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Exclusive: K. Michelle Talks Nikko & Johnny’s Sexuality + Whether or Not Rasheeda’s Husband is Gay


On tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, K. Michelle found herself in a heated argument with Johnny (the best friend of Mimi’s now ex-boyfriend, Nikko) about his sexuality. K. Michelle reached out to B. Scott earlier this evening and explained exactly what was going on.

She explains: 

I don’t have a problem with anybody being gay, but I have a major problem with someone being on the down low and misleading other people. I’ve been through my situation with a girl in the past and I was very honest and open about it. I don’t want people to think I was being insensitive to his sexuality, because that’s not the case. We’re in a society now where we’re open. If you know that you’re gay, then you need to be that and own it…that’s just my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with being gay.

At the end of the day, I wasn’t trying to ruin Mimi’s love life. I was just trying to be a friend and let her know about some things I had heard out of concern for a friend. I would never call anybody gay for no reason and I’m not a judgmental person.

On the nature of Nikko and Johnny’s relationship:

Nikko popped up out of nowhere saying he’s rich and the guy that people think is gay (Johnny), they live together! And if you’re rich, you got a roommate in Atlanta and rent is only like $1,000. I don’t understand it! I feel like he’s lying about his sexuality and these are my feelings, you can’t take them away from me. I just wanted Mimi to know how I felt. We definitely spoke on and off camera about it.

On whether or not she thinks Rasheeda’s husband Kirk is gay:

No, I don’t think Kirk’s gay (laughs). I’ve said it before, I just said that he has four earrings. He’s very feminine and sensitive, but no I don’t think he’s gay. I think a lot of men act like bitches these days, so it’s not just him.

Now that you’ve heard what K. Michelle had to say, what are your thoughts? Leave your comments below and let us know how you feel!



  1. I get K Michelle hates dl men bc of the hurt they cause to other for lviing a double life. But you can force someone to come out, they have to do it in their own terms not just bc some random tells u too.

    • They don’t have to be on the DL to keep that secret though. They just are so afraid of being “found out” or “suspected” that they lead the double life so they have a “straight” front with “bad bitches” as Mimi called ’em.

      They could just be gay and in the closet and not bring women into it. She probably wouldn’t give a shit then.

      But they’re so fucked that they have to bring other people into their misery, and put them in dangerous situations. The DL lifestyle passes on STDs like crazy.

  2. When Johnny approached K. she said ‘Gone on with that. I’m here to support my friend.’ She walked across the room AWAY from him and everything. Then, Nikko (and his peen print), walked up and got all rowdy. I’m not saying anybody gay; but, if they both were there about their business why Johnny & Nikko both quit filming to get crunk with K. like that?

  3. K Michelle is a messy dirt queen and she knows it. If my friend and her boyfriend invited me somewhere you go show up, put a smile on, show your support, & SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I mean you were invited, so why does it matter who’s gay?!?!? What does it matter that he’s DL? Is he misleading you? They had all rights to toss her ratchet behind out of there. Maybe next time when she’s invited out she’ll behave herself. NO HOME TRAINING!

    • Arianne said the same thing though. I think people approach K Michelle, in the manner they do, because they know she’s easily provoked (even though she tried to diffuse the situation and walk away this time) … and once she reacts then they point the finger “Look at crazy ole K Michelle”.

      • Agreed. And YES, Ariane DID say the same thing, so I’m not understanding why they ganged up on K. I guess that’s why Ariane was sticking up for her. Although not owning up to her part of the conversation.

        • They ganged up on her because she knew something the world didn’t. And Mimi is so desperate that she needs to hold on to anything she can reach, rather it be a gay man, or a cheating man, she has no self-respect! But I can’t grasp why 2 men would gang up on a woman, unless they had something to hide, any other men would’ve called her crazy and went on about their business!

