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Exclusive: Tamar Braxton FIRED from ‘The Real’ [Details]


Tamar Braxton has been FIRED from Daytime Emmy-nominated FOX talk show, ‘The Real.’

A very reliable source confirms to B. Scott exclusively:

Tamar Braxton just got fired from ‘The Real.’ She wasn’t reading too well with the audience and sales people didn’t find her to be a good fit with advertisers. Also, production found her too difficult to deal with.

Yikes. Well, this definitely explains Tamar’s Instagram post from earlier. Check it out below:

I love u all but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted ( not my man or my sisters) I am not about to be tried and tested to snitch (????) and it’s not in good taste to tell you who…… but as #tamartians you are very smart and can figure things out on your own. But know that every one who smiles in your face is NOT your friend and is NOT cheering for you and will LIE and try and tear u down to TRY and dim your light. Thank GOD HE HOLDS MY FUTURE AND MY HAND! (Remember who u are)….I am Tamar Braxton. And if you thought for 1 sec u played me…..In the late great prince and the amazing Beyoncé voice you PLAYED yourself???? to God be the Glory and I will be taking a short break from ALL social media…until then?? yourself and WATCH YOUR BACK ( I put this picture up cause this is the embrace I got from my sister and best friend that she ALWAYS gives when she knows I’ve been had)

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Not to mention, Tamar is no longer following Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, or ‘The Real’ on Twitter. The only host she’s currently following is Tamera Mowry-Housley.

As of now, there’s no word on a potential replacement. We wish Tamar the best in her future endeavors.

Update: ‘The Real’ has CONFIRMED Tamar’s exit. Read their joint statement here.


  1. Eh, I can believe it. She’ll get over it

    • I know! I don’t know why folks crying over her and praying for her (Twitter)that girl richer than all of us. Please.

  2. I thought her hubby, Vince was a producer on the show?

  3. Not true

  4. tamar was the real. nobody will watch them other chicks. smh


    • I still will not watch that FAKE ghetto show but I HATED Tamar Braxton

    • that fat girl looks like she smells of cocoa butter……….rubbed in the crevices that she believes some man wants. Yeah sustah all the men want you LMAO

    • Lmao she most certainly was not the whole show. I found her entertaining at first, but I realized I enjoyed the show so much more while she was out sick. It was quite nice to be able to hear other people’s opinions without her yelling over them or smacking her lips at their thoughts.

      • like her or not tamar was the main draw of that show. i went to one of the tapings where tamar was off doing dancing with the stars and the show was lame. and all them chicks hate each other. during the breaks, loni would get up and none of them would speak to each other. jeannie called loni on break and loni looked at her and walked away. then when the cameras came back on they were laughing and chatting. it was so fake. im glad tamr left them. they don’t even like each other. tamar is real they weren’t. like tamar said they smile in your face then stab you in the back with lies.

        • I wonder if it was just that day though. Because a friend of mine went to a taping while Tamar was out sick and they had a random guest host. And she had a fantastic time. She said it was super fun, even when the cameras weren’t rolling.
          And based on the amount of people saying “good riddance” all over the internet, I think she was the main draw for her personal fans, but not for the majority of fans of the show. I didn’t start watching for her, and this most certainly isn’t going to stop me from watching. There are tons of people who feel the same.

          • they were super nice to the guest hosts lol. that wasn’t the issue. plus the guest host is not there during the whole taping of the show. the way it works is they tape a series of segments and what you see on tv is a solid hour. and they often make mistakes and the director will stop and they will repeat the segment or the lines they read of the prompter, so it takes quite a while to tape one segment. one time they re-did a segment because Jeannie said a comment that loni took as being a nasty comment towards her. as Jeannie was reading and commenting loni raised her hand and said “what, really? umm this aint gonna work” stood up and was about to walk away when the director said loni we’ll fix it.. the director said ok Jeannie lets try it again and please stick to whats on the prompter. Jeannie said “wow ok no problem”. and as far as the internet all saying good riddance i dont think it was hte majority. i think most of the folks saying good riddance were folks who disliked her in the first palce. the show was created as a vehicle for tamar, her husband was an executive producer. they put the other ladies together. i say to tamar & hubby watch who you call yourself helping because they will be the ones to stab you in the back. the show (with tamar) has gotten emmy nominations so doesn’t sound like tamar was hated to me. sound like an internal issue like with many shows. most shows that get rid of a big personality usually tank. like with the housewives of Atlanta. nene was the main draw, folks loved to like her and some loved to hate her but make no mistake they watched because of nene. well nene got fed up with them not wanting to give her producer credit so she was gonna walk. (nene actually was the first hired and she got them to hire all the other cast). they said hmm we can do this without you. and yes there were haters who were saying “good riddance neen i hated you and you were to this or too that”. so what happened? the show opened to its lowest ratings with out her and same with the next few episodes. so they quickly got her to come back to do the last few shows and the rating picked up. and hey paid her a bunch of money to get her back too.

  5. Entertainmentluvva

    we’ll see

  6. Is this true guys????? I love that show and the ladies!!

  7. Ummm she still follows Adrienne….unless she unfollowed/followed again in the time this was written. Also, many folks said they liked the show better without her when she was MIA with all her sicknessess, so Tamartians saying they’ll lose tons of viewers and the show will be cancelled… lol nice try.

  8. She’s still following Adrienne. Just not Jeannie or Loni. Wow, for her sake, I hope it’s not true. Seems she burns a lot of friendships and bridges. Time to come back down to reality.

  9. JustHereForTheFunny

    She was soo irritating

    • True that!

    • very

    • U didn’t have to watch. She made the show now it’s done.

      • Made the show annoying. That show will survive without her. She needs to learn to stop trying to hog all the attention.

        • Unfortunately, the other one who needs to go is Tia Mowry – those monster moles she has make me sick to my stomach. They can do wonders with lasers now days. If they could remove the one from Enrique Iglesias next to his nose (that thing had a mind of its own), they could certain get rid of her nasty things.

          • Tamera not Tia. I don’t have a problem with her mole. I am a big fan of people accepting themselves as they are, so I like that she is not trying to “fix” herself like so many in that business.

          • CeeCee Flinstone

            Well said!

          • Hum interesting. You are a big fan of people accepting themselves as they are and a problem with Tamar being herself…I guess it’s more like you don’t have a problem with people accepting who they are so long as who they are doesn’t bother you..Got it!

          • Take your medicine, hon.

          • U must be getting checks to be a hater?? No one hates like that for free. Tais toi!

          • okie dokie.

          • But, that’s not who Tamar is. She puts on a ghetto affectation thinking she sounds cool but actually ghetto speak just sounds illiterate.

          • Correct. It was just too much to bare. The sponsors probably didn’t like her acting like she was ghetto. They are trying to sell products to the masses and that just doesn’t fly. It’s good for party entertainment but that’s it.

          • She doesn’t sound ghetto, she sounds like a woman who spends a huge amount of time around raging gay MUA’s and hair stylists. I love her and her ability to be relatable and honest. This is phucked up. I know Jeannie had something to do with this.

          • Shiela robinson

            I hate big distracting moles to. Creepy.

          • CeeCee Flinstone

            Wow, really! ???? I bet you have something that is a turn off as well. I can see that you need attention by your photo.

          • There is nothing wrong with her moles. You might have OCD.

          • It’s Tamera and she is beautiful just the way she is.

          • Tamara is naturally beautiful. It’s a lot more than I can say for some of these other women. People like you are always trying to tear others down.

          • She has one mole and it’s what makes her look different from her sister. I can understanding why she keeps it.

          • Just get rid of the moles, not her. LOL. She has one hot husband.
            I never understand why people don’t remove those facial moles.

          • Get over her moles, theres nothing wrong with them. There beauty marks!

          • They’re=they are
            Most become malignant. e.g. cancerous. A mole is not a beauty mark.

          • Get over her moles, there’s nothing wrong with them. There beauty marks!

          • Literarylioness

            She’ll just grow more. It’s a virus in the system, but it will get worse as she gets older.

          • Dummy her name is Tia that’s her twin. The ones that should be fired right from the start never hired was cocaine head with all the food my mouth Jeannie Mai and that fat ass Loni Love brown liquor drinking Lush and that Adrian showing her boobs and our ass like she some slot or something the only ones that I liked was Tamar andTamar

        • I hope so very smart, bright, andmost of all a big heart.

        • Team McQueen Tamar Braxton is life for the real now the fake f*** off haters mofos

        • Yeah well someone in this world probably thinks you’re annoying too. U just don’t GET PAID to get on people’s nerves.

      • I agree. I really enjoyed Tamar. I thought she was funny.

        • N My Face I Post

          She was funny, one show she danced across the floor from one side to the next and I was cracking up. She will be missed.

          • Yes. And her “ghetto”-ness, as some folks have called it, was just silliness and exaggeration. The most fun I have is when I’m not afraid to be silly. For me, that was Tamar. I just won’t enjoy The Real as much without her. None of those other girls can carry the show. Adrienne mostly wants to look cute in tight clothes and high heels, Tamera is too normal and chill (even her wardrobe is often kind of boring), I love Jeanie but it feels like she tries too hard to be “down” and Loni is funny but not enough to focus the show on her. As a foursome their chemistry worked. As a threesome they’re missing one of the elements that made them watchable. *sigh*

            That’s okay. I guess I just have more time to study now.

