New Michael Jackson Music Could Be on the Way

Are you interested in hearing more music from the King of Pop?

Michael Jackson’s estate filed a trademark for a new logo — so new music could be on the way!

via TMZ:

According to docs obtained by TMZ … Michael’s merch firm, Triumph International, recently filed paperwork to lock up the rights to a newly designed logo — an interlocking MJ with a crown on top — so they can splash it over phone accessories, merch, CD cases and … music recordings!

It’s got us thinking … is the King Of Pop’s estate preparing to open MJ’s music vault? Because that would be so, so awesome!

MJ’s 60th birthday just passed and we know he’s got loads of unreleased songs … so, 60th anniversary release anyone?

If there is new MJ music on the way, let’s hope it’s actually Michael.

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