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Lil Wayne Says He Considers Himself Retired and Says He’ll Never Work with Birdman Again — Also Says Racism Doesn’t Exist


Earlier this month, Lil Wayne tweeted:

“I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I’m dun.”

Many fans thought it was Wayne announcing his retirement from the rap game.

Today, Wayne appeared on the new FS1 sports debate program ‘Undisputed’ to discuss the retirement rumors, as well as his relationship with Birdman.

According to Wayne, he only tweeted those words out of frustration with Birdman.

Co-host Sterling Sharpe then asked, “Can you work with him again?” Wayne responded, “No, sir.” Sterling followed up, “So, you’re looking for your payday and you’re moving on?” Smiling, Wayne said, “Yes, sir.”

After the retirement conversation, Wayne and the hosts got on the topic of Colin Kaepernick and racism. Wayne said that he didn’t think there was a such thing as racism because of all the white fans who attend his shows.

“I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism,” he said. He went on to say that “it’s not cool to them,” when discussing young people’s views on racism. “When I’m on tour and I’m in my stance and I open my eyes and I see everybody. I don’t have this type of crowd or that type of crowd. My crowd has always been everybody, thank God.” 

Check out the clips below.

No such thing as racism? Damn, Lil Wayne. We were rooting for you.


  1. Being from New Orleans and the things he had to have witnessed first hand with Hurricane Katrina, there is no way he could truly believe that. Either he is in denial or living in a fantasy.

  2. So, because a crowd of white people like to hear him talking about the destruction of the black community, there is no more “racism?” Bwuahahhaha!! #YeahOkay He look like he been sippin on the Szurp!


  3. Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    So waymenet…let me get this straight…because white people attend ur concerts…there’s no racism?…omg ur right…that makes absolute logical common undisputed sense!…why didn’t we think of that before?…we are all so stupid!

    • Who knew that’s all it took. Let me go get my Taylor Swift tickets right now!!

    • you may be stupid. thats not what he said. HE SAID that the TYPE of racism that blm, democrats, and other degenerates claim does not exist. there will always be racist individuals, of all colors. But claiming that systematic racism is why you decided to have children out of wedlock, no father, worship gang culture, desire quick money over hard work and education. THOSE ARE the reasons that black people struggle, racism HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH IT.

      Claims of racism are simply a distraction from these REAL REASONS why blacks are so behind everyone else as a whole.

      You may not lime my answer but its true. You may even call it racist, but thats not true either. Sometimes the truth hurts. Abandon your toxic hip hop culture as a whole, and you will progress as a people.

      • Systemic racism is real, idiot! It is covert racism as opposed overt racism. Instead of openly stating, “I hate niggers, spics, and other minorities,” the system discriminates against them through overbearing policing and not affording us with the same opportunities as whites and really those of a certain class. I know people with multiple college degrees who are black, but unemployed or underemployed or underpaid. Some are even on public assistance and they have degrees! They worked hard and went to school. Racism affects those of a lower socio-economic strata more than it would the likes of Lil Wayne, who is rich. However, Oprah Winfrey was discriminated against a few years ago in a very ritzy designer boutique in either London or Paris (and those are very liberal cities!) so being rich does always guarantee that you are protected.

        • “Systemic racism” is a trigger word (much like the word “social economic”) people use to explain away any sort of adversity a person or minority experiences. The fact is being poor and a minority gives you real opportunities others who are white and middle class don’t have. I’m of Mexican American, grew up lower middle class, when I decided to go to school, because of my economic status I went to community college for free. I then went to a Univesity for my B.S. degree for basically free too. If your poor or a minority the government does give you additional assistance. So, yes there may be systemic racism, but it’s often in a minorities favor. Same for admission into colleges, a Black person with a lower score gets in before a Asian with a higher score. That’s true and documented system racism…

          I also have never had a problem getting a job. My last name is very Spanish, but I have NEVER had a problem finding employment. At my current job I make more than most of the “white” people at the company, and have a higher job title. Fact is if you go to college and get a degree of value you won’t have a problem getting a job. Get a Liberal arts degree, you may be in college debt with a low paying job. That’s not racism, that stupidity.

          By the way, Oprah Winfrey has already admitted she should of never mentioned the purse incident. Look it up, she basically made up the story because she was trying to promote the movie, The Butler, where she was the wife of a poor Black man. Also, Oprah is a terrible example to use as a example of a racist society. She is worth over 3 BILLION, if there was systematic racism she wouldn’t be able to achieve such feats.