          • CeeCee Flinstone

            They will do fine. If the show fails, it was headed that way already. The audience is most likely young girls. They are out of school soon so ratings should go up. Remember, they did well when Tamar was out sick. I would leave out the guest appearances though. They usually suck.

          • I think it will be boring. Jeannie and that Adrienne hood rat diffently need to replaced ASAP!!!!!!!!

          • There’s just something about Adrienne that makes me kinda side eye her. I’m not quite sure what.

          • Bottom she didn’t think she could be replaced. I’m sure they tried to work with her. I don’t they will replace soon.
            I hope the next she will act professional. I really think she smart, intelligent, and most of she has a big heart. But that’s my opinion.

          • I don’t know. I’ve been in a position where a coworker attempted to sabotage me. I’m not ready to assume the best is the show or the network. This is a show where personality counts. No one wants to watch four reserved young ladies sit for an hour discussing pop culture for an hour. Personally, I don’t think she is replaceable; I think this show is gonna flop now. I guess we’ll see.

          • Literarylioness

            Maybe it’s the goater in her neck? She seriously needs to get that removed. I bet she has major thyroid problems.

          • I’ve never noticed that! I’m gonna have to look for it tomorrow.

          • Literarylioness

            Her neck is all swollen. The chick from Inside Edition had one too, but got hers removed.

          • Literarylioness

            I can’t even remember their names.

        • Especially when she talked about men and relationships. She gave the real on it every time.

          • N My Face I Post

            THE REAL, IS A BIT FAKE NOW, If all this love on the show was pure lying.

          • CeeCee Flinstone

            I never thought they were that tight! Tamar loved to throw shade at them and I’m sure they did not like it. Yep, all fake!!

          • Most shows are fake on the exterior. They disagree just like any other job in an office, hospital, beauty parlor. Not everyone gets along with everyone. It’s the way it is.

          • She sure did!

          • She was portraying herself as she does on The Braxtons. She had a career withThe Real.

        • N My Face I Post

          She was funny, that is Tamar, when I first saw her I was like what, but then you know she is a good person, that is just her. She will be missed, no one hand gestures like Ta.

        • I notice something strange on Friday. The were dancing to there seats everyone set down but Tamar she was dancing by herself no camera on her.The hand writing has been on the wall for along time. I like her she just needed to tone it down. I think she was given multiple chances. But this is her doesn’t look good for black women. Good luck Tamar ????

      • She didn’t make the show and we watch for the others

      • N My Face I Post

        She did make the show, Loni only talked about booze and men.

      • I think so her style was hot !!!!!!!!

    • I also thought she tried too hard and sounded ignorant and ghetto

      • Yep, i agree i couldn’t watch it because of her and i could also always tell that the other girls didn’t like her. I know i wouldn’t have if i was on the show.

      • Sometimes producers ask for over the top antics because they feef off what gets an audience reaction. In this case Tamar was paid to act a certain way for entertainment. Once her costars became jealous of her attention they worked behind the scenes to get her fired. That’s what jealous jealous so called friends do.

    • N My Face I Post

      That was her way, at first I thought wow, but then I got use to it and that was Tamar.

    • Smacking her lips!

    • Yes she was!

    • Team Tamar Braxton mother f***** mofo

  10. nannette Palmer

    Tamar was loud and ghetto she disrespect Jeanie

    • They’re all loud and ghetto and that’s not a diss they just are, they’re hood chicks who act, speak, and move like ghetto chicks which is why the show is called the “REAL”. Personally I think all of the are annoying and a bit obnoxious. Tamar clearly couldn’t get along with the producers and are ticked off at the other girls for…who knows, not sticking up for her. However I out of all the ladies I liked her the best.

    • I agree.

    • Yes she was very disrespectful to Jeanie and sometimes Tamera too.

  11. nannette Palmer

    Is her husband the producer

  12. Antincia Foster

    Oh wow that sucks

  13. Hire Sister Patterson! Lmbooooooo

  14. Good. She was my least favorite. I just could not watch the eye rolling and neck moving or listen to the exaggerated ghetto phrasing anymore. She was neither funny or fun to watch. She was too artificial and played out with all that mess. Now replace Tamera with Tia and all will be good.

    Maybe Porsha should replace Tamar. The Real would be better for her than Dish Nation.

    • Porsha is Ghetto too. We don’t need anyone fighting on day time TV

    • Ooh that might be a good look! (Porsha)

    • I personally didn’t really enjoy Porsha when she guest chested on The Real. I think Dish Nation works for her since they edit and show small clips/stories. She isn’t the most intelligent. I would like Ebony Steele who Porsha replaced on The Real though.

  15. Why lie? She clearly still follows Adrienne smh. And here I was thinking this was a reliable source smh.

  16. Noooooooooooo!!!!This made me very very sad.Without any of the ladies it won’t be the same.I guess this will be the last season.Damn smfh.

  17. Nobody’s gonna miss her, she was loud and ghett.

    • I agree. I HATE HER! and her GHETTO jive. She thinks she is a someone. If it wasn’t for her sister no one would even know or care who she is.

    • Exactly, bye Felicia lol.

    • I’m gonna miss her, so I guess I’m nobdy…

      • You are a “Nobody” you are not a nobdy. If she was liked she wouldn’t have been fired.

      • They all complimented one another very well so it won’t be the same..

      • Yeah. Pretty much. I won’t miss her. She was way too ghetto. You can put all the Gucci you want on her but she’s still a hood rat. I have a crazy idea. Why not diversify and put a token white woman on there?

        • She is NOT ghetto. She acts like a stereotype because people think acting like what they perceive as ghetto is cool. She’s a spoiled rich phoney appropriating poor American culture to get street cred from other hood-fakers.

          • OctoberLibra1 .

            She is ghetto, loud ad annoying….even on their show The Braxton’s her own sisters can’t deal with her ass…She can’t even get along with her own husband,and has a hard time dealing with her. She’s too old to be acting the way she does. Now I’m sure her tamartian fans who are comprised of hood rat, loud, obnoxious gays and black women, enjoy her fuckery, but on the platform she’s on now, it doesn’t fit well with the others on the show. Good riddance to her ass. She needs to work on her attitude..

          • disqus_OsdPhFea96

            Would you consider that perhaps you’re one of those Ghetto, Hood Rats you speak about…you seem to have a lot of information about the sisters and their show…Uhh!!! why do you follow Ghetto and Hood Rats around???Just Sayin..

          • They all over talk each other. They are all loud. I will not be watching. I really didnt watch much anyway. I hate to see anyone get fired.

          • I think they really need to do some house cleaning. I can’t believe the money these women make.
            Good bye
            Good luck Tamar

          • Literarylioness

            They used to call this show The Ghetto View.

          • You been waiting for this day,huh? Bitter a$$.

          • Eleanora Jones

            You are so on point…I watch both shows and find myself telling her to stop it and grow up all the time…it is not cute. She is going to ruin her career, business ventures and marriage if she does not stop this Diva spoiled attitude…she is not Mariah

          • Lashell Jackson

            It’s not an acceptable look on anyone including Mariah. So what Mariah has more money and a good voice….a bad personality is a bad personality….you see how it worked out for Mariah to. It’s only so long money can buy tolerance, especially when the other person has their own booming career.

          • Mariah the way she acted on American Idol. Her communication skills are horrible.

          • For someone who doesn’t like “ghetto” people you seem to have a lot of information. Doesn’t that mess up with your own “elegant attitude”?

          • Black women?

          • You are right bad attitude. They have given her many of chances.
            I like her but I don’t work with her.

          • Lashell Jackson

            So tell me, what does acting 5th Ave look like? People are people and lack of class comes in all tax brackets. I don’t believe anyone wants to deal with an intolerable person no matter what their bank account says…..exception: doing so is going to benefit you financially.

          • Your environment is a product of your actions, not the other way around. Ghetto is a noun that means a place where poor minorities live. Recalcitrant, petulant, impulsive, short-sighted, and rude are adjectives describing unacceptable behavior. Tamar was never from a ghetto, she’s from a middle class town. Her attitude is a mix of privilege, self-righteousness, and ignorance. You insult poor minorities by associating that behavior with them.

          • Street has no identity. She want to be a bad girl and look at the price she paid for it.

          • She allegedly was giving production people are hard time. Diva behavior is tolerated for only so long. Also, she took off time whenever she wanted–Dancing with the Stars, filming, real illness, singing engagements. They want someone 100% there.

          • It sad because she’s talented. But she want to be portrayed as a bad girl or maybe a bullie. I didn’t care for her in the beginning. I really like her because she has heart. I’m sure they tried to work with her. She need to distance herself
            from old play mates. I’m not talking about The Real . She has some issues in her past life. But that’s my opinion.

          • Ghetto actually refers to the neighborhoods that Jews lived in under Nazi occupation of Germany.

          • Literarylioness

            Actually, “ghetto” is Italian, but it is associated with Jewish separation.

          • I did not refer to the linguistic derivation of ghetto. I was explaining to the reference of the term.

          • Literarylioness

            Actually the word is Italian and means “separate.” In Venice, Italy the Jews were put in “ghettos” to separate them from the other citizens, because their customs were different and they were not allowed to own land. In the 1960s reporters started to use the word to describe minorities living in poverty, but that is not what the word means.

          • N My Face I Post

            Exactly and she is real.

          • I agree with you spoiled. Her other sisters are street with the exception of Toni.

        • NO WHITE WOMEN! Damn

        • Ha ha! If you add a white women you will have to get rid of Loni. She’s strictly urban.

