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Oh Really? CMAs Delete All Traces of Beyoncé’s Performance From Their Social Channels [Photos]

THE 50th ANNUAL CMA AWARDS - The 50th Annual CMA Awards, hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, broadcasts live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Wednesday, November 2 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images) DIXIE CHICKS, BEYONCE

Following Beyoncé’s show-stopping performance at the Country Music Awards last night, the Country Music Association has removed all mentions of and posts about Beyoncé’s performance from its Twitter and Facebook.

No mention on Facebook (except for the comments):


No mention on Twitter:


Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks aren’t even listed as performers on the CMA website:



Why? Well, it might be because of some of the racial backlash the organization has received for even having Beyoncé as a performer in the first place.

One look at CMAs social channels and you’ll see tons of comments like this:


As of now, the organization hasn’t addressed any of the controversy.

Update: CMA did eventually tweet out Beyoncé’s performance from last night, but it wasn’t until they started receiving a bunch of backlash from trying to cover up her performance in the first place.

The Dixie Chicks also spoke out about all of the controversy.




  1. Oh cool, i haven’t seen The Dixie Chicks in a while. but, why is this behavior from white supremacists a surprise?

    • Exactly, not surprised at all. But most of them are cowards, they try to hide and dance around the fact that they are racist. I say own up to what you are.

      • yes, they are the kind that will accuse you of being racists for calling out their actual racists actions…. smh diseased mentality.

        • The only diseased mentality is you because country music has actual black singers charting. FAKEonce is an opportunist and tried to use the Dixie Chics to push her agenda to get on the country charts. She knew damn well she should not have had her attention seeking ass on that show. She’s annoying and needs to find somewhere to site her whorish ass down somewhere.

      • How are they racist, when they`ve had many black country singers that have had successful careers in country music. You all need to do your homework before you go trying to criticize them because its FAKEonce. Everybody doesn`t kiss beYAWNce’s ass and I am glad they got her fake ass off their site, because all she wants to do is get attention. Country music is about the heart of country…it is a genre of music that stands on it`s own, like any genre of music…and some non-country, or non-R&B, is accepting of others taking over their genre of music. beYAWNce is not a country singer, she just did a record with a banjo and other instruments that are mostly used in country songs and she learned that the Dixie Chics covered said song at their concert and FAKEonce being the opportunist that she is, decided to reach out to the Dixie Chics so that she could USE them to push her little song. She’s fake.

        • Sneak into country music!?!? the history of
          country music in the USA was a “Black thing” before “others” embraced it
          and ran with it. You should REALLY know your history before speaking
          on it. Makes you look really dumb and racist

  2. These are the same assholes who bitch and complain about why there are the NAACP Image Awards, BET awards and other shows that feature and honor Black artists. Country music is the most racist music category there is.

    • Why, because they deleted FAKEonce from their feed. .The only reason that bitch reached out to the country music industry was to see if she could get that stupid song of hers on Country radio so she can say she dominated the country charts. And country music is no more racist than R&B or any other genre of music,…each genre may welcome another artist of another genre into their genre, however they would have to do a collaboration or be an up and coming country singer. FAKEonce is an opportunist and she tried to just waltz her dumb ass into the CMA’s by using the Dixie Chics to do so…and then she would claim a takeover. She heard that the Dixie Chics covered that stupid song of hers and decided to put in a call to them to be slick and slick her way onto the CMA’s. She’s a self-centered, slick, opportunistic bitch. And Country people are not all racist, because they have had, and still have very popular black country singers. They just know that beYAWNce is a snake…and some of those black country singers are Aaron Neville, Darius Rucker, Charlie Pride, Ray Charles had a country song that charted successfully on the country charts, The Pointer Sisters had a hit that crossed over and was successful on the Country Chart. So did Lionel Richie…So stop trying to take up fro FAKEonce…she should not have tried to sneak her ugly ass on the CMAs and instead waited until they welcomed her.

      • ????????????????????????

      • LMAO!! Sneak into country music!?!? Im Filipino and even I know the history of country music in the USA was a “Black thing” before “others” embraced it and ran with it. You should REALLY know your history before speaking on it.

        • Now Filipinos are telling you people to learn your history, ain’t that a bitch.

          • actually I was talking about the white people who are all butt hurt over Beyonce performing at the CMA’s…like she doesnt “belong” there

          • She was awful, just like at the Superbowl, so like you, what’s the big deal. She fit in perfectly, simply because she is as awful as any country act.

          • OK, you have your opinion…its not changing mine, so this is where we part ways.

          • Great, get with me when you mature intellectually. She cares about nothing but Beyonce, she can’t stand camel joes child, blue.

          • yes, im sure you have personal knowledge of their situation.


          • I know her, her family, very well. I know Solange was pregnant at 15, not 17 like she lies about. I know her dad enough to know, that he is horrible at golf, and that he was wearing the lining out of Kelly Rowland vagina, which the chief reason she stayed in the group, because Beyonce wanted het gone, because she knew Kelly was more attractive and personable. I know she would have been even more successful had she stayed with her dad.

          • Your personal vendetta against Beyoncé is she just bad as the Beyhive attacking anyone who doesn’t like her… #ItAintThatSerious

          • The performance was not worthy of all this attention in the first, just like the Superbowl mess. She didn’t come up with choreography or the idea, nor write the song. No vendetta, she is a fraud. Her Beehive, mostly men, have made efforts to block me. Ever wonder why she never is interviewed, never appears on other shows where every major star appears? She wouldn’t not let my 9-12 grade journalism student interview her, unless they submitted the questions first, only answering what she desired, and asked no follow up questions.

          • She is not a good person, nor are her pr people. I could tell you more, but I’d be wasting time. I bet you believe she gave birth to Blue, don’t you?

          • I appreciated your comment and while I agree that Beyoncé is extremely opportunistic, they could’ve turned her down and let that be that. And thanks for the history lesson, some of these fools love to believe white people invented or discovered everything. Much like how the Beyhive loves to think music didn’t exist before Beyoncé.

      • I love you! You forgot to mention, her surrogate child, her failure to finish middle school, and her inability to perform without an auto tuner. Her last reported grade she was present in, in Alief independent school district, was the 8th. She never went to HSPVA like she claims, which requires you to be in high school. She tried to donate money to the school, if they would back her lie.

  3. Ay …. the check already cut so…….

  4. Soooo, people either dont know or have elected to forget the true history of country music in America. Even I know it was a “Black thing” before “others” embraced it
    and ran with it. People should REALLLLLLY know their history before speaking
    on it and showing the world how ignorant and racist they are. Glad to see DCX performing again…..And what can I say about Beyonce?…perfect as usual.

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