New Bodycam Footage from After Breonna Taylor’s Final Moments Released, Officer Declares ‘She’s Done’ [Video]

Newly released bodycam footage shows the moment Louisville cops told SWAT team officers they believed Breonna Taylor was dead.

The videos were released along with a trove of investigative documents from the police department following the controversial grand jury ruling.

via Mail Online:

The footage shows the moment officers find Taylor pulseless in the hallway after she was killed in a hail of bullets on March 13, when her boyfriend Kenneth Walker and cops exchanged fire in a drug raid gone wrong.

As the SWAT team prepares to enter the apartment, an officer is heard briefing the squad on the incident and says Taylor was allegedly the one shooting and was ‘down’ inside.

At the time, Walker, who had actually fired at police first, was already in police custody meaning Taylor’s bullet-riddled body was inside the apartment alone.

‘He [Walker] said she’s down in there. He said she’s dead, she’s down – but we weren’t rushing in there to check,’ the cop tells Sergeant Brandon Hogan.

‘We just literally hit the door and there was shooting. We announced, we waited,’ he adds.

The team of officers then make their way inside and survey all the areas of the apartment to ensure it is secure.

The cops are seen inspecting the rooms of the home for several minutes while Taylor’s body lies on the floor in the hallway, untouched.

As the officers examine her bedroom, one of the cops tells the team: ‘We still gotta check the bed.’

‘Check her. We’ve gotta check her, make sure she’s good,’ Sergeant Hogan responds, referring to Taylor.

He is then heard asking, ‘Ma’am, can you hear us?’ to her lifeless body. The team then hovers over Taylor as one of the cops checks her pulse.

The officers eventually determine she’s ‘done’ and prepare to head out.

‘Let’s go ahead and move out. Alright, she’s done. We’ll keep one person here on her. She’s done,’ he says.

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