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Kyrie Irving Blasted for His All Becky Boat Party [Video]


Kyrie Irving is still celebrating his team winning the NBA Championship last Sunday.

The baller threw himself a yacht party — and his choice of attendees isn’t sitting well with social media.

A 30-second clip of the party hit the Internet and from what we see there’s not a single Black woman in sight.

Needless to say, it’s causing quite a stir.


  1. Kyrie can have all of the white women he wants. That ain’t my business and I really don’t care. But I don’t want nobody saying NATHIN’ when I get with Kevin Love. ;)

  2. TBH white girls can have him. And that goes for all the rap dudes that don’t respect women anyway either. LOL #thanksbutnothanks #pass #next

  3. Sheila Norris-Anderson

    i say fuck’em all. He can have all the becky’s & the billy bobs too. All they want to do is party off his ass anyway.

  4. Let him be a fool. They wouldn’t be paying him any mind if he didn’t have money

  5. Sistas, the last thing you want is to be a groupie/stripper/porn star/prostitute on this man’s boat. This isn’t the kind of “love” a respectable black woman wants. There’s all types of trifling behavior going on at these parties. Do we really want to be associated with something like this? We must choose our battles wisely and this isn’t one of them.

    • justin valantas

      Race race race why is everybody so worried about someone else’s life I’m white I have plenty of white friends who only wanna date black women and it should be “a respectable woman” not just Black woman

      • Roland Cuthbert

        Oh, so you want people to accept your term of race, but you don’t want to use the proper term of culture.

        Got it!

        So I say culture, culture, culture. why isn’t everyone using the proper term for what is going on?

  6. I’m willing to bet that there was not a single fight. Don’t blame that brother!

  7. Maybe your racism has blinded you but I saw two black women in that video. If you don’t want people to be racist, try not to be racist. A human being has the right to be with whomever they want, get over it. The sooner we all mix, the sooner the bigots will be gone from this earth.

    • Yours is the stupidest statement of all, white men have been sleeping with black women for centuries and look where that has gotten us.

      • And thanks for proving my point. So, me (being white) being with my wife (being black), somehow affect every black person TODAY!!! This is NOT the 17th century and soon, bigots on both sides will parish from the earth, their idiology will fade away and the rest of us will live in peace.

    • Roland Cuthbert

      Spud. . .I can only say that the folks who are dating outside of their culture, like you and I have to understand how different non-“White” groups will react. I know when “Black” people find out that I am engaged to a “White” woman, some will get angry. But the reaction is not about racism. Their reaction is a response to racism. Remember, if racists had not created this idea of “White” supremacy, no one would care who married who.

      • justin valantas

        I dislike the word culture I assume your American she’s American I do understand white,black,Spanish, Asian do eat,speak, and have diffrent habits but I think people are so hung up with staying in there comfort zone that it’s taboo to seek and love another race/culture I’m white but you’ll never hear my jamming to country yea it’s basically a white music but it’s just not in my soul and my own personal preference

        • You can dislike it. You can use the term sub-culture, paradigm, whatever floats your boat. Many people are not hung up with staying in their comfort zone. Many people have valid concerns about “White” supremacy. And I think instead of dismissing everyone who does not accept IRRs as racist, us “interracial” folks need to address people’s concerns head on. When I am confronted, I explain to people that I was not seeking a “White” woman. I was married to a “Black” woman. But it did not work out. And this relationship I am in now, is the first one IRR i have ever been in.

          And look people in IRRs don’t have to explain.

          But then again. . .nobody has to accept us either.

          Hopefully together, we as a society can figure this out.

    • justin valantas

      You know what time it is almost everything on here is racist I assume because people are jealous and hateful because they just don’t have what someone else does its too bad people just can’t live there own lives too many people judge other people when there lives are a hot mess I guess cause it makes them feel better? It’s just sad

  8. Eric B. McMurren Sr.

    I’ll bet there will be no fights, and no one will claim they are having his baby!!! Lmao

  9. So let me understand this…Black women (some) are upset because you’re not on a boat full of hoes and skanks that not one NBA player is gonna go further than leaving his nuts hanging out (thanks Hodge Twins) for one night. Really?

  10. he looks like he’s always sleep deprived. who is lusting over this man anyway? he’s not cute at all.

  11. YeahAboutThatThough

    Its not about that dude having a preference, its about him being a racist.

  12. The white girls can keep their asses, hell some of these ballers are moronic jocks anyway, you seriously want to be in a relationship with one? There’s too many fishes in the sea to worry about this BS right here

  13. Many of us black men love black women. Kyrie is a color-struck clown and worthy of being ignored. I just don’t understand why people focus on this kind of black man instead of those of us who love our sisters. Is it because he’s a basketball player? Is it because some of you want some tangible excuse to date white men? If you want to date white men, just do it, but you don’t have to generalize black men and say we ALL want white women, because that’s just not true.

  14. Yup, Kinda reminds me of when I dated a white girl, and took her too a restaurant, and there were three sistas waiting on me at the front door. I remember thinking, Ohh Chit! How am I gonna explain this one.

  15. Tell “Bay Bay” I think we found “Becky with the Good Hair!”

  16. Next!!

  17. I just know his mother is so proud of him, denounce your own as worthy of you. BOY BYE!! Money or not, your ass is whack and piss poor excuse for a man PERIOD! Be broke and see how many of those Beckies want your black ass. Comical as f**k

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