        • That’s why you have The View, Live with Kelly, Good Morning America. Take your pick.

          • steppenfetchit

            or do the unthinkable and get a J O B!

          • Live with Kelly? One white chick and the View and all the morning shows are pretty much diversified.

          • Turn on any network show and it’s pretty much dominated by Whites. So stop it. Does anyone ever question a show if it has no Blacks or minorities?

          • Black people make up 13%. 1 out of 8 roles, remember? It’s not going to be 50/50 no matter how much you complain and it never should be. Do you complain about Blackish and Empire having one or zero white people when we make up 55% of the American public? African Americans are more than covered. Hispanics and Asians get worse treatment.

          • Who’s complaining? Fresh. Off the Boat is an awesome show. Love it. I loved Ugly Betty. Telenovela, is a top show.

          • Sorry to inform you that NBC has cancelled Telenovela but Fresh off the Boat is still hanging around.

          • I didn’t know. I didn’t care for it but thought it had a lot of support.

          • Empire is a bad example as they’ve had several white and Hispanic characters since it began.

          • It’s not an ALL black show but white people and Hispanics all limited to secondary roles. I personally don’t care. If the Big Bang Theory can have an all white cast I don’t have a problem with Empire being mostly black. I’m just tired of the whining about unfair casting decisions.

          • It’s questioned 100% of the time. To the extreme. No-one says, there are no Asians or Hispanics. How many hispanics got academy awards this round? How about Emmy awards? What about Tony Awards. No one asks because they only minority that yells are blacks. But those same blacks don’t care if other minorities are not represented.

          • That comment is borderline racist. Blacks yell? Seemingly, it’s the only way those blinded by White privilege will hear them. What is the root cause of someone feeling the need to “yell”?

          • Not only yelled but led a movement to boycott the awards, led by Jada Pinckett Smith because her husband did not get nominated for his bad movie. Blacks have enough talent in the entertainment industry that they don’t have to boycott awards that may not include them as nominees. What would be racist would be to have a White Entertainment Network just as there is a Black Entertainment Network (BET) on television.

          • Please exercise better judgment by NOT lumping All Blacks into a category because of a select few. I wouldn’t say that all Whites are racist because of the actions of a select group. Some Whites like Bernie marched with King.

        • Like they say, you can take someone out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of them.

        • Totally agree

        • If you wanna see White women, there are several talk shows to choose from.

          • Where would that be? The Talk? Two black chicks, an Asian, a lesbian and a grandma? If your going to complain about the lack of diversity leaving out a white straight woman (a group that makes up around 28% of Americans) makes your argument specious at best. Practice what you preach. Black people make up 13% of Americans. The ratio would be one out of every eight roles in the media should go to a black person if you want to use a quota system. That is more than covered. Hispanics make up a larger percentage of Americans and they don’t come near adequate representation. Neither do Asians.

          • Maybe black people are just more entertaining. Ever considered that?

          • Nah! That’s not it! No singing, no dancing. No paying sports

          • Actually its because white men own Hollywood and brain wash America into believing white actors are more talented. They deliberately put whites in almost all commercials and movies to make other races believe this is what society looks like.

          • That’s really a load of crap. Have you watched the commercials and half the shows on tv? White men are always portrayed as dumb and clueless. We are the last of the acceptable victims of bigotry. To be honest. When it comes to acting, white people ARE more talented! There are some great black actors but they are vastly outnumbered by great white actors. It has nothing to do with race and more to do with culture and what you focus your energies and priorities on. In high school very few black kids signed up for drama classes and school plays. There was one black girl in our group for the 4 years I was in high school and my school was very integrated. Black boys were more focused on sports. Black girls were more focused on academics and one of the reasons they far outnumber black men in college. Therefore, high schools turned out more black athletes and more white thespians.
            You know what? White people DO make up more than half of American society so yes, we are going to be seen more in the media. Get over it. If you want to use a quota system, 28% of Americans are white females compared to 7% of black females. That’s a 4/1 ratio. Of course if we want to push affirmative action in the media we’ll have to start doing the same in professional sports. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it!

          • Your lengthy reply is a bunch of BS!! White America has historically ridden the coat tails on what they think is popular. Throughout time whites have proven they excel at one thing and that’s maintaining power and control. You’ve raped many nationalities especially black culture to hide the fact that you have no self identity. You only mimick what you think makes you inclusive (i.e. – tanning, dating brothas, butt and lip injections and so forth).

          • Really? How about the coat tails that black people ride from white people? Like say, all of the arts, reading, writing, mathematics, science, etc. All races have brought something to American culture.

          • That is a stereotype. Stereotypes don’t do anybody good.

          • Are they legal give me a brake.

          • 100% correct. Noirluv45 can’t be just concerned about black representation. That is racist.

          • How about channel surfing on cable. If you are going to complain about a show that left out White females, then I suggest you bump your gums and complain to THEM and not a site geared towards Black women! Since they make up such a large population and since they’re at the top when it comes to or came to Affirmative Action, I don’t need to worry about their being seen. If you’re considered it, protest. We make up 13% of the population that MOST emulate. If you are so worried about Hispanics, Asians, White women, then take your Point, Dexter, and rally for them, but don’t expect me to cry tears. Black people have our own battles to fight. You are dismissed!

          • Wow. Your kind of thin skinned and a bit on the racist side. I Dont have a “problem” with it but hypocrisy is ugly no matter where it comes from. And you know where you can place your dismissal.

          • This is my last time addressing you. You are clearly a troll, and normally, I don’t respond to trolls, but here you go: Take YOUR thin-skinned tail and tell someone who cares. The end. Now, don’t reply because the virtual ignore button has been pushed.

          • FYI Asians and Hispanics are BLACK

          • Really? I think most of each culture would thoroughly disagree with you!

          • It won’t change the TRUTH

          • Literarylioness

            The Chinese chick sure wants to be part of the black experience. Isn’t anyone offended by the way she talks? I’m not black and I am. I find it offensive when she talks about dating black men as if she has preference for a breed of dog. Wonder if her husband says, “I have thing for Asian chicks, so that’s why I got into you”?

          • Terrible thing to say. If that were said about black women, you would be up in arms. You can’t be anti white and expect that to be acceptable. I am Latino, not white, and I don’t think your response is acceptable.

          • As a Black woman, many things have been said about me and us, and yes, many comments get us “up in arms” as well as they should. At this point, I pick my battles. If you got anti-White from that post, then that’s your shortcoming. My point was there are plenty of shows featuring White woman. What’s “anti-White” about that? Your being Latino means what? Many Latinos are White or they support White, so your point is again? It’s your prerogative not to accept my response, but it changes nothing.

        • It’s not diversity when you call a white woman a token.

        • It’s funny you say that. My husband saw me watching and asked my why there was no white person on the panel. I never thought of it because I found them entertaining. But with all the smack they talk about whites/white culture or anything white, I don’t think a white woman would want to join that cast. I’m not white, but I wouldn’t. It’s getting like if you are white, you are a negative force.

        • Kim Kardashian would be just fine for that.

      • OctoberLibra1 .

        yes, are a nobod.

      • You are if you spell it like that.

      • steppenfetchit

        tru dat and you can’t spell

      • N My Face I Post

        Me too!

      • well said

      • You are somebody, I feel the same way.

    • Lol, that’s not true. Many people are already saying that they will no longer watch the show since Tamar will no longer be on it.

      • The show already received two extra seasons and people were still watching when she was sick and away. I highly doubt her Tamarmatians will have a huge impact on the ratings, hell they don’t even buy her damn music LOL

        • But Tamar did have many fans who were watching solely for her because although she was annoying (in my opinion) she pretty much made the show entertaining for many folks. She will definitely be missed, that’s for sure.

          • I’m sure producers will find somebody who has a similar personality as her, but comes with less drama.

          • I agree with you Cubankid. I could not stand her Ghetto self and I am a black woman. Good riddance……bye Felicia.

          • You sound like the racist you are, ghetto is another name for the N***** word. One in the same as f*****, and other demeaning words you are part of the problem. … No one uses this word in pertaining to White’s, jews, Mexicans, and whomever (ect) so let’s be clear of what and whom it’s referring to. ….

          • Stop that mess. You have no right to put words into other people’s mouths and then start arguing with them on the premise of what you feel their words mean. To you “ghetto” may be the same as The N-word, that does not mean that everyone else feels that way. To a lot of other people the word just means they are uncouth, uncultured and ill-mannered, which is exactly what Tamar is.

          • Some white people do use the word “ghetto” to imply African Americans and their culture. In the car world they use “ghetto-rigged” in place of “nigger-rigged” while the intention remains derogatory.

          • Okay, but just because “some white people” use the word that way, it doesn’t mean everyone else does.

          • We can’t control how people receive our words so we must use them carefully.

          • That doesn’t mean people should get to decide what you meant.

          • Which is precisely why we have to be careful and clear with our words.

          • We can agree to disagree.

          • So by your definition the Kardashians are also ghetto, right?

          • Based on articles of their antics that I have come across, they are trash. I, however, have never watched their shows and I avoid everything Kardashian like the plague, so I can’t speak to how they typically carry themselves. If they act like Tamar, then yes, they are ghetto too.

          • ABSOLUTELY and talentless to boot.

          • Well the fact that “Claire” had to clarify that she was black in order for it to be okay for her to call Tamar “ghetto” explains it all. In 2016, words like “thug” and “ghetto” are synonymous with “n****” and have a racist undertone to them. Nobody’s putting words in anyone’s mouth. It was what was implied from what I’m reading in the comments section.

