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Janelle Monae Opens Up About Her Sexuality [Video]

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Ever since the super incredible and super talented Janelle Monae hit the scene, many have been quick to question her sexuality due to her androgynous style.

She stopped by Sway in the Morning at Sirius XM’s Shade 45 earlier this week to promote her fantastic new album, The Electric Lady.

Of course, the hosts couldn’t to pass up the opportunity to ask Janelle if she prefers men or women. She kept her response vague, saying:

“Women are amazing…and so are guys.

There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual, there’s nothing wrong with being lesbian or gay. I am an advocate. i have friends who are in same sex relationships and I feel love has no sexual orientation. Live has no religious belief. Love is the purest and most important thing we can possess for ourselves and for others.”

Sway then asked straight up if she dated men or women.

“I keep my personal life very much to myself. I want everybody to focus on my music. I also don’t want to let anybody down. I want women to still be attracted to me. Go get my album! I want men to still be attracted to me so I have to be political in this. So I can’t really tell y’all!”

She handled that with such class! Watch the interview below!


  1. I just love shawty!!!

  2. schmetterlingsjager

    She doesn’t sound very BRAVE or HONEST to me. She sounds like she’s motivated by making money off of her albums–who can blame her in this economy for that. But, if she’s anything close to LGBTAQI then she’s letting us all down because we need more visible public figures who are willing to be OPEN and CLEAR and HONEST about themselves and not vague and “political.”

    I mean, we just had a damn “scandal” laced with seething hatred around Mr. Cee’s dalliance with a trans woman. This manufactured scandal comes because we don’t have many high profile R&B, Soul, Hip Hop performers who are willing to show the public that we can have fantasies about us as well as anyone else.

    You know who was brave, honest, real and trailblazing? SYLVESTER! He was always open and a tremendous recording artist and singer and instrumentalist. We need models like that.

    Like I always say: closet cases KILL ME!

    • I think that the point of what she was going for went completely over your head. Before she even made mentions about her album and wanting people to buy her album, she made it clear that it was her business and her business alone. She has a beliefs and she made them clear, her sexuality is no one’s goddamned business and you know what? I’m so fucking sick and tired of people in the LGBT* community giving the lot of us a bad name.

      As someone who’s a part of the community, do me a favour. Get the hell off your high horse and have a seat. You are not owed anything. None of us are. I’m so tired of queer(*) people thinking that we have to have someone in the forefront, have someone out there and in your face when, we don’t. Some people want to be happy with their lives. Some people want things in their life private and only kept for them, their partners (if any), and their closed doors. Especially in the case of celebrities, sometimes they want things private and if they want things private, it’s our place as humans to respect that and give them that privacy. We aren’t paparazzi or anything like that.

      I’ve said this once and I’ll say it, you aren’t owed anything. You aren’t entitled to jack shit because of the community you are under or the minority that you are. The most you are entitled to is to be respected and if you can’t give it, then you don’t deserve it. Stop speaking for the people who you don’t need to speak for. Maybe you need a face for your battles of insecurity or whatever the fuck else, but a good lot of us are okay with Janelle giving us her beautiful ass voice, face, being and overall personality.

      Like I always say: I’m sick of people like you; the ones who scream for equality, but at the same time want people up in other’s faces to prove a fucking point. Not only is it pointless and detrimental, it’s fucking annoying, disrespectful, and shows an obvious lack of tact. Seriously, get over yourself.

  3. I love Janelle! I feel this issue is more of a concern with the straight audience, than the gay one. It’s almost like they have to place her in the “straight” box, just as a dig against her lesbian fans. As far as needing to be more open, I just like to call BS on that! Her latest cd is very lesbian-centric in both lyrics and theme…just listen to ‘It’s Code’, ‘Dorothy Dandridge Eyes’ or her cover of ‘I Want You Back’ and tell me she’s not being OPEN, CLEAR or HONEST. She has nothing else to “prove”. People are just nosy.

  4. but why is Janelle Monae’s voice so sexy tho? and this is coming from a lady! Cant wait to see her in Austin!!!! ayyyyyy

  5. so shes a lesbian that makes great music..oh okay.

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