering. I hope your reasons were the former as for me that could imply that you were present to contribute and learn.
          Thank you for your time.

  12. “Does that make me crazy? does that make me crazy”?……..ah…..Yes!!!

  13. It’s like I’ve always said, you want to defend your position, do it in less than 140 characters because there’s no way that it will only make you sound creepier. Way, WAY creepier.

  14. Sorry Ceelo, consent to something isn’t consent to evetything.

  15. “The woman claims she woke up next to CeeLo naked with no recollection of their night,” — Isn’t memory blackout also typically a sign of large alcohol consumption? Wonder how much she had to drink. “No sex charges were filed due to a lack of evidence” — I thought hearsay was inadmissible in a court of law.

    • Too much to drink also leads to an inability to grant consent, so that’s just as much rape as if he slipped her drugs.

      • Memory blackout isn’t evidence of rape, and how’d she get to a hotel with him again?

        • doesn’t matter. doesn’t matter if she threw herself at him. if she can’t consent to sex because she is blackout drunk/high, and he had sex with her anyway, he raped her. sorry that hurts your feelings or whatever, but that’s how consent works.

          • Doesn’t matter? How would sex have occurred in a hotel room, if she wasn’t there to begin with? I know it hurts your denial, but just because you label sex rape doesn’t make it so #1. Just because she has no memory, doesn’t mean she was sexually assaulted.

          • read the article again. she work up naked next to him and his lawyer admits they had sex. if she was unable to give consent, then he raped her.

          • Waking up next to a person, after sex, doesn’t mean a person was raped. Read the article again, she doesn’t remember. Memory blackout doesn’t mean a person was sexually assaulted. Oh, and what’s she doing in his hotel room again?

          • Actually, under California law (and the law of most states, countries, and military systems) being drunk to the point of memory blackout DOES in fact mean that a person cannot consent to sex. If the other person knew she was blackout drunk and had sex with her anyway, he raped her.


          • How exactly are you supposed to tell someone’s memory isn’t recording? So, simply because she doesn’t remember, means she didn’t consent?

          • Being so drunk they can’t recall anything of the night before is usually accompanied by other signs. I don’t know if you’ve been around a lot of drunk people, HLMT, but generally i’ts pretty obvious when people have gone from “tipsy” to “drunk” to “so blitzed they can’t make a rational choice anymore”.

            If you are a person who isn’t able to tell when someone is too drunk to consent to sex with you, then I would advise you not to pick up women in bars. Or be a millionaire with a slick lawyer.

          • What are the signs of memory impairment again? And, a person does have to be incapacitated for memory loss to occur, right? I don’t know if you’ve been around drunk people, but it’s entirely possible for them to do something, without remembering. So, Ceelo forced her to drink at the bar, or come in the first place? If you’re a millionaire do you really have to get women drunk to sleep with you?

          • Memory impairment isn’t something you look for symptoms of if you’re deciding whether your potential partner is too drunk to consent, it is one of the symptoms that manifests later. If your partner is so drunk that they can’t remember what happened the next day, then they’re already giving other signs of being compromised by the time you decide to have sex with them.

            Being conscious enough to order another drink doesn’t necessarily mean you’re competent to give consent.

            If you choose to have sex with someone who’s so wasted that you can’t be sure they know what they’re saying yes to, then you’re choosing to rape them.

            If you’re condoning this behavior, then you’re a rape apologist looking for excuses to hang your behavior on.

          • Why are you so determined to excuse this? It leads to some serious questions about your moral compass.

  16. His twitter account got hacked, people.

  17. Sorry Ceelo. You’re dead to me.

  18. If she were on ecstasy… she would have remembered it.

  19. A trip to a Vet with a large pair of vise grips.

  20. We’re not talking about homes or burglary. We’re talking about people and a violation of their basic rights, which CeeLo Green assuredly participated in, judging by the language of this Twitter Rant. If he was a remotely decent person, he would take responsibility for his actions and seek help for his problems, but no. He is playing a little boy trying to get off the hook by rationalizing his actions and attempting to justify himself. He is the worst.