          • No, in 2016, people have decided that they are going to give words whatever meaning they want in order to have grounds for being offended.”Thug” is not synonymous with “n***er.” A thug is a delinquent, particularly a violent one. Hell, even corrupt cops are referred to as thugs with badges. So no. Despite the etymology of “ghetto,” it has referred to lowbrow, uncouth behavior since the 90s and black people were the ones who popularized that particular use for the word. This is not something new. As for why “Claire” clarified she was a black woman, you’d have to ask her. I don’t speak for other people.

          • Depending on the context we’re speaking in I would agree that the definition changes, as it is with most words. However, it is a new thing, especially in the media, for black people to be called thugs and ghetto, while white people are called “rowdy” or “out of hand” for partaking in the same if not WORSE behavior.

          • But this is not about how the media uses the word. It is about how individuals use it. The posters on here do not represent the media

          • We will have to respectfully disagree because I am exhausted with this, tbh. I can’t make you see what is happening. I don’t know if you use Facebook but click the comments section under a Fox News, ABC News, or CNN article and you will see what I mean. Closet racists rush to these platforms and use those words because the headline used them. You can’t seriously say the media doesn’t influence our behavior and our language.

          • I never said the media doesn’t influence people and I never denied that closet racists use these terms as codewords. If you look at my orginal response, my point is quite clear: you can’t decide for people what they meant when they used an ambiguous word by citing how OTHER people use it. The word “ghetto” is used differently by people and you can’t foist your meaning of the words on to others.

          • Just calling a spade, a spade i guess.

          • Nope. Just saying what you really wanna say under the guise of more politically correct, but still offensive terms.

          • Mister Fantastic

            Ghetto is a Jewish word.

          • YES. My word people go off on their limited knowledge and selfish feelings, that they really end up looking stupid and shall I say “HOOD”

          • AT LAST!!!!!! Someone who knows HISTORY. Thank you for that truth.

          • well, ‘ghetto’ type whites have been called ‘trailer park trash’ for generations. people can just say “hes a jew” in a derogatory manner to insult. mexicans are called illegals whether they are or not. & i dont know where you’ve been hiding, but i hear black women call other black women ghetto all the time. heard it on hip hop, housewives reality shows & on the street, the subway, etc. it means uneducated, unrefined, & too dumb to realize it. people who use these silly examples as racist have no experience with real racism. your father or grandfather probably experienced it, but i doubt you were ever in fear because of your color. thats real racism. this is just silly insults like “your mama’s so poor, her face is on the food stamps.” (heard that from a black guy to another black guy.) the irish off the boats to america saw ‘irish need not apply’ signs at businesses next to no dogs allowed signs. they were conscripted into the union army during the civil war as they walked off the immigrant boats. no choice, just dragged off. they were called donkeys because they were cheaper to hire than buying a donkey. the japanese americans were put in concentration camps in america during ww2. germans & italians too were treated with suspicion when they first emigrated from their countries to come to america., different language, different customs, no money, no education. everyone had hardships to overcome. they didnt whine racism back then & they either made a success on their own or they didnt. frankly, the cry racism has become so overused in this spoiled privileged society that hasnt known or experienced true hardship or fear due to racism, that no one takes the claim seriously anymore. the politicians just pander to the vote element.

          • thanks for the history lesson. no really…yawn.

          • You know some of us did not know that Ghetto meant any thing but low income places with trouble in it for all races, not just one race. I love the song by Elvis, “In The Ghetto” not reminding me of a place,, but a son I lost.

          • No see, the deal is they can say it but you can’t. it’s called hypocrisy. Ghetto is no worse than white trash. I’ve seen “wiggers” just as ghetto as some black people. It deals more with culture than racism.

          • Ghetto is as ghetto does.

          • No. Ghetto is the black equivalent to white trash. Just as low class but varying degrees of melanin.

          • When you have a limited mind expanding your vocabulary is a real challenge. What is the N**** word in your opinion. I need your help so I will know how to refer to the place that Hitler invaded in Warsaw.

          • Your unconsciousness is why you’re comparing the “Hitler’s” , situation one in the same as my people’s . You’re saying that “ghetto ” , is a person’s action rather than what Webster ‘s dictionary a long with every other dictionaries all over the world states. Lol , but I’ll help you out in describing “Tamar’s” personality, she’s in what you’re trying to say is “unequivocally ” sir or madame. ….

          • Lol! That is one of the most pathetic and lamest racist troll I’ve ever seen on this blog. It’s life is worthless, so you did a good deed here wasting time on it.

          • Boy I’m telling you, black people just keep hating on one another, like Tamar said get your life

          • Ratchet and drama go hand in hand. Whoever takes Tamar’s seat will have to bring both.

          • Not really, there are plenty of dramatic people who are not ratchet.

          • Mister Fantastic

            Lonnie makes that show.

          • OctoberLibra1 .

            I love Lonnie. Lonnie is funny, but Lonnie is a more subdued Tamar with less drama, less need to get attention…and so she gives just enough, urban flavor. I don’t know what they were thinking by hiring tamar anyway….If they were not focusing on her during the segment, she was always moving around, doing things to get attention, acting uninterested in the topic, or anyone else…until it was back on her. She even does that on the Braxton’s when she’s not getting the attention, she’s always rolling her eyes, making faces, moving around, popping her lips or just walking away when the sisters are trying to talk to her about how she is…She just won’t listen to anyone, even her husband who has walked out on her because she plays too much and doesn’t take tings serious, especially the music..

          • Loni is like the house mother on the show. She brings the humor (much of it self deprecating).

          • Mister Fantastic

            Well you must not watch the show. For real. Lonnie is the glue that binds the other’s talents together. Why do you think she sits in the middle?

          • She’s a stupid black woman.

          • And you’re a stupid white male/female?

        • Exactly!! Hell some of the Love and Hip Hop cast members have more followers and a huger fan base than her ass lol

          • Right?! They act like Tamar is on Beyonce or Rihanna level of success LM AO

          • I’m not sure who THEY are but I haven’t heard anybody treat her like anything but Tamar Braxton a co-host on the Real. It ‘s obvious that you don’t like her and you have that right but nobody is “acting” like anything.

          • are you confusing Tomi with Tamar? Or am I not reading you right?

          • What is that supposed to mean? Toni is the only legitimate star of the family. Hell, had Toni not appeared on BFV, we would not be discussing Tamar right now.

          • OctoberLibra1 .

            Please, beYAWNce is only at the level she’s at because of her team who puts out false stories, about her getting divorced, her starring in films that she wants to be in….beYAWNce is basically on the same level as Tamar, she’s just as ratchet and hoodrat, and her music is proof. Tamars music and song choices are much better. And beYAWNce’s shit is far worse than Rihanna, which is why she’s dominating on the charts more than Wigonce, with Rihanna doing far less to promote. Case and point, beYAWNce has a team solely put in place to keep her name out there. The fake pregnancy, the staged elevator fight, the divorce rumors, all put out there to keep her relevant, sell records ad sell concert tickets. Now she and her team are putting out fake rumors that the police are planning on boycotting her shows – none of it’s true, just another way to keep her ass relevant. She’s fake, but the fact still remains, Rihanna nor Tamar are doing all of that just to stay relevant…and again, thats why Rihanna has much more crossover appeal, she sells better and she has more no. 1 songs than Wigonce.

          • LIES LIES !!! Stop hating on BEY!!! This story is about Tamar. Stick to it. Beyonce is on a another level. Please!!!!!!

          • sorrrrrry to say none of them has a level showing skin is a level

        • The show was still watched but the ratings were low. You may not like Tamar but there’s a reason why she was hired to the original cast. She’ll continue to prosper but the show, not so much.

        • Those two extra seasons aren’t written in stone and execs can always pull the plug regardless of promises made. Bottom line, this show will not survive without a Tamar-like element. You may not like or appreciate but it sells. How else is white America going to copy urban culture.

      • Then don’t watch it, but i can guarantee u many more people will watch it, juts because she’s no longer on there.

        • I will DEFINITELY continue to watch it. I was just reading the Facebook comments under The Real’s page and people are already upset already saying that they will no longer watch lol. Together those women complimented one another well and it will not be the same..

          • Tamar was shady, she kept giving her co host the side eye, she kept saying LIES AND LIES AS YOU TELL and she would keep interrupting people, that’s not something you can do on a major network show and expect to keep your job. If this was the View or the Talk she would have gotten the boot a long time ago, good riddance.

          • But Tamar has been that way since day 1 so why didn’t they tell her that she needed to change her act or they would let her go MUCH earlier? That’s been Tamar since day 1. I think her getting fired was because of something other. We will soon find out though, hopefully.

          • Have you not seen her on Braxton Family Values? She does not respond well to criticism. She flames her own sisters when they try to give her helpful advice about her behavior. I doubt that producers would just fire her without giving her multiple chances to adjust her behavior, but as her Instagram post shows, she just feels she is never in the wrong. It is always someone else’s fault with her.

          • OctoberLibra1 .

