New Music: Cassie - King of Hearts

“You’ll never play my love…you’re just my King of Hearts”

After too damn long months of waiting, Cassie’s long awaited “King of Hearts” has leaked. The song wasn’t supposed to make its official premiere until Valentine’s Day, and I’m kind of bummed the premiere was ruined, but my happiness to have the song in full HQ outweighs that. Clearly.


So, how’s the song? It’s quite simply put, everything. The beat is reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez’s “On the floor”, but it takes on a much stronger tribal house influence. As per her usual style, Cassie delivers her usual soft and sensual vocals which work really well with the production. Anything tribal house-ish usually has light, atmospheric vocals (if any at all)…so this is right up her alley. Check out one of my favorite tribal house records below, and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

FIlip Le Frick – Blazin / A Fistful Of Dollars (OUT 2011-10-10) by filiplefrick

Don’t confuse lack of vocals with style…silly, silly, people! This song is a sure fire winner!

Bonus: Check out this super cute video of Cassie listening to “King of Hearts” for the first time on the radio!

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