Newlyweds Faith Evans and Stevie J Are Already Talking About Having Kids [Video]

Faith Evans and Stevie J just tied the knot last week and they’re already looking forward to having babies.

via TMZ:

We got Faith and Stevie talking for the first time about their surprise Las Vegas wedding. They insist the hookup is NOT a publicity stunt, and explained why they decided to go all the way.

The R&B duo’s heard some of the negative reaction to their marriage, but say they’re ignoring all the haters. As we reported, some family members are pissed they didn’t get a heads-up.

They got really excited though when we asked if they plan to have babies. You gotta see Faith declare her baby factory is open for biz. 

Well…we can’t say Stevie’s not good at making kids. However — paying for them is a different story.

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