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Kelly Clarkson: ‘I can’t support Romney’s anti-gay policies’

Kelly Clarkson has publicly declared her support for President Obama’s second term while once again re-enforcing her status as a LGBT ally.

I’ve been reading online about the debates and I’m probably going to vote for Obama again, even though I’m a Republican at heart. I can’t support Romney’s policies as I have a lot of gay friends and I don’t think it’s fair they can’t get married.”

via Daily Star


  1. What a shame that you would base such an important vote on a single issue. I have a gay grandson and want everything for him, but Obama is the worst thing that has happened to this country and should not be allowed to continue his destruction of America simply because he supports gay marriage.

    • Destruction??? So you’d rather he did nothing & left us in the middle of Dubya’s 2nd Great Depression?????? Are you insane?! Good for Kelly for not falling for the neoCon crap!

    • When you say destruction of America are you referring to Pres. Obama’s ability to run on a campaign and despite adversity manage to get America growing, slowly but growing. Maybe your referring to his destruction of the auto industry with the bailout..nope not that because that was successful in fact the loans were paid off early and auto sales are at the highest level since 2009. Maybe your referring to that healthcare platform Pres. Obama was talking about during the election season…hmmm..not that because Affordable Health Care has passed. You might be referring to the War in Iraq….nope couldn’t be that since he brought our troops home. You might be referring to the number of vets who are unable to get hired after serving our country…but nope not that since over the past four years, programs have been created to hire more veterans. You may be talking about the millions of homeowners who faced foreclosure due to the mortgages they were approved for during Pres. Bush term that they could not afford….nope not that since Pres. Obama implemented a save your home foreclosure program that has stopped several million ppl from losing their homes.Your probably referring to his destruction of the education system with the ineffective No Child Left Behind.wait a minute, wrong president that was Pres. Bush’s program. Pres. Obama has implemented a Race to the Tope program to improve all of America’s children education. But maybe you think Pres. Obama is destroying America because he genuinely believes that all Americans should have the opportunity to succeed and that health care is not a priviledge but a human right. I think rather than say Pres. Obama has destroyed America you may want to use the term strenghten America.

    • Are u serious You Saying obama is Worst than bush and that Romney would Be better. You rather a liar Like romney who don’t wanna show his tax returns. A man That love to out source jobs. Romney is a flip Flopping crook and bush is a murderer. Obama saying that gay marriage should be legal is worst than What romney and bush believe in well you are no better than those two.

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