Eve Opens Up About Her Shady First Encounter with Lil Kim on 'The Talk,' Kim Responds: 'Why Do You Girls Always Make Me Out to Be the Bad Guy?' [Video]


It looks like Eve has settled right on in as the newest co-host of 'The Talk.'

Earlier this week, the hosts were discussing the topic of disliking someone at first sight and Eve dove right into her past feud with fellow rapper Lil Kim.

According to Eve, Lil Kim was nothing but shady when they first met -- but that's all different now.

She said:

“I just thought that there was this sisterhood in the music business so I would run up to her and be like…‘Oh my god, Kim…hey girl, I love you so much and I just got signed and can you please be on my album?’ and she’d just look at me like, ‘uh huh, yeah okay,’” recalls Eve. “Finally I was like, okay, ‘I should stop’ and I don’t think it’s that she hated me. I think I was so over-excited to see her. I have to say, one day we sat across from each other years later at a dinner and we bonded over our dogs. We bonded over other things. And I love Kim so much now…and she loves me back.”

After Lil Kim caught word of Eve's recollection, she took to Twitter to dismiss Eve's version of events.

Let's keep it real -- it's not like Eve didn't fire off diss records aimed at both Lil Kim and Foxy Brown in the past! Whatever happened then, we're happy they seem to be in a great place now.

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