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Rolling Stone Names President Obama ‘One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History’


President Obama graces the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

In the mag, Nobel Prize- winning economist Paul Krugman wrote an amazing piece in defense of President Obama’s presidency.

Mainstream media is often quick to point out President Obama’s perceived failures during his tenure, so it’s refreshing to see a publication highlight his many accomplishments — especially because President Obama’s approval rating is currently the lowest it’s ever been (according to CNBC).

Krugman declares President Obama as one of the “one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history” and acknowledges the harsh and often unfair criticism he endures.

Obama faces trash talk left, right and center – literally – and doesn’t deserve it. Despite bitter opposition, despite having come close to self-inflicted disaster, Obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history. His health reform is imperfect but still a huge step forward – and it’s working better than anyone expected. Financial reform fell far short of what should have happened, but it’s much more effective than you’d think. Economic management has been half-crippled by Republican obstruction, but has nonetheless been much better than in other advanced countries. And environmental policy is starting to look like it could be a major legacy.

I’ll go through those achievements shortly. First, however, let’s take a moment to talk about the current wave of Obama-bashing. All Obama-bashing can be divided into three types. One, a constant of his time in office, is the onslaught from the right, which has never stopped portraying him as an Islamic atheist Marxist Kenyan. Nothing has changed on that front, and nothing will.

There’s a different story on the left, where you now find a significant number of critics decrying Obama as, to quote Cornel West, someone who ”posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit.” They’re outraged that Wall Street hasn’t been punished, that income inequality remains so high, that ”neoliberal” economic policies are still in place. All of this seems to rest on the belief that if only Obama had put his eloquence behind a radical economic agenda, he could somehow have gotten that agenda past all the political barriers that have con- strained even his much more modest efforts. It’s hard to take such claims seriously.

Finally, there’s the constant belittling of Obama from mainstream pundits and talking heads. Turn on cable news (although I wouldn’t advise it) and you’ll hear endless talk about a rudderless, stalled administration, maybe even about a failed presidency. Such talk is often buttressed by polls showing that Obama does, indeed, have an approval rating that is very low by historical standards.

But this bashing is misguided even in its own terms – and in any case, it’s focused on the wrong thing.

As far as that low approval rating is concerned, Krugman attributes most of it to the President’s accomplishments and efforts towards the betterment of the American people.

Yes, Obama has a low approval rating compared with earlier presidents. But there are a number of reasons to believe that presidential approval doesn’t mean the same thing that it used to: There is much more party-sorting (in which Republicans never, ever have a good word for a Democratic president, and vice versa), the public is negative on politicians in general, and so on. Obviously the midterm election hasn’t happened yet, but in a year when Republicans have a huge structural advantage – Democrats are defending a disproportionate number of Senate seats in deep-red states – most analyses suggest that control of the Senate is in doubt, with Democrats doing considerably better than they were supposed to. This isn’t what you’d expect to see if a failing president were dragging his party down.

More important, however, polls – or even elections – are not the measure of a president. High office shouldn’t be about putting points on the electoral scoreboard, it should be about changing the country for the better. Has Obama done that? Do his achievements look likely to endure? The answer to both questions is yes.

Paul goes on to discuss President Obama’s impact on the economy, healthcare reform, national security, financial reform, and the environment. It’s a lengthy read, but it really helps shift things into perspective.

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  1. He and Bush have bankrupted the country…he destroyed our Healthcare system and has forced many doctors to retire early and his is the biggest reason for his failed Presidency….his ineffective leadership in not being able to make Congress and Senate collaborate together falls on his legacy, and many of his policies prove that he’s a socialist …..and if all else fails….blame the Derringer! And don’t get me started on his stance on Gun Control….

    • Lol most of what you said is a matter of opinion… Now let’s state some facts but before I do so I don’t agree with everything Obama does… With that being said Bush bankrupted thus country trying to fund 2 wars which in my personal opinion both wars were not necessary…. But hey you can’t just blame bush the congress allowed it… 10 yrs of war and numerous expensive contract were gonna eventually push the deficit close to what it is now… Yes there was unnecessary money spent in the bailout of multi billion dollar companies…. But it helped keep jobs open for the general public….2 I don’t know if you know this but the new health care plan is very successful… As far as doctors retiring you know why they retired right because there was no longer a huge profit margin… If you look at most other countries their healthcare is just as good if not better but the plans are similar to ours except the fact that we don’t pay for it in taxes there’s more but I’d rather let you do some research and find out on your own….

      • how exactly would you like him to make congress come together when literally on day one the goal was to “make him a one term president” and present unflappable obstruction because of the d after his name. if we are really honest about this the US was in awful shape in 2008 we’re doing better now in spite of unprecedented obstruction but not everything is perfect. Foreign policy hasn’t matched rhetoric at times inequality is far too high and we are still in a slump. but there are bright spots and certainly more than dark spots.

        • Bush’s Economy was fine until Democrat took over the White House in 2006 and removed Bush’s recovery aid act opportunity for 2010. I’m glad with education we all had to help us realize the fact about Obama’s “Move forward” is another word for making thing worse.

          • Yeh. Bush hid the cost of the wars while letting Dems send up spending bills in complete ignorance of it. It was a setup. Bush signed those bills knowing full well it would lead to a ‘tank.’ He and his cronies made a fortune on those wars and decided to leave a tanked economy to his Dem successor. He knew Republicans wouldn’t get the White House in 2008 and wanted to make it look like Dems were responsible for it all. Were you not paying attention when Obama revealed the facts in 2009?

          • Way to go Kalar Walters. It is amazing how when things get really bad see if the smart black guy can make it better and if he doesn’t give him the blame for what has happened in the economy. Like a woman who gets dating bad men and having unwanted babies that she can’t take of them. Then she meets a man and wants him to straighten the mess that she has made out and if he doesn’t fix it, then it is all his fault. The American Way.

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        No drs retired because of profit margin or anything else , Drs only retired because they were ready to retire, they would get the same payment from ACA Blue Cross as from Blue Cross purchased through a company or privately.. Blue Cross is BLue Cross no matter where you buy it.

      • Yes, a war that I had to personally go an fight in….but who did we attack?? A sovereign nation that didn’t attack us…a war we should have never had gotten involved in. We had Saddam limited with Operation Northern and Southern Watch. We rolled into an area a changed one regime for another. I’m no Saddam fan….but that region will always have issues…..key word is always!!! It should have never have come to a full all out engagement. The only one that really made out were the American Contracting companies and contractors….the region is still unstable.

        Sorry, but I was a Health Service Administrator……the health care system sucks…..and now I have to pay more for health care to fund others who don’t work……that’s Socialism. I understand millions don’t have healthcare….that’s what happens when you don’t work…….if you decide that McDonalds and Walmart are your life ambitions and that’s that career choice you choose so be it….but those were jobs never designed to be long term careers unless you were management….they were designed for high schoolers….sorry….but asking both the middle class and higher class to have to pay for the lower class……that’s SOCIALISM….and simple to me who served 31 years..in the military and busted his butt to move up….that’s a slap in my face and a big Foxtrot Uniform. I believe in helping those who need help……but only to get them out of trouble and back on their feet……You better have a broken back and barely able to function for long term assistance…..but if you are raping the system…..I call Bull#*$%. I worked my entire life, and for 28 years two jobs……to get ahead….not to pay for 8 million people who didn’t rise above expectations. My friends who some who are Doctors are even more pissed off…….Doctors come out of Medical School and don’t start earning and income until around 35 and own hundreds of thousands of dollars in school loans. They deserve to earn big bucks! They studied hard and applied themselves……to those 8 million…….what the F#$% did you do? If your asking me what did I do…..I served our country for 31 years, so smucks have to right and vote for liberal democratic pricks can give away my taxes and pay for everything and be the worlds police….at this rate our country will be bankrupt…..

      • I worked in medicine for over 25 years and noticed a chance with the president’s saving money overall. There were a lot things that were presented as prevented measures for dialysis patients. We were to drawn the hgbs on the patients every week vs every 2 weeks. Since a lot of the clinical variances go unreported in a large facility. If you run a hgb check on the patients you could catch before they would get a transfusion. It also saved hospital stays for the patients and saved the tax payers millions of dollars in hospital costs. They doctors did not like that and unfortunately it was not good for business because they had to reduce the staff at the hospitals.

    • His Stance on Gun Control? Obama hasn’t signed a single piece of Gun legislation in 6 years… I wish people would do a little research for themselves and stop believing all the lies.

      • youcantstandthetruth

        Actually he did. One of those pro-gun laws took effect in February 2010 and allows people to carry loaded firearms into the Grand Canyon and other national parks and then he reversed limitations put in place by the Republicans to allow weapons in Checked baggage. What! Republicans put in place laws that restricted guns!!!!! Thats right. read it and weep.

        Of course Sarah palin took guns away from people and it was Ronald Reagan who banned weapons as well. But hey, let’s not get facts in the way.

      • Not true.. he atually signed legislation that limited exising gun regulations in our National parks.

      • You’re an idiot. Obama did signed, but he lost fighting it. It does not mean he is giving it up. Don’t be ignorant. I’m not talking about just you, but those whose liked your silly – ass comment.

      • Please tell me…what president — has actually signed gun legislation except when he was being shot at (Reagan)

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

      you idiot, he helped the people which is what needed help and did NO hurt to the Health Care system.. No Drs had to retire early just because 8 more million people were insured.. Do some research instead of listening to the lies Hannity throws out there .ACA is a mkt place where people who were turned down can PURCHASE insurance . I worked insurance and I know how much those people needed coverage and if a dr retired it was because he wanted to retire, ACA had nothing to do with it.. ACA sells policies from Blue Cross, Cigna and all the big name insurance companies, and any idiot who would say that a dr retired because he was being paid by Blue Cross is a fool.. and knows nothing of which he speaks…

      • Congrats…..you’re a Socialist!

        • You might want to check in with the Mental Health clinic the next time you are at the VA or your local health care facility David. Your anger seems to be interfering with your ability to think clearly.

          • yeah. after all, he served 31 years in the military n worked 2 jobs for 28 years. he definitely needs a rest….

        • There is nothing wrong with a little socialism David M. I love our socialist roads, railways , police departments, fire departments, the various government agencies that try to insure that our food & water are safe. etc. etc.
          I accept your congratulations with pride.

    • David M. He did not destroy the shoddy health care system . Some of us will pay a little more until the ACA is refined. We are no longer shelling out our tax money to pay for care the poor & uninsured received when they were forced to use expensive Emergency Rooms (I know I worked in one.) Obama is pulling the country out of the hole. He likely could have been further along had the republicans supported him some of the time rather than just opposing every bloody thing.

  2. I think you should read the article dave. It contradicts every thing you just said. Pretend it is from faux news!

    • You blame the “faux” news, while you’re watching multi-fraudulent News as commonly known for CNN, MSN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC etc… You’re such a hypocrite!

      • your comments resembles the masks that you are wearing in your avatar

      • Yes all the other news agencies are lying to you and only one is really telling you the truth.

      • In essence you are saying that all major major American news channels except for Fox News are fraudulent. Do you realize how insane that actually sounds? Here is a thought, maybe Fox News is an outlier and is the extremist diatribe network, and

        Yes, godless Commies control every news outlet and fluoridate our water supply to keep the sheeple in check. It’s all a plot by the CIA creating a false flag operation by posing as the KGB.

    • You do realize that article is written by someone so infatuated with Marxism there will never be a time where they will criticize their messiah.

      Obama has failed. He has failed to improve every aspect of the country, in fact has made it exponentially worse…. Majority of Americans think he has failed. No president will bounce back from that. Obama has earned that stature because of his policies. Bush became unpopular because of a hurricane and the collapse in the mortgage market, two things completely out of the hands of a president. Obama is unpopular for creating the power vacuum in Iraq by ignoring the recommendations of the generals on the ground, implementing a terrible healthcare law that 60% of the country still hates and does not want. 18 trillion in debt and counting.. Intentionally lying about keeping your dr/plan, Benghazi was over a video, not a smidgen of corruptions at the IRS, and it just goes on and on……… The corruption and the lying of this administration makes Nixon look like a choir boy by comparison.

      • Marxism!! Marxism!! Squirrels!!

      • You have the mindset to say everyone is against Obama. The stock market is higher than it has been in 20 years and that is after a ressesion. The rich are getting richer and because of Obama we are out of the ressesion. Bush put us in two wars that cost us Billions and trillions of dollars. Do you have a retirement? If you do it’s because of Obama. If he hadn’t done anything you would be on your ass flat broke. He saved the market and us. Sit there and down play what he has done all you want because you are another HATER that can’t see the forest through the tree’s.

        • Only his rich banker buddies are getting rich… By, printing $8 Billion a day, that they for 0.02%.. Then turn around and loan it out at 5%.. Who is better off…? Obama’s banker buddies.. Remember, 72% of the 1%ers are Democrats… !!! I got this from The Huff&Puff…

  3. This is pure comedy

  4. James M. Vandeventer

    I have watched Politics and been a Political Junkie since Nixon left in disgrace. I was also a lifelong Republican, until 2004. This man has been a saving grace for our Great Country. If Republicans would have been in charge, we would still be in the midst of a DEPRESSION! Through ALL THE OBSTRUCTION and the many Republican FABRICATED BS, he has bee focused on doing what’s right. I am sure he could have made a few different decisions, but overall, he has DONE PHENOMENAL!

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Thanx! It’s just unfortunate they are wired for greed and power. Their day will come…they are headed to Minorityville and don’t understand it will be here before they know it.

    • My sentiments exactly.. I’ve been a Registered Repubican since I turned 21… basically because of the parties anti-communist position.. but, most often than not I would vote for a strong 3rd party candidate since I hard a hard time distinguishing between the two main party candidates.. However, in 2004 the BUSH DISASTER convinced me to vote Democratic.

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Awesome! Yea, they have just went full tilt towards GREED AND POWER! Basically saying, to hell with the people!

        • whatever – not even close.

        • Audrey Mae Cheatham

          Since that’s exactly where those who support these egoistic Republican, Wall-Street Elitist demons will probably wind up in dismal disullisionment anyway, I agree with you 100%.

          • You must be thinking of democrats. Its odd that the democrats decry wall street and the 1% but yet the wall street 1% types tend to support and donate mostly to democrats. I do admire Obama for his ability to fool the little people into thinking that he is on their side. He is good at PR, especially with a complicit media behind him. Case in point is Obamacare. This bill is the very definition of the bigwig corporate welfare democrats so decry. You have a bill written by lobbyists for big pharma and big insurance, that designed an expensive insurance product, forced us all to buy it, and opened the government coffers to pay for it. Its the very definition of corporate welfare.

          • Wrong. Why do you think Republicans passed Citizen United? Precisely because they’re backed by “Wall Street and 1% types” who can now legally buy our elections and put more Republicans in power (who will continue cutting taxes for the rich and weakening financial regulations and oversight). As for Obamacare, at least the middle and bottom economic strata benefited along with corporations. Try exercising your inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with poor health and no access to care. And remember Dems wanted single payer, but had to go with a refined version of Romneycare.

          • I’m sure that the Citizen(s) United was not a congressional act but a Supreme Court decision (Citizens United vs FEC) back in January 2010. One of the biggest blows against democracy – congress has had plenty of time to pass legislation to bypass the decision but has chosen not to… you probably already know why ;)

          • I meant Republican-chosen/Conservative judges, but yes. And I am aware Ds and Rs are both heads of the same dragon. Even more aware than I was a year ago when I commented above; I read Thomas Frank’s Listen Liberal. BRUTAL.

          • Oh sure…at least we helped those too lazy to get a job and are living on ENTITLEMENTS AND SCAMS… at the expense of others. Just like the Dumb Dem Libtards wanting to SAVE THE WORLD… at the expense of screwing AMERICANS with DEATH AND DESTRUCTION BY ISIS. Get a life, a job and get off entitlements, then someone might just believe the BS you spew!

          • Wall Street does not need to support and donate to Republicans. Republicans are already in their pocket. Think of something better than that.

          • …and Wall Street is in Hillary’s bed with her too! Looks like the Dumb Dem Libtards who voted for our current POS POTUS will lose either way, if this is why they are voting for Killary!

          • I agree with you, Marge Mary. My point was that Clinton is a Republican.

          • What part of The Facts that obviously elude you? Reading is Fundamental. Try reading a broader range of information instead of listening to Rush Limbaugh or Trump.

          • Dumb Dem Libtards don’t know how to read…they just YouTube all the BS they can. Just like voting for our current POS POTUS!

          • You poor Conservative Republicans. Your party is on the brink of being the worst idiots on earth. You hate each other, and support those that don’t represent you. The only thing you can do is call names and spread lies. Take note of Great Britain and Greece. All sure to Conservatism that has and will be their downfall and your great furor, Donald Trump.

          • EXACTLY…when these big REPUBLICAN CORPORATE EXEC’s pass away and we have no one to pay the taxes because all the Dumb Dem Libtards were too busy Protesting and living off of the ENTITLEMENTS AND SCAMS, they will die too. Then there will peace in the land again!

          • Bingo! You nailed it! And you’re right. He hasn’t fooled all of us.

          • Just another Dum Dem Libtard spewing to spew! BTW…the only Egotistic (learn to spell words and you might get a job and be able to get off the Entitlement Train) are you who steal from the rich with all your ENTITLEMENTS AND SCAMS!

        • WHo The Democrats?

          • They are the only ones that love him. The democrats do not have anybody I consider good candidates to be presidents. If Hillary is there choice, they must be desperate indeed. They have no one I can trust.

          • Lalo_hopscotch

            yes because Bush and Huckabee that says progress. The GOP is so utterly confused at this point

          • Republicans are nothing but hemorrhoids with legs.

          • Typical Democrat, nothing to say, so just sling sophomoric epithets.
            If you don’t know what that means, try Dictionary dot Com.

          • Lmao idiot repug

          • Repug…YouTube that word and get back with us on WTF you are trying to say. IDIOT!

          • I’m confused how he needs to write proof but others do not.

          • TeaTards say are unable to think, reason, or be honest. They just sling sophomoric epithets…sound familiar? No, I guess not turn you tube back on to faux noise and see if you can repeat their lies some more.

          • Dictionary dot Com…if it’s not on YouTube, Dumb Dem Libtards who voted for our current POS POTUS haven’t a clue!

          • Old man, you do hemorrhoids a disservice.

          • Diana Holcomb Evans

            Funny! Like it.

          • Ah…another Dumb Dem Libtard who voted for our current POS POTUS spewing just to spew…as always. They have nothing to say but they have to get their 2cents in (because that’s all they are worth in this world)

          • Ah…another Dumb Dem Libtard who voted for our current POS POTUS spewing about something he knows nothing about. Doesn’t understand how desperate the DEMS are to find a trustworthy candidate.

          • Lalo_hopscotch

            you’re right because nothing says Presidential like Trump. That guy couldn’t find his ass with both hands

          • Yeah because nothing screams trust like Trump – he can’t even maintain support in the GOP

          • Barbara S. Van Dyck

            Unlike the republican clown car.

          • Bernie Sanders is the MOST steadfast suppoter of the middle class and truly appropriate legislative proposals. He gets my vote in 2016 hands down. Hope the Conservatives in the top 1% and their allies don;t kill him! Had the same fears for Obama. Expect Bernie will be even better!! Hope the Repugnants lose significant seats in both the House and Senate in 2016!! Hope the Moderate usual Republican supporters have had enough of the Corporate puppets in DC..

          • I assume you are already in line for all of the “free” goodies from the Bern!

          • If you think there are no Democrats to be trusted, wait until a Republican wins the White House! You don’t miss your water until your well runs DRY!

          • By water I assume you mean your government hand out?

          • When your government hasn’t forced your place of work to give you a decent wage for your work, welfare doesn’t feel like much of a handout.

          • Can’t wait to see a REAL President in office.

          • and the republicans have who they can trust?

          • Look who’s talking, someone from the party that has a loudmouth four time bankrupt crude individual with no political experience leading a dozen republican candidates!

          • Hahahahahahahaha typical repug teabagger

          • @honorbound: your comment made me throw up in my mouth.

            “The democrats do not have anybody I consider good candidates….”!!!??

            What a laugh. Have you even looked at the republican slate of candidates?

          • The only Republican running who’s not crazy is Christie, and he’s corrupt. Ocasish is not quite as crazy as the rest but he’s still too religious and anti-gay, among other things.

          • Learn how to spell it is their not there….Ignorance abounds.

          • You’ve got nine bozos left, and an undercard of half-dozen or so, and they are so ignorant and ass-kissing that it is impossible to watch them try to debate without gagging. Tell me about candidates when you get some.

          • Barbara S. Van Dyck

            Don’t be stupid Bob

          • Yep the democrtas aka the smart part of the usa population which greatly outcounts the repuglicans

        • The PEOPLE love him.

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha…..

          • No, the media loves him.

          • Another Dumb Dem Libtard who voted for our Current POS POTUS. It isn’t love that keeps your ENTITLEMENTS coming in, idiot! It’s called payroll and the people who actually have a job and work hard for their money have to support your sorry asses because you all THINK you can LIVE ON LOVE. GEESE…get a clue!

        • promote your slave owner baha

          • You are aware that if the Republicans didn’t step in and free the slaves, there would still be plantations. However since the deems got back in control with LBJ’s war on poverty, the democratic controlled government has poured over 20 TRILLION in, and we still have poverty and hunger. YES with a T, since the 60’s. Look it up.

