New Jersey Woman Facing Charges After Yelling N-Word at Hotel Clerk [Video]

A woman is facing charges of bias intimidation, harassment, and assault after her tirade of racial slurs was caught on video at a hotel in New Jersey.

via: Complex

The woman, 46-year-old Elizabeth Trzeciak, was staying a hotel nearby the Super 8 hotel in Mount Laurel but still appeared at the front desk at 12:30 a.m. Monday, and called the clerk the N-word several times. She eventually throws a plant and a container of hand sanitizer toward his direction before storming off, as seen in the below video.

“Give me a call, Black man. Give me a call,” she yelled at the 21-year-old employee in between using the racial slur.

Vice President of Operations for Delco Development Michelle Banfe called the behavior at the company’s Super 8 “just so appalling,” according to ABC 7.

“Upon receipt of it, I took swift action,” Banfe said. “We went to the police, we went to the prosecutors and we called the mayor.”

Trzeciak was charged with bias intimidation, simple assault, and harassment by the Mount Laurel police after initially being released because police said she seemed intoxicated.

“Hospitality, hotels, restaurants, we’re all together all the time,” Super 8 general manager Joe Pergine said. “And to see someone come into our home and treat our family like that is devastating.”

Trzeciak’s charges come just weeks after another Mount Laurel incident, where protestors showed up at the home of Edward Cagney Matthews, who was caught on video using racial slurs toward his neighbor. Matthews has since been investigated by prosecutors over his actions.

These Karens just need to leave Black folk alone.

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