            EXACTLY….Her sisters have all gotten into it with for the very same reason….Even Toni and she is pretty laid back and not dramatic at all…Pretty much all the sisters are laid back accept for Tamar, she’s spoiled and an attention seeker…She even makes Vince come undone, and he’s very mild-mannered. So if 5 of your closest family members are telling her that she has issues, then that should say something to her. Tamar needs to grow up is what she needs to do…I just don’t think she’s happy with her life…

          • You can even add her own mother to that, who threatened to slap the taste out of her mouth on BFV for talking back to her with that stank attitude. That episode where they went to the retreat to try to hash their problems and she wanted to leave demonstrates her lack of good character. In fact, that is a common theme with her – leaving whenever she doesn’t want to face the truth about herself. It’s just that this time, she was the one who was left behind.

          • Well if she was giving multiple chances and didn’t take any then that is on her. But like i said, i believe it may have been something other. I don’t understand if she was such a problem why wouldn’t they tell her from the beginning. She didn’t lighten up her act AT ALL. So i doubt that was the problem..

          • I am not a regular watcher, but I have heard several people who are say that Tamar’s behavior does ebb and flow. There are extended periods time when she is unbearably obnoxious and then there are times when she is more subdued. That could be a sign of the producers trying to correct her behavior. I have also read that the producers also had to interfere with the way she behaved towards Jeannie as the tension between them was visible on screen. Guess we won’t know for sure till we get more information.

          • “major network show?” LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL you slayed me with that one….major network show LMAO LMAO LMAO

          • Fox is a major network though.

          • U watched that major show form your one bedroom shack . Plus I’m sure that that network’s office had more square feet that your entire life. So again, TAMAR THE MUPPET will defffff not be missed. Hooray, the wicked with of the slums is dead .

          • I want Ao Shin.NAO!!!


          • Caroline Mcclain

            Yes, it is called ABC. I hope you have learned at one good lesson. ABC.

          • It was syndicated and most ended up on FOX stations.

          • Caroline Mcclain

            And Tamar was a co-host also, not the star of the show. She was loud and too opioniated. Glad she was fired and hope they get someone on there with common sense.

          • So how do explain Raven Symone keeping her position on the View. Her opinions and critiques about her own people are insulting and many have signed petitions for her to be fired but she remains. Execs deliberately hire people like Raven and Tamar BECAUSE THEY BRING RATINGS.

          • It’s a different kind of show. The View has always been about controversial views toward polemical issues so people like Raven, regardless of how annoying fair better on those shows. The Real is more of a feelgood kind of show. Tamar’s in-your-face style is more offputting there.

          • I want Ao Shin.NAO!!!

            lies i just went fb real page and saw not more than 3 commenters saying bring back tamar foh

          • I don’t know which facebook page you were looking at but it was way more than just 3. And also, check Tamar’s page.

        • You can’t :guarantee anything. Evidently the show was given a second season based on the dynamics of the five women and the way they all worked together Tamar included.

          We don’t know what happened but we will soon find out. I found the show boring without Tamar when she was out sick and probably wouldn’t watch. Things WERE good until they weren’t. But why would the show have been so successful WITH Tamar and then go to a whole other level without her. Anything is possible but I think the ratings will drop.

        • I for one will. I can’t stand her antics and could never watch the show because of her so I will give it a chance now.

      • I’ll watch it more now that she’s gone. They need to add a straight white girl to the mix.

      • People always say they will not watch a show once changes are made. The same was said about The View, Kelly & Michael and The Talk. Tamar is just hard to watch.

        • We shall see. I’m just telling you what my eyes saw and read.. People are not having it. Those ladies fit well together and the show was successful!!

      • Those are the people who are very fat and sit on their sofas all day watching court shows and Jerry Springer and collect welfare and food stamps.

      • Yes but you can only have so many family and posse. not even close to putting a dent in the ratings.

    • Ja'Niece Glover

      If your profile picture is a true representation of you, I highly doubt you understand anything of the “ghetto”, no more than what the media would have you believe, so how dare you call this woman ghetto! Or any other individual for that matter! That is stereotypical and disrespectful and just plain unfair.

      • Were we watching the same show? My Avatar has nothing to do with me, he’s just a wrestler that i like. Tamar is the definition of ghetto, loud and rude. Sorry not sorry.

        • Ghetto is a place not personality trait. You are obviously extremely ignorant since you don’t know that. Also for your struggling mind, sheep like you will use the term ghetto to label anything Black.

          • LOL okay, stop being sensitive, she’s still GHETTO LOL

          • Ja'Niece Glover

            It’s not being sensitive. It’s being real. That’s the problem, people expect ignorance to swept up under the rug all the time. It is what it is. If you think she’s so called “ghetto”, then you are just plain ol’ ignorant

    • There were a lot of guest people they got to fill-in while Tamar was gone (like Tisha Campbell) who were not only entertaining (without being loud), but also got along better with the other girls. Tamar can easily be replaced. I’ll be so glad if she’s really leaving the show.

    • They all talked loud to me that’s why I can’t watch it LOL it’s like they’re yelling! Love me some Tamar though…SANG GIRL SANG!

    • CeeCee Flinstone

      Not ghetto! It was an education issue.

      • I don’t know the Braxton Family members tend to be rather articulate and well educated in general. I don’t know if I agree with that comment. I think that she is just too loud and obnoxious. They hail from a good family in the Severn, Maryland area.

        • Exactly. Her parents don’t act that way and neither do her other sisters (with the exception of Tracy).

      • Vanessa Kildare

        It was BOTH!!!!!

    • You racist ass piece of shit that’s why all the other girls tried to be like her besides Tamera, it’s gonna get canceled real quick baby.

      • Lmao. You’re mad. I know a slew of ppl who stopped watching because of her. Now we can tune back in YAYAYAYAY :)

        • Aint nobody mad baby Tamar got her own show :D Happy as hell I won’t have to watch The Fake anymore :) :) :) :)

      • Racist? LMAO because i called her loud and ghetto? Well she is and the show has already been renewed for 2 more seasons.

        • And Tamar added to those ratings until this past Friday. Regardless of what people think, Tamar did get along with the other hosts. Which show were you watching and until whatever happened happened all was well with the co-hosts. She didn’t JUST get fired, something happened and she feels betrayed by whatever it was. Before that, you never heard a whisper from the co-hosts or the executives at the show or FOX. I don’t think you are racist in any way because you called her loud and ghetto though.

          • I suspect she was fired and got mad at her co-hosts for not fighting for her. In all honesty the few times I saw the show she was by far the least professional and had the least relevant input. Considering the show seems fake with all the RuPaul make-up and BS personalities it shouldn’t have been too hard for her.

            Stereotype- BS about a race of people
            Prejudice- Believing stereotypes
            Racism- Actions based on prejudice

            People love to throw out the word racist when they mean prejudiced.

        • Vanessa Kildare

          I cannot even hear what is been said because all of them is shouting at the same time. They need to cancel the show. That Jeannie is the next to go.

          • Jeannie is tolerable, they can get rid of the cheetah girl though.

          • Do you have a life? I’m reading the comments and your profile is in every conversation! You seem like a gossip housewife!

          • Somebody reply’s to my comment i’m going to answer them back, just like i’m doing your miserable ass now.

        • Yes Renewed because of Tamar—- before she left. The show was made around being “loud and ghetto” the main reason why Tamar was hired in the first place. Cubans are just as loud and ghetto little boy have several

        • Yes, Cubans are just as loud and ghetto have several. Renewed BECAUSE of Tamar, the show needs to thank her for that.. but that’s all good cause she left the Titanic and got her own show :D

    • disqus_OsdPhFea96

      You’re probably the expert of Ghetto and what is a man doing watching a Woman’s talk show in the middle of the day??? Do you NOT have a JOB????

    • you are so right

    • You nailed that! Nothing more need be said at all. Thanks.

    • I remember when she just started the show with the others. It is her “ghettoness” as you claim that got her there. At the time she had high ratings and they capitalized on that. I am sure it is more than that. I believe that she will be alright. She has more going for her – love her or hate her. By the way, I love Tamar because she is 100% herself – over the top – and entertaining.

    • BT 10000 hair hatted sista with a bad attitude.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Someone will miss her, but not me!

    • So was Hood Jeannie, Thirsty Lonnie, and slut Adrienne.

    • She will be missed

    • U are stupid so you two are even

  18. Well that certainly tells you what a Queen B she is since her husband is the Executive Producer. If he let it happen then he must be tired of her over-acting nonsense too.

    • Even producers have a boss and have to answer to someone. it is all about ratings and money. Tamar Braxton is GHETTO trash hood rat with a famous sister.

  19. I know right, she turned me all the way off, now I’ll finally be able to tolerate the show

  20. One thing I can say is that Tamar can sing and dance. She got the goods.
    Good luck Tamar. BTW I watched that show only 2 times and put me to Zzzzzzz…

  21. I HATE Tamar Braxton! Her GHETTO accents and she acted like she was all that when she is a nobody with a famous sister who was a somebody 20 years ago.

  22. Im sure Tamar is a nice woman, but on the ‘REAL’ she was a loud mouth and you couldnt understand half of what she was saying….then she would turn it up and marbels came out of her big loud mouth……she was trying to talk like Nene and act like her, and it didnt work/fly then & try and speak like Connie Chung the next minute, Hahahaha, I hope they get ummmm, well, anyone who can speak english esp. with an accent….That would be great for the ‘REAL’ lol.

    • Why would you think she is a nice person? Ghetto trash with money riding her sisters coat tails. She opens her mouth and speaks her ghetto jive. I can not stand her.

  23. Bianca Bianchini

    they all sound like they’re reading from a script. Ta was the only one that sounded like herself. I only watched b/c it came on after wendy but uh oh. bye.