          • LOL, you go straight from 1860 to 1960 without even a concept of historical causation or empirical reality. Just pluck two “facts” and make up the rest. Ever heard of FDR? Ever heard of the New Deal? Nixon? Reagan? And where do you get 20T from? Your arse? I am wasting brain cells just responding to you.

          • He got it from FOXNews

          • Oh yes the well informed FOX News folks. LOL

          • FDR yes I’ve heard of him 2nd maybe 3rd worst prez ever. Gave us all the bs entitlements we can’t pay for. Another lib. jack-ss.

          • At least it went towards helping people instead of killing people, as the trillions spent on unnecessary wars has done. Now the Republicans would rather go to war with Iran than finding other silutions.

          • You racist ass holes need to be nuked!

          • Um, he didn’t say anything racist, you piece of sht.

          • Oh another Dumb Dem Libtard who voted for our current POS POTUS is pulling out the RACE CARD! IDIOTS! Get a job and a life and GET OFF THE ENTITLEMENT TRAIN!

          • You are aware that political ideology back in 1860 when Lincoln was president was the complete opposite of what it is today. Back then Repub = Democrat and vice versa. The ideology switch happened over time but it is popular to believe the switch happened during the period Teddy R. So in essence Lincoln was actually a DEMOCRAT. This is common knowledge taught in grade school.

          • Oh ,common core?

          • Not to mention the Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln. It’s now the party of Bush and Rove.

          • Good grief! Where does this nonsense come from?

          • Yes, the Republicans were a very different party back then. So were the Democrats. In fact, in the last 100 years, both parties have slowly shifted ideals and both parties are almost the polar opposite of what they were back then.

          • Actually, they are the same

        • They didn’t go there, they started there. They just use to be better at hiding it..

        • James M. Vandeventer

          yes, you’re correct!

      • Sadly you don’t see they are the same party pawns and you are the sad sheep.

        • An that is just stupid . They are far from the same.

        • Perhaps.. but, only one Party actually PARTIED when they shut down the Government… Asses.

          • Who shut down the government? I remember only one person who refused to compromise

          • Boehner. Refused to compromise. But eventually discovered his error (after causing a national and international snafu, and wasting millions of taxpayer’s dollars). He gave up his misguided agenda when confronted with the scathing disapproval of the American people.

          • Than you have a rotten memory… As I recal, the issue was about passing a budget.. Neither side wanted to compromise.. then one side said, if you don’t change everything on the budget that we don’t like, we are going to not pay the Government Debt.. which kinda sounds like BLACKMAIL.. so then the other side says.. How about a SEQUESTOR

          • CONT: a SEQUESTOR that will cut a flat percentage across the board.. except in areas that affect National Security… the though was.. nobody in their right mind would go for such a DRASTIC measure.. well, surprise, surprise.. the T-Party idiots called the Bluff.. and the SEQUESTOR passe.. to everyone’s dread except the T-Party idiots.. at this point, the President had no choice.. accept the Blood Letting or go for the Bullet in the Head… so he signed the budget deal.

          • You must not remember what happened in WI when the libs in that state tried to recall Gov. Walker. They not only shut down the entire process, but they FLED the state illegally, in order to prevent a quorum and vote, that they knew they were going to lose. And their minions (union workers, many bussed in from outside the state) trashed the Capitol, causing millions of damages which were picked up by the taxpayers. So tell me who the asses are again?

          • Typical GOTP tool. If you’re gonna get all wee wee’d up, get to CVS,,,Depends are on sale.

          • Yeah and then Walker went on to destroy the state of Wisconsin. Just the same as Brownbeck has destroyed Kansas.

          • They did not shut down the Governent.. they just halted to Voting proces that was going to pass an UNJUST law that would destroy Collective Bargening.

        • I used to think that Ann.. but, I think in the last few years… they did diverge alot… But, in many ways you are right.. each party still tries to satisfy their donors.

          That’s why I would like someone like Bernie Sandars who has string principles and sticks to them.. he never was under anyone’s influence other than his own mind and consciounce… but, as long as he stays under an Independent party. .he will never get a chance to win.

      • JapaneseRamenNoodle

        The author of this article must be high. Obama is a failure — an utter failure. He is the worst president of my lifetime — and I didn’t like Bush at all. Whatever the author of this “I love Obama” article is smoking might have some permanent consequences.

        • Obama is stuck with a Republican do-nothing congress and and almost-Republican Senate that filibustered everything he tried to do and every appointment he tried to make. He was FORCED because of the House to not do what should have been done and create a single-payor health system – or at least some semblance of same. But NO – he had to leave the insurance companies in place to scrape their fat share of the premiums increasing what we spend. America has the WORST health care system of the industrialized world – the Most expensive and the Least effective. Our outcomes are horrible and nobody cares. And Nobody cares about children going hungry and people not being able to find decent work. Go read about ROOSEVELT and see what HE did for this country, you fool.

          • Were you just as forgiving when Bush was stuck with a Democrat House AND Senate? I’ll bet not. But you were quick to blame Bush for all of the poor policies enacted by the Dems.Roosevelt just about destroyed the economy. Single payer will be the end of our current economy if it is ever enacted. There are far to many takers in the country now, and not nearly enough workers,bcause the Dems have made it far too lucrative to sit on your duff all day with your hand out. And there are far too many people who feel “entitled” to receive everything from housing and food to healthcare from the government and who have no skin in the game.

          • How many filibusters did the Dems use during W’s term? C’mon, lets hear your answer.

          • A fraction of what the Republicans have in the last few years. They blew away all existing records.

          • You Stupid Libtards are whats wrong with this great country! You Piece of Sh*t Savior does nothing but Lie! Does not enforce our current laws and leaves the Southern border OPEN so all the Trash comes over and Obama puts them on Welfare! Who do you think pays for that Dummy? Your probably on it too! Get a brain!

          • Your post is far too stupid to merit a serious reply.

          • you need to get a brain

          • You realize that one must prove their legal immigration status in order to receive any federal benefits such as welfare, food stamps, HUD housing, etc., right? Of course you don’t know that, you’re a gigantic festering toad of ignorance.

          • Actually that’s not true. In CA at least, it clearly says you do not need to show proof of residency or citizenship to get Medicaid or SNAP benefits. Only cash aid. Ridiculous rules that keep em coming.

          • You ain’t no patriot, you’re an idiot. But us veterans fought for your right to speak. How about helping your country instead of being a ditto head for your slave masters,

          • Those hatriots sure are busy hatin all the time.

          • you’re an idiot

          • You think people are trash? That says a lot about you. Where did you come from? Unless you’re 100% Native American, you’re an immigrant as well. Does that make you trash?

          • What’s with you right wingers leading off every discourse with name calling? I feel like I’m standing in front of a class of belligerent 8 yr olds trying to talk to them.
            Tell you what “Patriot”. You back up your claim about lies. Show us the lies he’s told okay? I mean links to legitimate lies, not the FOX spin on the news. *If* you can show me just 5…you can do that obviously, if I’m to take you seriously?
            And for the record it’s “you are” or “you’re”, not your. Or so my electrical/mechanical engineer brain tells me.

          • not you piece of sh*t, it’s “your” piece of sh*t. Difficult for anyone to take you serious when you’re out of touch with Webster. Do us a favor, before taking part in this thread or any other thread, confirm what you are saying makes sense…BTW, ” you’re probably on it to ” not ” your “

          • You are a bitter racist, you aren’t Christian and you picked the wrong website.

          • Parrot, Illegal immigration is at a net 0, more deportations than all 8 years of Bush’s disastrous presidency, The President’s job is to prioritize how the budget is spent, and he chose to direct it as he is supposed to. And last but not least DUMMY, who do you think is paying for the do nothing congress, the imagined scandal investigations (all of which have found NOTHING) shutting down the government, and all the tax cuts to the wealthy and Corporations? YOU need to get an IQ larger than your shoe size before you tell someone else to “get a brain.”

          • What’s wrong with this country is that you Europeans won’t go back where you came from.

          • google it. you’d be surprised.

          • I guess Google is too difficult for you to use, but then, you probably are a RW Tard. So humor me tard,, what is that number?

          • There were 79 filibusters for presidential nominees so far during Obama’s terms. There were a total of 68 with all presidents before him. You wanted an answer, now what??? It’s funny how right wingers like to use numbers that make no sense and have nothing to say when “normal” humans clear the air with real math and factual numbers. McConnell has blocked the senate over 400 times. So now, I say “Lets here your answer.”.

          • Oh, and lets not forget idiots like Ted Cruz’s filibuster that shutdown the government and cost paychecks for over 400,000 federal employees. Some of them being single parents, living payday to payday and to hear that moron say that he’d do whatever it take is the biggest act of treason this countries ever seen.

          • How about John McCain, who took 171,000 retired vets off tricare prime and booted them to tricare standard. This increased their out of pocket expenses to much that over 70% have or will drop healthcare all together and where their own research stated that 30-40% of those will die prematurely because of a lack of healthcare. This, coming from a vet, is appalling. Got answers for that???

          • You do know welfare (AFDC) was eliminated in 1996. Are you referring to unemployment insurance? That has a time limit too and was not extended by the Republicans in charge. What hand out are you referring to? You have to be working or looking for work to get food stamps. what hand out are you talking about?

          • If you truly believe what you wrote, I am beginning to understand why libs think conservatives are hateful. Where have you learned that there is no more welfare, that one has to work to enjoy the food stamp privilege, and have you really forgotten that unemployment now goes for 2 years? You are wrong on every one of these beliefs, but I know there is nothing to be done or said to enlighten you. You have to do your own research. (This post is written by somene who has delivered more “free babies”, both legal and illegal ones, than you will ever meet in a Walmart at any one time). I will just end by saying you are completely misinformed. And this frightens me because now I know what so many other mis-informed people think is true. No wonder the two sides will never understand each other…..too many people make up crap and the sheep followers just go right along with it. If nothing else, google your state’s budget for welfare expenses.

          • “PRWORA instituted Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), which became effective July 1, 1997. TANF replaced the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program—which had been in effect since 1935—and supplanted the Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Training program (JOBS) of 1988. The law was heralded as a “reassertion of America’s work ethic” by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, largely in response to the bill’s workfare component. TANF was reauthorized in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Responsibility_and_Work_Opportunity_Act

          • I was going to completely ignore you but you have the typical lib habit of cramming your “data” down people’s throats. I will only refer you to one article to show you that there are, indeed, more welfare recipients now than ever before. And I do not listen to Fox, or any other “news” on TV. Another mistake libs make: assuming that everyone who has a differing opinion is a non-thinker and parrots someone else. Nope. Not in this case, my dear. And now, I am done with you. Arguing with a lib is like arguing with a pig…surely you’ve heard that expression. Have a nice life. Vote your conscience, as will I.


          • I refute every single point you tried to make and you send me to a right wing website that focuses on food stamps. You do realize that in order to get food stamps you have to either be employed or looking for work. The vast majority of people on food stamps work for companies like Walmart who refuse to pay their employees a living wage If the do nothing GOP would pass the raise in the minimum wage then people who work three jobs could afford to buy food. Face it, the demise of America is due totally to the right wing and the Republican party.

          • Once again you are wrong. Pull your head out.

          • You are right

          • I replied to her ignorance I think you will find it a good read

          • You mean Unemployed and looking for work! You are obviously misinformed and lack the knowledge in this area. Obama has lowered the requirements for Food Stamp benefits! Your probably on Food Stamps! How’s your free Healthcare? Walmart can not afford to pay employees full time because of your Hero’s Obama Care has raised the cost of insurance and the company would go Bankrupt if they had to pay the premiums for all their employees!! You don’t know what the hell you are talking about Heidi!

          • Patriot, I wondering where you’re getting you info from–being in Social Services in DFAC makes me wonder if there’s something else going on in your state’s agency. I’m interested in looking to see which state has the stipulations you mentioned–of course the requirements for assistance is still the same and has not changed as I know it since 97–we need new requirements–but the requirements are basically and mainly for families in crisis (TANF for those from Katrina and Sandy displacements) and the disabled and elderly. If that’s who you’re talking about shame on your unfeeling self–otherwise you need to back up and try it again.

          • not sure how many words were in your response to Patriot but I do know there were too many. First, as you can see he can’t differentiate between your and you’re. That should be a telltale sign he’s not worth your time.

          • OMG, you are really out there aren’t you, lol. What planet are you from!! TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE IGNORE THIS TROLL THAT HAS ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT

          • yes, too bad so sad. As we now know, you can find trolls everywhere. There are ignorant and dumb people, he fits the latter.

          • Okay, you are wrong. I work for the state and that is simply not true.I don’t know where you are getting your facts from.

          • as I mentioned to Patricia, some people aren’t worth wasting your time on and Patriot is one of them.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            I am a home health care worker. Many of my clients receive food stamps who are neither employed nor looking for work. because of their current medical status. So no, you do not HAVE to be employed or looking for work to receive food stamps!

          • James M. Vandeventer

            What would you think would happen during the WORST RECESSION SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION? Welfare would go down>??? What would you think would happen to people when Republicans cut off their unemployment benefits? Welfare would go down? WOW, WOW, WOW!~

          • Heidi is right first off in order to receive cash assistance or aka TANF u have to show two years of previous work history second u do have to show you are looking for work on stamps they just started randomly drug testing before you get them and if you don’t work you have to attend their work workshops or community service to get the assistance so do your research because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about but those who are more fortunate and don’t actually ever need the assistance wouldn’t know. They don’t know that daycare to watch your child while you work is 150 a week and that’s in the lower income area they don’t know we get $7.25 an hour even in a warehouse but barely get 32 hours a week so that like around 215 a week but the cost of rent is a average 550 a month that’s a 2 bedroom apartment in a area Where you’re afraid to sleep or live in. Or that light gas and water is a average 200 a month. There goes 750 of that 860 I make a month then diapers. Has to get to work clothes from Walmart and shoes f Oh ya insurance just for myself is 60 a week. So know that insurance through my company for me and my wife to cover that delivery was 130 a week. Now I’m in debt I haven’t even started on food to eat or a phone bill so don’t down ppl less fortunate you never know until you’re in that situation.

          • You forget to mention people on gov. assistance pay roughly 10% of rent, lights, gas, and other utilities. Not to mention receive more in food stamps then most working Americans can afford to spend on food.

          • I wonder if that second sentence is true. For the state of IL, households of 1, like mine, get $194/mo. max in food benefits. Is that more than what I spend on food monthly? Hardly. That’s less than $50 a week. Getting just the essentials would exhaust that, plus I eat out regularly. And I’m not unusual. I’m a working American, and I make under the median income, which means that most working Americans make more money than me.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            I am a single person and I can easily put together decent healthy meals for $50/week. You just have to know how to shop and plan. And if someone is “eating out regularly” AND receiving foods stamps. ….that’s just not right! If someone has the money to eat out regularly. …how the hell do they even qualify for food stamps?

          • She’s wrong Stupid! Look at Patriots reply under Heidis!

          • Have been on TANF, and still receiving food assistance, it’s a building block to get yourself together if you use it correctly…. Being on the limited income, for me has made me more frugal and wise in my budgeting…. That’s the issue with everything… Needing to find that balance. It’s sad that those use it as crutch, is the majority…

          • Oh yeah not to include when u finish school I will already be in debt

          • concerned for america

            Perhaps we have more welfare recipients because companies like Walmart refuse to pay decent living wages. For every recipient there is a story behind it. Until you know each one do not judge those of whom you speak.

          • Hmmm. I notice that Heidi did not throw personal insults your way and provided facts. This enrages you enough to blurt out personal insults? Provide facts and discuss and we may hear you.

          • Just casually reading

            Lol. Do people verify their sources or they just post any article as fact? Lol.

          • They just make shit up. That’s the beauty of the internet. When Wikipedia was listed as a legitimate information source, I knew there was no point in hanging around anymore, so I left the party. Can’t fight Wikipedia! LOL!

          • You have to deliver those Free Babies because of the Law instituted by Ronald Reagan. “Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act” It seems you don’t even know the laws you work under http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Medical_Treatment_and_Active_Labor_Act

          • I really don’t think you are as up to date on things as you think you are. This frightens me because SO MANY OTHER MIS INFORMED People like you probably VOTE. Turn off Fox. 90% of what they say is not true. “There is currently no federal unemployment extension for 2014. The only unemployment benefits currently in place are state unemployment insurance benefits which provide up to a maximum of 26 weeks of unemployment compensation, depending on your location.” http://jobsearch.about.com/od/unemployment/a/unempextension.htm

          • Wow, you are a Brainwashed Pig! Your Savior Obama is called The Welfare President! That Ghetto Trash is like a Cancer! You Libtards cant even state one thing that pig has done for the American People! Don’t say Abortion. You Libtards are a Moraless People! How can you live with yourselves? Obama is Trashing the Constitution and you don’t give a sh*t! You are whats wrong with this country!

          • Actually, they seem to be calmly providing the facts while you spout out insults and obscenities. Look up some facts, drop the senseless insults and we might take your debate seriously.

          • Obama is called the welfare president because ultra partisan hacks like you choose to call him that. If I call you stupid, does that make it true. Sorry, I should have used an untrue example.

          • in history,President Obama will be noted as one of our most influential Presidents and history will be a lot kinder than you have been. all these racist statements hidden under such words as Ghetto, welfare, etc. just go to show that we have not grown in over 60 years and are actually worse than we were if that is at all possible.

          • LOL……that’s all

          • "Patriot" is an idiot

            Ignore this troll. This is why so many people hate right wingers. While both liberals and conservatives claim they are the ones that are “right,” conservatives are the only ones that claim you’re un-American if you disagree with them. Check out “patriot”‘s recent comments. This idiot is a flaming racist, homophobe, bigot. But he’s the “real” American, just ask him. Here’s an excerpt:

            “Your Ignorance has no bounds Moron! This is “Our Country” You Stupid Blacks have had so many Abortions your Race has been reduced by 10%! How does that feel! That means by the time your 20 years older your population of young Blacks will have dwindled to 30% to 40% less on this earth! Your Race are killing yourselves out of existence! If that isn’t the most Epic Ignorant Pathetic Blunder I don’t know what is! If it isn’t about Race Gary why does every Black Protester keep calling White people “Racist’s or “Crackers”? Your Pathetic!”

          • I did see a few of “patriot” previous posts. He does have some serious mental issues, lol. Trolls like that are very unhappy & lonely people with their own lives and think they know it all when they don’t even have a clue. I have seen worse bigots then him and always LMAO when I read from people like him “OUR COUNTRY” it is not his country at all.

          • Patriot reminds me of the guy on the roof from this seen in Blazing Saddles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjNIARQGIYA

          • Wow. I think you got your/you’re wrong every time in that rant.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            His mom should have had an abortion! :LOL

          • Jessica Whetman

            The unfortunate thing is that Patriot has probably had numerous children to pass his racist thoughts and numerous grammatical errors down to.

          • Here’s your grammar quiz. You misspelled a word, which word is it? My goal is to help you if you are going to continue to participate in threads.

          • Why are right wingers SO misinformed?

          • Basically because they want to be? It’s easier to live with how they feel if they can hear someone else say it out loud? That clears them of all responsibility…

          • A thousand likes for that statement!!

          • Libtards are the Dumbest people on earth! You cannot have an intelligent conversation with them!

          • I haven’t seen you right one intelligent comment or fact, yet. Those you are debating are responding eloquently. You, however…..have mastered the art of ……..creating made up curse words???

          • *write

          • In what country or state are you in that unemployment goes for 2 years? My wife got 6 months. The extended unemployment ended in Dec. 2013. Congress didn’t fund it. The most glaring place someone works and still needs Food Stamps and Medicaid is Wal-Mart. The Walton family, the richest in the U.S., benefits directly from the millions given its employees in entitlements. If fact any person that is trying to support anyone but themselves on the minimum wage is most likely eligible for Food Stamps and Medicaid. SNAP (Food Stamps) was cut this year. The average is about $425 a month for a someone with 2-3 dependents and can go as low as $95 for a single person $105 if you have diabetes. If you have delivered “free” babies you know why so few Ob/Gyn doctors outside clinics are enrolled in Medicaid. I commend you for accepting the Medicaid rate.

          • Daine what’s an illegal baby?

          • Sure are a lot of liberal progressive COMMUNISTS on this forum. They think that because we are real Americans, instead of COMMUNISTS, who want everyone else to work and pay for those who do not, that we do not care about others. We do, that is why we do not want to enable people to stay in dead end traps like welfare. People like us provide jobs and opportunity, we do not demand that others pay to enrich those that will not accept opportunity in the best country in the world. You liberals are a pox on the land, and you poison this country with your ideology that eventually eats out the substance of every country it takes hold in. Bleeding heart liberalism, leads to Socialism, which leads to COMMUNISM, which leads to destruction of freedom and liberty, through the imposition of forced tyranny and oppression, disguised as “caring”. You folks are worse than the worst CRIMINAL. You are in disguise like your leader Obama, vile as the satanic serpent he is.

          • You are misinformed. I have a Mexican roommate that refuses to look for work and yet he has been getting food stamps and free medical for more than two years. You need to do some research before you make yourself sound stupid. Oops! To late.

