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George Zimmerman & DMX Boxing Match Has Been Cancelled


It looks like  George Zimmerman won’t be facing off against DMX in a celebrity’ boxing match.

The promoter says it’s because his conscience has gotten the best of him.

He took to Twitter to officially cancel the event .

Check out several of his tweets below!

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 2.20.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 2.20.28 PM

That’s great news.


  1. white people again more lies out their ass…stfu

    • Is this a lie?
      Population by race:

      White: 224,000,000
      Black: 39,000,000
      Hispanic: 50,400,000

      Number of people on Food Stamps by race.
      White: 19,475,000
      Black: 17,100,000
      Hispanic: 8,550,000

      Percent of population on Food Stamps by Race:
      White: 8.6%
      Black: 43.8%
      Hispanic: 17%

      • What does that have to do with anything? Also I have a 400+ head start on you who do you think is going to win?

      • that maybe true that 43.8% of blacks are on food stamps/welfare which is a small amount of the governments money, but if you knew anything you wouldn’t post dumb shit like that because more whites are on welfare compared to any other race usually single white mothers, Farmers the government would rather trade than grow their own food so they pay farmers not to farm, and Oil rigging company gets the most government assistance. so before you start posting percentages look and see who gets the most government assistance money wise not population wise

        • the funniest part is when people quote statistics they say it like its actually facts based of course blacks are going to be 43% its a smaller population (minority) thats like saying you have 10 lain people 50k whites and 30k blacks all it takes is 5 latino and that qualify as 50% of their population 5 of the others would barely be 2-3% people are amazing to me

          • so you are saying that it is ok for nearly half of the blacks to be on welfare because it is a smaller number than the whites….yeah you make a lot of sense….

      • Lmao you putting up the stats as if white people on food stamps is 0. Also wtf does that have to do with anything that is being discussed? You wouldn’t like blacks no matter what so all your research is irrelevant dick.

      • DO NOT LET THIS GUYS FAKE STATS FOOL YOU!! This is from Time magazine & the stats are from the government census bureau “61% of the population receiving welfare, listed as “means-tested cash assistance” by the Census Bureau, is identified as white, while only 33% is identified as black. These numbers notwithstanding, the Republican version of “political correctness” has given us “welfare cheat” as a new term for African American since the early days of Ronald Reagan. Yet if the Lakers were 61% white and on a winning streak, would we be calling them a “black team”?”

        Read more: Welfare: A White Secret – TIME http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,156084,00.html#ixzz2smwo9GPo

        • ok please go and do the numbers ok…what you are saying is basically what the stats posted above are…WOW…lol…it shows more whites on food stamps but when you divide that by the population of whites, you get that number….lol…you can try and sing the numbers how you want them, but the numbers dont lie….lol….33% of blacks on welfare while they are 1/5 of the number of whites is not making your case for you…lol…what you did was just reinforce the guys stats above….but hey it is ok, look at numbers how you want….

          • and young black men commit over 50% of all murders in united states and that’s a fact and there’s so few of them, less than 6% of the population yet they commit more than half of all murders

      • Michelle Washington


  2. Is it true he changed his mind?
    And why is it all a race thing? Its a human thing. Why would you wanna a human to profit from another humans death smh

  3. Michelle Washington

    i think he should have went along with it who cares about peoples feelings because at the end of the day all the people talking crap dont give a rats ass about you or your feelings or your bills morals are a thing of the past its how america works its as simple as that.


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