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Hold Up: Vivica Fox Calls 50 Cent Gay, Says He Looks Like a ‘Booty Snatcher’ on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ [Video]


Vivica Fox served up some piping hot tea during tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen brought up 50 Cent’s remarks about Empire losing ratings because of all the ‘gay stuff’ and Vivica suggested 50’s just “the pot calling the kettle black,” as Andy put it so eloquently.

Fellow guest Kandi Burruss asked for a little clarity, but ultimately decided to stay out of it.

Vivica said: “He just seems like he’s just got something that’s not quite clear.”

She went on to say that 50 looked like a “booty snatcher” on the cover of Vibe with Soulja Boy– which was actually a XXL magazine cover — but, still.


Yikes. It’s only a matter of time before 50 Cent comes back with some words of his own.

Watch Vivica’s revelation below.

Update: Soulja Boy is the first to respond.

50 Cent has responded…and apparently he let Vivica Fox lick his butt.


  1. Viv, you’re a little too late with this shade. 50 had you running after him looking foolish…chasing that young peen. OAN your face looks heavenly ?????

  2. Vivica, it must really hurt to be at the BOTTOM and TRYING to climb your way back up. Get real. No one in their right mind believes he’s gay and there is nothing gay about that cover being shown.

    What YOU’VE outed YOURSELF as, is a embittered woman. Get over it. HE DUMPED YOU a LONG TIME AGO and to add insult to INJURY, YOU referred to HIM as “the love of YOUR life,” when HE referred to YOUR as, in basic terms, a clingy woman.

    You truly can’t stoop ANY LOWER IN ENTERTAINMENT then by doing the show EMPIRE. At first there was rumblings of a reality show and NOW THIS? So sad. You’re PATHETIC VIVICA, truly.

    By the way, Soulja Boy’s comments were really funny.

    • Why do you idolize every a s s h o l e in the industry? Kardashians, 42 Cents… Seriously? Look at that cover. Soulja is holding his d i c k, 50 is draped over him and has on a Maskurbate face covering. There are some SERIOUS gay vibes coming through. That being said, regardless of his sexuality, what real MAN spends his days beefing on Twitter and Instagram? 42 Cents is a b i t c h. That’s what they do: spend their days seeking attention on social media. In all fairness, Vivica should not have commented at all. Had she kept her mouth closed, this wouldn’t have happened.

      • The fact that you think someone is being IDIOLIZED just because they COMMENT on a cover shows how much of an argumentative IDIOT YOU ARE. You are mentioning people who are NOT even apart of this story which shows that YOU have major issues with FOCUS and processing information.

        I don’t see anything sexual about this cover there is NOTHING gay about this cover. I don’t want to hear anything about a “real man” from someone who is NOT one, YOU. You have got to be kidding me. You sound like a little BEYOTCH if ever I heard one.

        50 has the right to defend himself. Just call it for what it is. YOU don’t like this guy and no matter what he DOES or DOES NOT DO he will ALWAYS be an issue for YOU. In regards to seeking attention via social media that’s what A LOT of people do but I understand it from a celebrity’s perspective to continue with branding.

        Learn to focus and stop being so f^cking hateful.

        • I’m hateful? Have you re-read your original comment? You just spew negativity!

          As for my “focusing problem”, I don’t have one. I’ve noticed your comments on several stories here on B Scott’s website and you always throw praise at the most idiotic people and belittle the ones who have morals, values or talent. I’m really quite focused and have a good sense of perception. Also, the fact that you went off on me like this shows that I hit a nerve and you know I’m right. ;-)

          • Yes you are hateful. If ANYTHING those two should have been worried about how THUGGISH they appeared on that cover. Let’s look shall we? Two BLACK MEN on the cover of an URBAN MAGAZINE. One with his face mostly covered as though he has JUST robbed a bank or is a terrorist and the OTHER shirtless (which denotes TRASH) and with baggy pants and tattoos. Basically portrayed as a HOODLUM.

            I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT get GAY from this cover. What I DO GET is TRASH, CRIMINALS, SCUM and THAT’S the real problem, not some phantom GAY image that YOU want to see.

          • Thank you for all the attention you’re giving me but I really don’t care what you have to say anymore. You can stop typing now. ;-)

          • No thank YOU for the attention YOU have given ME in regards to this matter. I especially loved the ridiculous use of exclamation points and question marks. It let me know more than ANY of YOUR elementary words how deeply MY POSITION had affected you.

            In closing, I couldn’t care less than I already do HOW you feel about the matter nor did I ever for that matter. You can move along and spread YOUR hate to another blog article.

            Thanks Again. :)

          • It’s funny that you think I care. It’s also funny that you MOCK my PUNCTUATION when YOU capitalize EVERY second WORD you TYPE. Take your autism to another site. Bye!

          • Actually it’s not funny that you care. At THIS POINT it’s just stupid. Your poor use of language and punctuation are not funny. It’s just ANOTHER example of the FAILURE of PUBLIC schools in addition to YOUR emotional state on the matter.

            So you’re autistic? It’s not an excuse for your stupidity, so don’t try to use it as a crutch. And please know that YOU may leave at ANY time the door is WIDE OPEN.

          • I do agree with you that YOU “spew” negativity. I don’t know WHERE you got this GAY theme from but it clearly was pulled from the depths of the crack of your anus. You clearly have a problem and YOU chose to project YOUR NEGATIVITY feelings about two men into an image which is NOT there.

            Your sense of “perception” darlin’ is quite warped and I believe that’s because of YOUR environment and general upbringing. So let ME teach YOUsense by CONTINUING to be the reason to YOUR delusion. The fact that I’ve put YOU in your place speaks to the fact that you’re an d!sgusting human being who wishes to spread filthy thinking when it comes to people YOU don’t like.

            Let this be a lesson to YOU. Seek truth. As always I will remain THE TRUTH which means that RIGHT TRIUMPHS wrong (you.)

          • I don’t care if you’ve read my posts previously OR if you or anyone else
            for that matter, agrees with them or not. My words, thoughts, etc are
            just that, MY OWN and what I WILL continue to do is see TRUTH and not
            the world through a DIRTY LENS as YOU see it.

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