          • AFDC (Welfare) was eliminated in 1996. It was replaced with TANF and you have to be working or going to school to get it and it has a 5 year lifetime limit. Food stamps is not welfare. You have to also show you are working or looking for work to qualify for it. Free medical? You mean he goes to the ER? I can assure you he gets a bill, he just doesn’t pay it. Here is the legislation that eliminated “welfare” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Responsibility_and_Work_Opportunity_Act

          • Here you go again! Quit preaching that crap your trying to sell! Food Stamps, Free Health Insurance and Section 8 Housing is Called Welfare! The Word Welfare the legal description of the free benefits
            listed above! And NO, they get a “Statement”” of the cost of their treatment from the hospital. It is NOT a bill! The bill from the hospital is sent to the Welfare office of that state and pay the hospital a fraction of the total sum! That is why a lot of Drs do not accept The free Government insurance plans.

          • My questions is how do you know this? Seems to me like someone is getting these welfare benefits you speak of……

          • Evidently your roommate has some magical properties that get around the requirements for receiving SNAP (food stamp) benefits. Gee I wonder WHO is actually the stupid one here? “Employment Requirements

            Generally ABAWDS between 18 and 50 who do not have any dependent children can get SNAP benefits only for 3 months in a 36-month period if they do not work or participate in a workfare or employment and training program other than job search. This requirement is waived in some locations.

            With some exceptions, able-bodied adults between 16 and 60 must register for work, accept suitable employment, and take part in an employment and training program to which they are referred by the local office. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in disqualification from the Program.” http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/eligibility

          • You are a Joke! You can cite the government requirements all day long but they have changes and they do not keep track of every single person applying for assistance! The system is not Regulated appropriately. There is so much Welfare Fraud is sickening and Obama will do nothing about it! They don’t call Obama “the Welfare President for nothing! You need to wake up and get real here.

          • Again, I work for the state and that is a lie. Get your facts straight. We have dedicated systems for tracking fraud.

          • So you have *one* roommate & you figure that’s good enough to broad brush an entire nation as cheats? Wow! Does that mean then because you just said something really stupid I can broad brush the whole country as being stupid too?

          • He’s not the majority. The majority needs the help to uplift them to bigger and better things. You will always have bad apples that will try to get over with the system, but they usually get caught.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            Any particular reason that you had to mention the fact that he is mexican? Your sentence could easily just have said “I have a roommate that refuses to look for work. ….”. And the same point would have been made.

          • “What handouts are you referring to?”! Whats wrong with you Stupid?
            Have you ever heard of Food Stamps! Free Health Insurance! Section 8 Housing! Wic! Free Obama Phones! Starting next year he’s giving the Trash Free Automobiles! “What handout are you referring to” You are a piece of work Lady!

          • Again, I don’t see her flinging personal insults. Is it necessary to be rude and hateful, in order to communicate your point?

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            Actually, you are incorrect. You have to be actively looking for work to receive unemployment benefits. You do not have to be working to receive food stamps. I received food stamps after I lost my job and until I found a new one, which was about 6 months.

          • Ok I thought you had to be looking for work as well for SNAP (food stamps) unless you were under 18 or over 65. I know you have to be looking for work for unemployment. I do know of a couple of people who could no longer get food stamps because they couldn’t prove they were looking for work. Maybe they told me wrong.

          • Roosevelt had you of the greatest recoveries on record.

          • FDR.. The New Deal itself created millions of jobs and sponsored public works projects that reached most every county in the nation. Federal protection of bank deposits ended the dangerous trend of bank runs. Abuse of the stock market was more clearly defined and monitored to prevent collapses in the future. The Social Security system was modified and expanded to remain one of the most popular government programs for the remainder of the century. For the first time in peacetime history the federal government assumed responsibility for managing the economy. The legacy of social welfare programs for the destitute and underprivileged would ring through the remainder of the 1900s.

          • What do you think “the takers” do with the money they get from the government? Hoard it?( No, you are thinking of the rich)

            They spend every penny in local businesses and help drive the economy.

          • Remember Nancy’s famous words..!!! For, every person on unemployment, it creates 2 jobs… If, that was true.. Unemployment should be at 0.0% When the most jobs since O’FailureDon’tCare was started have been part time jobs….!!!

          • That’s right! remember the other thing she said? Obama Care- ” we have to vote on it so we can find out what’s in it”. That is one Stupid woman!

          • Millions of these “Takers on Welfare are Illegal Aliens mostly from Mexico and the Latin countries down South. They DONOT spend their money at local businesses. You are speaking out your ass. They do not pay taxes and they send 80% of their pay down South to their families in Mexico and other countries!!!!! Hahaha They DONOT!!! drive the Economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow you are the dumbest one yet!

          • Ok, now I’m convinced, you simply have two brain cells that are fighting.

          • You have no right to call anyone an illegal alien. The only people that truly have rights to this land are native americans – which you are not.

          • Nobody hates Bush like people hate Obama. (A “Black” man in the “White” House has driven the small-minded absolutely bat-sh*t crazy!) People hate the things that Bush did and the lies that took us into Iraq but people don’t hate him. That’s saved for Cheney. (For obvious reasons!)

            You think people are takers and you’ve been taken from. The last part of that is right because your beloved Republicans take your tax dollars and gives it to the Billionaires and huge corporations that don’t need help. Nobody has any skin in the game do they? They only lost everything in the financial meltdown caused by your beloved Republicans ending most of the protections enacted after the great Depression. How we got out of the Great Depression is the road map to our way out of this financial mess! Your beloved Republicans are blocking everything that can help us (And you) to thrive! They block everything to help you and you bow to them and kiss their ring?

            It’s obvious you need to study recent factual history (Leaving the far right-wing entertainment complex completely alone! Namely Fox News, Rush Bimbo, etc.) because you know absolutely nothing about what’s really going on!

            If you do know what’s going on and are so selfish and greedy to think that nobody deserves a chance except you then I feel extremely sorry for you, your family and any friends you may or may not have! Get some actual facts, learn what’s really going on and at least act like you could have a heart and care about more than yourself!

            In simpler terms: Act like a human being!!

          • Kudos! The problem with your excellent comment is that people have already pointed these things out before but the brainwashing of these people is almost cultish in nature. They are not going to accept fact. That muddies their views of how they want to see things. They want to be patriots & thump on bibles, but they have no qualms about a smarmy little cretin like Bush sending young men & women off to a fake war & being killed by the thousands. They have no problem with the injured & disabled not being treated once they are back home…not able to get jobs because Republicans voted down 41 of 42 jobs bills that Obama offered up for consideration. Obama got them veterans housing which the GOP refused to look at…these great & grand military loving politicians who talk the talk but NEVER walk the walk. They’re too busy funneling favors off to big business & lining their pockets with money from gun manufacturers.

          • Agree totally!! Just omit the word “almost” regarding cultish…

          • Hmm Bill Clinton provided one of our greatest economic times and he was a dem.

          • concernedforamerica

            Most of the people you say feel “entitled” are working for far less wages than it takes to live on. Walmart s the biggest welfare recent in this country. Do you like paying taxes topaz what they do not want to pay their employees when they have most of the wealth in this country? Well you do. Do your homework and study a pie chart of where the money is going in this country. Those at the bottom get far less handouts than those at the very top of the ladder. Until people like you start to understand that ,we have a real problem in this country. That person with their hand out may be you one day unless you have a silver spoon in your mouth.

          • The economy was already destroyed, when FDR came in office. Ever heard ot The Great Depression? Thank Hoover for that, repug.

          • That would indeed be a nightmare scenario, were a word of it true. You really shouldn’t let con men lead you around by your enlarged amygdala.

          • you know nothing obviously by your comments

          • “Joe’s Kid” the only people who feel “entitled” are predominately white, predominately male, predominately Republican…i.e. Corporate Welfare, which DWARFS your definition of “entitlements”!!

          • Actually it was his pre 2007 policies we trashed. He had to work with a sane congress his last 2 years.

          • You are directly quoting the lies you hear from Fox and idiots like them…this mantra is really getting old. Why don’t you open your eyes and your mind and look around?

          • >Roosevelt just about destroyed the economy.

            Said no one who’s ever seen the data, ever.

          • Bush crashed a booming economy and took us into a war of aggression that killed over 200,000 civilians. I wish the Congress could have made Bush do nothing. The man is a war criminal.

          • Obama didn’t lie about WMD and get 4500 GI’s killed.

          • thank you. my thoughts exactly… Insurance companies..CEOs and Wall Street … TAKE TAKE TAKE…

          • And, the biggest donors to the Democrat Party…

          • WTF is an “almost-Republican Senate.” Is that like calling Zimmerman a White Latino? Harry Reid runs the Senate, and tables every bill passed by the House. There are some 90+ House bills that Reid has refused to bring to a vote in the Senate. THAT is why nothing is getting done. No, by do-nothing, you mean that the House refuses to rubber stamp Obama’s misguided policies, then please, give me more gridlock. Children are going hungry? really? Food stamp spending is going through the roof. Needy children receive free meals at school. If any children are going hungry, it is because their mother is to stupid to fill out the form.

          • Most of those 90 bills were bills to dump the Affordable Care Act. The same damned bill presented over and over again. Stop throwing those numbers around like they mean something. This is the WORST House in the history of the body. There ARE children going hungry. Ask the food pantries in your area if they run out of food. Ask New Mexicans who can’t find jobs if they can get food stamps. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A JOB to get them. No unemployment insurance, no food stamps….and no jobs. READ, read and do something besides watch Fox news.

          • Here is just a small list of bills Reid is sitting on, only a few of which involve Obamacare: http://www.rpc.senate.gov/policy-papers/waiting-for-senator-reid-bipartisan-jobs-bills. I could list a lot more, but I’m not willing to waste that much time with you – making Shit Up is not a bases for rational discussion.

            Here is an article that discusses Reid obstructionism in the Senate: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/368369/harry-reids-obstructionism-andrew-stiles

            And your need to resort to personal insult speaks volumes.

          • s down the highways

            What about child care? Do you think a single mother who needs to work two or three jobs to make it should have to pay 40% of her income for housing and 40% for child care? What about food? How would you help people when times are tough? Or do you think we should just let them handle it on their own. I would truly like to know what you think should be done. If there are no jobs, how do you say people are lazy if they’re not working? There still aren’t any GOOD jobs. Too many people are under-employed and too many people over 55 have been laid of from jobs they’ve held for 30 years or more and no one will hire them now. Some of those people are my friends. Thirty years with Hewlitt Packard and 55 yo with no prospects. What do you think they should do? I truly would like for you to spell it out.

          • Where are the fathers of these single mothers…? If they would have kept their legs closed.. But, liberals make it so easy to keep having babies with no daddies…

          • You are an ass. If Republicans would allow 1)true sex education in the schools and 2) access to birth control and 3) abortion availability for ALL women anywhere, then we’d be like Europe – with extremely low unwed mother birth rates, low teen pregnancy rates and young people who understand their bodies. You’re trapped with some moral religious view that makes it the woman’s fault. You idiot.

          • Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth!!! Why are people so stupid????

          • womensstudiesformen

            Yep, spoken like a true man without a clue. Legs closed? What about pricks on viagra? And viagra’s covered by most insurance policies – not so for women’s contraceptives. Ahhh. . . to live in a chauvanistic world must be nice for the ignorant and closed minded!

          • So, single mothers with conservative fathers do not have babies out of wedlock? What is the balance on their abortion credit cards?

          • Kare, there is no talking with these ignorant people. It is very frustrating. They just don’t know what they are talking about. There are millions of over 50 people who have been laid off and will never find another decent paying job. Millions of 20 and 30 somethings (college educated included) are lucky to get part time jobs paying peanuts with no benefits. Most Americans WANT to work and support themselves but these head-in-the sand repubs watch and listen to Fox News and other Koch and Murdoch funded news outlets and publications and believe them. They vote against their own best interests! Unbelievable and sad that there are so many misinformed people in our country.

          • Those stinky dirty ignorant uneducated criminals do not deserve anything from our government. They are here Illegally!!!!!! They should all be deported! They bring their crime, filthy trashy living. Devalue Property. Crime rates go up. City street dirty filthy and trashy. They bring diseases in that we have had control over for 60 years! Poleo, smallpox measles. You don’t get it. We have our own children and adults going to bed starving . We sure as hell do not need the Dregs from other countries here illegally sucking life out of our government depleting our welfare system. Obama isnt called the Welfare President for nothing!!

          • I would reply to this statement, but the person behind it is an IDIOT. Not name calling, just an observation. I will no longer waste my time with the attention he craves.

          • So. you would pass a bill even though its not the best interest of the American People? It sounds like you would. You are what’s wrong with this country!

          • I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this Country. This thread goes on and on and… with nothing but inane insults from one American to another. No wonder other Countries call us dumb, fat idiots.

            “Can’t we all just get along”? I guess not. Isn’t it supposed to be the UNITED states of America? I’m so glad that all these keyboard warriors are busy spending hours disparaging each other on the net and aren’t out in the real World spreading their diseased mindsets.

          • Then, I guess those New Mexicans need to go home…

          • What do you mean, Greg? Go home – where? If they go home, there’s no food, no job – and you bitch about them sitting on their sofas not doing anything. All of the people I know without jobs are trying – and having been trying, in some cases, for YEARS. What’s your plan, Stan?

          • The majority on Food Stamps do not work! Ignorant, Stupid , Uneducated Illegal Aliens “Mexican” can only do labor work. They get paid under the table so they do not have to pay taxes. By the time the Beaners work a full month for an example he makes $800he hell work when you can get free food, health insurance and section 8 housing! $400 a month in food, insurance for a family of 4 is at least $600 to $800 a month. Section 8 housing $100 a month plus utilities. No free rides for electricity sorry. Add that up and tell me why you would work instead of Leach off the Government. The Greaseballs like to sell their food stamps for 50. cents on the dollar to but their booze. Hahaha they do not try and try and try! Where do you live on Mars?

          • Beaners and greaseballs? WTF. You are a racist a-hole. Please stop commenting. You must be a right wing troll.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            You are a worthless piece of garbage.

          • That’s is FALSE! You DONOT have to have a job to get Food stamps! That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard! If you make more than $500 a month you can not qualify for food stamps. You have to be UNEMPLOYED! ” READ, read and do something besides watch Fox news”.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            Are you seriously unaware that there are literally thousands of families that are “the working poor” that receive food stamps?

          • You can actually earn up to 40k a year and still qualify for foodstamps (at least in NYC). The rent is too damn high.

            I remember they ran ads on tv and radio a few years ago to make ppl aware of the fact. It was said that they spent 100k on that ad campaign.

          • Really, it is 380 bills… And, over half of them have both sides voting for them…

          • That’s because the Republicans do not want to pass a Bill that’s full of Totally unacceptable requests! Everything that Gutter Trash Obama wants is Corrupt, Illegal and what’s best for him and his Party Not what’s best for the American People!

          • If Bush didn’t like what the Congress was passing, he could have have used his Veto power.

          • so sick of these ridiculous comments. i voted for hope and change in 08. obama won. he and dems controlled the house and senate his first 2 years. passed any bill they wanted. Obamacare being one of them. You make no sense.

        • I can call The Beatles utter failures, too, but it won’t make it true.

          • LMAO

          • 46 likes for LMAO? how funny, yall sure are patting each other on the back enough on this thread.

          • That’s one reason it’s called “social media.” We nod in agreement, confirm each other as well as debate with each other. Get it…?

          • No, you made no contribution to the conversation and its not even a funny comment. First time I have seen a LMAO get this many thumbs up is all.

          • criticizing those like the LMAO is not contributing much either

          • 46 & counting ROTFLMAO

          • Auntie Warthead- your Just a Ignorant Libtard lady!

          • I typically try not to make fun of the terrible grammar one seemingly always encounters from inbred hillbillies like yourself, but really, if *you’re* going to call someone ignorant, you might first brush up on second grade English.

          • Well said, Auntie.

          • Glenn Clevenger, Sr.

            Right on Auntie!

          • He’s supposed to be swabbin’ my deck and settin’ lines. Sorry about that, he found the internet.

          • And you must be the gay sailor?

          • I can’t be everything you want me to be. Look somewhere else to find the gay sailor of your dreams, mate.

          • Hmm, YOU’RE the one thinking about sucking dick.

          • That would be “hillbillies like YOU” then, Ms. Grammar Expert!

          • LMAO Auntie Warhol! I can’t take you and your come backs right now. I am over here cracking up right now!

          • LOL. Great comeback

          • Love It!!

          • You’re on fire, they can’t respond back.

          • Wrong. Auntie’s got it right. Come on…that is so basic! Would hate to hear you speak.

          • Actually, there should of been a period after “yourself” and a new sentence started. As it is, it makes no sense. Warhol got it wrong.

          • That’s a style preference, not a rule. I write for those who can handle my flow.

          • IOW, I write this way because I’m too fucking lazy AND stupid to write properly. I don’t care where your politics fall, if you’re stupid, you’re stupid. You. Are. An. Idiot.

          • These. Are. Not. Sentences.

          • Well I for one love your flow. I find you easy to read.
            I appreciate that.

          • Actually Armed, your “should OF been” should be “should HAVE been,” genius.

          • You mean *should have* or *should’ve* NOT “should of”

          • Oh, jeez. Another “should of” instead of “should have.”
            If you’re going to make fun of someone else’s grammar, yours had better be good.

          • Mary Ann Blanton

            When you have a comma followed by a conjunction, then it is the same as a period. It is a valid way to introduce independent clauses.

          • There should of or there should have.
            Don’t people learn anymore?

          • She’s right actuallt. Open a text book unless your Republican governor hasn’t cut education funds

          • ****DERP*** ACTUALLT!!!

            If you’re going to disparage others about opening a textbook, you might think about spelling and grammar, yourself, brainiac. You make our side look as stupid as their side.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            YOU need to go back to grammar school. Auntie is correct in her use of “yourself”. You can look it up in any basic grade school grammar book!

          • Melinda Kemp Lyerly

            ‘Hillbillies like yourself’ is correct, No Hypocrites.

          • She has you lost in your own ignorance.

          • Wow, were you born stupid or did you have to take a class?

          • David Wilks Cordle

            I am from Eastern Kentucky and it so hard to believe my heritage is still being used as an insult against people. This country truly has not advanced culturally since Robert Kennedy highlighted the poverty in 1962.

          • ….to include “an” I front of the vowel…

          • “….to include “an” I front of the vowel…”

            I just had to copy that to make sure it’s preserved for all the world to see.

          • Hay whoever this guy is should burry his head in shame and never comment on issues he or she doesn’t know anything about. Auntie is 100% correct

          • It’s bury not burry. Idiot.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            Hay is for horses! The word is “hey”. Also, burry is spelled bury.

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            Don’t you mean an I “in” front of the vowel?

          • Yes, and learn when to use a or an. Teabillies claim grammar doesn’t matter. I suppose if one doesn’t care how ignorant they sound, then, no, it does not matter.

          • I honestly really don’t like to pick on a person’s grammar, as education and IQ are both privileges which all people have not received equally. But if one’s only contribution to the discussion is to disparage the intelligence of others, the gloves come off.

          • And rightly so Auntie!

          • Your right. Grammar does madder.

          • It certainly does if one is attempting to argue in a text based medium. As any programmer knows, if the syntax isn’t right, nothing will compile.

          • Without proper grammar it is impossible to express the “meaning” of your text accurately.. e.g… Sarcasm

          • Wow…U R so witty…..BS

          • Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

          • Wow, YOU ARE so FUCKING STUPID…

          • But FAR from as much down that conservative Republican rabbit hole as you are!!

          • Why do you continue to repeat yourself? You have an oxymoron happening here!

          • There might be a moron here, but there’s nothing oxy about it.

          • Grammar does madder.

          • the truth sayer..

            HERE IS YOUR GRAMMAR CHECK: Yes, and learn when to use a or an. Tables claim grammar doesn’t matter. I suppose if one doesn’t care how ignorant, they sound, then, no, it does not matter.
            YOUR MISTAKES…

          • Science or Logic and Critical Thinking using world-wide verifiable Facts doesn’t matter either. They are parrots reguritating the Corporate line and don’t even grasp that’s what they are doing!!

          • Not to mention it should be “You’re just an ignorant Libtard lady!” Not that the righty tighties give much regard to education.

          • If anything, the right appreciates the ignorance of its party members..

          • Auntie Libtard can you please say the same idiotic comments on Yahoo or any other place on the web where you don’t feel in your safe little tard bubble with your tard cronies? You and the rest of the tard flock on here are Idiots. Bet you take hillbilly meat up your rectum don’t you?

          • I agree that Obama has done a lot for this country that people refuse to recognize. I still feel that certain parties can’t get past the color of his skin so they are just attacking him. He has made more positive history than any other president in the last 25 years and what he has done will continue. And Jonathan Nagel… Not meat up your rectum till you’ve tried it… You might like it!

          • Typical response is to play the race card. It is old and obvious of your user name to identify with. Yea we all know you are gay who gives a rats azz dip? Not me punk. I forgot Rolling Stone is for queers.

          • Great for the one that mentioned meat up the rectum to now have a problem with someone who it… Makes sense. You shouldn’t bring up a subject that your so sensitive about.

          • You can take your mustache, your vest, and your chaps, and go find a parade somewhere. No one cares what you say.

          • Also in your little reply rant did I once hear of anything that made any sense what so ever. Matter of fact I think we all may even be more stupid for reading such dribble.

          • Sir she wouldn’t play the “Race Card” if it wasn’t in the deck.

          • Best retort to the conservative apologetic phrase: “play the race card” ever. Thank you for the ammo.