  4. I believe K. Michelle was being a friend to MiMi… She stated ow she felt while they all were having girl talk. Ariane said the exact same thing that K. Michelle said while they were having girl talk. She wasn’t screaming or acting “ratchet”. What world are we in where people can’t even state what’s on their mind?? Now every one has to keep their thoughts to themselves and not be an individual. Funny thing is if Johnny overheard the conversation why didn’t he say anything when they walked into MiMi dressing room and why they only approached K. Michelle and not Ariane as well?? They needed a storyline for the show and they are trying to get it from K. Michelle!

    • I agree. K Michelle has a bigger role/is more relevant to the show than Ariane, so they wanted to go after her to secure more relevancy. They just wanted tv time.

  5. KMichelle was being real..Mimi falls too fastt. she is lost… God help her…I Love K.michelle. . She is just brutally honest, i am as well, so i can relate to her.. MiMi isnt a real friend. i felt the same for Kirk in season 1..just tooo feminine.. if you ever lived in Memphis. You will relate more to K..REAL TALK

  6. Honestly… K. Michelle is always painted as the starter but she’s really just the finisher. K. Michelle states her opinion and leaves it at that, but because people know that she’s “batshit crazy” They immediately poke at her for a reaction… Now here’s MY issue… I’ve seen both Nikko and Johnny Crome’s websites and YouTube channels… Their BOTH struggling so I’m trying to figure out how these Lesbians HONESTLY think their going to end K. Michelle’s career? If Rasheed and Kirktisha couldn’t end it what makes Johnnette and Nikole think they can do it?!?! Exactly.

    • Amen! Lawd. It’s ridiculous how much heat K. Michelle is taking over this episode. When she was being calm and cool, physically removed herself from the confrontation and left the subject to wishing everyone luck on the video shoot.

      But homeboy was all butthurt and felt that his bitch fit would prove his heterosexuality (right….) so he kept at it, and then Nikko came in on her too.

      SMH… K. had a right to fire back after they came at her like that. Like Ariane said, if he had a problem he could have came to K. after the shoot was over, and in private. Instead of coming at her like he did.

      And certainly not to threaten her career. That was just petty and sad, since… who are they? Like for real. (did you see that video? lawd…)

  7. she cant even admit herself that she is bi-sexual… but she wants all DL men to come out the closet…talking bout she had a “situation” bish you are bisexual or even damn lesbian but you cant even admit that.

    • “Ole slaw ass Keisha Cole wanna-be bitch!!” (Rasheeda to K.) That was it!!!!!!!! And am I the only one who thinks K.’s ass (literally) is out of control?? She got it done so big, that it looks uncomfortable; like she may need to sit down every few steps cause it’s just that big and heavy.

  8. I love K but I feel like a lot of the situations she gets herself in is because she hasn’t learned how to say things at appropriate times. I’m all for speaking your mind, but her mouth can be wreckless. She’s a grown woman: time to start acting like it. She ran her mouth and then got upset when she gets confronted for talking shxt and this isn’t the first time.

  9. K. Michelle IS a hating ass bitch!! Maybe her intentions were good, but her approach and delivery is always fucked up. It always seems that she is trying to stir the pot, and make everything bigger than it is. Some peeps say she is just “keeping it real”, but I beg to differ.

  10. it is becoming more and more PC to say tht “there’s nothing wrong with being gay, just be who you are.” and tht guys shouldn’t be on the DL. . .then others have to deal with ppl trying to ‘out’ them. yet, when they do come out they get ridiculed. we have to settle that illogical behavior in our community. fortunately, for me i didn’t have to deal with any of tht bc it was pretty clear at an early age which team i was on.
    and i like k. michelle and i see wht she was doin (keepin ppl talkin about her with a new album out), bug puttin dude on blast on TV – she’s a pretty girl, but fights dirty. . .

  11. Johnny Crome cleaned up K. Michelle’s mess by telling the real truth. K. Michelle has no right to call anyone gay..! It’s clear that she is dealing with her own heartbreaking past. I only wonder if this is really about her being in a relationship with a man whom she loved, and later finding out he was gay..hmmm? K. Michelle got (crunked on) exactly what she deserved when trying to ruin Johnny Crome’s career by spreading rumors on national television.

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