  21. I think people are jumping to rampant conclusions. Ceelo’s twitter ramblings are incoherent and could mean whatever you choose for them to mean. To ME, it LOOKS like he’s saying “She’s saying I raped her, and I didn’t rape her. If I raped her, there would be evidence, and there is no evidence, so why are people taking her word for what happened?” People are taking that to mean, because they choose to, “I raped her, but she was unconscious so it’s not REALLY rape” which is kind of an absurd way to read it…

    • Fortunately, what YOU interpret a rapist as saying is totally irrelevant.

      • … except that what he is SAYING, is why you are judging him as being a rapist. Do you not see how insane that is? If we lived in the 18th century, you would be the first nutjob with a pitchfork and a torch. There is such a thing as “not enough information to have an opinion”. I don’t get why people have completely abandoned that in the 21st century.

  22. Oh, Jesus H Christ, SERIOUSLY?

  23. This is exactly why women are afraid to go to the police. You go through all of this and the person does not get charged anyway. it is so frustrating. On the other hand I understand why it has to be that way when there are crazy women who try to set men up. Although I think that is a much smaller number.

  24. When he or if he has a daughter, let’s see if he uses the same philosophy! With his money he could had 100s who might “do him”. She was unconscious, didn’t move, or enjoyed it SMH

  25. So if you’re unconscious that entitles me to go through your pockets and steal your wallet? It implies that you trust me enough to be dead drunk in your presence. So sure. I’d rape you and then steal your stuff. Jeez. How to be classy, dude. :-(

  26. no means no right? well they’re changing vernacular across the country to instead say yes mean yes. Often times 2 drunk partying people consent to something mutually the night of but wake feeling guilty or grossed out so then the raped card is played and the accused person has no defense. i mean rape is a real thing and a problem and I’m not trivializing it in the least but making a bad decision while mutually intoxicated is both party’s responsibility not just one or the other Bad derision making shouldn’t be qualified as rape.

    also keep in mind the ”she’s blackout drunk so consent couldn’t be given” is a bullshit argument. Ive consented to a ton of things i didn’t remember the next day lol. Ive made stupid decisions with other people that nobody remembered until the stories were told. Not remembering an evening isn’t indicative of consent

    im also no commenting about this particular story just as a general conceptual idea.

  27. Famous people use to have handlers and publicity agents to keep stars from saying stupid shit.

  28. I would personally love to see records of this before making a judgment. We can’t say that she was, or wasn’t, raped in this case without full details. If he did, then well, shame on him. If he didn’t, then this is ridiculous at best.

    Hopefully we get more information on it soon.

  29. Drugging someone to make them incapable of refusing is rape.

  30. CeeLo you are a complete and utter IDIOT.
    You got away with it unfortunately. NOW GO AWAY AND SIT DOWN FOR AT LEAST TEN DAMN YEARS…..oh AND DON’T COME BACK – JERK

  31. Doesn’t matter how she ended up in his hotel room, it was her choice to take the risk for her purposes. That has nothing to do with his plans. If Ceelo was interested in a sexual hook up, being the “big” star that he is I am sure there was a willing subject in the place, it just apparently wasn’t her. He “picked the wrong one baby” if he had to resort to subterfuge (which is really dangerous since he had no idea of her tolerance for the drug used). Access, has limits. I might invite you to my home for the weekend, that is no reason for you to automatically assume, I will also surrender my bed and my body.

  32. Unconscious people are’nt capable of consenting to ANYTHING! Hence the word unconscious = comatose, dead to the world, blacked out, passed out, zonked, unaware Ceelo! So, if she was drugged which means she was not of sound mind and body, THERES NO WAY SHE COULD “REMEMBER” A**HOLE! Karma’s a b*** and I hope her dildo is full of nails when she rapes your a**!

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