          • Dude, you are 1000 percent correct, these bastards have played the race card on this President from day one, there is absolutely no doubt, they did everything in their power to block everything he tried to accomplish, it is so freaken obvious.

          • Racist and a homophobe too, my aren’t we a piece of work?

          • I wondered how long it would take before the race card was played.
            His color has NOTHING to do with my hatred, I hate the white part of him equally.
            What amazes me is that supposedly grown people would waste so much time trading insults over grammar usage!

          • “PLAYING THE RACE CARD” I’m screaming because that phrase is so tired sad. is color has everything to do with why most people of your ilk hate him, What has he done to deserve your hatred? I didn’t hate Bush, I didn’t like him as POTUS, end of story,. Can you spell honesty? Or you so republican you don’t know what that is? I will as you say “play the race card when I see racism rear it’s ugly head, i suggest that you find another page to talk about your hatred of the President white and black mixture, I don’t think there are too many people on this particular post who cares what you think, Sarah Palin and Faux Noise have facebook pages, I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms. See ya MsJan1955

          • Bigot.

          • Nope. Obama’s policies have fallen in line with many of Bush Jr.’s, hence why I despise him. Color has nothing to do with it.

            Of course, that’s just you playing the race card whenever possible, internet comments amongst all things noble, geez.

          • Your key word is “hatred.” With that statement you admit to your bias.

          • Ha, oh my yes, it would figure that a cretin like you would hang out on yahoo. Just like in every other respect, you guys just HAVE to live in the past.

            But no, hate to disappoint you sweetie, you’re going to have to find another rectum for your rancid hillbilly meat, this girl doesn’t eat roadkill.

          • Hahahahahahaha!

          • @yourmama What are you going to do coward.

          • Your name calling without the least shred or a coherent argument reveals YOU to be the unintelligent, uneducated, one in this discussion, as does your use of an invented insult, rather than recognized terms for low IQ individuals, such as idiot, imbecile or moron, which obviously apply to you.

          • Come to Yahoo or any place on the web where the Tea party/White Nationalist are assigned to patrol. Can’t hack it away from the herd? LOL.

          • Now that I see more smart folks have found this article, you are hiding. Just what I thought.

          • Hiding? I’m right here you diseased & delusional windbag.

          • I am,at times, fascinated at how these discussions deteriorate into grammar and spelling lessons. It seems someone always sets themself up as Warriner and starts teaching.

          • Well, that wasn’t what happened here. I just flung poo at troll who contributed nothing but bile to the discussion; the thread didn’t deteriorate, “Patriot” took it right to the toilet.

          • clicking the LIKE button!!

          • You are my hero Auntie….bows……

          • Haha, good one.

          • You know what I do when I encounter grammar Nazsis like you? I pat em on the head and say; “there, their, they’re. ”

          • You know what I do when people think I care what they do?

          • You know what I do when I encounter assholes like you? I kill them.

          • A right winger too stupid and belligerent to solve his problems without violence? How do you tell yourself apart from the others?

          • Typical elitist reply.

          • I didn’t realize one had to be elite to have passed fourth grade, but then admittedly I do tend to forget about the third world conditions in most red states.

          • Auntie likes her road kill hot and wiggly.

          • Whereas Scotster has no standards whatsoever.

          • Brenda Williams Adrine

            You tell him Auntie!!!

          • who calls oneself Auntie Warhol isn’t to bright either.

          • Perhaps you should learn both to write in complete sentences and to master the difference between “to” and “too” before embarrassing yourself in public like that.

          • Only elitist get embarrassed in public over spelling/grammar errors. Us common folk don’t really give a shit to nitpick others use of words as long as the meanings are understood.

          • Only losers think being elite is a bad thing.

          • the truth sayer..

            ONLY people who speak of someone else’s grammar are the ones who have nothing.. and have LOST THE ARGUMENT.. LOST THE DEBATE..

          • I think I’m going to open up a surgical center and start doing operations. I mean, I’m not a doctor, and don’t know how to do surgery, but anyone who says I can’t do surgery anyway has LOST THE DEBATE.

          • Oh no, not getting on the Neos grammar, they hate that, don’t you know….

          • Barbara S. Van Dyck

            Thank you Aunty, someone had to say it.

          • You must be from the North, we learned that in 3rd grade. ;)

          • Don’t forget the ‘an’ instead of ‘a’, a ignorant vs an ignorant.

          • Typical – When you have nothing of substance to say, start flinging shit.

          • Glenn Clevenger, Sr.

            And you are a jerk!

          • And obummer is still a worthless piece of dung !!!!!

          • Obviously you must be more worthless because he is the President and you aren’t. Kinda stings a little doesn’t it?

          • And you can’t spell, making *your* comment sound utterly ridiculous.

            By the way – the contraction you were looking for was “you’re”, which means “you are”. You used “your” as in “your car”. It denotes ownership.
            (Kind of like how you now own the word “ironic” right now)

            And this is probably all above your head.
            (I wrote it for the others:)

            And why did you capitalize “Just”? And, why aren’t ya swabbin’ the deck, Hooper? Get off the internet and back to work, on the double!

          • Ida Malone Jackson

            Quint, just one observation. The end quotation mark comes after the punctuation mark.

            President Obama rocks!

          • Thank you:)
            And ^5!

          • Laura Shird-Burbie

            It should read “kind of like how you now own the word ironic”. No need for the “right now” at the end of the sentence. You’ve already established that in the beginning.

            Those who live in glass houses should learn to construct a simple sentence before throwing rocks at someone else’s grammar skills!

          • You’re*

            Talk about ignorant…

          • How ridiculous do you sound. Maybe you should learn some basics, before joining an adult conversation. You do not put an a before a vowel. That would be like putting a A!
            Only an ignoramus would do that,
            (You’re welcome;)

          • Double ouch!!

          • Teabagger, you are not the brightest kook in the box!

          • Has anyone noticed the difference between Dem’s and Repubs? Dems can spell, use proper grammar and an form a proper sentence. Repubs..Not so much…Dems usually have decent hygiene and pretty good dental work…Repubs..? Go BRUSH YOUR TOOTH! Dems can read..Repubs…need a Dr. Seuss Picture book.Dems form an opinion..Repubs…Faux News!..

          • “use proper grammar and an form a proper sentence” What the hell are you trying to say? And you are questioning someone else’s intelligence?

          • So based on your grammar, you must be a Republican.

          • OH, you need to get out of your fucking bubble.

          • so i voted for hope and change in 08. Obama repeatedly said he’d cut our debt in half if he was elected president in his first 2 years. He called Bush and Repubs unpatriotic for raising the debt by $7 trillion in 8 years. Obama won. He and Dems controlled the house, senate, and white house his first 2 years and did nothing to reduce the debt. Instead it’s $18 trillion now when it was $9 trillion when Obama took office. Obama and dems have raised it more than every president in our history combined. Obama said he’d close gitmo. It’s still open. He was for marriage between a man and a women his entire life til relection. Obama and dems in charge for over 6 years and the middle east is in crisis, blacks worse off, Obama said the average family would save $2500 a year in premiums with Obamacare but no one can find even one family who has saved that. And you bash Repubs. hilarious!

          • You doesn’t even make sense, moron.

          • LOL, you obviously don’t know how ignorant you are !!!! #hillbilly

          • You don’t serve how can you be a patriot.

          • Wow, what a convincing argument. “Libtard.”

          • Uncouth and ignorant, that’s what you are, guttersnipe !

          • Robert Remillard

            It’s you’re and exactly why ignoramuses don’t count in a legitimate forum.

          • “You’re” just. Not “your” just.

          • Here we go again some Republican resorting to insults because they have NO FACTS except the False BS they make up!!! Typical!!

          • Patriot — it is “you’re” not “your”.

          • Here we go with the brilliant cornsevative rejoinders Might as well throw in “Oh yeah?” and “That’s what you think.” And you forgot “drinking the kool aid.” “Patriot..!? Hatriot!

          • Those punks from Liverpool? Great comparison!

          • You can call a liberal progressive Democrat a Socialist/COMMUNIST idiot, and “it would be true”, and since these are the only people who were “STUPID” as Gruber suggested, and voted for Obamacare and those who pushed it through, with all the attending issues, we see things for the reality, that truly hits us in the face.

          • Sigh. Is there some sort of pathological connection between calling other people stupid and the inability to write a remotely coherent sentence?

            Perhaps. I suppose that, because you are stupid, you’ve been called stupid quite a lot over the course of your life. Probably so many times that you’ve just decided to make it your own, calling anyone and everyone stupid, with no regard or care for whether it’s true, or whether it even makes sense in context. Which makes sense in a sad, tragic way.

            Maybe it’s time we start taking better care of people with your disability. You’re already struggling with an enlarged amygdala, which makes you a sucker for any con man who can push your fear buttons, and adding rock bottom stupidity on top of that? It’s tragic, and really, maybe we need to look into whether conservatives need to be protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

          • Ah, another liberal progressive surfaces to do battle. Sorry dearie, I never bother with COMMUNISTS. Too stupid, to bother with.

          • Wow. Who knew it was even possible that I actually *over*estimated you?

          • Rick is calling people stupid while inserting random commas in his sentences? Home schooled or no school?

          • I’m still laughing at the idea that he thinks he’s doing “battle”.

            ‘Forward, the Keyboard Brigade!’
            Was there a man dismay’d?
            Not tho’ the soldier knew
            ???Some one had blunder’d:
            Their’s not to make reply,
            Their’s not to reason why,
            Their’s but to do and die:
            Into the valley of Death
            ???Trolled the six hundred.

          • Forget the grammar. It’s his total lack of logic and his pathetic, closed mind that are so amusing. He fails to see that the illogical cretinous drivel he seems to think is so convincing merely shows him to be a brain dead bigot. Please continue to post replies and embarrass yourself.

          • Better, now you are addressing the real issues.

          • really starting to like you. I’m not really sure why you continue to communicate with such intelligent idiots.

          • Disqus is performance art. I appreciate all volunteers from the audience ;)

          • Auntie, you are so right about the enlarged amygdala. But don’t bother mentioning it to him. His deformed brain structure prevents him from having any shred of comprehension regarding this.

            Imbeciles like him are simply baiters whose intellectual and physical impotence cause them to hide their own feelings of inadequacy behind attacks on others. I saw it many times as a middle school teacher. And he seems to have about that level of education and maturity.

          • To judge people based on the amount of their education is rude and cruel. Not all blacks are/were as fortunate as you to receive a good education, it does not make their opinions and less valid.

          • While I agree with your philosophy in principal, your regression to insulting people because of minor grammar skills (some which are often very common) is making you irrelevant. People type fast and don’t proof read, they make simple typos that they don’t bother to correct. If people can get their message across well enough to convey their meaning, that is all that is really required. The opinions of individuals without great grammar skills are still relevant and worth being taken seriously. However, I do agree that it seems that there are many more Republicans that display more than generous amounts of ignorance than Democrats.

          • While I agree with your philosophy in principle, your regression into lecturing me because you apparently haven’t actually read the entire thread is making you irrelevant.

          • Well, gee, Auntie Warhol, I would suggest that anyone that is sufficiently gullible to accept the “free lunch” appeal of the Democrats when there is absolutely no concern with the cost of these “programs” is delusional at best and suffering from your described “enlarged amygdala” at worst are truly in need of protection. Maybe reflexively you appeal again to some sort of federal program.

          • You should really look the big words up before you try to use them.

          • Auntie, heal thy self! “Amyglia” refers to the delusional effects of the cyanogenetic glucocide found in almonds. Perhaps you had imbibed? Perhaps you had a different meaning in mind.

          • Perhaps you’d like to read the post again and find the word “amyglia” anywhere in it.

          • Sorry Rick, learn the facts, the “people” didn’t vote for “Obamacare” Congress did, it was NEVER put to a popular vote. Yeah, they hit us in the face with the lowest annual healthcare premium increase EVER.

          • This man is aweful. A narcissist that only cares about himself. He will violate the constitution whenever he feels like it. I will quote your great leader. “I have a pen and a phone” This guy is a failure.

          • Nevermind that you’re saying this in response to an article which objectively lays out many of the ways in which you are not just wrong, but ridiculously wrong, and that you’ve offered not one counterargument to anything in the article. And you’ve confused the actual Constitution with the imaginary one in your head.

            But is he “aweful”? I don’t know, that appears to be a word you made up. But if one breaks it into its components, the word would seem to mean “full of awe” — so is he? I don’t know, that’s a rather personal trait about him that probably only Michelle could answer. I have no idea what it has to do with his presidency, though.

          • First I am going to address your picking apart my typo. I misspelled a word omg.
            very bad or unpleasant.
            “the place smelled awful”
            synonyms:disgusting, horrible, terrible, dreadful, ghastly, nasty, vile, foul,revolting, repulsive, repugnant, odious, sickening, nauseating; More

            Now that we got that out of the way. First that article was in no way shape or form unbiased. You want reason. I will give you a few reasons why obama is the worst president in recent history. obamacare,executive amnesty, not enforcing laws. He has become the laughing stock of the international community. The federal deficit is now over 18 trillion dollars and it was just over 10 trillion when he took office. Threatening Congress if they do not fund his amnesty. He ignores the will of the American people does whatever he wants. Those are just a few of the things I see that has made him a horrible President. If you want proof of the statements I posted Just google it. From the sounds of your post you voted for him twice which makes you far to stupid to argue with.

          • So, the reasons you think he’s a terrible president are,

            1) he got health insurance for 10 million+ people
            2) brown people
            3) brown people
            4) you don’t know what you’re talking about
            5) you don’t know the difference between debt and deficit
            6) you don’t know how Congress works, and

            7) you think that “what white conservatives want” is “the will of the American people”

            Well, golly, I’m convinced.

          • He cost other people the Health insurance they already had what about those people. the immigration policy has nothing to do with brown people it has to do with people breaking the law. I would not care if it was white canadians coming over illegally, I would still expect the government to follow the law.You are the one that has no idea what you are talking about. He doesnt agree with liberals hes a racist you need to come up with a better arguement, That one is tired. as far as white conservatives. Lets see Mia love first Female elected in her state I black I never brought up race you did that all by yourself. I mentioned obama not enforcing our immigration laws you brought up race. I think legal immigrants are a great benefit to the country but the ones that come here illegally are a drain. race doesnt matter. I will not bother responding to you again until you have something intelligent to say. I enjoy a good debate however tossing insults and twisting statements is not an intelligent debate.

          • 1) Somewhere between 0 and 1.6 million people were paying for junk insurance that wasn’t worth the money they spent on it, which would have bankrupted them over anything more severe than stitches or a cold, who now have no insurance. By 2016 there will likely be 25 million newly insured people with comprehensive benefits thanks to Obamacare. That’s a trade off any sane person would make.

            2) Keep telling yourself that, bucko. I bet you never speed on the highway, either.

          • there are millions of people that had dr and helathcare they liked that obamacare fucked. Not to mention charging people for not being able to afford insurance is bullshit. Dont give me that bullshit they get assistance paying for it. THat assistance is in the form of a tax credit. How is that helping them pay the monthly premiums it doesnt. Guess what if people have to choose between their house,food or insurance guess which is not getting bought. That man in washington dont give 2 shits about the average working man he is no good. I voted for him him 08 biggest mistake of my dam life.

          • >there are millions of people that had dr and helathcare they liked that obamacare fucked

            Back that claim up or stop repeating nonsense.

          • 1) “We understand that some people are having trouble getting access to the doctors and hospitals they need,” Rideout said. “And we’re working very hard to fix [that] as fast as we can.” <– in no way supports your contention that this is a widespread problem affecting millions of people, who are now "fucked"

            2) "But that is not the case for millions of people now that the law is in effect." <– a random statement from from an opinion commentator, completely lacking attribution.

            Or, maybe the quote I'm supposed to pull is "They knew that tens of millions of people in the individual, small group and large employer markets would be unable to maintain the coverage they had."

            But if you'll go back to the article I posted, you will learn that the number remaining, after most of these people were moved on to better, often cheaper, plans, is somewhere between 0 and 1.6 million.

            3) Yawn. Again, "Many" does not indicate a widespread problem in which "millions" are now "fucked". And I could give a shit less whether someone had to switch doctors, so long as they still have one. That happens all the time *already*, when people switch jobs, jobs switch providers, or providers monkey with their networks.

            4) Jesus, did you even read? This is the article I gave YOU.

            "Critics of the law now say millions lost their health insurance. But that’s misleading. Those individual market plans were discontinued, but
            policyholders weren’t denied coverage. And the question is, how many millions of insured Americans had plans canceled, and how does that compare with the millions of uninsured Americans who gained coverage under the law.

            There is evidence that far more have gained coverage than had their policies canceled."

            5) Seriously? A Jan 2014 article in which Murdoch's rag predicting doom and gloom for the coming year is not evidence that any of it happened. Since you'd like to know what sort of sources I will be looking to for credibility, I would suggest you start here:


          • Donald, I was one of those people thrown off my insurance when ACA became law. I am self employed and for 17 years bought my own health insurance off the MOST VOLATILE and EXPENSIVE market out there. Every single year, I looked for new insurance because what I could afford was only catastrophic coverage, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR for 17 years I was stuck with the crap I first bought. Why? Every single year insurance became more and more expensive with less and less coverage, while the deductibles became outrageous as well. My insurance company informed me I was no longer to be covered because of ACA. You know what I did, I yelled AMEN! I went on my state exchange and for the first time in 17 years, I now have FULL coverage, a CHOICE of 17 plans and some parity with those who get coverage from their employers. Thanks GAWD, ACA tossed out those ridiculous insurance policies! I lived in fear of getting sick, every single year.

          • You have the audacity to bring up brown people when this POS president is as racist as they come? Reverend Wright was a portent that [email protected] ignored. Race relations are worse than they’ve been since the sixties.

          • Yeah, damn that Obama, going and doing something racist like getting elected as a black man in a white nation. It’s totally his fault that you guys all took your hoods out the closet.

          • He isn’t a black man, he is an Oreo. Typical lib response; it’s all about race with you half-baked loons if someone dislikes a politician of color. Or should I say 50% black/50% white politician. Even seeing him as black confirms your racist ideology cuz he ain’t all black toots.

          • Moron brings up race, tells me my problem is it’s all about race. I swear it’s like arguing with three year olds.

          • But I’ll humour you, just because I’m curious — when do you think racists reversed the one drop rule?

          • Libs see racism in licorice being black. Sad way to live your life considering we all turn to dust eventually. BTW, I’m a gay male who has dated black men.

          • You didn’t answer the question, and continue to miss the irony (or is it projection) in accusing me of being obsessed with race, when you have done nothing in this thread but talk about race, but hey, congratulations on having a black friend, we all know that’s a tried and true way to win the argument.

          • Did you get the memo Obamacare is a success, is it as good as it could be? NO! Why? Because of idiots like you.
            Our standing is the international community is higher than it has ever been, the world is applauding that we are not kissing the ass of Israel as we have in the past. He has helped to create equality for all the people, not just the white, religious, right crowd, and they are mad as hell about it.

          • People lost their insurance it stifles hiring. Also some people still can’t afford insurance but now they get fined for not being able to afford it. He is diving this country. Where was that idiot when those servicemen were killed. Great president, yea right.

          • I call bullshit! I don’t doubt that health care insurance might have got more expensive since it is offering more services. But any business that tells you that change has THAT large of an impact needs to really reassess their values. I bet that this is a case of the extra expense looks scary at first. But if you whether the storm, you find out its more like a cool breeze. If an employee gets hurt on the job, and you didn’t provide health insurance. The costs in lawsuits will probably make the cost of health care insurance seem like pennies. So don’t sit there and lie and tell me that as a legitimate business that WAS providing health care insurance, that its suddenly too expensive. Especially if you are a multi-million dollar business.

          • Your stupidlty is showing.

          • My stupidity does show from time to time, being that it’s skin deep. I believe yours goes, as they say, straight to the bone.

          • You have an extra comma, and it should say “but that won’t make it true”.

          • The comma is debatable, but you might have me on “it” vs “that”. Good job!

          • I know Just change the way they figures things like Unemployment and inflation, GDP and then brag how great things are

          • I do believe you’re confused; if you’re looking for someone changing the way things are calculated in order to justify pie-in-the-sky policy with magic math, then the “dynamic scoring” that the House GOP just adopted is your Huckleberry.

          • so you answer is the typically liberal response.” Me? What about you”!?

          • so your answer is the typical conservative response. “Me? Why, I never!”

          • you did it again

          • The difference is that what JapaneseRamenNoodle said is true.

          • Sure, if by “true”, you mean “not true by any objective, cite-able measure”.

          • FascistAnarchist999

            In Obama’s case it is true. He is a failure.

          • I suppose that’s true, in a world where “true” means nothing whatsoever.

          • the truth sayer..

            But the Beatles were singers.. and obama is not. The economy is down the tubes, Foreign Policy is a utter failure.. giving nukes to Iran.. SO IT IS TRUE OBAMA IS A UTTER FAILURE.. WITH AN (F) FOR HIS GRADE..

          • Now all you have to do is cite just one objective source proving that even a word of what you think is “true”.

          • Auntie Warhol …………… You won. lol

          • Depends on the definition of success.

        • Sounds like you have no idea who Krugman is. I’m inclined to think you’re high more than I do him.

        • JRN. you have nothing but cliches for your vitriol.

