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B. Scott & Attorney Waukeen McCoy Release Statement Regarding California Superior Court Decision


B. Scott’s Statement:

It’s unfortunate that Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos presiding over today’s motion failed to consider the facts in their entirety, especially pertaining to a case as unique as this one.

It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression  — and that such discriminatory acts are protected under the first amendment.

As my attorney and I seek to appeal the judge’s decision on the motion to strike in the California Court of Appeal, we’re continuing to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community and to remind the world that it’s ok to be who you are.

Standing up for your rights and the rights of others can be a lengthy, uphill war. When one battle is lost, another is waged and yet we must press forward.  

Although I’m saddened by what today’s verdict means for myself and other members of the LGBTQ community, the struggle is not over. I will pursue progress and human rights for our community through the Appellate Court where I hope that my unique set of circumstances and BET/Viacom’s treatment of me will collectively yield active legislation to prevent anyone else from having to suffer as I have – without networks being able to disguise their unlawful discriminatory practices with vague, umbrella terms like ‘creative privilege’.  

I’m committed to change, progress, human rights and equality for all, and by no means do I feel defeated.  

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Attorney Waukeen McCoy’s statement:

Citing that the defendants have Freedom of Speech rights sends the wrong message to corporate America as to how to deal with people who are transgender. The Court expressed that there would be a problem with ‘policing’ this behavior, yet the Court ‘polices’ wrongful discriminatory conduct all the time related to employment, it’s their job to do so. This is a unique case now prime for Appellate Court review. This is not over. I dealt with wrongful decisions and appeals in the gay marriage cases (in Re Marriage), went through the legal process, and was successful in the Supreme Court of California. I am optimistic that we will win transgender rights on appeal as the law in this area is evolving.


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  1. Keep going B! C will always be before D, Change before defeat! lol love you!

  2. But you’re NOT trans, and you’ve even stated it in old videos. You chose the term because you thought it would help your case. So…

    • Jonathan Johnson

      That’s what gets me too. I always though B. Scott was androgynous and I’ve been watching him since the Back-Back-Days, but now he’s identifying as transgender. I guess that quote I loved hearing him say, “I am a man, I have a ding-ding, and I use it from time to time” was in jest?? Turns GaGa’s born this way into paid this way.

    • i totally agree….if b.scott was full transgender, and not in and out for his benefits, i would totally be with him..but your part time, and bet did no wrong!

  3. Jonathan Johnson

    I’m sorry, but I agree with this ruling. Entertainment, Modeling, and Fashion Industries have privilege of creativity. This same privilege is likely what got someone as beautiful as B. Scott where they are today. I’m sure there were many transgender persons who were as or more qualified to host, but in entertainment, beauty, style, and charisma wins. Yet, you don’t see those who were not chosen screaming, ‘Discrimination’. BET contracted you, you use their lights, their camera, their network to broadcast yourself into millions of households who don’t even know what a B.Scott is and you have the audacity to get upset over what you could not wear. Serious? I think B. Scott needs to have tea with Oprah and learn a few things about showbiz and climbing letters. Oprah bit her tongue and adapted until she got enough credibility and pull to call her own shots. If you want to be treated equally and exercise your rights to dress like a woman, I’m sure I can find you a 9-5 here at my corporation; but if you want to be in showbiz you must learn to adjust. Also, I see that Ms. Mariah Carey isn’t coming to B. Scott’s aide, mainly because she knows better. Have a seat B. Scott, there are many battles to fight, this just isn’t one of them. And I hate that you’ve pissed off a media giant as big as Viacom, tisk, tisk, tisk. Think of the impact you could have had on the gay and transgender community if you would have just held your tongue.

  4. B.Scott just labeled himself as “difficult to work with” in the entertainment industry. By launching an appeal, he will seal his fate. Nobody will wanna work with him for fear they might offend him and he’ll sue. He’s not big enough to be a diva. He doesn’t get the entertainment industry. B.Scott was a model & spokesperson for BET. They have a right to dictate what is portrayed. Wardrobe changes aren’t uncommon, even for real celebrities. Being a minority doesn’t grant B. special or exceptional rights. I’m sooo tired of people playing the discrimination card when they’ve been dealt something they don’t like. When Tom Cruise was mistreated on the set of one of his earlier movies, he didn’t have the convenience of blaming it on trans or gay or race. Time for him to join Chris Crocker in the “has-been that never was” pile.

  5. B.SCOTT identifies as transgendered, he recently said it himself a few months back that he looked up the definition and reflected and the definition described him.
    “denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.”

  6. I know we have our pride but sometimes in this industry you have to give the people what they want. You know what I mean B. http://www.vocativ.com/culture/celebrity/happy-easter-chloe-sevigny-drew-droege/

  7. lmaooo u thought u were bout to get paid….NOT. Though I feel like what they did was wrong…Its BET, at the end of the day it was an AMAZING opportunity, and u were blessed to even be considered. (lets not forget where we came from) Smile, do you job collect your check and MOVE ON.

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