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It Ain’t Over! Jussie Smollett and Vivica Fox Clap Back at 50 Cent After Taraji’s EPIC Read


Just moments after Taraji P. Henson read 50 Cent for all his worth, fellow ‘Empire’ stars Jussie Smollett and Vivica Fox joined with choice words of their own.

Jussie took a classy approach with his clapback at 50…


…while Vivica got a little more ‘hood’ with her response.




  1. Oh my! That was a little Juicy!

  2. Bye auntie Viv

  3. Well, 50 just ‘clapped back’ ~ You just cannot come for FIFTY! LOL

  4. 50 needs to grow up. His show is apparently doing well, but he cannot think he is the only show on television that we love to watch. He should be happy for all black shows being showcased. Grow up Bro, and pat your fellow brothers and sister on the back for doing them. They ain’t hating on your show. So do some hot promotions if you think Empire is your competition. This ain’t a rap-thing where you call out another rapper to battle you on the microphone. If you think they are coming for you, change your game. But you just may mess it up because neither show has anything in common.

  5. Ok everyone has said their piece…..Vivica leave it alone and grow old gracefully. Getting sick of the back and forth, in the words of Mr. Samuel Jackson ” Who gives a Fudge”

  6. Vivca Fox old ass looking for any role and Jussie please (have a seat), out your lane..

  7. 50 is last decade. Does anyone actually pay attention to anything he says anymore?

  8. Black people are so stupid sometimes.. here we are dealing with the devil everyday about him stopping and killing us and we have four grown ass adults on the instagram calling out each other and acting a fool.. this is just the type of shyt white people love to see so they can say, see even with money they still can’t be in a civilized community without bringing their ghetto ways.. when are we ever going to grow up and be happy for each other as a race? why are we always hating on each other? it’s embarrassing to see this back and forth nonsense.. just goes to show you.. money can’t change who you really are inside.

    • If that be the case then the weight of your intelligence is light as a feather. If you don’t know by now the history of what happen to the so-called African American. Maybe you are in some kind of time zone those black people who are fighting each other are the blind greedy ones who the devil allow to get where they are. When you wast your time going on line calling those Caucasian puppets stupid, then you become the one they like to pat on the back.

    • I’d rather to say we’re misdirected, not stupid. We’re not the only ones caught up in the hype either. We came here to be stripped and brainwashed to serve at their pleasures. Now we’ve evolved quite a bit, but there’s still so much more to be done. We’ve got to find a way to reach those of us that are caught, because they don’t know they’re still being brainwashed. Then there the 50’s and Vivica’s, etc. who need to take their resources and find ways to help those who are the lower end of the totem pole to come to our communities, use social media for something other than themselves valid out here (they’re still brainwashed too). We can start by stop bashing each other on social media. Don’t respond to the negative comments with negative comments. Let’s set an example, change can began anywhere.

  9. Vivica started all of this, but I guess 50 was supposed to take the high role, huh. Lol, bro has been the same since day one, he ain’t changing. Love how people try to invoke society’s ills into their personal disputes with others to try and sway the simple minded public. Your personal beef with another man has nothing to do with police shooting black men, dude. LMAO.

  10. As Wendy Williams says you don’t respond to lesser than. Why even bother.

  11. Well the Power Facebook page is terribly racist…they way the talk about the Latina on their show with their Black this Black that. I’m not hatin just say the Power fanbase (generally speaking) can be rather toxic and full of themselves. So I’m not surprised by this response.

  12. Oh no they did’ent!

  13. On the gay subject i agree with 50 cent but don’t agree with any of the black actors and actress on letting themselves be use by Caucasians. i don’t give a damn about those Toms and Janes who try so hard to be like the devil. Those fools are so divided they will never come together. i only care about the poor who have suffered and have never made it.

  14. I love Jussie ????????????????????????????????????????

  15. clapback. speak English, not ebonics.

  16. the uneducated grammar here is why black have problems.

  17. Wasn’t Fox and 50 and couple at one time? Didn’t he do some serious damage to her heart? Or am I think of some other dude?