        • Um, that would be Paul Krugman, the nobel prize winner of economics. If you had any idea of what is going on in the world you would have known that instead of referring to Paul Krugman as” the author” over and over. Try, it is the guy who knows more about the economy than just about anyone. Stop watching Fox.

          • And Obama “won” the Nobel Peace Prize, which tells me exactly how relevant the award is. As for being an “expert” on economics, I will just pass along a quote on the topic (sorry, can’t recall who said it originally) that we learned on the first day of Econ 101…”If you laid all of the economists in the world end to end, they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion.”

          • All you have are RW talking points that have be disproved over and over. Gotta suck to be so uniformed and easily mislead.

          • What it tells you is that Obama is not a war monger like the conservatives, he did what he could to end it.

          • Seriously her lied to the America. people and portrayed that he pulled everyone out when in fact his administration just changed the names of the units still sitting in Iraq to advisors.

          • Obama won the Nobel for not being a Warmonger Republican. That is evidently enough to make the rest of the world breathe a sigh of relief.

          • Exactly, he won the award for keeping John McCain from starting WW3.

          • And, now he is back in the middle east, because why..?

          • Because Bush started something that didn’t need to be started and left a huge hole in an unstable region – and now far right wing militants (think fundamental baptist tea-partiers of the muslim world) are trying to take advantage of that vacuum and fill it with something far worse than than the old guard. All of them are violent, will kill you if you don’t believe the way they believe and we don’t need them turning their heads toward us once they’ve finished marching to Baghdad. And Syria? good grief, man.

          • Yeah, and Obama won Nobel Peace prize that was equally deserved. Krugman is an apologist for Obama and the Democratic policy who is entirely lacking in any semblance of objectivity. he is also a hypocrite who pontificates about wealth redistribution while accepting an obscenely high paycheck for teaching a single class at City College of New York.

          • So what about the hedge fund manager who makes an obscenely high one billion dollars a year for producing nothing but more wealth. At least Krugman teaches.

          • YES, he is a pure Progressive Communist… Paul Krugman…!!! He believes that the Government should run everything…

          • Greg – I see that your avatar – a portrait of Obama with a line down the middle of his face and very dark on one side. Are you making a comment about his race? Because that’s the feeling i get from many far right-wingers – they hate him because he’s (OMG) half black. If that’s you’re feeling, you’re advertising it heavily and I don’t have time for racist people in my life.

          • YES, he is a pure Progressive Communist… Paul Krugman…!!! He believes that the Government should run everything… Oh Yes.. Freedom of Speech isn’t aloud at the rolling stone… Unless, you habe a Progressive Communist point of view…?

          • Stop being such a fool. Obama isn’t even a socialist. He isn’t even particularly progressive, either. Why? Because he knows that the Republicans would have a hissy fit if anyone tried to tax the top one percent of earners any more… Republicans are greedy people who think the poor should just starve to death – die, and get out of the way. Forget education, forget roads, forget health care – just let Republicans earn their money so THEY can sit on their asses in their mansions. I hate people who say they have ideas, don’t answer legitimate questions and can’t SPELL. Don’t respond if you don’t use your dictionary.

          • And what dictionary should I use..? There isn’t a word that isn’t spelled right… It’s funny when turds like you are given FACTS… You start bitching about spelling…!1 You might want to get out of your mommies basement, and see what is going on in the real world… Back to work.. So, I can pay my taxes.. I am sure you don’t want to go without your FReE StuFF…

          • Krugman is to economics as Arafat and Obama are to Peace. While I am not familiar with why he won the prize in Economics, his belief that the government can continue to spend money like a drunken sailor and the economy will improve is just absurd. He may know his niche but he doesn’t understand the basics of Economics. That’s for sure.

          • Every economist I’ve listened to is bemoaning the fact that our government is not spending money on infrastructure. How can you justify allowing the roads and bridges and rail lines and dams to deteriorate when you could create jobs, good jobs, that put people to work and solve a problem at the same time.

        • …and the Three Stooges song of the week goes to……Japanese…Rrramen,,, Noodle!

        • It’s hard to take someone with the name “Japanese Ramen Noodles” seriously, especially with all of the sodium they possess, they are so bad for you. Talk about permanent consequences …

        • Noodlehead, can you be specific? The article refers to the “self-inflicted disaster” of the website so no one is claiming he is perfect, but beyond that. He hasn’t taken away your guns or put you in a concentration camp despite what you have been told he would do. Focusing on his missteps is like focusing on the time Michael Jorden missed a free throw. If you don’t try stuff you won’t accomplish stuff. The economy has grown; unemployment has shrunk; we are on a path to rational health care policies. we haven’t gotten involved in any wars …

        • Did you read past the headline? If you did, then lets argue any one of his points which lead him to that conclusion.


        • What makes him an utter failure?

        • Funny how you can’t put down the Faux News crackpipe for a single instant to see the really LONG list of accomplishments from this POTUS.

          YOU helped put Inhofe – who is bought and paid for by energy concerns – into a position of authority where he cites a tribal Jewish book of MYTHS as his foundation, instead of science. And you call that good.

          You, my friend, are blinded by pure hateful ideology instead of embracing reality.

        • Concerned Citizen

          I’m curious how you are doing to make that statement.?

          Reducing Unemployment by 50% is no Failure…..

          Stock Market reaching record highs almost daily of late.
          Uh can you remember the 2008 meltdown / financial crisis when he took office? Certainly no Failure there.

          Have you seen the Gas prices lately and progress in energy efficiency automotive industry?

          Have you seen any Bin Laden videos or 911 Terrorist attacks lately?

          Well sorry if your definition of Failure applies only to you missing these and many other accomplishments.

          Hope it’s not in the area of Racism that would cause you to make that statement. My prayer for you and people with your sentiment is that you have change in heart and look at the facts and not listening to Rhetoric.
          Did you even read the article?

        • Point to some FACTS that prove he’s a failure and we may just take you seriously.

        • Any fool who can remember the near crash of the US economy in Jan 2009 that was dumped in the lap of Obama and even compare the thriving economy of today is laughable at best. I will NEVER forget the crash, and the 800 thousand jobs a month that were lost.. My bank account was down so low, and wow has it returned. the real wealthy are thriving. Middle class and low wages have remained low. Exactly where Republicans want them to stay.

        • I note that you’ve not described a single one of those failures. You just don’t like the fact that he’s black.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            You don’t like me because I am Japanese, right? You’re a racist! Oh wait. It would be extremely stupid and irrational to make such ignoramus statements. What is your IQ, DesertSun59? 85?

        • And you day this because? Give me some factual reasoning that proves you are littlle more than s right wing KoolAid drinker.

        • Numbers don’t lie, and even with the unprecedented Republican obstructionism, the economy is much, much better in virtually measurable way. Turn off Fox and read something.

        • Where are your facts to back that up? Apparently the author of this article did his homework.

        • Stock Market closing at highest mark EVER, US GDP at an 11 year high, Auto industry solvent with bailout paid back (with interest,) US oil production at largest amount in history, US created more jobs in the last 6 years than the rest of the planet combined, unemployment at 5.8%, Wall Street reform and consumer protection enacted, lowest annual increase in healthcare premiums EVER, and all this with the GOP obstruction… What would he have to do to be a success? Whatever YOU are smoking must have some permanent consequences.

        • You’re mama was a failure. .you were born.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            What is your I.Q.? 85? Lower? I would venture to guess that it is somewhere around 83. You’re “intelligent” enough to use the internet yet lack the intelligence to say something original or use proper grammar.

          • Kenneth Williams


        • Well, you read the article. Can you give one example where Krugman seems to have been writing under the influence?

        • Perhaps you can elaborate on his failures, especially compared with the last president.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            I don’t think that a comparison between Bush is the same thing as comparing Obama with the presidency. Bush wasn’t exactly a stellar example of a good president (well, particularly in the second half of his second term). If you compare Obama with Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, etc… — Obama falls very short. A better comparison with Obama is W. Bush, Carter, Truman, Johnson or Nixon (in terms of scandals). Obama is a failed president.

          • Maybe I should have said details, because you really haven’t made your case. I’m 51 and remember things like Iran/Contra. Actual deliberate lawbreaking and many convictions in the Reagan presidency. Actual scandals that led to the White House. Not the imagined scandals that the right had desperately clinged to throughout this presidency. All of which promised to bring down Obama, but amounted to nothing. No indictments and no convictions. Let’s also not forget his conservative politics keeping him from acknowledging an AIDS epidemic. Allowing an unknown number of Americans to suffer. How about deliberately running up the national debt, Economically, Reagan had 2 recessions and a miserable failure called Voodoo Economics.

            I’m not sure under what criteria you can read Krugman’s article and still call this a failed presidency. You don’t like Obama and his policies, that’s fine. Let’s not rewrite history though.

            I suppose he has failed at creating genuine scandals.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            “Genuine scandals?” That is stupid. Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS-targeting and even “saved or created” claims would be a scandal in any other administration. Obama’s relied on his friends in the media to save his face. Those are REAL scandals.

          • Yes. All the “scandals” you mentioned were relentlessly hyped by the right, but never reached the White House. Shorter: Obama and his administration had no involvement. Compare that to actual scandals that reached the White House and had convictions or indictments, like Watergate, Valerie Plame, Iran/Contra, torture…

            We’ve had something like 7 congressional investigations into Benghazi that all came to the same conclusion so far: no cover-up. Everything that could be done was done.

            As far as the media is concerned, your claim is just more rhetoric from the right with nothing to support it. Try looking at all the “plummeting polls” stories from Obama’s “friends” in the media this past fall when his approval numbers have been largely consistent over the past year. In 2012 his “friends’ wrote 25% positive stories about Obama and 33% negative, according to Pew Research. These “friends” are the same ones that have been complaining about lack of access to the Obama administration over the years. You can’t have it both ways.

            You’re trying to pass off these ridiculous right-wing talking points as the basis for your argument. You may get a lot of support on FreeRepublic.com, but in the real world you have to support your case.

        • A breath of fresh air

          U must be confused or smoking something yourself. Seriously.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            Keep telling yourself that. Until you wake up, Democrats will continue to lose ground to the electorate and lose votes in states outside of New England and the West Coast. The Democrats need a candidate who is not a social radical but who can govern from the REAL center. Obama has been a failure on all counts.

        • I agree with you and those who have commented would not dare and say the same thing on any other article for they would be ridiculed left and right but this is one of their safe havens. These sheep on here are the reason we are in the situation we are in. Just call them dumb sheep.

        • how is he a failure?

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            How is he a success? His one shining legacy is Obamacare — the most unpopular piece of partisan legislature ever devised behind closed doors, spread with lies and deception, pushed through Congress and “deemed passed” without a debate over its specifics. Other than that, Obama has presided over a scandalous and unpopular administration.

        • please give up your nightly fix of faux news…..

        • Tell us how he was worst than GWB.

        • That’s all you got, your hate is strong and it’s going to destroy you.

        • Care to back that up with any FACTS?

        • Proud_to_be_American

          You know, I thought it was impossible for someone to smoke too much weed!

        • Japanese; I didn’t know what I was getting into until I read some of the posts above.
          With some rare exceptions, every one here, like the Magazine, are Rolling Completely Stoned, my friend.

        • I agree. He has run this country into the ground. Will be hard to put it back together again. So sad.!!

        • Then you should be complaining about your own damn party, because the GOP couldn’t roll out candidates that could connect with voters for two election cycles in a row. And now, the same clown parade is starting over again, because they apparently learned NOTHING in 2012.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            Any one of those clowns is superior in honesty, common-sense and patriotism than Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren or any of the Left Wing opportunists in today’s corrupt and extremist-controlled Democratic Party.

          • Thanks for the laugh.

        • Did he get 241 Marines killed in Lebanon trying to keep an UNELECTED minority government in power? Did he arm and finance Ibn Saud in 1932 so Saud could start a monarchy instead of the democracy people wanted so we could control the oil? Did he get 57,000 GI’s killed in Vietnam AFTER Ho Chi Minh asked us for help in setting up a democracy using the U.S. Constitution? Did he put missiles in Turkey aimed at Moscow causing the Soviets to put missiles in Cuba almost starting WWIII? Did he overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran and install a Shah who murdered over 100,000 of his own citizens? Did he ignore warnings that Tony Blair’s WMD intel was bogus and get 4700 GI’s killed and spend almost $4 TRILLION dollars invading and rebuilding Iraq? Please tell me what he’s done that even comes close to the Presidential Stupidity of his predecessors

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            Take your medication, Nurredin. The Muslims killed the Marines. The Vietcong killed the soldiers. The Communists killed the Cubans and their democracy.

            It is a shame that Liberal morons can’t think for themselves. I guess that the stress of “thinking” is just too much for mindless Obama supporters.

          • So your saying that we were correct to try and stop the Lebanese and the Vietnamese from voting for their own leaders? Don’t you have the right to vote? Are you saying only Americans should have the right to vote? maybe you’re the one who needs to put down the crack pipe. Were the Muslims in Lebanon fighting on our soil or theirs? Were the Viet Cong fighting on our soil or theirs? People like you are the reason we have so many casualties around the world. Your ignorance is on grand display.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            The problem is that the Vietnamese had a “legitimate” government — and the Chinese communists (with aid from the Soviet Union) were using deception, propaganda and fallacious appeals to try and deceive the population.

            The United States did not want other nations to fall the way that China did. Once you go Communist, it is almost impossible to go back (or change your mind/vote) — because the deceptive tactics fail to inform voters that the “hope” and “change” of Communism/Socialism turns into oppression and persecution.

          • No the Vietnamese did not have a legitimate government.they had a government put in place by the United States.if the government was legitimate,why didn’t the Vietnamese support it?

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            They had the “legitimate government” recognized by the U.S., France, the U.K. and other non-Soviet powers. As long as they were standing against the Soviet and Chinese communist tyrants, the U.S. was happy.
            The people didn’t know what “communism” really was. If they did (and the consequences for embracing it), they would never have done so. The same is true of China (circa 1950-2000), North Korea and any other Communist hell hole.

            The people didn’t support the Communist leaders of Vietnam (or China). Some supported the deceptive image given to them — meant to deceive them into supporting the regime.

            How is that “legitimate?” It is deception.

          • One more question…Since you’re saying it was the Muslims who killed the Marines,and it wasn’t Reagan’s fault,does that mean the Muslims who killed four Americans at Benghazi are not Obama’s fault?

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            Yes. I never blamed Obama for the deaths of the Ambassador and three other Americans. I simply blame Obama and his administration (including Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton) for dishonesty during the 2012 election campaign by claiming that it was a “spontaneous response to an offensive video” when he knew all along that it was a coordinated terrorist act.

            Obama was boasting that “Al Qaeda is on the run” and “we’ve won hearts in the Middle East by doing less” — and he was likely embarrassed to admit that this was anything but the truth.

          • Then please explain why Al Khatallah said the attack in Benghazi was in retaliation for the video when he was arrested? The Al Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11 is virtually non existent. They’re still hiding out in Pakistan.Evidently you didn’t know that ISIS is a result of the monarchies financing them in order to stop the Iran/Iraq/Syrian oil pipeline,and the only reason they’re so dangerous now is because of the stupidity of Bush/Cheney.When we invaded Iraq,we disbanded the Iraqi military,fired all the Sunni officers,refusing to honor their paychecks or pensions. Then we told the Sunni Baath party they weren’t allowed to run any candidates or even vote in the sham election. Those same Sunni officers are the ones who are training ISIS into a real fighting force. Had Bush/Cheney had the intelligence to leave them alone,we wouldn’t have this mess we have now. You don’t have a clue.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            BS. The government has admitted that the attack in Benghazi was a coordinated attack. That isn’t even in dispute now (no matter what any radical Muslim who espouses violence might claim).

            The problem isn’t just Al Qaeda. Obama boasted as though the Middle East was all roses and daisies following the “Arab Spring.” In reality, it was more of a hell hole that it was prior to that — now with factions espousing the same radical ideologies and violence that motivated crazy fundamentalists like Al Qaeda.

            No matter if you call them Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, the PLO or any other name, the motivation is still the same. They are violent and radical Muslim fundamentalists who are so absolute with their radical religious beliefs that they feel violence is an acceptable way to push it.

            Your simplistic overview of ISIS borders on absolute nonsense. ISIS isn’t ISIS because of oil pipelines. ISIS exists — as all violent (or violence excusing) fundamentalist Islamic sects exist — because of the archaic thinking of a religion that has needed a reformation for more than 1000 years.

            BTW, you can rant all you want that I “don’t have a clue.” Civilized human beings disagree with you. For all I care, the Middle East could get annihilated and the world would be better off for it. That “religion of peace” needs to go back to the hell hole from which their violent, evil and child-molesting founding prophet came.

            Muhammad was a monster and those who commit violence or control are just following their pathetic leader. Until Arabs leave that ridiculous and violent religion founded by a monster behind, they will never become a civilized people.

          • So let me make sure i understand you correctly…it wasn’t Reagan’s fault that he put 241 Marines in harms way,but it was Obama’s fault that four Americans got killed in Benghazi? Are you saying the the Viet Cong and Hezbollah came here to kill Americans,or were we there trying to kill them? You are obviously the one that has trouble with your thought process.

        • As per usual…an indefensible statement completely unsupported with any kind of facts or supporting evidence.

          Nothing to see here fol?s. Just the after effects of not drugs, but brainwashing.

        • You are the one on dope. Dry up , be sober for a few seconds , if you can, and you’d see the truth in the writer’s arguments .

        • It’s funny you call him a failure and can’t describe what he is failing on. Show me some facts on how he failed.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            “You can keep your doctors.”
            “You can keep your insurance.”
            “Terrorists are on the run.”
            “Your health care costs will go down by $2500 per family.”
            “This was a spontaneous response to an offensive video.”
            “Millions of jobs have been ‘saved or created’ by our policies.”
            “ISIS are ‘JV terrorists.'”
            “I will end the war in Afghanistan!”
            “I will close Gitmo!”
            “Iraq will be better off without our presence there.”
            “Keystone will only create about 2000 jobs.”
            “We have doubled the distance that our cars can go on a gallon of gas (while the price has gone up on an average of about $2300 per vehicle).
            “Yes, the deficit has gone up throughout the six years of my administration; however, 90% of that is because of Bush’s policies!”
            “Fast and Furious started under the Bush Administration.”
            “I didn’t raise taxes once!”

            Of course, these are just an example of Obama’s lies. I can list many more (hundreds actually) if you like. As for failed policies of Obama:

            – The racial divide is worse than ever.
            – The stimulus didn’t stimulate the economy, but he claims that it did and wants even more.
            – His financial reform policies didn’t really reform much and have actually hurt rather than help the lower and middle income families.
            – Obamacare is a boondoggle and unsustainable mess.
            – Immigration policy under Obama is the worst of any president — and is actually encouraging illegal immigration and costing taxpayers more than ever.
            – Obama withdrew prematurely from Iraq leading to instability and the rise of groups like ISIS.
            – Obama loudly supported the Arab Spring…until it turned out that the Arab Spring was sustained violence and resulted in radical groups taking power in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere.
            – Obama ignored the economic, military and territorial threat that Putin posed — even after Romney and policy experts agreed that Putin was going to go “rogue.”
            – NSA spying has INCREASED under Obama — and is being used in areas outside of the scope of searching for terrorists.
            – America’s international leadership and respect is greatly diminished. Obama claims that “America is leading from behind” yet the truth is that the world no longer looks to us for an example.
            – America’s economic and military power has diminished. Our credit rating was lowered twice under Obama’s leadership.

            Should I go on?

        • Give us some examples………..

        • Kill your children, then yourself.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            I have too much to live for, hate-mongering moron. I hope to be part of the revolution that undoes all of the mess that Barack “Worst President Ever” Obama has created.

        • You must the one who’s high. President Obama is the BEST President of my lifetime. You must be 18 or something.

        • Robert Remillard

          How about listing your rationale that led you to this conclusion? My guess is that you will fall short of convincing anyone with a neutral brain.

        • Anybody that calls Obama a failure needs to take off their hood and robe and show themselves!

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            That is the most ridiculously stupid think that any person — even an “OberDick” — has ever said. I am Japanese American. What “robe” are you referring to, moron?

          • What is a “stupid think”?

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            My post was a Swype typo. You’re just a rancid dick.

          • Hey numb nuts, ever hear of proof reading?? You are a hateful little shit, maybe because you are physically challenged, as well as mentally….

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            Keith UberDick: Please go away. Please stop molesting children. Please shut the hell up with your racism and other forms of hate-mongering. I’m sick of paying for your bipolar medication.

          • Do all of you neo cons have terrible grammar?

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            I don’t know. Since my grammar is good and you’re simply grasping at straws due to your own wacky Left Wing fanaticism, I’m sure that you’ll try and tell me.

          • I guess you are just upset about your new party leader, Mr. Donald, I would be too. By the way, not sure I would be calling anybody wacky, being a Republican, that is like throwing stones out of a glass house.

        • When people say things like this, I would like them to list EXAXTLY what you think he has failed at? Perhaps no matter what he did would be considered a failure because he is black, or has a Muslim sounding name, or he is a democrat.