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            systematic racism was actually on the law books…for hundred of years…but suddenly it was enforced by the law of the land…but suddenly it’s not a factor…oohhhkaaayyy

          • It *WAS* on the books. Just like there *WAS* slavery. Just like my Grandpa *WAS* in a segregated school. But time has passed and I no longer must attend a segregated school like my Grandfathers did. Being segregated has never been a factor in MY life. Just as I can assume you were never a slave and slavery was never a factor in your life.


          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            U can count right…1 +1 = 2?…so u should be able to add up the fact that this wasn’t that long ago…that’s a fact…u can’t discriminate disenfranchise & profit off of generations of people then blame them for why they’re not prosperous..lmao that makes no sense…u can’t argue both points of this either so there was systematic racism that was woven into the very fabric of this country & was part of its laws as recently as 40yrs ago…but that’s not a factor in nothing that’s going on today?…yeah ok… slavery was a factor in all of our lives u complete imbecile

          • Once again, BOTH my grandfathers went to a segregated schools. Couldn’t swim at the segregated pool, couldn’t go to the segregated theater, couldn’t go to segregated restaurants, etc. This was in the 30’s and 40’s. But they was able to work hard, get a good job, and move to the Caucasian (nice) part of the city in the early 60’s. How was he able to achieve this 50yrs ago if society was so bad?

            He never complained and told me about systemic racism, never told me the system is against me, never told me if I fail it’s because of a racist system put in forth by a White racist government. In short, I was not raised to be a professional victim. If you keep telling the next generation their short coming is because of Slavery or “systemic racism” then your giving them a excuse for failure. You could do math right… Slavery ended in 1865, 2016-1865=151?… so you should add up the fact that WAS a long time ago.

            Slavery did not end 20yrs ago, not 40 years ago, not 80 yrs ago, not 100yrs ago, it ended 151yrs ago! Lots of “white” government programs to help people of color and poor people. No excuses…

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            the subject is systematic racisim not slavery…ur point i guess is that it’s not a factor…facts show that’s clearly not true…there are facts to prove that…so there’s really nothing debate…no one’s making excuses…i’m stating facts…that ignoramuses like urself want to deny and ignore…that’s cool too doesn’t change the facts…9/11 was almost twenty years ago…but we’re still dealing with the after effects of that…but mysteriously this doesn’t apply to racisim…gtfoh with that retarded logic…alright good luck with ur life…i have better things to do…enjoy ur denial

          • 9/11 was 20 yrs ago and we still see the effects. Now if 9/11 happened 151yrs ago, I would hope the country would have recovered from that event by now. 20yrs ago is much less than 151yrs ago. I don’t know if you understand the concept of time or the concept of numbers? 151>20…

            Thanks you, I will continue to enjoy my life with my family, my education, and employment. I hope you also have a good day :)

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            Yeah apparently not only can u not add u can’t read either I said almost 20 years ago…but 5 years from a terrorist attack vs. Hundreds of years of systematic racism are definitely very different things…I don’t know where u got that so called education from…but u definitely didn’t learn how to be a critical thinker…lmao enjoy that stupidy

          • You might be going full retard. I’m able to get a good education, good paying jobs, and never make excuses, but somehow I’m the stupid one? Go back to being a professional victim. Go back to claiming victimization every-time something doesn’t go your way, keep blaming “the man” for keeping you down. Because your failures are never your fault, it’s systemic racism.

            It’s truly sad to see people quitting before they start, all because losers like yourself give them a reason to fail. Your part of the problem. Our country may have it’s faults, but it’s still the best country in the world that gives everyone a chance. I can tell by your attitude you feel you have faced systemic racism, but maybe it wasn’t systemic racism. Maybe you never got an education, because you lack the intelligence. Maybe you were passed up for that promotion because your incompetent. In short, take personal responsibility for your own shortcomings.

