New Music: Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown - Birthday Cake (Remix)

After MONTHS of waiting, Rihanna has finally released the full version of “Birthday Cake”. After weeks of speculation, the featured guest has been revealed to be none other than Chris Brown. There’s been some chatter throughout the day about Def Jam trying to remove Chris from the record, but clearly Rihanna wasn’t having it.


So how do we feel? First off, the song is pure fire! I wasn’t sure what to expect with the full version, but Chris on the song gives it a nice touch…despite the outside politics. I’m tempted to tell you how I feel about their…’situation’, but remember, this site is just about the music. Chris’ lyrics were semi-cute as he sings about how it’s “…been a long time”, but the melody during his verse wasn’t as predictable as the snippet led us to believe.

The highlight of the song is their rap over the third verse. I LIVE!

So was it worth the wait?


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