          • JapaneseRamenNoodle

            Obama is not a failure because he is black.
            Obama is not a failure because he has a Muslim-derived name.
            Obama is not a failure because he is a Democratic Party politician.
            Obama is a failure because of…
            Unsustainable Obamacare boondoggle (pushed by lies)…
            The highest sustained “real” unemployment rate since the Great Depression…
            His completely broken “moral compass…”
            His embraced the “Arab Spring” for the wrong reasons and it led to unrest in the Middle East…
            His stupid notion that ISIS is a “JV squad…”
            Obama stirring up racial issues that are decidedly one-sided and divisive…
            The 2009-2010 “stimulus” did not work (and prolonged the recession)…
            His financial reforms were failures…
            Obama is actually ENCOURAGING illegal immigration…
            His premature Iraq policies led to ISIS…
            Obama laughed off the notion that Russian and Putin were “threats…”
            The NSA under Obama INCREASED its spying on citizens…
            The IRS under Obama’s appointees targeted groups Obama didn’t like (particularly those who disagree with Obamacare)…
            Under Obama, respect for America is at an all-time low internationally…
            …and the U.S. is now becoming irrelevant on the international stage.

        • Tell us where he failed and why. Don’t just throw crap out there with nothing to support it. Make sure what you bring up was his doing and not the result of our do nothing right wing congress. What, exactly, have they done, since taking the majority of seats? Hell, just find me one good thing they have done. ANYBODY?

        • Ahem, do you guys see this guy? He’s funny isn’t he?

        • JRN well you just read an article Atlanta significant achievements please list fact checked significant failures . not your opinion .

        • Based off of what? Obama has made many improvements, in many cases despite being outnumbered by Republicans in Congress/Senate who don’t want those improvements. You can actually fact check it, if want to take time to…

        • You are wrong on so many fronts.. Obama has succeeded a lot. The Republican tear him down every chance they get, but thats just (from their perspective) good politics. Don’t let their hype sway you. America IS a better place than it was since Obama got elected. And you can say what you want, but his results showed, and that’s why he got re-elected. In the past, again and again, its been proven that this country does better under Democrats than Republicans..

      • ….and yours….

      • You are truly Democrat posing to be a former republican to try and sway other republicans to change. Nice Try.

      • Lot of good it did you. The f-ing Democrats were so in love with themselves they forgot to get out the vote the old fashion way, by going door to door as the Republicans did in relative silence, while the Democrats threw a series of concerts where a ticket in was filling out a voter registration card and in between the music you had no choice but listen to crap from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton or from some light weight Hollywood types. In the end, less than a quarter of the concert goers voted and the Republicans rolled in the Midwest. The stakes were very high. far beyond four more years of George Bush, it was that George Bush was able to nominate the next two Supreme Court Justices, which ended up being two conservatives, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Scalia. For 217 years no sitting Supreme Court changed one of the original Amendments to the Bill of Rights, but in 2008 the Supreme Court altered the meaning of the 2nd Amendment and how many are now dead because of it.

      • Yeah Saaby000; You and James smoke from he same pipe.

      • WHo ran Congress before the “Bush Disaster”?

        • Unless there’s a “poison pill” in a law and the president has no choice but to sign… the president is the one who takes the blame or the credit for it.

      • the truth sayer..

        the only disaster is obama being voted in as President

      • How can anybody in their right mind support a political organization today whose leaders deny the basic fundamental facts of science? How can you expect anything good to come out of that? Communism would be better than willful ignorance…

        • What facts and organization are you referring to?

          • The established scientific consensus and the Republican party… wasn’t that obvious?

          • Because it failed in theory and in practice… I have a tendency of being anti-failure.

          • Well it was never implemented in practice so how can it fail in theory? All so called “communist” regimes of the 20th century were cult of personality dictatorships established in pre-industrial, agricultural, socialy and culturally backward societies… it’s like testing the theory of steam engines with a horse and buggy.

          • What about China?

          • China, really? Maybe we are using different definitions of communism?

            “Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal) is a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state….” — worth repeating — “…the absence of social classes, money, and the state….”

          • Well, communism has evolved. The state doesn’t own the means of production but it sure controls it.

        • They deny the facts of science because, through deep pocketed propaganda, they started to believe the “sees of doubt” that where planted and continuously watered by their fossil fuel dollars which then want to keep growing in perpetuity.

          • Yes… when you lie so much and for so long that you start believing your own BS you’ve turned the tables on yourself.

            Still curious on why you are/were anti communist as per your initial post.

          • Why? Many reasons, especially personal ones. Like the murder of a few members of my family like uncles, aunts and grandfather.

          • Because the “occupied” my motherland after killing and torturing many members of my family and forced them to live under a totalitarian regime…. as a start.

          • You mean Russians? You seem confused. How does communism have anything to do with a totalitarian regime/state of any kind?

            Communism — “(from Latin communis – common, universal) is a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state.”

            Once again so maybe it will sink in — “…ABSENCE OF social classes, money, and THE STATE.”

          • No. I don’t mean Russians. In Western Ukraine many if not most of the members of the Communist Party were Ukrainian. Why I had a cousin visit me a few years ago and she told me stories about her family life. Her father was a very staunch local Communist leader and her mother was the choir director of the “underground” church choir.. both practicing the Catholic faith and singing religious songs during services where strictly forbidden. Fortunately her father was a drunk and not very smart and he never knew what was going on.

          • But the overall government was Russian… Ukraine Socialist Republic was a part of Russia with no real independence, right?

            Again what you are saying is that you had a totalitarian government with corrupt officials… I get that, any sane person should be against it regardless of what name it gives itself. Corruption is bad in a democracy too, right?

            My question is what does that have to do with Communism?

            Again just to refresh your memory:
            Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal) is a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state.

            If you think what they had in CCCP, or have in China or N Korea is communism you are being duped by the oligarchies that are powerful in Western culture. The rich and powerful are very scared of the idea of communism because it would eliminate their power and give it to the people.

          • So how would you define the Government in power during the Soviet Union days?

          • A single party dictatorship with “socialist” economic ambitions, really not that dissimilar to the “capitalist” oligarchy they have today… a small group of people control all the resources and power. Ukrainian government at least before Maidan was the same.

            Again if you simply look up communism and/or socialism you would know that so far the closest to it are countries like Sweden and Denmark.

            The regimes of Pinochet and Suharto called themselves democracies as did the Soviet Union… do you now hate democracy? Your attitude towards communism has been shaped by the capitalist media who see it as the greatest threat to the inequity they work so hard to foster.

          • Ok. I concede on the PURE definition of the term. But, under the Soviet Union, it was the Communust party that was in control and not the Communist system. That’s who I have my beef with.
            And yes, I do believe the government should be in control of many “common” functions in society and even in some “means of production” that are not suitable for the “profit” motive such as “medicine” and “medical devices” since healthcare is a human right.

          • OK… fair enough. The ???? was formed from the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in 1912. It became the driving force of the October revolution and the abolishment of the Russian monarchy… altogether a good thing. It actually function well and until Stalin became the secretary and de facto absolute ruler of Russia it had strong democratic ambitions at least relative to the a fore mentioned Romanov monarchy. Under Stalin it became a brutal dictatorship… all dictatorships are bad even those that start of benevolent. Well yes I have a major beef with any form of authoritarian rule that limits the participation of citizens — dictatorships, oligarchies, theocracies, plutocracies, etc, etc… off with their heads. It is the citizens who decide how and by whom they are to be governed.

            “And yes, I do believe the government should be in control of many “common” functions in society…” — yep

          • Just noticed you are a of Ukrainian heritage… that’s interesting because my mother was from Brze?any and my father from Równe but we are Polish. On my mother’s side my family lived in the Podole region since at least the mid 1600s… after WW2 all that was left was my mother, my grandmother and 2 suitcases. But blaming that on a political ideology that has never been implemented would be just stupid, now wouldn’t it?

            Lost one uncle fighting the Germans in 1939, one betrayed by Jews to the Russians, killed in Katy? in 1940, one a partisan killed by Ukrainian Schutzmannschaftant-battalion and one executed in 1946 by UPA in Wo?y? area… and what was left, my mother and grandmother had to leave with just 2 suitcases because of the Yalta agreement between the UK, USA and CCCP. Now you say all this can be blamed on a social-economic concept that so far has never implemented? A little absurd don’t you think?

          • I’m blaming it on the “Soviet Communist” Government..

      • People who have a life and know how to work hard for their income instead of entitlements are so much smarter than the Dumb Dem Libtards who voted for our current POS POTUS. Learn to live the American Dream without asking others for all your ENTITLEMENTS because when the rich run out of money… you’ll soon die with them!

    • Someone’s been hitting the ganja a bit too heavily tonight…. Also your posting history on disqus says you were never a “republican”…. Also people who vote for a republican politician would never call themselves a republican. Ever. That’s how everyone knows your a MOBY.


      The American public already thinks Obama is the worst president since WWII… 53% thinks of his presidency has utterly failed. Zero. Zilch. Nada. There is no positive benefit from his presidency.

      • People in my office at my old company call themselves Republicans and they are die hard Republicans that hate anything Democratic! One lady joked that she doesn’t participate in Halloween so she will come as she is, a Republican.

        I’m voting for the best candidate that I feel is best to run our country.

      • Well first of all you are absolutely totally wrong because when you make a statement like “the American public” then you are saying all of America and that is absolutely not true. .it’s true for the right wing conservative Americans but that is a section of America brother not all Americans. ..also I have never felt that just polling about 1300 people with 75% of the respondents white and 60% of the poll done in the conservative south is an accurate representation of what 400 million Americans felt for if that is the case then I can polled 1300 people with 75 percent of them being black and 60 percent of the poll done in the west and I guarantee you those numbers would make Obama the greatest president behind Washington and Lincoln. ..This president inherited a economy that was in a financial melt down with a housing market in free fall, the auto companies in bankruptcy and double digit unemployment and now look at where we are…The financial markets have rebound with the Dow Jones average the highest it ever been, the housing market is hot with home prices rising, the car manufacturers weren’t sold off to foreign companies and a million jobs saved because of government help and unemployment is under 6 percent and if you remember doing the elections Mitt Romney said he would have unemployment down under 6 percent by 2016 and Obama did it two years earlier! !! And this supposed to make him the worst president ever by conservatives? If all these things were done by Romney conservatives would be singing his praises.

        • dballer49, well said.

        • Obama hasn’t done a thing that hasn’t been spun to death by the complicit MSM. All those jobs that he “created” are either government jobs that do nothing but suck up more taxpayer money (with nothing to show for it) or minimum wage, part-time jobs which do nothing to contribute to the economy, since those “taxpayers” will get every dime back that they paid out in income tax. The unemployment rate is easily twice as high as advertised when you factor in all of those who are no longer looking for work, but living on welfare and food stamps. And why is it there are SO many more people on the dole (a record high, which you conveniently “forgot” to mention)? The DOW is being propped up with money that is hot off the presses, and which isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. There isn’t one single thing this “president” has accomplished that will have improved the lives of the citizens, unless your long term goal is government dependence for all.

        • YES, YES,YES ! I am an American & I don’t remember telling Elem187 or anyone else…THEY CAN SPEAK FOR ME..Don’t remember being asked how the President is doing either. I would like to state here & now, I am HAPPY with the work he has & IS doing ! Plummerskid..STICK to helping your dad UNCLOG TOILETS.

        • as or 2013, 77.7% of american’s are “white alone” -USCB

          How would inverting the accurate demographic dispersion be a fair argument in defining “the American Public”?

          The Down Jones is not the strongest it has ever been. The real index is the total DJ / (Cost/Gold Oz). This helps eliminate a favorable total due to the Fed printing money (8 billion/day)

          Again, look at indices for real unemployment. Something that takes into consideration people who have left the workforce (millions) and also those who now have a 25 hr / week job flipping burgers. The normally shared figured should not be a real gauge of unemployment

        • Seven times President Bush went to the Democrat controlled Congress about the housing bs… And, like true Progressives.. We know what we are doing… Go Away..! And, like true Progressives, they blame it on anyone but their self’s……

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Well, ain’t you a sharp tool out of the shed. First, you’re just another one of the masses which speaks for itself! Second, don’t call me a liar, you lose all credibility when you talk out of your ass. I WAS A LIFELONG TURD REPUBLICAN FROM OKLAHOMA, UNFORTUNATELY. So unless you can say something of substance, which I read some of your posts, (you are like a rove or Limbaugh clone, sick) move on!

        • James M. Vandeventer


          • Those polls are of registered voters so of course they wouldn’t mean anything to you and the rest of the obots!

        • Once a turd…..always a turd, eh James? Thanks for sharing….turd.

          • BTW James……..Rove and Limbaugh are pretty much opposites. If YOU ever LISTENED TO THEM , you’d know that. Pretty much debunks your assumption about elem187. No wonder we have obama, with people like you who are clueless, and then vote.

          • James M. Vandeventer

            Keep telling yourself that they are the opposites, you’re just another victim of the “brain washing” BS. They are both liars and trash talker’s trying to make a buck. I am surprised they re-hired Rove after the last Presidential election! As long as you guys don’t UNDERSTAND AMERICA IS A DIVERSE COUNTRY. TRY TO SHOVE YOUR RELIGION DOWN EVERYONE’S THROAT, AND TELL A WOMAN WHAT SHE CAN DO WITH HER BODY, It’s CHECKMATE FOR YOU!

          • It never ceases to amaze me how stupid you liberals are. Your whole comment is proof of that. Thanks for obama you stupid idiot. BTW ……..NOBODY is telling a woman what to do with her body. Stop sucking up the BS lies. The ONLY thing people like you are good for is mocking, because you are so clueless. If there is anyone who is a victim of brainwashing, it’s liberals…..proof in your comment. wise up fool.

          • James M. Vandeventer

            My you’re witty! Enjoy what you can while you can…you guy’s days are numbered, just PRAY (well never mind, you have to be a REAL CHRISTIAN) Hillary doesn’t win, if she does, I am petty sure, it’s all over for you and your Tea Party fanatics!

      • This is all we see anymore, lots and lots of meaningless rhetoric from the right claiming to answer for the American populace. You do not speak for the American public, and certainly not me. The right has done and even signed written agreements to make President Obama a one term president, and when I look at what he has accomplished despite a completely ruthless and obstructionist Republican house, he has done amazing.

        • Only because he’s got a phone and a pen and a penchant for believing that his is the only branch of government that matters.

          • Well yes, when you have a deliberately complicate political faction shutting down the government and it’s ability to function under otherwise normal procedures, with immature antics that cost everyone millions of dollars, you resort to and use the tools you have.

          • Don, I don’t know where you get your information, but it seems to me that it was obama who quite publicly said that HE would not negotiate with republicans. Can you point me in the direction as to where, exactly you learned otherwise? Oh, can you also tell me how many bi-partisan bills sit on harry reid’s desk that he will not allow for a vote. I believe it is well over 300 by now. Obstructionists?

          • This is clearly a waste of my time since it’s obvious you are living with blinders on by why not. Remember the government shut down? Yes that was over a bill that was passed in both house, approved by the SCOTUS as constitutional and signed into law by the president. Then the 40+ bills submitted to repeal that same constitutionally passed law which was more wasted tax payer money and time. Then the endless witch hunts by Darryl Issa which failed to proved anything but more wasted tax payer money, all in an attempt to make the president look bad. And how about “The Grover Norquist Pledge. A promise that they would never under any
            circumstances, vote to raise taxes on anyone which means no compromise whatsoever by the republican house! Grover Norquist
            had held them to it, controlling 279 votes, including the speaker of
            the House, the Senate minority leader and all six Republican members of
            the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction.” This last senseless Obstruction made it impossible for a single republican to vote on ANY bill no matter how logical it was if there was any perceived tax increase involved. And for the “300 bills” on harry Reids desk you claim, it is actually about 40 according to John Boehner. I’ve read through most of them and the reason they will not be passed is because almost every one of the bills are loaded with pork. More deregulation (which is what caused the last financial disaster, more tax breaks for corporations, more gas and oil subsidies and more corporate Welfare.

          • Don just telling it like it really is…………..

          • What do you call 500+ Cloture/Filibusters? We obviously know you don’t GET information, just RWNJ nonsense. And we also know you don’t have a clue as to whats in the 40 bills Bonehead is referring to. Typical uniformed whiney RW JO.

      • You fool. The Republicans in conjunction with the Koch Brothers et al are buying the coming election. When they can spend $10 million on a small state’s Senate campaign, and the poor Democrat hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of raising that kind of money AND all of the ads are nasty lies anyway – What do you think will happen? You will get what you deserve.

        • For every dollar spent by the Koch brothers, Soros and the Steyer brothers have spent 5 on liberal candidates. I guess what’s good for the goose isn’t so good for the gander in your universe. And we’ve gotten quite enough of failed progressive crap shoved down our throats for the past 8 years to last a lifetime. We deserve a real president, not a golf pro with a phone and a pen.

        • And, the $ BILLIONS that George Soros gives don’t count…? Or, any of the 72% of the 1%ers, who are Democrats put in… The Koch Bros. are small potatoes…!!!

          And, all those 53 donation dinners O’Failure has been to this year…? Don’t know many middle, or poor people who can afford $32,400.00 a piece…. Do you..?

      • Nobody’s given up on him. You are buying Koch Brother lies. Have you read about who will be running the country if they win? Obama has turned this country around. He’s tried to keep things together. He’s stopped the fiscal bleeding but the right-wing press won’t even publish the story. I’m so TIRED of all of you who don’t see.

        • Not half as tired as all of us who can plainly see what’s going on right in front of our faces. Of course, the left is so busy looking down their noses at those of us on the right, it’s no wonder they missed it.

      • “The American public have already declared his presidency to be an abject failure?” According to whom? You? Who the hell are you? A republican? All that proves is that you’re either ignorant or just plain stupid. What’s your source to support your statement? fox “news?” Or is this just your opinion? Oh, I just remembered…you conservatives consider your opinions to be facts. The rest of us don’t. Dream on!

      • Wow in all of your putrid sarcasm.filled with anger and misguided statistics. It’s OK to be racist just say what you are.stop hiding behind political lies Please.

      • Still having a hard time accepting the fact that the he won?! TWICE! Bahhhhhh ha ha ha ha

        • Someday, the takers will be more than the makers.. That is okay… Progressive sure know how to print worthless money…

      • “The American public have already declared his presidency to be an abject failure…. ” Yep and thats how he got elected and re-elected. You RWNJ’s are just desperate. Enjoy.

        • I am guessing since you voted for the great one twice that you still live in your moms basement.. Because every small business owner that I know, and (some liberals..) that voted twice for him.. And, now that all these new regulations, and taxes on small business… they have seen the light.. us small business owners don’t have the mega bucks that the 1%ers have to buy tax loopholes… I noticed that my comment about the Flat Tax was removed..?

          • Do you have anything original? I’ve been hearing the “regulation” nonsense since 2009,,,get some new material. Yep, I ABSOLUTELY voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Only an idiot or a bigot would have voted for the two GOP clowns that belong to the party that craps on the middle class because party comes first. Taxes on the 1% and corporations have gone down, so where does the difference get made up from loser? No way you own a business, you can’t do basic econ/business 101. Think about it cupcake, the 1%’rs and corps DO buy the politicians,,,for their benefit, nobody else. Damn, you are clueless. PS Small business owner here! Wake up loser.

          • I just love Progressive Communist like yourself…!!! I guess you didn’t read past, (you still live in your moms basement.. )

          • Once again, you have nothing original. How is it that losers like you know so much about your mommies basement,,,,,spend lots of time there huh cupcake? ” Progressive Communist”? Statements like that just prove what a DBag you are! Enjoy being a loser cupcake!! I’m certain you’re used to it!!

      • Elem you just got demoted to 186. Let me reiterate what dballer just asked you! Who the hell is the “American Public?” I would submit to you that there are more disenchanted Repubs as evidenced in the last two elections with the pathetic parade of candidates, the likes of Perry and Romney who could never be President in a sane America. True conservatism is dead; all that’s left are the worthless voices of extremism that threaten to make your once honorable party null and void. At least Krugman exercised courage and intellectualism in “throwing Obama the proverbial bone for courage in the face of scathing and derisive criticisms. Are you prepared to furnish some basic facts to support your hero, whomever that might be? My friend you are a classic case of ARDD…Acute Republican Deficit Disorder. You might want to try some of that ganja you so jealously describe.

    • He’s really has done a remarkable job given the circumstances.

    • Are you stupid. I lost my job because of him.
      keep up

      • Keep up what? You didn’t lose your job because of him. You lost your job because of Bush. The Republicans won’t let Obama do what really needs to be done to turn the country around – a jobs program – an infrastructure repair program – Why? It’ll cost money! Let the private sector do it…when the private sector is sitting on more money than the rest of us put together and they will not spend one penny. They stash it in their fat accounts. And getting fatter. Will you tell me one person in the WORLD who is worth a Billion – not million, BILLION – dollars a year? Hedge fund manager…they do not create jobs, they just make money for the wealthy – and for themselves. When are YOU going to get sick of it?

        • Memo to you: Bush isnt in charge anymore. It’s time for you lefties to start owning all of the crap you’ve been dishing out since ’07. It’s amazing how you are so quick to give Obama credit for everything that goes right (at least in your opinion), but so quick to deflect the blame from him when anything negative happens (which is more often the case). Just because Obama says that nothing is ever his fault, that doesn’t mean you have to believe him. After all, he’s lied about everything else.

          • He might not be the president now but understand this his policies are still affecting us today. He didn’t take his policies with him he left them for President Obama to clean up. And he has done a remarkable job….

        • Then you should agree to Replace the Tax Code with The Flat Tax…? Gets rid of those loopholes…!!!

