New Music: Honey Cocaine: Too P*ssy To

“I do the sh*t these b*tches is too p*ssy to…”

Honey Cocaine made her first notable appearance on Tyga’s “Heisman”, but now we have her first real solo debut. Honey, whose real name is Sochitta Sal, is signed to Tyga’s Last Kings label. Oh, she’s also only 19 years old and Cambodian. Not that that really matters much.


“Too P*ssy To” is a great debut. She honestly sounds like the female version of Tyga…which isn’t bad. The hook is a bit repetitive, but what isn’t these days? I definitely see myself rocking out to this in the club. I do have one question, why must all female MCs sing about their lady parts? Is that the new trend?

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