            Have a good one:)

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            Regular azz ho’s always pumping up themselves doing basic sh*t…u ain’t out here curing cancer or ending world hunger u basic dummy…ur supposed to go to school & get a job…let me guess u probably wipe ur butt with toilet paper too?…brush ur teeth with toothpaste…use soap & water on ur body? Lmao u don’t know anything about me or my station in life but ur making all these assumptions & I wonder why…couldn’t be because I’m black right…stating historical facts is not making excuses didn’t they teach u that in elementary school?…idiots love to ignore facts u asinine troglodyte troll lol

          • I’m taking care of my son, taking care of my wife, and helping my nieces and nephews when they need it. It’s not curing cancer, but it is giving my next generation the tools they need to succeed. Which I can guarantee is much more than your giving your next generation. I’m not teaching my family the White man’s system gonna keep them down. You opinion is poison, and will unfortunately affect other around you. Your here flapping your lips, talking about how systemic racism is prevalent but you have no way of proving it. You keep saying your stating facts, but have yet to prove or reference anything. Let me educate you, a opinion is not a fact, a fact is evidence that can be proven. Stating historically there was systemic racism, IS NOT proving we currently suffer from it.

            I am not making assumptions because your Black, I’m making assumptions based on your victims mentality. But please, educate me on your education and employment…

            FYI: I have a bachlors degree in Mechanical Engineering and work as an Test Engineer… (your turn)

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            Ur trying to prove ur worth & intelligence to someone u don’t know over the Internet?…I can’t laugh loud enough…lol does not do my laughter justice right now…I win!

          • LMFAO!! No come back, fairly predictable. Probably on that government welfare. The loudest person screaming systemic racism, and is the first to hold your hand out for government welfare. Sad. You’re already beaten by society, it’s unfortunate you were taught to be a victim. You see, MY BASIC, is YOUR UNREACHABLE. You can, and will never be more than an internet troll. You have show no facts to support your premise on systemic racism, simply noise with no substance.

            It unfortunate you feel systemic racism is the reason you were passed up on that promotion to fry cook. But it’s aight, I worked at McDonalds when I was 16, and things can get better through hard work and determination. Unfortunately you lack the intelligence, and work ethic to finish anything of value. Taneesha you called me dummy, stupid, imbecile, etc… But we both know who the loser is in this DISQUS’ion (& life).

            All putdowns aside, have a good day.

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            Yup racism doesn’t exist u definitely proved that… lmao stupidity exists…

          • Take the “L”, and move on…

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            Take the L & move on… so whack lol

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            that’s exactly the response i would expect from someone so educated…good job!

          • I’m sorry if I made you feel bad. But you said a lot of things that were simply unsubstantiated. There are many examples of Black, Brown, Yellow, etc minorities able to do well for themselves by simply putting in an effort to improve their situation. You simply said, systemic racism, fact, systemic racism, fact, etc. I could simply point to numerous people able to navigate the system and turn out just fine, including myself. I guess i learned something new too, if someone believes they’re a victim, no amount of logic, reason, or evidence can change their minds. They are simply beat.

            Once again, I apologize for any insults, I am obviously the more mature person in this discussion and should of never lowered my self to your level. I hope life serves you well, no matter the path you’ve taken. Take care, and have a good weekend :)

            (By the way, it’s “whack”, to use the word “whack”. It’s not 1999, and you ain’t 17. ) Take care…

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            lmao u made me feel bad alright…that was really whack of u

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            if your stupid enough to believe that racism doesn’t exist..that’s your problem not mine…anyone with any sense of intelligence would know that to be true…u probably don’t believe the holocaust happened either…it’s no sweat off my balls either way

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            what a self centered small boxed view of the world u must have to think that everything that directly effects or doesn’t effect u…is the way things are…u should get out more…

          • LMFAO! I said I was sorry! Damn lady relax. We koo, I apologized.

          • Whatever he is doing he sure made you look ignorant and he stated and proved my point :The loudest person screaming systemic racism is usually pushing a racist agenda of their own or has some sense of entitlement.

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            LMAO u want to come back now because u feel like u got some back up?…ur a punk in real life…go somewhere with ur dumb azz existence it’s of no relevance to me

          • Its becuase you sound like a talking stereotype of a Black Victim

          • no unless you are 15o or more years old it wasn’t

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        Ur definitely stupid no where is any of that in this article u made it all up in ur wee pea brain…awwww bless ur little heart… there’s no help for u

      • Spoken like a true person whose never experienced racism first hand. It must make white America feel better about themselves to discount the affects of your systemic mistreatment of blacks and other cultures throughout history. There would be no America if it weren’t built off the backs of slaves and the killing off of many indian tribes. We are now in an era where history can be visually recorded as undeniable proof of the evils and atrocities of white people. Its time for you to own the evil side of your race as much as you are asking black people to own the evil side of theirs.

