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Donnie McClurkin Releases Video After Gay Activists Get Him ‘Uninvited’ to Civil Rights Memorial Concert [Video]

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Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, who back in 2002 declared God delivered him from “the curse homosexuality,” did not appear in a Saturday evening concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, after several gay activists objected to his participation in the event.

McClurkin was scheduled to perform at the D.C. government-sponsored concert with other singers at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial during the “Reflections on Peace From Ghandi to King” event. But at the request of Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D), who fielded concerns from the activists Friday, the Grammy-winning singer decided not to perform.

“The commission on human rights and Donnie McClurkin’s management decided that it would be best for him to withdraw because the purpose of the event is to bring people together,” said Gray’s spokeswoman, Doxie McCoy. “Mayor Gray said the purpose of the event is to promote peace and harmony. That is what King was all about.”

However, in a statement released on video, McClurkin took issue with how the situation was portrayed. He said the mayor “uninvited me from a concert that I was supposed to headline.” He said “I was asked not to attend.”

If you remember, back in 2002, McClurkin wrote on a Christian Web site that he struggled with homosexuality after he was molested by male relatives when he was 8 and 13. “I’ve been through this and have experienced God’s power to change my lifestyle,” he wrote. “I am delivered and I know God can deliver others, too.”

Because of his anti-gay messages over the years, Phil Pannell, a local gay activist and civil rights advocate said he raised his objections with the mayor’s office on Friday. He released a statement following news of McClurkin’s removal from the program:

“I take no joy that he is not performing. I really admire Donnie McClurkin’s artistry, but this is a situation where a political polemic obscured his artistry.”

Donnie McClurkin released a video expressing his disappointment in the situation and claims discrimination.

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  1. Fuck that stupid, religious bigoted, in-denial, poor excuse for a person, bitch! So glad he was uninvited.

  2. You refer to homosexuality as a “curse” and have the audacity to wonder why you were uninvited?…

    • Yes he did but as related to himself. The question is “do you personally refer to homosexuality as a curse?” Some people eat crabs, others say crabs are dirty and are made to clean the under water. Would you deprive people from eating crabs or would you force others to eat crabs? Do you know what Alice bailey wrote more than 100 years ago? If not then google it 10 points of alice bailey and decide for yourself what is really going on here.

      • Your comparing apples to pineapples. Regardless if it’s his personally belief or not the point and fact remains that people who are gay are marginalized by society especially the church. The believe their were right for doing this and hope and pray that Donnie can finally live life and come out of the closet.

        • Regardless if it’s his personal belief or not? It does not matter don’t you get it? You might be a group of people, however what you think about yourself is all that matters. Gay, straight, young, old, black, white, africans, asians, americans, who cares!. People are going to think about you differently, because we are all different. They are going to treat you differently. What you think about yourself is all that matters. You have your conscience, I have my conscience. Again google what Alice Bailey wrote (10 points by Alice Bailey and you will find out the truth for yourself of what is really going on here. If you know the truth it will set you free from people and you can be yourself without worrying what others think. “Look at AC’s comment below” what’s up with this sorts of comments?

          This is what Jesus said’ “My kingdom is not of this earth and there are rules that govern the kingdom of God.” If you want to be part of that kingdom the rules are clearly stated, if you don’t want to be part of it, no problem your have a choice to make and that is all up to you. Look at point number 10 of the 10 points written by Alice Bailey. Don’t you want to find out the truth about what is really going on here? Christians don’t hate anyone. Christ died for me while I was yet a sinner and if I confess Him with my mouth and believe in my heart and turn away from my sins, then he accepts me into his kingdom, but I also have a choice to turn the invitation down.

          Listen to your conscience. Listen to your conscience.

  3. Only the truth will set you free. This is not about Christians and gays. There is a much bigger plan here. I wish everyone will just keep an open mind and read for yourself. Alice Bailey said the devil dictated this 10 point plan and read it for yourself and know the truth, it just might set you free from all the hatred. Do a google search for Alice Bailey 10 point plan.

  4. Sounds like a cult to me. #1 the man STRUGGLED with it. In other words he didn’t want it, It wanted him. # 2 being gay was thrust upon him in an ugly way, a very ugly way, as it is with many homos… one said many years ago “because one is gay does not mean one is happy”… lots of gay folk struggle with it. … they ask and ANSWER the hard questions about themselves

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