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Kordell Stewart Releases Statement on Divorce from Porsha Williams


Kordell Stewart has released an official statement to Hip Hollywood in response to his recent divorce filing.



  1. i wonder if they were having problem before filming or did filming cause problems? i like porsha and kordell waited all this time to marry so he must really love her. i wish them the best. porsha seems harmless. i hope they are able to get through.

  2. WOW!!! He could’ve had the balls to tell his wife first before going to the media though!!! SMDH!

  3. Thank goodness there was no prenup. Keep your head up Porsha…apparently, ole boy is showing his true color and chose to end the marriage before his feet got wet..i.e., before you had a child and he was truly liable…at the end of the day that’s all he was worried about, hence the statement he apparently made about not wanting to pay spousal support. For starters you are due pain and suffering…spousal support is a given, get a family law attorney and remind him of who you are…that queen he married, but now wants to throw you to the wolves. At the end of the day these men have their own agendas and you were blessed to find out early.

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