        • Damn here you are again trolling with your victim crybaby stuff. Its not like one of us said, “Hey remember back in the day when I could own you?” You need to quit your black victim entitlement agenda. Quit rioting and committing suicide by cop. All white people are individuals you blacks are the ones in groups, associations,mobs, causing all the rioting looting destruction and chaos. You act like there wasnt slavery all over the world, like blacks were not slavers. And it was 200 hundred years ago. Us whites should follow your lead… start rioting, looting, setting up white only college funds and such. You need to quit bitching and do something besides destroy our country and your selves. Here is a statistic to chew on: Police would have to keep killing black people at the same rate fro the next 40 years to equal one year of the black on black killings but its our fault right? Racism and oppression right? You should be protesting your own race not mine pal, your a fvcking joke.

          • I guess I should commend you for replying to my comments from over a month ago. You just confirmed you are a “STAGE 5 STALKER”. Seek professional help for your mental illness immediately troll.

          • Look you dumb little b!tch I was just having a laugh listening to your whinny victim BS dont get your jerry curl in a bunch. Im a stalker, you must be a last word freak. Or like a diswasher somewhere something.

          • BTW says 2 days ago on my end champ ! Stay up

  4. He looks like a crackhead , that’s unaware of his surroundings.

  5. “Wayne said that he didn’t think there was a such thing as racism because of all the white fans who attend his shows.” <<=== UM Wayne, apparently all that syrup has gone to your head.

  6. i never consider lil wayne to be a person to take seriously his music is living proof that this guy is not about upliftment of black people

  7. Before reading the caption under the picture, I said the same thing!! No such thing as racism? Damn, Lil Wayne. I was with you, up til that moment. I guess he is like those white people who have 1 black friend. He is around white people when on stage, off stage not so much–I guess

  8. Funny that below the comments all make fun of ‘Wayne but clearly racism didnt keep him down. Why is he not entitled to his own opinion without ridicule? It doesn’t agree with your RACIST agenda? Or is it because he is stating facts and you have no valid argument against them? Just curious.

    • Racism didn’t keep him down possibly because he started out in a company ran by black people and selling to black people? Now that society has changed where whites listen to his music doesn’t change how he became to be famous. But clearly it has changed his opinion.

      • Thank you for a valid coherent response. I appreciate that, I dont care what race you are. I just found it ironic that the comments I read were all from black people questioning him because he didnt agree with their agenda. I also think you make a valid point.

    • NO,, RACISM MADE HIM RISE..he doesn’t talk about anything that is anything

  9. WOW, this Boy lil wayne definitely is the Poster Child for UGLY, any Woman that could lie Down with Him is Definitely doing it for the Money ! We’re talking Monkey Shines UGLY here !

  10. Thank you Lil Wayne. You put it in prospective “My crowd has always been everybody”


  12. Wow. So he say’s he doesn’t experience racism, and (it seems) like a large portion of the Black community just turns on him?.?.? Why does every Black person have to believe the same thing, in order to be “Black”?

    It seems Black people have to much invested in racism, and just can’t let it go…

    • its easier for blacks to claim racism, then it is to be accountable for their own failed culture. its a distraction from the TRUTH about their millions of fatherless kids and felons ALL BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN POOR DECISIONS.



      • GTFOH!!!

      • I could cut you down in so many ways, but minimal interactions with ignorant bigots is preferred.

        • The guy kind of has a point, however there seems to be (at least in my area) 2 distinct groups of black people, I’m going to call them thrivers and victims. The thrivers seem more intersted in making their way in this world in a standard sort of way like everyone else white black purple yellow asian (all races) and the victim group all seem to have not much going on for them the whole world(or the white man) depending owes them something. They have it so hard and white people are all bad and its not their fault they have it so bad and they are so unequal and so mistreated…..its a load of crap. Quit making excuses get off your A$$ and make something of yourselves. Hell I know several black people doing way better than I am. Guess what none of them call each other the Nword and they don’t sit around whining how they are mistreated and oppressed. My experience is BLACK people specifically not other races just BLACK people are some of the most racist mvther fvckers on the planet. I hate all races equally so say what you will but I have black friends I consider family. Im not a bigot, I’m not a racist I’m a realist. Label the hell out of me and then tell me how not racist you are and not a big it you are chumps. You couldn’t cut me down with an Army behind you. Also you could “cut me down”for a millennium and it wouldn’t make me any less correct and it wouldn’t make me any less valid. Have a nice day regardless of your race or ethnicity. We are all Americans we need to quit beating each other down and build each other up.