  24. About time,..Project bunny thought she had white privilege…She will next be seen attending Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week, on YOUTUBE

  25. she looks like a jack o lantern. that nose is terrible

  26. She was def not the reason I watched the show. As a matter of fact, there was always a sigh of relief when someone else was sitting in her spot..even her husband was better to me lol. The other women seemed to be the “real” ones to me. Did you ever notice when Adrianne or Jeanne talked how her face was stank, or when guests were talking while they were sitting on the couch how stank her face was? Nothing about her seemed real at all. It all felt like a “put on”. She may have tried to look positive but all vibes I got from watching her were transferred from Family Values to this show and she was the reason I stopped watching….I knew something would change on this show…I just hope the show doesnt go under b/c of it. I like the other ladies.

  27. Now they have to get rid of the big ugly gorilla the sits in between the two thin girls.

  28. Finally they got rid of her. I stopped watching The Real because I could not stand her with that squeaky high pitched voice, that smacking of her lips and her GHETTO attitude. I will go back to taping it and watch it now that she is gone. Yippee

  29. There were a lot of complaints on social media about Tamar Braxton. Lots of people thought she was ghetto and threatened not to watch. Those people like myself will now return.

  30. Sorry, but Tamar IS The Real- and if she ain’t there, it’s just 4 boring chicks. Sorry. I won’t be watching.

    And I’m guessing Loni is the Judas here. She and Tamar always seemed to have an unexplainable rift under the surface. Time will tell, I guess.

    • I agree, Loni was my first thought too! She always seemed jealous of Tamar and when they did the episode on whose life you would want to have they all said Tamar’s except for Jeannie who wanted Loni’s life. Either Loni or Jeannie are my prime suspects here. Jealosuy is a beast!

  31. Tamar is so full of her dam self now..hell her own sisters barely like her messy ass!!

  32. I didn’t care for Tamar’s character and thought that she was just too much. If she had taken her own advice and have several seats maybe she still have a job. I do think that maybe they should have had a sit down with her and given her the opportunity re-evaluate the situation. She acted the same way with her sisters and since Bishop T.D. Jakes had a talk with her and her family, it seems like her attitude may have gotten better with the her family.

  33. Ja'Niece Glover

    All of these people describing her as “ghetto” is appalling. You truly don’t know the meaning. Smh. I would say she’s definitely extra and boisterous, but ghetto??!!?! Just stop.

  34. CeeCee Flinstone

    Well at first like many of the viewers, I too thought Tamar was ghetto! However, the more I watched I realize it was more of an education issue. I was embarrassed for her. I like Tamar, unfortunately “The Real” was just not a fit for her. I blame the producers, they knew off the top she could not hold an Intelligent conversation. Most of her followers are probably under the age of 15. But give her a break, everyone has a story and there could be a logical reason why she has no educated. The smacking of the lips and using phrases like “WHY COME” was so grammar school. At times the girls tried to help her but I guess it did not work. Give her a break! Perhaps “The Real” has a chance now. I watch it on and off and I never watch a full show. Sigh, I guess the next to go is Loni? She too does not fit in.

    • I guess Loni isn’t educated as well.Is that why she should go?

      • CeeCee Flinstone

        Loni is well educated. She comes off as a desperate horny old woman. Some of the male guest seem embarrassed by her. I love her life story but she is just so darn insecure and not comfortable in her own skin. It shows no matter what she says. It seems like it would be hard to have a serious conversation with her. The other girls seem like they want to tell her to cool it sometimes. Pay attention to the other girls when Loni kids around sometimes.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said, but the reason no one gives her a break is because she brings ill will toward herself. Just look at her post. There is not one hint of personal responsibility with what transpired. If you hear her tell it, someone is always doing her greasy and she is never at fault. It is hard to feel sympathy for someone like her.

    • Vanessa Kildare

      ” Brown liquor” is all she wants.

  35. I actually liked the “ghettoness” but I hated the way she bullied Jeannie, she was so rude and extra to her and it was painfully obvious. If Jeannie was a snake, don’t act like u don’t like her on camera.

  36. Did Tamar bully Jeannie a lot? I guess I didn’t watch enough to notice. What would she say to her?

  37. No Tamar…..won’t be watching that chyt.

  38. I watched the show on occasion and must admit Tamar was the only one not boring. I also liked her old-fashioned morality and opinions. One thing for sure is she can SING and maybe this is a sign for her to focus on that alone and not try to do so much. She has the potential to truly be a legend if she focuses and redirect her emotions.

  39. She burns Bridges every where she goes. She won’t be missed one bit. I’ll be watching again, hooray. Now if we can just get her tacky arseee off BFV so I can go back to watching that :) :) :)

  40. Caroline Mcclain

    She wants to be loud and bratty, that is what got her fired. You cannot be above all when there are others in the show. Hope she will get her wake up someday, she treats her sisters the same way.

  41. omg…. she is so dramatic! People lose jobs, girl! That’s life. Wipe your tears, and conquer your next endeavour.

  42. o brother. have a little pity party for yourself braxton. 1st of all, only your sisters reality show gave you any kind of celeb status. secondly, they stated quite clearly why you were fired. nobody stabbed you, drama queen. thats business. you probably never had a real job. thirdly, you’re over the top with your voices & weird faces “trying” to be funny & end up looking just obnoxious. the show is pretty lame to begin with, they need some “real” talent.

  43. Mister Fantastic

    She thought since Vince was an Executive Producer, i.e: initially invested to bankroll the show, she THOUGHT she was a boss on the set talking hella days off, and not doing show reads and rehearsals. BUT NOPE, get to stepping! No one has time for your foolishness but Vince and your momma. Let this be an learning experience, swallow your pride, and HUMBLE yourself!

  44. Misty Shakleford

    Tamar thinks she’s pretty like Toni lol. Not even close hahaha. She’s definitely a hood rat. With a monchichi nose.

    Tamara is waay corny and probably the whitest mixed chick ever.

  45. SHe took narcissism to the umpteenth degree. Too Phony

  46. I didn’t quite see this coming. I like Tamar, she’s a bit hood but that’s who she is. I thought the neck rolling was a bit much sometimes and that maybe she was being used as a characature of black women (stereotype) but that’s just who she is. She was just really ‘extra’ but it was kinda cute in it’s own way and she was a fun person. That’s the thing when you’re a minority, you live in a majority rules nation and if society becomes averse towards you in anyway then they become less tolerable of you, they attack everything about you until you’re just a vantriloquist dummy with their hand up your rear end adjusting how you talk, walk, look, etc. In order to be accepted you have to be like Kerry Washington, a black woman I love by the way and who is married to a BLACK MAN! In any case, Kerry Washington is very smart and knows just how to say just enough to keep her checks coming and unfortunately that’s how you have to be now, especially if you’re a black woman.

    Black men used to have this same issue back in the day. It’s just what we call “black taxes.”

  47. Somehow she’ll blame a white police officer or the confederate flag for her firing.

  48. I just finally recently got used to Tamar on The Real… but I won’t really miss her, she certainly is replaceable, aside from her medical leave she was gone for so much there certainly is many replacements who could fill her spot such as Tisha Campbell for one, she fit perfectly with the cast when she was on.

    Tamar was too loud and over the top. Her personality was so much it seemed fake. Not to mention Tamar was really mean to Jeanie a lot of the times when Jeanie was being REAL and honest. Also she was even really disrespectful to many things that Tamera would say. So for those reasons alone f*ck Tamar and her over the top attitude and fake persona. In her words I hope she has several seats, and enjoys herself.

    I don’t think it would be hard to replace Tamar even if they wanted a similar over the top persona. If they didn’t want that, I mean they can go so many other routes. I mean they could double up on asian or hispanic cohosts for one. Perhaps invite a “real” white cohost to join the show.

    Good riddance Tamar. Sadly, you were gone so much it wouldn’t be hard to see someone else sit there in her seat.

  49. Brenda J Johnson

    Guess I’m just a nobody 2 ……but i noticed somethings …….how the 3 would talk over her…..and say thing after she would speak………onw being the remarks on the kind of oven she spoke on that she has………
    But if it’s not the truth…….this is my comment and I’m sticking to it……..

  50. Looks like I wont be watching any more and neither will my friends who all got together to watch the real just because Tamar was on it. What she said was true about people smiling in your face and trying to “dim your light.”

  51. WTF !!! Hell no ! Tell me this is not true.

  52. Crystal Slaughter

    Tamar fame shot straight to her ass! and because of that, she became an asshole! Admit your flaws, your surgeries and such. Stop! Bye, Bye Bobbie!

  53. Melody Carroll

    she brought on herself thinking she all that and she not maybe she will act better now and she wasnt a good fit

  54. A lot of people watch The Real for Tamar. She brings a different Urban style to daytime and it’s not all dry and boring. I won’t be watching anymore.

  55. Anytime you have more than 2 black women in a tight area there is going to be some drama! Just the way it is!

  56. I watch this chi pet on the show once and when the other were eating when was pretending acting as if she was to goo to taste the food booooo

  57. Actually, she is still following Adrienne…ijs.

  58. What’s her claim to fame? Being nasty makes you a star?

  59. She is ghetto however she is just being herself which i respect. The show is called The Real and they need individuals on that represent all personality types. I think it is a big mistake to get rid of Tamar.

  60. Valrie Coleman

    Why can’t she just accept ownership for why she was fired and stop blaming everyone else? I’m sure she is more than aware of why she’s leaving and I’m sure she probably was warned to change her behavior before she was actually fired. Now, she wants to blame others. She needs to stop.

