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NeNe Leakes Fires off at Wendy Williams; Mike Epps Slams Kevin Hart


Where was I during all of this?

First, Wendy Williams commented on NeNe & Gregg’s romance, saying the two lack chemistry and how the relationship seems to be just a great friendship with business benefits. Wendy also said NeNe shouldn’t do a TV wedding special, because it wouldn’t be genuine.

NeNe caught wind of the comments and wasn’t too pleased.


Not only that, but things got a little too real between comedian Mike Epps and Kevin Hart. We’re not sure why Mike felt the need to diss Kevin, but he certainly made his thoughts known.

ScreenShot2013-03-25at22824PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at22747PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at22046PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at22612PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at22848PM

Kevin eventually peeped Mike’s comments…..

ScreenShot2013-03-25at23331PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at23239PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at23216PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at23142PM ScreenShot2013-03-25at23116PM

and then Mike ended with this:


via The YBF



  1. When gay men fight…

  2. Kev smoked Mike though, and all Mike could do in the end is..RELAX!

  3. someone needs to tell kevin hart you’re not funny when you got to explain your jokes and hype yourself. it’s like laughing at you own joke. yeah you killed him and obviously yourself. i.e. teehee i cracks me up #not #fail

  4. Mike just mad because he ain’t on the show!

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