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Election Officials Defend Special Voting Privileges for Usher

Fulton County election officials are coming to the defense of their decision to let Usher skip the line last Tuesday to cast his vote in the Presidential election.

ROSWELL, Ga. (AP) — Election officials in the Atlanta area are defending their decision to allow singer Usher to bypass long lines and cast his ballot on Election Day, infuriating voters who had to wait.

Fulton County election officials tell WSB-TV (http://bit.ly/SxrgzP) that Usher Raymond IV was escorted to the front of the line to minimize distractions at his Roswell polling place. They said in a statement that poll manager Frank Padula was directed to move Usher through the process as quickly as possible.

WSB reports that Usher took cellphone pictures of himself voting, then posted them on Twitter.

Fulton County Commissioner Liz Hausmann questioned the decision. Hausmann said she can think of only a few people who might deserve such treatment, such as people with disabilities, the elderly and voters with small children.

What do you think? Is it okay for celebrities to get special privileges when voting?


  1. I’m here in Miami and they also allowed D Wade to move ahead of long lines to limit distractions in the poll place. Even though he was there for all of 10 minutes, the women of course when crazy. I can understand poll workers needing to maintain order so getting celebrities in and out is ok with me.

  2. I completely agree with them doing that. It would have caused a small riot (no matter if it is positive or not) to have him stand in line with everyone else. Things were hectic enough with this election.

  3. I think having Usher wait would cause some distractions, but, it may encourage other young voters to come out as well. I can understand the administrative decision. If they had a vote by mail system like we do in the Pacific NW, then this could have been avoided. That seems like class privilege.

  4. Election day is at least one of the few days that all citizens should be looked upon as the same. if he didn’t want to wait in line he should have voted absentee

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