  61. Say what you wanna say about Tamar. At least she was interesting. There’s nothing that stands out about the other girls which does not bode well for the long term prospects of the show.

  62. This reminds me of the movie “Friday” ? How do you get fired on your day off?

  63. I was surprised she was on a major network. Her personality doesn’t appeal to the main stream. She’s best for channels like BET.

  64. In her own words…. what had happened was….. and…..they tried it????

  65. Good!! She was loud, obnoxious, and showed nothing existed in her little brain! When a woman gives nothing but the “ghetto back talk” then you know, pretty quickly, that this is all she has to offer. It’s a shame really, she is struggling to stay on top; but either too ignorant or too lazy to look around her and learn to use this to grow and change and REALLY BECOME SOMEONE OF INTELLECT AND INTEREST.

    The loud ghetto rhetoric gets really tiring and shows nothing but ingrained stupidity…like those ladies representing “Black lives matter”. You have to come prepared to offer more than the usual loud, blaring ghetto “blah, blah, blah!!” She has a brain and good looks;; but still thinks THIS is what people want from her…sad waste of a great opportunity.

    • That is apart of Tamar’s persona. Why does everyone have to be prim and proper? LOL Any who, she made the show. I’d love to see u stand before the world and be judged just like you’re judging her now. So sad that ppl can tear someone down then scream bloody murder when it’s done to them. And where the hell did u get BLM? Hateful arse ppl. U wouldn’t need BLM if there wasn’t so much sicking RACISM in this WORLD. STOP HATING.

  66. Wellll I LIKE Tamar. I ONLY began watching the show because she’s on it. Loni was doing TOO MUCH as usual w/ her “jokes.” When someone jokes like Loni BE CAREFUL! That is a sign of ENVY! She was big and jealous. Jenny smiled to hide the truth and Adrienne..idk. Any who, been there and done that. Those who “pretend” to love u will eventually show their TRUE SNAKE skin. I won’t be watching anymore. She’ll bounce back. GO TAMAR!

    • I agree about Loni.

      • I saw it all over Loni. But I think Tamar is/was one of the producers. Still doesn’t mean they could not have stabbed her in her back. That’s the bitter pill of Hollywood and anything that someone deems is too successful.

  67. What will Loni do? She kinda rode on Tamar’s coattail and went out of her way to laugh at everything she said. Loni gives big less attractive women a bad name. Because of her size, she takes on the mannerism of a male. I saw an episode when she put Jeanni Mai on her back like a dude and she pull out chairs for women. I feel sad for her. Be blessed

  68. The show is silly and low budget, it wasn’t going to last for very long anyway.

  69. No being disrespectful…When Holly Robinson Pete let go from the “Talk” so many people thought she did not fit in after one year. Maybe when the “Real” started they wanted to see where the show was going to go in ratings. Then the Producers and etc decided needed to go back to see where the high points and low points of the show was by ratings. Plus might have done a survey in different areas asked viewers what their opinion strong points and weak points of the show.

  70. Know one else on the show had anything going for them. Shout out to Tamara for having her back.

  71. Honestly the ONLY one who did not fit was LONI, big arse, unmarried, pretended not care about being single. She looked like an outcast sitting there like a bump on the log not knowing what to do or say with her corny jokes. She looked like a beach whale out of water. Send her back to the ocean!

    • Well. She was a misfit, not necessarily for all the reasons you stated. She needs to lose weight and stop pretending she miss being touched by a man. Her thinking sound unhealthy. She’s always pushing the ladies to discuss their personal life so she can judge even though she can’t relate or add anything to the conversation.

  72. Tamar had her annoying moments but you can’t deny she added a necessary dynamic to the panel. Tamera is very homely, Lonnie is funny but replaceable, Jeannie Mai is sometimes way too hyper and boring at times and Adrienne lost my respect when she confessed to dating a married man. I’m on the fence whether I will continue to watch the show. I’ll bet money the people that Tamar referenced stabbing her in the back was either Lonnie or Jeannie Mai.

    • Thin women should never have a heavy set BFF, who disguise themselves as “Auntie”. I have seen this before and the outcome is the same.

  73. They used her to get the show where it is….I won’t be watching anymore SHE WAS “THE REAL” .SHE was the one poppin when the show started nobody cared bout those other girls the only other one who had relevance at the time was Tamera. #notamarnoreal#booooooooooooobooooooo

  74. She is annoying and very FAKE. Their show Braxton Family Values or whatever its called need to be OFF the air also along with that K- group. Neither haw any VALUES I want my family to learn.

  75. LaShawn C. Jones

    To DRAMATIC and over the top!!!!

  76. yeah you are tamar braxton! famous cause your sister sings……..or used to

  77. The show was crafted around her image and vocabulary. All the reoccurring segments are named from her way of speaking and slang she is known for. I think to remove her from the panel means they used and created a entire show around her likeness and keeping it “real”. I could only imagine her removal is an attempt to broaden an international market to which she may not do well. However, make no mistake, the entire premis of the show was based off Tamar’s likeness!!!


  79. Hated her from Dancing with the Stars. A true witch

  80. Muska Baglinsk

    Now maybe she can do a show with Michael Strahan called Black Out.

  81. Toni Staton Harris

    It doesn’t always feel good when one is released to their purpose but ALL things work together for them that love the Lord and are called according to HIS purpose.

  82. It’s odd that Tamara fought for her to stick around (if that’s what happened) because she talked over her so many times. I only watch this because my toddler seems obsessed with Adrienne and Jeannie and that 45 min or so I let him watch is *priceless* but I couldn’t believe the lack of professionalism that Tamar showed. Her talking over and interrupting the girls, especially Tamara when she was trying to speak about something serious or important to her, how Tamar would steer the topic off course or on to her… it just bugged me. My only interest in her was You Tried It- *hilarious*! I hope she is replaced by a strong feminist with more respect for others, lets them get a word in edgewise – hey, perhaps someone who doesn’t need to talk about Jesus all the time as this show isn’t on the Christian channel – it’s on Fox. It’d be nice to have a more relatable host for the 45 min I sit through it for my kid.

  83. Apparently, you can’t get enough “angry black” on TV or maybe you can.

  84. I watched The Real from its pilots in LA, to when the show actually premiered and I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic between these ladies. Tamar is a very outgoing girl and she often had me in tears laughing at the things she would say. That being said, there was clearly some internal conflict going on and this is very messy. There’s no reason we should ALREADY know why she was fired. Somebody on that team sold this story, which is quite sad. The producers are creating buzz for the next season and this will all increase ratings. Talk shows do this time and time again. I hope they can find a good replacement.

  85. I hope the producers don’t make a play for Nene, as a replacement!!

  86. Sorry Tamar, but I am sure you will have bigger and better opportunities in the future, just wait you’ll see!!

  87. Don’t watch the show but my wife does… I will catch a glimpse of it whenever I go into the room and pass by the TV that she is watching. Based on that limited exposure, I would say no big loss here and maybe an improvement. IMO she has a cute smile but the words that come from behind it sound “ghetto” and are pretty off-putting compared to the rest of the ladies. Just one persons’ perception…

  88. another irritating black woman. uneducated and inappropriate for t.v. glad they dumped her.

  89. She was the whole show…none of those other women have the personality to hold people’s interests. Tamar added balance to Tamera Mowry. Adrienne Bailon has no personality, Loni Love is nothing but an annoying Pine Sol lady, and I don’t even know the other chick’s name she is so forgettable and generic.

    R.I.P The Real!

  90. She probably played herself! Not all that are on these shows are the most brightest and educated, and are not savvy or sophisticated to be in the limelight. Everyone in entertainment, feels sense of entitlement to be on reality shows and other shows, even when they are not a good fit.

  91. She can always get a job a Target

  92. let me guess……..The other host got fed up with her thinking and acting as if the show revolved around her! I liked the show much better when she was ill and recovering. Now I will go back to watching it. On shows like these NO ONE should constantly be attempting to over power the others. Show respect to all other and their opinions. And respect them for their being REAL.

  93. No one fired her, she fired herself! Enough said.

  94. She’s a sista so what do you expect? Fake hair hat, nails and a bad attitude. And to boot the white man still write the checks.

  95. The real is a really stupid talk show. No great loss to Tamar. They should fire the obese co-host who is I guess suppose to be the Star Jones double when she was REAL fat on “The View” when that talk show invented the gabbing woman chat festival.

  96. When you don’t treat each other kindly thats what you get. This was a long time coming. You were not hit in the rear.

  97. Although she was bitchy and acted hoodrat most of the times, she was the epitome of why people watched her on “THE REAL”!

  98. Tamar was the best dresser on The Real. I will miss that.

  99. Thank goodness those faces and the way she carried her self was Unbecoming.

  100. I’m not surprised. I used to watch the Braxtons show, but she was one of the reasons why I stopped watching.

  101. N My Face I Post

    She was good though, and she will be missed, it is sad they sit their and act so lovely and aren’t. I thinking stabbing a coworker in the back is the worst. I want to know who?

  102. Adrianne was the one who worked my nerves! After she got her butt injection all she did was prance around, always the last one to sit down when they came out. Can’t stand her. At least to me, Tamar was funny and quite fashionable. When one door closes, another one opens. Good Luck Tamar!

