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Oh No Ma’am! This Is What Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson in 9/11 Dramedy ‘Urban Myths’ Looks Like [Photo + Video]

You’re looking at a real photo from ‘Urban Myths,’ — a movie in which Joseph Fiennes plays Michael Jackson.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about the film, but it’s the first time we’ve seen the ridiculous casting fully realized.

via Slate:

It’s been nearly a year since the announcement that Joseph Fiennes would play Michael Jackson in a TV episode based on a possibly apocryphal story about him, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando going on a road trip after 9/11, a year during which the incandescent insanity of that idea has gradually faded away. But now it’s back and burning bright, thanks to the trailer for Sky Arts’ Urban Myths, an eight-part TV series which includes the already infamous Jacko/Liz/Brando episode.

The trailer, which draws from several different episodes, only gives us a short glimpse of Fiennes’ M.J., but that’s enough to show that he’s been made up with skin the color and texture of uncooked pizza dough and a nose that looks like an unintentional tribute to Jackson’s character from The Wiz. In short, it’s a nightmare, even before you take the implications of having a white actor play a man who, whatever his skin tone, was never not black, into account.

The series other characterizations look similarly loopy, if more intentionally (and less offensively) so: Eddie Marsan as Bob Dylan; Iwan Rheon, Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton, as Adolf Hitler (talk about typecasting); Brian Cox as Marlon Brando. Stockard Channing’s Liz Taylor, by contrast, looks like it might be legitimately great—it’s certainly a role she was born to play. Too bad you won’t be able to watch her episode without wincing at Fiennes’s Jackson as well.

We get it’s supposed to be funny…but this is borderline disrespectful! Poor Mike.


  1. He look dumb as hell

  2. TheEmperorIsStarkers

    BORDERLINE disrespectful? How about a giant, shameful minstrel show of disrespect that evacuates its bowels all over the Black community?

  3. But MJ had the skin of uncooked pizza dough. Or are we pretending otherwise? If anything, Joseph is too dark skinned to play him!

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