          • I’m so glad your acquainted with every black person, and are able to post them into two distinct categories that your brain can handle. And the “some of my best friends are…” gives you so much expertise on race relations in America. You should teach a class!

          • I should, called quit playing the victim.

          • Nah, call it “Bigot’s guide to the World” with a forward by Donald Trump. #1 Bestseller!

          • I hate Trump never going to happen, Im not a bigot just because I disagree with the black victim agenda. I think its comical, agree with the victim agenda or were all racists… what a joke. I’m going to start calling it the Back Nazi agenda: follow our racist victim agenda or else. You must agree with us or your a racist = you are the racist.

    • Most black people are just living their life and minding their business. We don’t go around thinking about racism all day but when it happens we do think about it and we respond but other than that our minds is on other things trust me.

    • As a black person, I can tell you that I think it’s wonderful that Wayne does not experience racism; that’s fantastic for him, actually. However, that he does not experience it is no proof that it does not exist. There is nothing wrong with him declaring that he does not have to face that scourge; he’s lucky. But to suggest that it doesn’t exist is simply asinine.

      • If you watched the interview, he never said racism doesn’t exist. He simply said HE has NEVER DEALT with racism. He goes on to acknowledge racism, but understand in his life he has been blessed with a great career and never dealt with racism.

        I’m Mexican American, I can can also attest I have never experienced personal racism. I may of experienced age-ism, rude-isms, sex-ism, etc. The fact is if you carry yourself around with respect, and treat people with dignity, you’ll be greeted with the same.

        • Your last sentence is problematic, as it suggests that you subscribe to respectability politics. You are virtually suggesting that victims of racism are responsible for the treatment they receive. A racist is always going to be racist towards you, regardless of how respectful and nice you are to them. Surely you are not suggesting that those who experience racism deserve it, as they don’t treat others with dignity. Your opinion is flawed.

          • I never said racism doesn’t exist. The fact is when I go into a store, I have never had someone follow me around because of my race. I get treated by the police, the same as anyone else would. Maybe because I live in Southern California and it’s essentially a melting pot of different ethnicities I’ve never personally experienced overt racism.

            I never said those who experience racism deserve it. But if I go to a BMW dealership looking like a bum, or looking to young to afford a nice car, or interacting with broken English, I could understand why they wouldn’t want to help me. Not because of my race, but because of how I conduct myself. Not everything is racism…

          • This was the sentence that you wrote: “The fact is if you carry yourself around with respect, and treat people with dignity, you’ll be greeted with the same.” That remains a flawed logic. Treating someone with respect and dignity won’t stop them from being racist towards you, if they are racist. By the way, no one on this forum is suggesting that “everything is racism.” You seem to be the only one advancing that idea.

          • Nothing is an absolute. If someone going to be racist, they will be racist. But, for the most part, if you carry yourself according, people will treat you accordingly. I’ve always treated people with respect, and have always had good experiences. My logic of respect remains intact. Read the comments here, Lil Wayne is now a “house nicca”. He simply stated his opinion, and now his own people are turning on him. Sad…

          • Consider yourself lucky, and I hope you never have to experience what racism feels like. I assure you that being respectful and decent won’t save you from it.

          • Being polite and respectful has worked for the past 30yrs. And even is someone is racist, why the hell would I care? My self respect and confidence is not contingent on other peoples opinions, especially racist hate filled people. I take care of my family and enjoy life, that’s all I care about…

          • As someone who has experienced racism, I can assure you that “my [self-respect] and confidence [are] not contingent on other [people’s] opinions” either. That does not mean it does not sting. If the racist person is someone who makes decisions that affect your life and livelihood, a boss, for example, you have to care. However, as someone who has never experienced racism, I wouldn’t expect you to understand. Cheers.

          • Your right I don’t understand, and hopefully I never will. I don’t need to make excuses. We live in a free market society, if I feel I have been wronged at the workplace I could go to HR, or I can look for another job. If I feel the company doesn’t pay me enough for my job I could simply leave. No one is forcing me to stay, its a free market society, I could simply go somewhere else.

            But just a thought, maybe you were passed up on a promotion by your boss, not based on race, but instead maybe someone else was more qualified. Just a thought…

          • It sure wont neither will blaming someone else for what you didnt earn for yourself. We had to sell drugs to feed our family ^^^above lol worst argument ever. No you could have gone and gotten employment.

