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Kimora Lee Simmons Goes Topless In Front Of Her Kids While on Vacation in Saint-Tropez [Photos]


Kimora Lee Simmons was spotted enjoying a family vacation in Saint-Tropez where she decided to relax & let it all hang out.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little sun while topless, but we’re not sure how to feel about doing it in front of children.

Kimora’s kids got an eyeful of mommy as she pranced around the yacht with her ta-tas on full display.

Click through below to check out the NSFW pics.

Do you think it’s a big deal or no?

via The YBF

Photos via INF/Kimora Lee Simmons/Twitter


  1. You think this is an issue? It’s our American uptight sensibilities that demonize women’s breasts anyway.

  2. Sabrina Whiteman

    There is nothing weird about this. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • This article is not about being ashamed of nudity. It bring up the question is it appropriate to have tits out in front of kids. Answer? No.

      • Sabrina Whiteman

        I stand by what I said. This article is shaming her for having her bare breast in front of her children. Answer? Yes.

        • for the record, nobody shamed anybody. I just posed the question since obviously people have strong opinions about it.

  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with it!

  4. All 3 of those kids got fed from those beautiful breast. Those are not new to them. LOL

  5. WHO hasnt seen their mother topless in the house or at the beach…wtf is up with this puritanical society here in America….ugh

  6. bb morgendoffer

    These are not ta-tas. These are breasts. Women have breasts. This is NOT a story. She isn’t greasing them up and shaking them in their faces.

  7. Ok. I’ve seen my moms boobs like a milli times theoughout my childhood and young adulthood, but if she had been the same way with my little brother,… I’d think it was a little inproprate… It would it be ok if a father was walking around with his dad dick hanging. Out?

  8. Are you guys retarded? Do you want to see YOUR moms tits????? NO. THus its NOT ok for moms to do that in front of kids. Come on yall act like yall have sense.

    • Its not about having common sense or not. Those are HER children. Not urs or anybody else’s. I see nothing wrong with it.

    • I’ve seen my mom’s breast plenty of times as a kid. Never bothered me. Her kids didn’t look uncomfortable, its not your call, there is no law saying you can’t be topless in front of your kids.

  9. So what if she walks around with her breast out, its her kids? We only know about this because we saw the pics. This situation is only offensive the individual(s) who deemed them so base on their own moral qualms. One thing is obvious from this is that breast/nipples are not overly sexualize to her or her kids. So if you don’t want to see your mom breast close your eyes…

  10. if she does that in public in front of her kids, imagine what it’s like at home. Have some respect for your kids. They don’t need to see that.

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