    • N My Face I Post

      I agree, since Adrianne got the show she has changed. I also think maybe she had something to do with it. She is a singer also, and she probably wanted the creed. I would not be surprised. I liked her before and now with everything I’ve seen and read I’m beginning to wonder. Time will tell, the truth will get out. I think it is sad the way it was done after so much time.

      • The Real seems to be real phony! Tamara will leave when her contract is up if they shaded Tamar then the show will be cancelled! I knew this would happen. 5 women on this show bucking for position especially when 2 with more prominent careers are in the mix. Thanks for your reply and have a Fabulous Day!

  103. N My Face I Post

    So sneaky the way they do it on a holiday week when they are probably off and then for the summer.

  104. I’m not surprised she’s blaming it on someone else instead of taking responsibility for her own behavior she is an irritant and I’m glad to see her go take that ghetto style that she has somewhere else

  105. N My Face I Post

    The Real should be called. Stab Your Sister in the Back now.

  106. N My Face I Post

    Where is Jada Pinkett Smith, she will be outraged!

  107. She annoyed the hell out of me. That’s why I stopped watching both The Braxtons and The Real. She’d be a good fit for the Jerry Springer show, though.

  108. N My Face I Post

    Ghetto or not it was done wrong and they stabbed her in the back. I’ll miss her.

  109. That’s why I like the show, You had Lonnie Love for comedy, You had Jeannie for Strong Opinions, You had Adrienne for her Latin view, You had Tamara for her wise advice. and to top it off Tamar brought Ratchet for those that need street talk.. It was a perfect fit. Sorry she’s leaving

  110. Kenyon Guillory

    The only reason this show got any attention was Tamar. The rest are nobodies. I can’t believe the audience didn’t like her, because most people said she was their favorite. She will probably get her own show. She actually has talent and already has money. Their loss.

  111. Wow, just reading some of these comments, had no clue there was so much hate or dislike for Tamar. The Real just confirmed they parted ways with her. I’m going to miss her. I honestly don’t know who can replace her. I get this odd feeling Tamera’s next season will be her last if the replacement isn’t close to her like Tamar was.

  112. Wow!! She was one of the reasons I watch.

  113. I might start watching now.

  114. The Real is so ghetto.

  115. -lol best move ever…never liked her

  116. I am very surprised she was fired, cause isn’t she transgender ?

  117. She was just TOO full of her self.

  118. I don’t think any of the girls are the reason she got fired.. But I think she’s up set with them because they probably didn’t protest for to keep her job…But if any of the girl’s are responsible. I BET MY LIFE IT’S THAT DAMN ADRIENNE BAILON.. or Loni love because she always rolled her eye’s at Tamar a lot..But loni seem too nice for that kinda drama.. BUT WE’LL FIND OUT SOON ENOUGH..

  119. I tried to like her but she was too extra. But if advertisers and the show producers didn’t like her why she un followed most of the cast? Interesting to find out what happened.

  120. Bump that here is a Challenge for everyone who comes to this blog there is a Slave movie coming on Memorial Day on Lifetime my challenge is for no one to watch let’s stop the bull slavery is over why can’t they stop showing these pictures it’s a bunch of bull jive let’s let sleeping dogs lie

  121. The ladies all compliment each other so I hate to hear this. The show will not be the same, whether you loved Tamar or hated her she contributed and brought a different flavor as all the ladies do. I felt they all have a great bond so this saddens me. Oh well, guess I won’t be watching I liked the fact that these women seemed to be genuine friends, guess looks can be deceiving.

  122. Now they just need to fire the other 4.

  123. I could only watch the show in Tamar’s absent. She was really irritating and annoying. She should stick to singing she does have a beautiful voice!!

  124. Sandy Staudacher

    The one, she will not she was loud and ghetto, The attention was not on her she constantly but in another stupid faces she makes believe me I will not miss that at all

  125. Sandy Staudacher

    For one, I will not miss her she’s loud and ghetto and if the attention is not on her she will constantly butt in, is that she makes what she thinks are so cute are so stupid next…

  126. Like Tamar or not, what is clear with this decision is that THE REAL is only about a certain type of “realness” and thus real “sometimes”. Insofar as any personality is excluded. It is no better than other shows who want to cater to certain segments of the market. Nothing wrong with that but it is anything but “REAL”

  127. Glad she’s gone. Annoying af. I hate ghetto people.

  128. Devoted Honkey

    I use mayo as lotion when I jerk off

  129. Louise Lafaye Carruth

    Tamar Braxton make Show

  130. Tamar was such a liar, she knows that she lighten her skin, she claims she has vitiligo, If you have vitiligo you face will be light in spots. The pigments in your skin will be gone and it will cause the loss of your skin color in blotches and patches it will not lighten your whole face, this I know because my family member have it.

  131. she got fired because one of her other hosts what? She sucked,alway’s someone’s else’s fault.The real just got better

  132. Like we really wanna see Loni Love fat ass,Jeannie boring ass or Adrienne!

  133. J'Rel Lee Smith

    They shade is real on this news feed.. Why y’all hating Lol they doing so much better then u. But I see everyone as equal as should everyone else they cant have all the same personality on the show or it would be boring it about giving different point of views which there doing well. All this hating is bullshit fr they are all well classed girls making a killing just because you where raid different don’t mean down someone . As my girl tamara y’all cant hate that’s one grown ass women with her shit to a tee.

  134. I could tell that there was tension sometimes between her and the other ladies. That’s why they sat her next to Tamera. She was a bit much.

  135. She was not my favorite character; however, the chemistry with all of the hosts fit perfectly and seemed to be really genuine. So therefore, it doesn’t matter which one they got rid of, the show wouldn’t work without one or the other…they might as well cancel the entire show completely.


  137. You know, I found her irritating with the mouth clicking and the exaggerated southern-type accent and all but I said to myself, “well she must be ok with the audiences since they are keeping her on.” I guess I wasn’t wrong.

  138. Guess she was a little too “real”. Some comment was that only young women watch the show; not true. I liked them as a group and am disappointed that their friendships were not real…I actually thought they were a real sisterhood and I love those girl shows. I liked them all for their varied personalities and thought they clicked. Loni is the one who leaves me tired with her constant references to brown liquor as the woman is brilliant…I never liked dumbing down. Ghetto girls need representation and those Braxtons are hardly ghetto but she did give unique voice to a segment of women. Some people DID like her…it is only entertainment…and she did entertain.

  139. Tamar had her own style that was Excellent for this show. All of these post about her being Ghetto is what made her unique and stand out from the crowd! I feel that all of the ladies had an excellent dynamic that made the show a success. By the way, to all you hypocrites, GHETTO SELLS just ask all of the brands that have made millions of dollars marketing using GHETTO terminology. So keep it real!

  140. I love all the Braxton girls, but Toni is and will always be my favorite. As far as the real I am an avid fan of the show. I love Tamar. I believe she has a love or hate personality, but at times she is just too much to handle with her over the top personality/attitude. I can do without a lot of that. They all bring their own flavor to the show. I am a fan of all the hosts. However, I believe Adrienne and Jeannie add something extra special and those two really make the show for me. I love the diversity that they bring. I’ve always said that since the beginning. I had a feeling that Tamar wouldn’t last long. She missed a lot of time when she was sick and I think they wanted to get rid of her then, but they couldn’t because it would have looked as if they discriminated against her due to her illness. The show survived quite well without her, and I think it will continue to do well. I believe she thought she was invisible. Besides she’s spoiled and want to have her way. She is involved in way too much. She’s has a beautiful voice and I think she should concentrate on her singing career. I don’t think anyone stabbed her in the back nor do I believe the other hosts knew what was about to take place. They were all very close and I genuinely think they love Tamar and considered themselves a sister hood. Tamar just wants to bring others down with her and blame others for her getting fired, but really Tamar has no one to blame but herself. She will be fine she has other career opportunities and her husband Vince and family support. Perhaps she will humble herself and see this as a life lesson and learn from it. In my opinion this was just business and I will still be an avid fan. I can’t wait for the next season! Regardless if they bring someone new in to take Tamar’s place or not. So long Tamar and best wishes. I will see you on “Braxton Family Values.” Hold your head up and take accountability for your own actions and stop blaming others!

  141. Tavia Mosaic Kennedy

    She is way to over the top and a know it all. I watched the show a few times but i had to stop I can’t take her. She is the reason I stopped watching Braxton Family Values. She acts like she is better than all of them and that someone owes her something.

  142. Who didn’t see this coming? Admittedly, Tamar was starting to grow on me because a lot of her comments made sense but her attitude…well the rest is history.

  143. Toni Warner-Josko

    I don’t understand why people get fired and want to blame the people they work with. Maybe she isn’t all she thinks she is. I’m not a regular, but when I have watched the show, It seem she has the least to offer. She’s loud and irritating – a real attention whore. But then that’s how she was on Braxton Family Values. I’m sure everyone she stopped following is all torn up. Boo-hoo!

  144. Muppet with Borderline Personality Disorder. Bye girl!

  145. The show is over, period.

  146. Tamar Braxton gives life to the real now called the fake the show should be cancelled without Tamar FYI nobody cares and I mean nobody that Kmart did anything to that racist producer Rachel it is so obvious that Loni Love is a skank and Jeannie Mai does so much cocaine she can’t think straight the little twit is so jealous of Tamar enough is enough the real needs to be cancelled we will follow Tamar no matter where she goes and I think TMZ should have congratulated him on that Steve Harvey gave her a job so bye Havey Levin now that you talked smack about all girl Tamar I got no time for your show anymore I used to DVR it you are gone to me boy gone

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