          • And acting like everyone owes you something and you have it so bad because one person was racist isnt going to get you anywhere either. It will not make them not a racist like you said. The way the racial divide is currently going you people that are crying fowl are in reality just antiwhite, your not anti racism. We just dont see people saying anything but against the white man. The white man did this….the white cop did this……. blah blah get over it. Only thing keeping you down is you, there are no white only incentives for anything in this country are there? Maybe we should start killing each other, rioting, destroying other peoples stores (who we never even met) deliberately trying to get shot by police an take a page out of your playbook….oh wait not a chance that just way too fvcking stupid.

          • Actually many times the person crying racism is racist theirself I have experienced racism, however MY OPINION is way over hyped these days. I don’t think black people are discriminated against everyday all day long everywhere they go. That being said try being lilly white and ending up on the wrong side of town, wrong neighborhood ….now that is racism. So maybe we should spend our lives rioting and protesting?

        • You speak as if lil Wayne was born a celebrity. Sooo we are expected to believe he NEVER experienced racism growing up in a slum housing project and selling drugs?? GTFOH

          • Are you suggesting that the African American that he grew up with in the projects were racist towards him? Also when a person sells drugs, does that make him experience more racism? I don’t understand your logic at the moment.

          • I didn’t expect you to understand but I’ll clarify. The projects in most states were initially created as affordable housing for low income families. Government agencies are tasked not only to insure upkeep of these projects but to insure the safety and well being if its residents. Police are trained to treat project residents as hostile simply because of the environment they live in. The fact that the majority of project residents are either black or hispanic speaks to form of racism and indicates an economic racial divide. Drugs are rampant in projects because it is a quick means to feed their families. Hopefully this is something you understand.

          • Very doubtful police are TRAINED to be hostile towards residence of a certain block or community. The police may be more hostile not because of color, but because poorer areas have a higher crime rate, a higher crime rate usually goes hand in hand with a higher percentage of VIOLENT crime. You don’t seem to understand cause and effect relationships.

            Also, to live in the projects you don’t have to be Black or Hispanic, I don’t believe it’s racism because Mexican’s live around Mexicans, and Blacks live around Blacks. There are no laws that say I can’t move to the “White” or “Asian” part of town simply because I’m a minority. Your acting like there are laws to keep Black, Hispanic, Middle Easterners, or Asians down.

            Also, justifying selling poison (drugs) to your community to “feed their families” is morally wrong. Maybe that’s why the projects are so bad, it’s become socially acceptable to sell drugs. When I was 16 and needed money, I took the bus to work, it may not of been a “quick” buck, but it was good clean honest work.

            Hopefully this is something you understand.

          • Keep living your life in a bubble and relying on social media and biased statistics for YOUR TRUTH. You can’t speak to an environment youve clearly never lived in or speculate on cause and/or effects of why blacks are socially and economically disenfranchised.

          • I have never lived in a bubble. I grew up lower/middle class. Got a job at 16 to help with the family and pay my own way. When I went to college my economic status made my community college education FREE, when I went to a University it made my 4yr degree also essentially free. Because of my economic/minority status I was able to get a valuable degree and now make respectable money and live a enjoyable life. There are no excuses in life, being Black and poor only give you more opportunities if you wish to pursue them. I don’t subscribe to the victims mentality, this is America if you want to succeed it’s there, you may have to work harder for it, but it’s achievable. It’s called personal accountability.

            Hopefully this is something you understand.

          • Well its nice that you were able to take advantage of those free educational opportunities that a lot of states don’t have because of budget constraints. Its nice that you were able to get a job at 16 because job availability is scarce and unemployment high in other states. What you need to do is stop generalizing your personal experience as a reason to put down less fortunates who may want better for themselves but don’t have the means or opportunities you had.

          • My personal experiences are not rare. You need to stop making excuses for others NOT trying to better themselves. I took the bus to school, and the bus to work till I could afford transportation. Everyone has public transportation opportunity. When I was 16, me and my buddy took the bus and filled out applications so we could find jobs. Also, I never put down anyone, I simply stated that if you want to better yourself you can, it may take more work than a “Caucasian” person, but it’s still achievable. NO EXCUSES.