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Just like a whiney Republican, blame someone else! You lost your job for whatever reason. It ws just another door opening for you nt closing, but you guys can’t see that! Too busy trying to shove your religion and desires down people’s throats! Sorry, we are a diverse Nation now, and the old school ways, are headed OUT THE DOOR! If Hillary wins in ’16, it’s probably all over for you. You

    • Confederate Cowboy

      fkin delusional idiot. Really? and to think you people vote and breed

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Yep, that’s why we won the last 2 elections….while you guys were still going to your BIGOTRY classes. Oh, and btw, you should probably concentrate on 2016, because if Hillary wins, which I am pretty sure she will, IT’S PROBABLY CHECKMATE FOR YOU GUYS!

        • Confederate Cowboy

          Lied and decieved to get the first ….the cheated and stole the other. Lying cheating thieving liberal fktards. Hillary need to be in prison, but I’d settle for the bitch stroking out and dying first. Good luck to you unethical fks

      • Remember, #VoteBlue, and turn the rest of this Great USA into Detroit…


      • James M. Vandeventer

        Yea, thanks…it’s SOOOO MUCH BETTER! And, I am not angry all the time about what everyone else is doing hehahehahe!!!

    • Your comment actually made me throw up a little.

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Yes, I know. It’s hard to swallow the truth, a lot of times when people really think about things and see the reality, it makes them sick. Thanx, I am so struck by your words.

    • Nancy Brown-Barnes

      AWESOME statement!!!

    • You’re a liar.

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Don’t be so vague Johnny boy, what is it that you think I am lying about?

        • Well, Jim-Bob, I don’t for a minute think you were a lifelong republican. Nice way to set up your false bona fides though, you know, with Nixon being disgraced and all.

          • James M. Vandeventer

            Johnny boy, as Reagan would say, “there you go again!”……. yea I turned Dem sometime after 2003…pretty sure it was to vote for Kerry….yea..about that time…you should put your money where your mouth is…or you just like the rest of the blow hard Repubs?

    • You are an Ignorant Democrat Libtard Piece of Sh*t! enjoy your ass wipe magazine! You Blind Bastard. You are everything that is wrong with this great country!

    • Democrat posing to be a former republican to try and sway other republicans to change. Nice Try.

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Ye, you gave it a nice try…what you guys down to now? 39% registered? If I was you guys, I would stay away from these boards and start putting some heat on your newly elected Repubs to GET SOMETHING DONE! Tick, tock, tick, tock, the time is winding down! You blow hards gonna have to show Americans you can WORK now. Spouted off at the mouth and now you got less than 2 YEARS TO PRODUCE RESULTS, or you can KISS THE WHITE HOUSE BYE BYE AGAIN! Oh, anyway, yea, I am pretty sure I switched in 04…I voted for Kerry! You should

    • delusion definition. A false belief held despite strong evidence against it; self-deception. Delusions are common in some forms of psychosis.

    • The GOP has become a disgrace to this country. Their leading members deny that dinosaurs existed, calling them a hoax by the liberal left. They deny global warming. They deny that guns are kill people in this country everyday, and that the solution is more guns. They keep talking about jobs; yet they have not come up with any good ideas that create jobs. They deny basic human rights to women, gays, and immigrants. The GOP has become a party of the misguided for the misguided, and by the misguided. RIP GOP.

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Well, the only saving grace is the fact that the GOP is on the road to Minorityville, and going about 100mph, and don’t even know it! They will crash and burn within a couple decades or they will revive themselves and get rid of their bigoted and racist views with new visionary leadership. The only one expressing such views for them seems to be Jeb Bush, unfortunately.

    • Way off Base James, check Harry Reids desk if you want to discuss OBSTRUCTION. Blaming congress is a copt out for this failed administration. The preeezzy (as Jimmy Fallon addressed him as in a sensationalism appearance) has gotten pretty much everything he has wanted – Obamacare which is a unmitigated disaster agreed by many on both sides, the debt has set records for a president, most people on food stamps,,,on and on. Simply put he has divided and made things worst on major issues. Will go down in history as the worst president in history despite the gallant efforts of a lapdog media spreading propaganda and attempting to make this president some kind of legend. #fail

    • your clueless

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Keep telling yourself that! You Repubs are on a FASTRAK to MINORITYVILLE! Your social skills are non existent! Most of you are just delusional thieves sucking life from others to make yourself look successful. Hate to break it to you, but being deceptive and stealing from people, isn’t SALES NOR SUCCESS!

    • James: You have been Stoned for the last six years. For your own good, stop and smell the coffee.

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Luis, what makes you come up with such random thoughts? If you, as an American, can’t see how much better off we are as a Nation, compared to when Bush left office, you should really 2nd guess your decisions you make everyday, at least 3 times! Definitely don’t need to be spending ANY time ONLINE, that seems to have already done some SERIOUS DAMAGE. You just keep believing all that FAUX NEWZ nonsense, and eventually you start thinking like Ted Cruz, and Rubio, Palin, Perry, Bush, and TRULY BELIEVE America wants you to be President! hehaheaheaheaheahe! NOT!

        • James, I love them all, and no, I cannot be President of the USA, First, I don’t have the talent, the education, the culture or any qualification for the position. But I am no as stupid as YOU may believe.
          Second I was not born in here. I was born in Cuba and there is something I have; THE EXPERIENCE OF HOW A COUNTRY CAN FALL UNDER THE SPELL OF THAT POLITICAL SNAKE called Communism.
          Believe it: You are one of those who have embraced it, even if you don’t realize it.

          • James M. Vandeventer

            I am sure it may be, but the difference, we put up with it as long as it doesn’t cross the line, but when it does, we REBEL! Better yet, we, the People, have never lost!

    • You have mental problems.

      • James M. Vandeventer

        Ask yourself one question. Where was our Country when Bush left office? Where are we today? Hands down, we are SOOOO much better off! Even the Southern states are touting how good things are going now! And, if you can’t SEE that we are SOOO much better off, then you might look in the mirror when you make such IGNORANT AND HATEFUL statements!

    • You have amazed me with your stupidity.

    • Libertarian(my money, my body)

      He doubled the debt in his first presidential term. He put more costly regulations on businesses than any other president. He withdrew troops from Iraq. ISIS is alive and well in that region and elsewhere. He has not been a firm enough supporter of Israel. He does not take strong enough sides in international affairs. He vetoed the keystone pipeline. He came up with a terrible health care plan that is costly and has driven the U.S. into even more debt. He’s been a robinhood. Employment has increased under him, but most of it has been part-time work. Anyone who thinks he’s done a great job is out of their mind.

    • James , you are a dumbshit . Get your head out of your ass.

    • I voted for hope and change in 08. Obama won. Dems had control of the house and senate his first 2 years. Since then Obama has used exec order whenever he’s wanted. So how have the repubs obstructed anything? After 6 years of Obama and Dems i am sick of people still bashing Repubs. Dems in charge since 08. Dems full control of house, senate and white house for 2 full years. and more than repubs since. And you still say repubs have been obstructionists. How ridiculous.

    • I work in politics – the man is a joke – his EO’s are illegal and he has lost more time in court than I can count ON TWO HANDS…
      he’s a douche and you sound like an ad written with no actual attention paid to his loss in court record, his benghazi fiasco and the lies he has told Americans (healthcare is more expensive).
      The unemployment lies he spews by not counting people who gave up looking for work. You are forgetting the not so shovel ready jobs to spew your liberal praise on obama. He isn’t hope and change – just hopeless

    • Paul Whosoever Portell

      Nice rant. Now, say something positive about Obama that wasn’t fabricated from a Democratically-biased source.

    • Pure partisan speculation.

    • Your abysmal grammatical errors are a definite sign of your lack of common sense and credibility.

    • (((WELL SAID)))

    • Dumb Dem Libtards always spew, just to spew!

  5. History will show President Obama has left an incredible legacy. Coming in at the worst economic time since the great depression, against all odd from the racist and or obstructionist right, dark money and a histrionic institutionally racist press, he has managed to guide the US to a greater economic stability. Health care reform, giving legitimacy to the reality of global warming will be his greatest legacy and facilitating change in Civil rights, same sex marriage, and daring to discuss out loud, the inequities in race relations to name a few. His work on international relations is not over.

    • Oh please! The Rolling Stone claimed Bush as one of best and rooting for those two Boston Bombers.

      Plus 80% of what you say is invalid and laughable. Bet you didn’t know the fact Obama created more mess than Bush, raised debts 4 more than all previously presidents, started a War on Women plan, and keeping the racism alive with supported by Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Hillary Clinton. You’re a Hypocrite.

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        You are one of the ignorant ones that supports a party that would do nothing for you unless you have a couple of billion lying around, which i seriously doubt.. You are supporting a party that would take the food from your stupid mouth to give to a wealth hoarder and you have the audicity to call one a hypocrite you support the hypocrite party, which believes in rape and keep the fetus and starve the child, the only reason they are so pro life is votes, they care nothing for no one and NOT IDIOTS who run around with teabags on their hats…When they take everything you have which they will if they go in again you will finally wake your dumb ass up

      • “… raised debts 4 more than all previously presidents…” is both grammatically silly and factually incorrect.

        Please proceed, governor!

      • Surely you jest ! Obama has had to clean up the enormous mess left by Bush & to date he has done a good job. He would have accomplished more with a bit of help from the right wing republicans..

      • Are you mentally ill?

      • Obama will be vindicated in history and yes, he is the best President we have ever had. He came into office when we were on the edge of the depression Mitt would have surely hastened. He saved the world economy and has thus far been able to introduce Health Care to millions of Americans. Say what you like, but his clear head and ability to endure the worst treatment of any president in history elevates him above the eternal fray. He is smart, loving, and just plain sick! He sings, he dances and he is one class act.

        • Obama golfs too. You forgot to mention that. As for your “knowing” what Mitt would have done, it must be AWESOME being clairvoyant! It’s apparent even to a dumb conservative like me that your intellectual acumen is surpassed only by your love of lingerie…”he sings, he dances…”

          • Franziska Fischer

            Oh shut up. Love of lingerie? Because I am wearing a bikini? I am a model, it’s my JOB. And what exactly is wrong with golf? Many deals are struck on the golf course and he has a right to some fresh air and exercise. I would challenge my intellect against yours or anyone else for that matter, any day. Same old material you are using, come up with something new. Golf. Benghazi. Muslim. Kenya. Socialist. Communist. Yes it’s time for some new material, but I guess him giving himself a pay cut has the Conservative Cat’s Tongue, so to speak. Meow.

        • And, still in a depression…! Only part time jobs..

      • Typical crazy tea party talk. .no facts and all opinions

      • You must listen to FOX news. Obama has lowered the debt – that Bush created. Everything else you say is foolish and ignorant.

    • James M. Vandeventer


    • History has already shown that Americans already think he is the worst president since WWII…. Majority of Americans say this is a failed presidency. You are living in la la delusional land if you think his popularity will come back from this.

      His legacy is going to be even uglier because the worst of Obamacare hasn’t been implemented yet. All of the problems with sky high deductibles/premiums, losing your doctor, losing your plan, is just the tip of the iceberg. The employer mandate kicks in next year. You want to see how angry the American public can get? Just wait. Get some popcorn ready.

      • People lost those plans because they were crappy plans and those insurance companies didn’t want to meet the new standards that were set by Obamacare. .those are facts you can’t dispute

        • Actually I loved my plan. I had basic antibiotics covered, emergency coverage after I paid a 1000$ deductible. I paid $56 per month. Used it once. Now I pay $372 per month. Havnt used it other than allergy meds which were covered on my first plan. I’m so glad my “crappy” inexpensive plan has been replaced with an expensive one that offers me almost no additional coverage and a higher deductible.

        • You have to be high???? I have good insurance and my deductibles doubled because of this crap YOUR president FORCED onto the public. So now while I have to PAY for someone who doesn’t work gets free care my plan doubles !!!! So your facts are garbage!!

          • You are NOT paying attention. We have the WORST and most EXPENSIVE health care system in the industrialized world. AND the worst outcomes….Highest infant mortality rate, lowest life expectancy, highest teen pregnancy rates….Your good insurance was going up at double digit rates until Obamacare. And it was going up because of cost-shifting that happened when really sick people went to the emergency room and got all that “free” care you’re bitching about. Who the hell do you think paid for the “free” care? YOU did – through your insurance rates….Now, at least, it’s single digit increases. If your boss doubled your copays it was because he used it as an excuse to do so to save money. If you lose your job and you’re sick – you couldn’t get health insurance five years ago. You can now. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HEALTH CARE ECONOMICS. Talk to someone who does, and those fact are NOT garbage.

          • How about talking to me? I’m in the healthcare business and have been for 25 years. And I have been in private practice and have been the one who has paid for my employees to have healthcare. The reason those employers have increased rates and deductibles, is that he/she can no longer afford to provide you with healthcare at the rates being charged to him or her. If the boss doesn’t “save money”, the boss goes belly up, and your job goes bye-bye altogether. It looks like you might be the one here who needs to sign up for some basic business classes.

          • Keep drinking the cool-aid..

          • Insurance premiums have been on the rise for years. Any working American can tell you that. What about ethics? Should we as a society not care about the health of others in society who may be less fortunate? It is our moral responsibility to take care of one another. If only the Republicans grasped this concept….

      • Wow, they asked a bunch of people who have land lines, lol. What do you think a bunch of people who have land lines are going to conclude. Have you ever received a polling question on your cell phone? NO. They are polling only old white southern people and that is where your result comes from.

      • Obama destroyed you in 2008 & 2012 and if you like…we can amend the Constitution and have him destroy you again in 2016 & 2020. Keep talking and you might get what you think you want.

        • Why don’t you then? It’s what you guys have been planning all along. And I have no doubt, what with the lefts penchant for lying, cheating and stealing to gain power, that this is exactly what will happen. Just make sure you get rid of the Second before the First, or things might not go so well for your side.

        • Bring it and watch the shit hit the fan :-)

      • Cmon man! How can you equate president Obama with the failures of Nixon and bush. Since its blasphemy to say anything bad about saint ronald. You know, he of the 5 military interventions, quadrupling the deficit, a huge increase in middle class taxes and a horrible recession from 81 to 83. Compared to these clowns, he’s done a great job

    • Do you not see more ppl are now without insurance than before. dumbass people.

      • Where did you read that? Or do you read? More people HAVE insurance – by millions – than did before the Affordable Care Act. I’ll bet you live in Texas where there are more uninsured people because your governor, a Republican, won’t expand Medicaid. Just let them rot. Who cares – he says….

      • Oh, the 40 million uninsured… That are still without insurance..! And, 2 million of the 8 million have been kicked off because they lied… Now, how is that working for you..? I saw this on CNN…

    • And name calling like “racist” is so old it has dust on it try a new slogan!

    • You still believe in Global Warming? Get with the program, will ya’! It’s Climate Change, for Pete’s sake. Of course, those of us with working gray matter prefer to call it by it’s proper name…weather. As for the “racist press”, yes it is. It spews out all manner of lies about the evils of white people and has even invented a new sin to pin on us, by the name of “white privilege”. The dark money was, in fact, legally donated by corporations. After all, if a “union” is nothing but a group of people (which I agree with), then so is a corporation. But you libs have never liked an even playing field.

    • $897 BILLION in shovel ready green jobs… And, 98.9% are Bankrupt… And, you want him to spend Mote Money we don’t have…

  6. Please put a stop button on those video ads! I’m trying to listen to Pandora while reading your articles, but your darn ads won’t stop running, and the mute button located on the ad only works temporarily. It turns itself back on for the next ad. It makes it impossible to enjoy your written content.

  7. 5.9% Baby!

    Plunging Unemployment Make Obama the Greatest!!!

    To Obama Doubters-

    Our nosediving unemployment rate is just the latest example of why
    President Obama will go down in history as the best president in the
    history of the USA!

    I wonder what president you think has done better in modern history?
    Certainly not W, if Obama had not run and won on stopping the Iraq
    occupation we would still be there ALONE, (under McCain) and we’d be at war
    with Iran too. Maybe you liked Clinton more, but what did he accomplish

    GATT and NAFTA which sent our manufacturing base south and east. Sure he
    blew up the stock market because corporations lowered their labor costs
    to $1 a day in China. All that loose money led to the bubble in our

    Reagan’s version of Benghazi was to get 250 marines killed in Lebanon…Carter was great, except for accomplishing nothing.

    FDR and LBJ both had 67 Senate seats and even bigger margins in the House when they passed their big legislative packages.

    I’ll take Obama’s ending Waterboarding, Healthcare, Lack of New Wars,
    Gays in the Military Openly, pseudo legalization of Pot and Saving a
    Dead Economy and Crashing Market ANYDAY over those other presidents.

    And President Obama still has 2 years and 7 months left in office to hopefully normalize relations with Cuba among other things.

    OBAMA NEEDS US at the POLLS IN 2014!


    • Can you stat some fact, instead of spread the gibberish that you had learned from fraudulent news? If you don’t like it when someone bring up what they’ve heard from Fox News, then don’t bring up what you’ve heard from CNN or MSN or MSNBC or P’S or ABC…. wow! You got too much fraud News/Media to hook on.

      • RightWing Unemployment Ploys—–

        1. Obama Cheats on How Unemployment is Calculated.

        NO-The way the unemployment rate is
        calculated was most recently changed by the REAGAN and CLINTON
        administrations so that it no longer reflects those who have dropped out
        of the job market HOWEVER this point was never mentioned by
        conservatives until President Obama came into office and now when Fox
        etc. does mention that fact they don’t put it in context and thereby
        insinuate that this is a new way of calculating the unemployment rate
        which was begun by the Obama administration but IT WAS NOT. The
        unemployment rate today is calculated in the exact same fashion it was
        during the W Bush administration.http://PatrioticEconomics.blogspot.com/

        • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

          where did you get that crap…. do you have any facts.. lying shit is all it is.. Bush put us in this recession by his deregulating the stock mkt to help himself and his wealth hoarding friends and he and Chaney the war criminals put us in this war. The President has done great with the obstruction he faces from the REPUBLICON bought off crooks..

          • Carol I’m with you 110%…You didn’t read my full post. I am defending President Obama V these false claims…I said…

            RightWing Unemployment Ploys [LIES]

            1. Obama Cheats on How Unemployment is Calculated.NO-The way the unemployment rate is
            calculated was most recently changed by the REAGAN and CLINTON
            administrations so that it no longer reflects those who have dropped out
            of the job market HOWEVER this point was never mentioned by
            conservatives until President Obama came into office and now when Fox
            etc. does mention that fact they don’t put it in context and thereby
            insinuate that this is a new way of calculating the unemployment rate
            which was begun by the Obama administration but IT WAS NOT.

    • You do realize the unemployment rate is down because the BLS counts people who have given up on looking for work as being employed….. But you’re an Obama voter I don’t expect you to read past the headline and actually drill down into the numbers to see the whole story…. If you did, you would see we have the lowest labor participation rate since 1978.

      Since you have a hard time with this, let me help you. That means 1 out of 5 working age Americans do not have a job. And all the jobs being created every mônth? 90% are part time. Hardly the robust growth the White House is claiming……. BUT that doesn’t work with your worldview so you ignore it and rather go with what MSNBC tells you to believe.

      • Why don’t you do yourself a favor and do us a favor as well , go somewhere out of the Country to live. Your a total idiot. You would find something wrong with Obama if he gave you a gold mine, you would complain he didn’t give you a shovel to go with the mine . Your a faux news junkie and a real jerk . Your whole party are frauds!

        • Guessing your a Progressive Democrat, Who believe in the Freedom of Speech..? Only if everyone agrees with what you say…? And, if anyone disagrees with you, they need to STFU, or put into Prison…?

          And, you should be the one who should leave, and live in North Korea for a couple of years… Because what you are wanting to do to this Great USA..!!! Is what North Korea is… And, if you like it.. STAY..!!

      • And how much of those who have “given up” did so of their own free will and preference? There’s a reason they’re not counted and have never been. So take your talking points elsewhere.

  8. They said same thing for Bush and Boston bombers. Hypocrite! !

  9. love him and everything he stands for …

  10. I would vote for him again if he could run for a third term.

  11. I voted for Obama twice, but to call him the most successful president in US history, how about wrong. how about change most to least and then I would maybe half agree.

  12. Kalar r u on crack the world can’t take another 2 years let alone 4 more with that d*** in office !!!! I’m hoping that he gets impeached for the shit he as done and if u people think that the dems will win mid terms and or the pres in 2016 you people r all more retarded then I thought !!!!! And Reagan was the greatest president ever !!!! Obama can’t even be a pimple on his ass!!!

    • Block Please read some recent history. Reagan was the second worst president ever in the last century. G.W.Bush beat him for first place in being the worst.

    • Once again Block your such an asshole wait your the whole ass. Reagan the best President. Nancy was running the Country. This man was clearly sick and had no business being President. And let’s remember Gore had more popular votes then W in 2000. If the Supreme Court’s republican judges didn’t cheat the outcome would of been different. Your a fool honestly! !!

  13. The economy is in shambles, the work force is 34 percent smaller and the unemployment rate is fake because most jobs are part time and if you haven’t found a job after 6 months they don’t count u anymore in the rate and ISIS is getting stronger and gaining more ground despite Obamas bombing campaign, yea he’s great. Whether he’s black, white , male or female , it doesn’t matter. He’s probably our worst president since Buchanan. And even worse, he accomplished nothing when democrats were the majority in congress during his first two years in office.

