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It’s Over: Porsha & Kordell Stewart Are Officially Divorced


The nasty divorce between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart is officially over!

TMZ spoke with Kordell’s lawyer, Shiel Edlin, who says that Kordell is “very disappointed the marriage fell apart, because he expected to be married for life.”

Although they’re officially over, Kordell still feels some type of way about Porsha’s recent suggestions about his sexuality.

“For reasons we cannot understand, [Porsha] displayed a reckless abandonment of anything close to the truth over the last eight months,” Kordell’s lawyer tells us. We are also hopeful that Porsha will stop vilifying Kordell at every opportunity.”

Hopefully now these two can exist in the media peacefully and stop all the mudslinging.

Update: Porsha decided to drop Kordell’s last name in the divorce. His lawyer spoke out to TMZ.

“Kordell was very concerned about the damage it could cause,” his lawyer tells TMZ Sports … “however, she reconsidered and decided to restore her maiden name, Williams.”

“Kordell now believes he can restore the Stewart name and brand, for which it has been known through many generations, one of character, integrity, honesty and truthfulness.”

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  1. speakthetruthalways

    He has a lot of nerve! If anything, Kordell tarnished the Williams family name and the legacy of Porsha’s Grandfather, the legendary Civil Rights Leader, Hose Williams. In fact I had NEVER even heard of Kordell or his family name until I started watching the show. Glad that Porsha took out the TRASH and now she can move on with her life. Blessings and much success to her in ALL of her future endeavors. Thank you for being a lady and a true example of other women in the same type scenario.

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