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Jenny Craig & Medifast Refuse to Help Kim Kardashian Lose Post-Baby Weight, Says She Isn’t Real Enough


Well, if you’re looking to see Kim Kardashian join Jessica Simpson in shedding those post-baby pounds, forget it . Jenny Craig tells TMZ they are not interested in the reality star.

Reps for Jenny Craig and Medifast tell TMZ they won’t be be helping Kim K shed her post-baby weight — and their reason, ironically enough, is the reality TV star isn’t real enough. Medifast said it’s not looking for any celeb endorsements — but Jenny Craig was more specific, telling us they’re … focusing on “real results for real women” this year. Interestingly, JC’s rep added, “We will continue our working relationship with Mariah Carey.”

Call us crazy, but we don’t think Kim will need any more help losing weight after the baby.

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  2. I can see why these “weight loss” people shy away from Kim. Her porn flick is enough to make you sick and I only watched it for 30 seconds or less. With this background no legitimate company should use her as a “role model.” Nothing wrong with what she is doing on the porn, but KEEP IT PRIVATE. I read that her Mother sold the video for 5 million and she also DIRECTED the video. Enough said.

  3. Kim is a Beyonce wannabe. Kanye is a Jayzee wannabe, what a mess those two are.

  4. see below

  5. She is out of proportion, and will never be thin, that’s why these big companies don’t want to put their name on it.

  6. She could lose a quick 10 if she cut off the genital warts.

  7. I would have assumed it has something to do with her STD infested, man-hopping nastiness.

  8. She would put the company out of business if they promoted her as a client.

  9. Let’s just face it; the entire kardashian family, (including kanye), are horrible, moneygrubbing shit-pails. They’ve done NOTHING to deserve their celebrity past be oxygen wasting attention-whores who use wanna-be rappers and basketball players to get fame and money. They’re about as human as something you’d find in a petri dish in a biological lab. I applaud JC for their decision to show the door to the biggest attention whore of the lot. I’m sure she’ll find some other publicity stunt to keep her silicon ass in the limelight.

  10. i’m sorry, but i just can’t let you come up by laying down…now i remember her hosting some ‘whatever’ and making 60k or so, and i said i hope she doesn’t try to get to hilton status from the rash of ‘leaked’ sex-tapes that had befallen young hollywood…now they have created so many streams of revenue that her mom’s slutty plan worked out perfectly. now, ppl have ‘slept’ their way to success before, but the casting couch was never made public. really i blame every corporation that singed all of them.
    famous, for actually doing nothing. i still marvel at the fact that someone would make such an audacious and depraved plan just to gain wealth. i think tht would make her the absolute highest paid prostitute. now, that is a sad state of affairs.

  11. You guys are super crazy. KK look like a cow and is not an example of a ” role model”. She will never get rid of her defining Sex Video.

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