          • She didn’t put down less fortunates she put down your entire excuse wagon. Again nothing keeping you poor mistreated people from moving but I’m sure you have an excuse why you cant.

          • 2nd troll reply

          • Not a troll thats my last initial I just think your ignorant and people trying to hype the non existent black victim are wasting time and resources in my already fvcked up country.

          • I forgot to add my loans and grants were all federal, nothing to do with state budget. #NoExcuses #StopMakingExcuses4Failure

          • Just curious if you are a natural born U.S. citizen or an immigrant

          • Natural born U.S. citizen. Parents also born here.

          • Its not a bubble no one herded people into Black only projects, venture out seek your fortune or sit and whine how hard you have it.No one was keeping people in projects last I checked? Leave if they are so bad. I live in Cali I see no racism either unless its directed at spanish speaking people. Maybe your in a bubble?

          • 3rd troll reply. Damn get a life why don’t you.????????????

          • Quit crying about being black and do something with yourself.

          • Your fvcking stupid my wife is a White Jew from Detroit grew up with nada zilch nothing being poor doesnt have a race. Drugs arent rampant because its a quick means of feeding its because you can do whatever you want and have no responsibility like earning a living and maintaining employment. Also drugs are a disease, if you grow up and mom and dad are dopers there is a good chance you will be too. Nothing to do with race, its poor parenting.

          • Listen closely friend of Ebaie Minna. I give two fucks about you or your white jew wife. Just because you are an immigrant that comes to U.S. and take advantage of natural born citizens tax dollars doesn’t give you the right to criticize. Kills me how black men think they are suddenly exempt from racism because you marry some random white woman and have confused mixed kids. White America still calls you nicca no matter how ingrained you blend into their society. Next time save yourself the trouble and let your friend Ebaie speak for himself. In the meantime catch this L as your initial suggest troll. #fuckouttahere

          • Listen closely friend of Ebaie Minna. I give two fucks about you or your white jew wife. Just because you are an immigrant that comes to U.S. and take advantage of natural born citizens tax dollars doesn’t give you the right to criticize. Kills me how black men think they are suddenly exempt from racism because you marry some random white woman and have confused mixed kids. White America still calls you nicca no matter how ingrained you blend into their society. Next time save yourself the trouble and let your friend Ebaie speak for himself. In the meantime catch this L as your initial suggest troll. #fuckouttahere

        • Great thoughts, well said.

          • Thanks, I guess there is a few people on here that can think without resorting to the race card/victim card. Everyone struggles in life, how you handle that struggle is what will define your life.

    • And this is coming from a person who is from the very group that’s discriminating against blacks. SMFH

  13. That poor, deranged crackhead…

  14. The Beaujetto Socialite

    I never experienced racism either (to my knowledge) but my parents kept me around church people my whole life then I went to performing arts schools where everyone was weird but IT HAPPENS AND IT’S REAL AND SLAVERY WAS REAL AND WHATS HAPPENING WITH THE POLICE IS REAL… REAL lil wayne has been rich his whole life…..and the fact he has 3somes with willing white chicks every other day he’s right racism doesn’t exist in his world

  15. I cannot believe the number of Caucasian people who troll African American sites to cause turmoil in the comments… Let me make this clear! Lil Wayne and others like him including President Obama make it in spite of RACISM! Just because Lil Wayne has ‘made it’ doesn’t mean that Racism doesn’t exist! We all as ‘African Americans’ NAVIGATE THROUGH RACISM on a daily basis! The problem for US is when one of OUR BROTHERS is unable TO NAVIGATE and ends up DEAD or in jail because of racism alone… AFTER centuries of RACISM! We have learned to NAVIGATE! We get past the crimes of racism that are a daily issue for those that freely travel through the world and sometimes we DON’T! We are tired of NAVIGATING through YOUR waters of HATE!

  16. Pink people have always liked us when we were entertaining them including the days of slavery. So, does that mean there was no racism during the days of slavery?

  17. He’ll have a reality check sooner or later!!! Just because they love your music doesn’t mean they love you!!!

  18. So because he’s little black sambo on stage racism doesn’t exist in his world .. that’s funny

  19. Lil Wayne is a prime example of a house nicca. It sickens me how male and female black celebrities are quick to downplay or say racism doesn’t exist when they become rich and famous. Wayne is from Louisiana which is one of the most racist states in the U.S. How can he say racism doesn’t exist after hurricane Katrina. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

  20. Considering his fan base is all white…..

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