Newly Released Body Cam Footage Shows Rayshard Brooks Was Cooperative with Police for 30 Minutes Before Being Shot [Video]

The Atlanta Police Department has released body cam video showing the interaction between Rayshard Brooks and cops in a Wendy’s parking lot moments before he was shot and killed.

According to the footage, Rayshard was compliant with officers for about half an hour before they attempted to arrest him.

via TMZ:

The conversation between Brooks and Officer Garrett Rolfe starts out cordial. Rolfe suspects Brooks had been drinking and driving, although when cops came on scene Brooks was not driving … he had fallen asleep in his car.

Rolfe is trying to get Brooks to admit he had been drinking and driving, pressing him to take a field sobriety test. Brooks says he had a few drinks during his daughter’s birthday party, but that was it.

Brooks makes it clear … he doesn’t want trouble and agreed to leave his car behind and walk home. Rolfe clearly views that comment as a confession Brooks is unable to drive.

Eventually, Brooks takes the test and the officer tries to handcuff him, and that’s when a struggle ensues.

Again, Brooks was able to grab one of the officer’s tasers and run, so the officers knew a man accused of a non-violent misdemeanor was running away from them with a NON-LETHAL weapon, yet Brooks was shot 3 times.

The family lawyer is indignant the cops waited more than 2 minutes to even check on Brooks once he was down.

Both officers, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan, have now been fired, and the Police Chief has resigned.

Let’s be clear — Rayshard DID attempt to evade arrest and wrestled with police before running away — but resisting arrest isn’t grounds to shoot and kill someone.

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