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‘Law and Order’ to Air Episode Inspired by Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Domestic Abuse Incident [Video]

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It’s been a little over three years since Chris Brown & Rihanna’s domestic assault incident and while the two involved have obviously moved past it, mainstream media hasn’t.

Next week’s episode of Law and Order re-creates the infamous incident and even goes as far as to re-create Rihanna’s abuse photo that was plastered all over every tabloid.

The episode, titled “Funny Valentine,” is advertised in the promo as “a familiar story of two celebrities intertwined by abuse.” It follows the story of an up-and-coming female pop star who is viciously beaten by her boyfriend, a twentysomething hip-hop star who unconvincingly insists that he’s not a horrible human being. The incident receives widespread media coverage as prosecutors pursue legal action, but the victim “continues to put herself in danger,” according to the clip’s synopsis. Sound familiar?

If so, Billboard points out that NBC has taken some creative liberties to make sure the televised narrative doesn’t hew too closely to Rihanna and Brown’s real-life drama. A plot development billed as the “Law & Order twist” reveals that the suspected abuser is mysteriously found dead, making life more difficult for Ice-T’s Detective Tutuola, but probably a whole lot easier for the Peacock’s legal team. And anyone in either star’s camp getting suspicious of the episode’s inspiration needs to remember: “The preceding story was fictional. No actual person or event was depicted.”

Check out the preview for the episode below. ‘My Funny Valentine’ airs Feb. 27th at 9pm EST

We’re not quite sure how we feel about this. It seems a bit…classless.


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One comment

  1. Personally,
    I do not respect either Rihanna or Chris Brown. But, obviously, they can- and
    will-do whatever they want, with or without each other. Here is the thing,
    though; while it has been three years since the incident, I find it difficult
    to think of them (if they are still together) as a couple that has just
    “moved past” the incident. I think when we consider that Chris Brown
    and Rihanna “moved past” what happened three years ago, we are not
    recognizing the pattern of abuse that is evident here; victims go back to their
    abusers. Not to suggest that people do not deserve second chances or should not
    be forgiven, I just do not think certain things should be so easily
    forgotten. Three years is not actually a long time. Perhaps some of us may
    want to talk about other people in the media, but Law & Order is definitely
    a show that tries to make a point with each episode. I predict that this
    episode will be used to make some kind of point about domestic violence. I also
    think making the story similar to Chris Brown and Rihanna’s story will attract
    more viewers. As far as whether or not this is “cool” of Law & Order, why
    not? Consider if your best friend got back together with the partner that
    abused him/her; I certainly would not forgive the partner so easily, despite
    whether or not my best friend got back together with him. So if it is uncool of
    Law & Order to bring up something that happened three years ago, just
    consider how long it would be before you were comfortable with the idea of a
    victim of abuse going back to their abuser.

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