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Beautiful Gay Kappa Alpha Psi Wedding Goes Viral [Video]

Take a look at this beautiful video of a wedding between Kappa Alpha Psi member Nathaneal Gay and his husband Robert Brown. The video went viral under the pretense that it was a “Kappa Wedding”, however Gay as since spoken on record to clarify that while he is indeed a member of the organization, the wedding had absolutely nothing to do with it. Either way, the ceremony itself was absolute gorgeous and proves as a reminder that love is love.

Check it out below:

For those wondering, Nathaneal interviewed with Tom Joyner’s morning show and offered clarification surrounding the circumstances of the wedding. He said:

1. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was not intentionally represented in he and his partner’s wedding, saying, “there was no affiliation whatsoever to Kappa[s] in my wedding … this was not a Kappa wedding … our colors were not based off the Kappa colors like most of the articles mentioned.”

2. The colors chosen for the wedding were not chosen because they were Kappa colors, Gay insists. ”My husband loves the color[s] red and white… red and white is kind of a symbol of love,” said Gay.

3. Gay told Joyner that they had no intentions of the wedding being Greek.

4. Gay and his partner, Brown, did not intentionally purposely put his own frat on blast. Although Gay and Brown put the video on YouTube, Gay believes that a rival black Greek frat reposted it for the intention of the same-sex union video to go viral, which it now has. ”I have no other choice but to believe that it came from another Greek organization. They took a great day … threw it out to the media and put a huge spin on it so that it would be very controversial and it became a disgrace … or others demeaned my fraternity.”

Gay only sounded regretful because of the great cultural noise that engulfed his Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. as a result of the publishing of the video.

Gay, an electrical engineer, met Brown at a Kentucky Walmart in April 2005 and have been together ever since.

As for the thundershower of reactions that this wedding and video have cause, Gay was unapologetic.

“It’s just sad that the rest of society has not caught up to our lifestyle and the decisions that we make in life … we pay our taxes just like the next man … we just look to get the same amount of respect as any individual in this world. We’re not looking to be second-class citizens in America.”

via Rolling Out


  1. but can we find out who planned the wedding??? Gorgeous!

  2. Why are so people quick too judge…..

  3. Why are people so quick to judge about gay/lesbian marriage….Stop judging people by a label and just call it love thats all nothing more nothing less.

  4. That wedding was gorgeous!!

  5. That wedding was a display of beauty and real love. I wish you both the best!

  6. ok, if they want to go ahead and do this then fine, good 4 for them ig. What about all of those young men like me who look up to the morals a black greek frat like Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. has to offer. It definitely put a holt on my decision to even pledge. Knowing that the fraternity may have its stereotypes (like all D9), this effects more than just those 2 IN LOVE DUDEs out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,+ multiplying people in the world. Yes, these men made history, bad history on the frat in my eyes. And yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it is not to come off as negative. This confused the SH*t out of me and a lot of other of my friends. Though the whole Greek era might have been homophobic…THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY. So now kids are going to wonder (because all got damn kids are curious even adults) and say “I want to be GAY when I grow up” -___- r u FUCKING SERIOUS!? And you want people to say “Aww how lovely =)” >:( Yeah FUCKING right. Who would want to even go the Kappa route now after this crap. Okay their in love, Fucking yippee-Kiyae! Now, what about the future of kids, (probably used to be) potential frat members, etc. Their choice to publicize this abomination is fucking over probably the whole frat, d9, and youth. What now? Somebody PLZ tell me…

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