  18. 50 cent is a asshole to the fullest and power is not good empire is all that

  19. you know not once have I ever heard of Mariska Hargitay on Law and Order ever clap back one fucking time at her haters! Imagine a little class and respect! I mean since 1999 Law and Order -SVU has been on, and here she is fighting for domestic violence and rape kit backlog and not one fucking time has it ever come out like this , bunch of bickering….all if it plainly uncool. She even gave Taraji props… smh.

  20. Jussie is on fire. The truth he spoke went over a lot of heads. Men were put on this earth to be our protectors, and now we’re the one doing the protecting. I’m a fan all of them, I love 50’s background, he has a testimony, as well as Taraji, Vivica, and Jussie himself. Now is not the time for we as Black people to fight over immature things when we’ve got bigger threats at hand trying to take us all out. Take that energy and pour it into something constructive that will help with the issue of how to stop the police from treating Black people like their own person shooting range targets.

    • The best way to stop police from being overly aggressive when dealing with black people is to have blacks realize the real problems come within their community. So MANY crimes have been committed by blacks that it’s no wonder even the fellow blacks within the police force deal out the same kind of apprehension towards their own community. Fix the problems within the black community before you start blaming the police.

      • You can’t be a Black person so I’m letting you have this one.

        • Yes dismiss the solution of a person who isn’t a member of your community. What if I’m black. What would you say now? Would you accuse me of being an Uncle Tom? This is why the black community never solves its problems.

      • so you keep your cops in your community let us fix ours.

        • Sure and Chicago worked SO WELL as the police don’t even bother patrolling the ghetto areas anymore.

          • Dont confuse a federal experiment courtesy of Rahm and Obama to be anything but that. You have no idea what is going on.

          • I know you’re not black now, because if you were then you’d know about all the things done to change things in lower income communities. You’d also know that not all black prep p le live in the hood and the same issue e have in our “poor neighbourhoods” are the same as anyone else’s from any other race. But just like the positive things in the black community, those don’t get mentioned. Get you some business, go read and actually learn something before you go making comments and looking foolish.

          • If I didn’t read and understand about the ghetto hood situation then I wouldn’t be commenting here. Facts here are simple. There are more blacks dying at the hands of other blacks in the hood. Whether it be in Chiraq, Detroit, etc.. you can’t deny the facts. “Positive things” aren’t doing any good in the Hood.

  21. Anytime one black person has a problem with another black person OMG your destroying the community. OMG cant you love and suck each other. N please. And yes Empire is network garbage.

  22. 50 Cent so petty! How are you rich & mad?? How are you rich & a hater?? If you notice, he never hates on anything WHITE PEOPLE do. Grow up. I know they called you ugly as a child but you made it!

  23. Both shows promote a predominantly black cast and are popular with the masses. I don’t understand why 50 cent insists on throwing shade on Empire. For crying out loud his show is on a premium cable network not a broadcast network. The competition is not that serious. If he keeps up this nonsense, the ratings on Power may begin to gown down hill.

    • Or get cancelled. The network executives will cancel it in a minute to distance themselves and their Brand because of that foolish nonsense.

  24. Togetherness. Its time for respect. #We aint going back to nonsense. Support eachother. Thank you @Jussie Smollett and Vivica Fox for holding Taraji and black women up. Now thats power.

  25. Why do African Americans love so much drama, what’s the point of two shows clashing or dissing each other, I mean both shows are meant to get ratings. sigh i give up.

  26. I don’t know why they respond to anything he has to say he’s always hating on Empire that’s what he does no one told him to put his show on Starz maybe more people would be inclined to watch he is jealous of the show’s success which makes no sense because his show is still on the air he’s like a bad toothache ignore it and it eventually goes away he’s probably mad because they never asked him to be on the show he says all this stuff soon as Empire comes on because he’s jealous don’t give in to his attacks he just wants attention

  27. POWER is one of the best shows on tv rn

  28. 50 Cent, the man who cried like a little baby when his widdle wee-wee got showcased on TV, and tried to punk his producer (and then she reminded him who wrote his paychecks – legend). 50 Cent, the same man whose own child read him to filth when he tried to come speak ill of him. 50 Cent, the dude who’s career literally collapsed over a decade ago. How is this leftover trying to stay relevant (other than spending his Vitaminwater cash on a second-hand publicist)? By going after Taraji, who was just the cover star of Entertainment Weekly and has numerous movies and project coming out. OH OKAY SIR.

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