    • Let’s get our facts straight concerning how the unemployment rate is calculated.

      According to “How” (2014), contrary to what many
      people believe, labor data is collected from a sampling of households
      throughout the country rather than based on the number of people collecting
      unemployment benefits. The sample
      consists of 60,000 households of individuals who are representative of the
      population of the United States (“How,” 2014).
      Furthermore, the design of the sample is structured to be valid (“How,”
      Source: How the government measures unemployment. (2014, June 12). Retrieved October 02, 2014 from, http://www.bls.gov/cps/cps_htgm.htm

      • “People are considered employed if they did any work at all for pay or profit during the survey reference week. This includes all part-time and temporary work, as well as regular full-time, year-round employment”

        So if you create massive part time jobs…..the numbers will be in his favor??? Or no? Which is it because this was taken from your link……

        • The numbers aren’t in anyone’s favor. They represent exactly what they are intended to which is whether or not people are working or are unemployed. Temporary and part-time work does mean the person worked. It’s a better system than simply looking at data from state workforce development departments (“unemployment offices”) based on the obvious flaws.

    • Obama is making Carter look good. Obama has been the worst president and most Americans know it. He hasn’t done anything for us, he has done plenty to us though. Too bad the Dems don’t know the difference. Everything Obama touches turns to shit. Tell me I’m wrong…I dare you. I’ll bet dems think Detroit still looks good. Democrats ruin everything with their failed attempts at politics, wanting to tell everyone how to live, and taxing the hell out of anything that moves.

    • Once again, Nixon, bush, reagan, hoover. All repubs and all way worse than Obama

  14. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels.

  15. Indeed, a wonderful piece on a man who deserves much more credit than he has received.

  16. Esther u keep on doing all those drugs u r doing bc it’s f**ked your brain up. If Reagan was so bad why did he win by a landslide not once but twice, Obama bearly won the second time and he only won bc he was black. Don’t worry Romney will win in 2016 and then shit will get done the right way !!!!

  17. Bobbi Santorumforprez Swingle


  18. This is the argument the old white guys wanted America to debate since the first night night of this President’s inauguration. When you have powerful leaders meet in a private room on how to plan a failed Presidency?

    So on day one the obstructionism began and continues today. His mistake is he has tried to work across the isle. Making appointments to appease Republicans. Making attempts to make the country work better in Washington, since that is what he ran on the first time if anyone remembers back that far.

    Despite all the fake scandal on his vacations, blocked appointments and fear mongering over him taking your guns. Racist folks have tried to make a scandal of every decision, every policy and every attempt to have a more prosperous America. Is he perfect? By all means no, but after 8 years of the Bush implosion someone had to try to make the universe balanced again. Which is why he was elected-twice I might add.

    All Presidents in history have not always been popular and this is mainly because of the politics of the time. When the smoke clears, history……the real history will determine Obama’s success or failure. Not Fox News, Koch brothers, and any other politician who is mad that the black guy beat them out. The establishment is petrified because if this minority guys Presidency even looks like a success that means more will follow, women, latinos, asian etc. and the Republicans know since they are the party of the old white guy they are and will be extinct.

  19. Interesting can’t wait to read the complete article

  20. I’m black and not partisan. Rolling stones must be stoned out of there minds. Successful at what?? Obama has succeeded at killing the hope of America. Yea he changed it alright. Changed it for the worse. Higher taxes, bad healthcare, doubled the debt, takes no responsibility for his actions in racially, socially and politically dividing this country and the poor are getting poorer. So other than giving the thumbs up to catch Osama which the military , who he disrespects, made real easy for him what are his “successes”????? And I don’t wanna hear no damn blaming bush bulls*** either. He ain’t been president for 6 years now so that sh**tty excuse don’t fly.

    • You are not Black and if you are, you are a very stupid, uneducated and ignorant Black person. Crawl back under your rock, your brain that you left there are lonely. If you want someone to believe that you are truly Black then do not lie and distort this President’s achievements, and most of all never make the untruthful claim that he has destroyed the American dream. Where did you get such an ignorant mindset, since there were 43 white Presidents before him that did not help this Nation’s citizens fulfill their dreams either, especially Black ones like your silly lying arse, how can you lambast just him? You need to just shut up!

  21. obama is human garbage. A liar, a racist, a coward, anti-American, anti-Christian, islam loving, piece of shit traitor to the USA and should be tried, convicted and hanged as the traitorous scumbag he is. And that USA hating bitch wife of his should be hanged for being a willing accomplice.

  22. Check out video below and explain how is he the most successful president?

  23. The media flip flops for ratings. They made it seem as if Riomney was closer than he actually was during the last election. Now the in thing is to portray Obama as the lame duck, to get everyone excited. Look at the facts, including unemployment and the economy which are vastly improved, credit card reform (thank you Obama, now I know my due date wont change), health care, etc. The facts are buried in favor of inflammatory headlines. The reality is only one third of our country is republican, but the media makes it seem a 50/50 split. People are kind of freaked out about republican rule. Redistricting is scary because it could happen.

  24. Kristi Nance-Taylor

    Krugman’s columns have drawn criticism as well as praise. A 2003 article in The Economist[115] questioned Krugman’s “growing tendency to attribute all the world’s ills to George Bush,”
    citing critics who felt that “his relentless partisanship is getting in
    the way of his argument” and claiming errors of economic and political
    reasoning in his columns.[83] Daniel Okrent, a former The New York Times ombudsman,
    in his farewell column, criticized Krugman for what he said was “the
    disturbing habit of shaping, slicing and selectively citing numbers in a
    fashion that pleases his acolytes but leaves him open to substantive

  25. Keep smoking all that weed man it keeps you dumb!!!

  26. Cannoli2 and Dolly61 suck a d**k and die ,dumbs r all in denial

  27. Krugman is a laughable Buffoon and always has been. He has no idea what he’s talking about and obviously lives on a different planet. Almost nothing in his ridiculous article is true which always seems to be the case this moron…

  28. What the [email protected]$ k is this writer thinking Obama is one of the worst presidents this country has ever had. He would rather play golf of go to a fundraiser than lead this country. He has ruined our military and made us a joke around the world.

  29. President Obama has done an incredible job in the face of almost unimaginable opposition and outright personal hostility. The facts are that he has been successful through sheer will, determination and courage. I am proud to have him as our American President.

  30. I call him the Jackie Robinson of Politics. You may not be old enough to know that LBJ HAD A SUPER MAJORITY in congress, was from Texas and was a member in good standing if the “good ole boys club” and thereby got the most historically significant laws passed Civil Rights, bill and is considered one of the greats but HE HAD A SUPER MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS. OBAMA MANAGED TO MAKE MAJOR REFORMS IN HEALTH CARE NOT ENOUGH BUT MORE THEN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN MY LIFE TIME. He managed to get Iran to stop making plutonium for weapons without going to war and he is not responsible for the worst invasion of a country based on lies. Let the Arabs and Jews continue with the thousands of years never ending hatred of one another. Let them have their revolution we had ours and let them have their civil war we had our and more people died gruesome deaths just as bad as what we see now. We are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction on earth and the Republicons are screwing around.

  31. Obama has been the strongest president in my lifetime. I love him and his family.

    • And I’m going to guess and bet you are about 20?

      • no. I am going to guess you have an arsenal in your basement, hate gays, and believe a black man doesn’t belong in the white house. Oh, and believe in the poison in that pornographic book called the bible.

  32. LOL Evidence that marihuana is definitely harmful!!

    Well, not exactly the magazine. It was Krugman, America’s number one Obama sycophant!

    This is a jewel: “Yes, Obama has a low approval rating compared with earlier presidents. But there are a number of reasons to believe that presidential approval doesn’t mean the same thing that it used to: There is much more party-sorting (in which Republicans never, ever have a good word for a Democratic president, and vice versa), the public is negative on politicians in general, and so on.”

    Like the Democrats and the liberal media had good words about Bush!! ROFLOL !!!

    All of a sudden “the public is negative on politicians in general”? Krugman needs a job at The Comedy Channel.

    • In typical conservative fashion, you cherry-pick a few statements that marginally fit your argument and ignore the rest. Paul Krugman was a great critic of the president at the beginning of his administration, (as he says at the start of the article), but his opinion has changed. You do know what change means, right? It means that you look at the facts realistically and alter an opinion based on that analysis. I know it’s difficult for a conservative to see things this way. Your entire existence since 2008 has been derived from believing everything this president says or does is wrong. As a result, your head has become so firmly entrenched within your nether region that it is impossible for you to see anything beyond the GOP/Tea Party talking points. Give it a try. You might find it refreshing to smell something other than your own excrement.

  33. I see President Obama much as I see a professional football head coach with a losing team. He doesn’t go on the field to play the game, but he is blamed for the losses nonetheless. The man has put forth a progressive vision for America but that vision has been clouded by a do-nothing, obstructionist, Republican Congress bent on seeing everything he wants come to nothing. Even with all the road blocks, he has managed to get the ACA passed, the deficit cut by more than half and America’s reputation overseas greatly restored. It’s easy to blame the guy at the top, but this time, it’s the wrong thing to do.

  34. For all of you right wing Obama haters,let’s go over the Presidential stupidity of the last eighty years and see how Obama stacks up….1.1932 …Hoover finances and arms Ibn Saud so he can start a monarchy when the people want a Democracy,just so we can have a puppet controlling the oil. 2.1934…BP,Gulf Oil, and the British Army take the southern part of Iraq by force and create the MONARCHY of Kuwait so they can control the oil,Roosevelt does nothing when the people don’t want a monarchy and beg for help.3.1953…The Iranian parliament votes to nationalize their oil,so all citizens may share in the profits. Eisenhower overthrows the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government,installs the Shah ,who proceeds to murder over 100,000 of his own people in a 26 year reign of terror.4. 1962 JFK puts nuclear missiles in Turkey aimed at Moscow,causing the Soviets to put missiles in Cuba aimed at Washington, creating the “Cuban Missile Crisis” .The Soviets don’t remove the missiles until JFK agrees to remove the missiles form Turkey,which they don’t teach in American schools. JFK almost gets us blown up and people make him out to be a hero when he started the mess. 5. 1964. LBJ decides that he doesn’t want the elections to happen in Vietnam that were promised to them in 1945 because polls show Ho Chi Minh will win.We end up losing 57,000 GI’s before Ho Chi MInh takes over.People tend to forget that Ho Chi Minh was an attorney who came here first asking for help to get the French out of his country. We said NO. 6.1972..Nixon goes to China to open up Chinese manufacturing so American companies can dump union labor,causing the unions not to be able to contribute to the Democratic party. We’re still suffering from “globalization” of labor today. 7.1979 the double whammy from Jimmy Carter. The shah is deposed,and flees Iran to Mexico.The Iranians issue n extradition warrant for murder,and the Mexicans tell the Shah to leave or be arrested.Carter takes in the Shah,and refuses the warrant for murder,causing the Hostage Crisis. The second whammy is Carter helps the British and the French stop the “Neo Ikwan” Democratic revolution in Saudi Arabia (financed by Billionaire Osama Ben Laden),when they had the Royals on the run.The Neo Ikwan change their name to the Mujahedeen,and then again to AL QAEDA. 8.1981 Reagan causes MAJOR problems on the Domestic and world stages.He implements the “Laffer Curve” or “tickle down economics” which George H.W. Bush calls “voodoo economics” in 1980. We’re still waiting on the trickle down. Reagan fires the Patco union,giving American companies the green light to fire union workers fro cheap foreign labor.Reagan decides to send to navy for maneuvers in Libya’s Gulf of Sidra for NO REASON,creating an enemy for 30 years. Reagan decides to arm and train Ben Laden and the Taliban against the Soviets,too dumb to know we’re number two on the hit list. 1983. Reagan sends the Marines into Lebanon to prevent an election and keep an UNELECTED minority government in power,causing the deaths of 241 Marines. 1991. Saddam invades the illegal monarchy of Kuwait in the SECOND Iraqi attempt to take back the land stolen from them. George H.W. Bush decides to help Britain and BP since Britain was too weak to take on Saddam alone after almost losing in the Falklands/Malvinas war. A “NO-FLY” zone is established in Iraq,giving us and the British control of 2/3rds of Iraq,and stopping all Iraqi military flights. 9. 2001 In April,the Phoenix FBI tell the Bush.Cheney administration that Middle Eastern men are taking flying lessons but don’t care about takeoffs or landings.The report is ignored. Sept.11th 2001.We are attacked by 19 Saudis and Egyptians who hijack planes and fly them into the World trade Center and the Pentagon. Bush/Cheney immediately look for any connection to Iraq. 2002.Saddam Hussein tells tells Tony Blair he will no longer accept British pounds or American dollars in payment for his oil,and that he will only take Euros or Yuan if the “NO-FLY” zones are not removed.BP doesn’t have that type of foreign currency,and Tony Blair cooks up the phony WMD Intel and gives it to various nations including the U.S. Even though Saddam has NO NUCLEAR PLANT or Centrifuges,Bush tells the nation that Saddam purchase yellowcake and is trying to build a nuke. CIA agent Valerie Plame presents a report that says the Tony Blair intel is BOGUS,but Bush/Cheney don’t present that intel to the Congress. Plame is outed when she protests that we’re about to get a lot of GI’s killed for no reason.Bush/Cheny invades,we lose 4700 GI’s ,and NO WMD’S are ever found. Please tell me what Obama has done that matches any of this lunacy for the last eighty years.

  35. Painful to think of all Obama, and this country, might have accomplished if he hadn’t faced the most virulent, mean-spirited, calculated, relentless attacks by the opposition from day one that any president in my lifetime has ever had to deal with. Never forget the closed-door meeting Congressional Republicans held on Inauguration Day, 2009, where they vowed to be in lock step against every single Obama initiative regardless of its merits in an all-out effort to destroy his presidency. Damn near treasonous, seems to me.

  36. Vernon Ray Williams Sr.


  37. The world is laughing at Barack Obama, the most incompetent president ever to hold office. He is a failure at economic policy and a failure a foreign diplomacy. He excels only at lying and hate.

  38. Good article.

  39. All I have to say is stop Hating on our President!!!

  40. I voted for him twice and would again if he could run.

  41. As long as you folks are arguing about whether it’s the red team’s fault or the blue team’s fault, they have you right where they want you.

    When people like Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell are Senate leaders, and Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner are house leaders, we are not going to accomplish anything. Their mission is to drive wedges and create hate and animosity. From the looks of things, they are winning, and that is not good for us.

  42. Cornell West is a self serving shithead, with little sense of perspective other than to hear himself talk. Harvard was right to dump his ass. Why anyone thinks his opinion is worth anything is a mystery to me.

  43. If you can find in the history of American when a lame duck president had high approval ratings, then I will wake you up from your dream and bring you back to reality. His low approval rating is standard and it comes with the job. I am pretty sure he would give two fucks about the rating. Dude is focused on running a country.

  44. Great article. And if Obama is doing so bad why are so many states getting ready to take on some more blue?

  45. I think he has done a great job,especially since he had no help from the rep side.In North Carolina GOP keeps saying Kay Hagen voted 96 percent with the President , well hell she is a Democrat why would she vote with the gop?

  46. LOL…most successful president? LMAO. I guess this is why we don’t refer to rolling stone magazine as a source of great political thought. The most incompetent president in american history very likely. The most ineffective president in american history definitely. The most partisan president if not politician in american history certainly. This pathetic man can’t even get his own party to support his legislation. Did the writers of this silly article bother to check on the 6 democratic senators running for re-election who have refused to be seen with obama? Even refused to mention his name. Senators from this losers own party are literally ashamed to be associated with him. And rolling stone thinks this is a sign of a successful president. LOL

  47. Hadrian Embalsado

    Ugh all I see is one comment with a very long reply thread. LOL

  48. Even though the issues in politics remain the same throughout
    history, its leadership does. This leader, Barack Obama has been a courageous
    leader, who will go down in history for guiding America in a time when it could
    have been a victim of its own foolishness, becoming self-destruct and fell into
    the jars of time immemorial or time out of mind. We are lucky that he was
    chosen to lead this country when the ignorance in our society was nearly causing
    our government to capsize.

  49. Successful ? . . sure, . . for gays, , muslims, , ,and illegals, , obama has been VERY successful. . . For the average American obama’s policies have been dismal failures.

  50. Paul Krugman? Bwahahahahahaha!

  51. Thank you!!! President Obama has done an incredible job despite almost impossible odds. Not only did he rescue this country from the folly of Republican economic ideology and Wall Street/corporate plunder of the middle class, has he out performed the GOP’s icon Ronald Reagan on the important economic indicators of job growth, stock market performance, economic growth, control of inflation, the deficit, and he’s done it faster than Reagan in a more sustainable way. That liberal rag Forbes recently carried a piece about Democrats being better for the economy than Republicans as studied by the authors of Bulls, Bears, and the Ballot Box over 80 years under presidents from each party. Furthermore, this latest recession would have been much worse were it not for the safety net put in place by Democrats during the Great Depression–unemployment insurance, the concept of a minimum wage, the right to bargain collectively which benefits more than union members, Social Security, and more–in place since the 1930s. Medicare which brought a measure of security to seniors was passed by Democrats in 1965. Republicans have opposed these important programs every step of the way and are bent on undermining and unraveling all of it while President Obama audaciously passed the most important piece of health care legislation since Medicare which has already benefitted millions of Americans, including seniors, and is saving $billions in health care costs because of quality improvement measures in the bill. President Obama has done his best to get us out of two wars that we should never have started and for which we are now paying a terrible price in having destabilized the whole region. Our President is championing rights for women, the LGBT community, veterans, working individuals and families, immigrants, victims of gun violence. His policies have helped the environment, manufacturing, the middle class, low wage workers, students, everyone needing healthcare, investors, communities, small business, farmers. He could do more if he could get just a little bit of help from Congress to pass measures that used to be routine–infrastructure and transportation bills. The Republicans who are intentionally blocking President Obama’s efforts to run the country should be called out for failure to do their Constitutional duty as elected officials. The Supreme Court should be called out for their ruinous decision putting corporate power ahead of We the People. This President deserves our support and our thanks for taking on such an awesome responsibility and continuing to lead against the relentless, disrespectful opposition from the Right. Anne

  52. Republican states need to get off corporate welfare and take care of their children, education , sick ,infirm and elderly and stop kissing the butts of top 1 % while the 47.5% they disdain suffer. Stop blocking new technology, The solar industry and advances in medicine, leave the gays alone and stop using the lives of American soldiers to gain cheap oil!

  53. Ha ha haaa >_< The GOP must sick.. walking around looking like they've just bitten a wasp :P

  54. It’s been a true historic master class.

  55. Taking a Paul Krugman article about wonderful Obama seriously is the same as taking a Karl Rove article about George W. Bush seriously. Nothing but anecdotes to make their own look good. Bush was a disaster, and Obama came in and made it worse. No amount of silly anecdotes change that. Krugman is nothing but a stupid Keynesian, so it’s no wonder why he worships Obama. Stick to music, Rolling Stone.

  56. Ill never buy another rolling stone as long as I live….This president has fucked up America single handedly more then anyone in history

  57. This president has fucked up America more then any president in history…and for rolling stone to print that obama is
    ‘One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History’ make me understand that I will never buy this piece of shit magazine ever again


  59. People wanna talk about the President’s low approval ratings. I’ve always wondered about the validity of approval ratings (particularly in light of the fact that President Obama was elected with a record number of actual votes) but since we’re here, the previous President watched his approval rating drop into the single digits so I guess that’s the low-water mark. President Obama’s approval ratings don’t even come close to that. In fact, Obama’s lowest approval ratings are the highest of any American President’s lowest approval ratings since JFK.

  60. I’m sorry. I am going to very respectfully chime in here and give my two cents, as usual. it seems to me that no matter what this man does, his supporters will make excuses for him no matter what. I’m going to go out on a limb here and agree with this article. He is the most successful president ever. He has been the most successful at dividing Americans on the basis of race. He has been the most successful at destroying the dreams and aspirations of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. he has been the most successful president at destroying the black community in providing them with an all time high unemployment rate, as well as all time high rates of violence and incarceration for young black males. He has been the most successful I completely destroying America’s economy and devaluing the dollar. He has been the most successful president when it comes to spending time on the golf course. he has been by far the most successful president when it comes to making his white corporate friends filthy rich at the expense of poor blacks and minorities. He has been the most popular president of our generation, appearing on TV talk shows and Saturday Night live as the country is in shambles both morally , economically, and politically. He has been the most successful president giving away jobs that used to be held by African-Americans to illegal immigrants. He has proven that the color of a man skin is indeed more important than the content of his character. He has been very successful at alienating and insulting our allies while supporting our enemies. He has been successful at destroying the constitution while spying on us and murdering us with drone strikes. He has made fools of us all in the eyes of the international press. He has successfully coerced the intellectually retarded into supporting all the Policies of George Bush while pretending to oppose them. He has been the catalyst to changing the way American people think. We hate each other more than ever. In short, he has accomplished everything he set out to do

  61. Earnestine simmons

    Thank you Rollingstone for the truth

  62. It amazes me how the Right refused to acknowledge that W had Osama bin Laden killed. DEAD. As in no longer alive.

  63. What the heck are the smoking over at Rolling Stone!?

  64. Michael Washington

    It is amazing to see how this two party system has worked or not worked over the years. When you get right down to it the American people have had to su