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Disturbing: Philando Castile Shot and Killed by Police Officer in Falcon Heights — While Girlfriend Broadcasts on Facebook Live [Video]

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A day after Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police officers, 32-year-old Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer inFalcon Heights, Minnesota while his girlfriend streamed almost the entire incident on Facebook Live.

The video begins with the girlfriend, Diamond ‘Lavish’ Reynolds, describing the scene — noting that the couple was pulled over for a broken taillight. Her four-year-old daughter is in the backseat.

According to Diamond, Philando informed the officer that he was carrying a weapon and had a permit to do so. Upon reaching in his back pocket for his identification, the officer opened fire.

The officer responsible for the shooting can be seen with his weapon drawn and Philando is seen lying on his side with his white shirt covered in blood.

As the scene unfolds, cops handcuff Diamond and eventually put her and her four-year-old daughter in the back of a police car — all while streaming.

She reiterates what happens and describes her location up until the moment her phone dies.

Philando was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.

You can watch the highly graphic 9-minute video of the live stream below.


  1. White people and some Blacks are always saying ” If Blacks would just cooperate with cops nothing will happen to them”. Wrong wrong wrong. This is a classic example of over reaction by a nervous Barney Fife type cop who, even after being told by the victim that he had a gun and a concealed carry permit, decided to open fire as the guy was reaching for his wallet. I’m pissed off because mine and other Black taxpayers are paying the salaries of these cold blooded killers who are supposed to protect and serve not murder people in the community. If this had been a White or Asian man they would be alive today. A Black or Brown man will almost always be headed to the morgue.

  2. Neither the Girlfriend or the Policeman seemed to be in any kind of hurry to get Castile to an Emergency Room, instead of waiting for an Ambulance which might take twenty or more minutes. That would be murder on part of the Police, as they were in charge. I suppose if I was one of those Police I would have given as much First Aid as quickly as possible and instructed the Women to follow to the nearest Hospital !

  3. This video has been edited. Where the picture of the girl freezes for some time footages has been removed. check around YouTube for unedited version. There’s one curios piece that was cut out of this one!

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