Netflix Offers Details and Release Date for That Bonus Tiger King Episode [Video]

Joel McHale is set to host the special, called “The Tiger King and I,” featuring new interviews with the cast in the aftermath of the docuseries’ success.

Fans of Netflix’s blockbuster “Tiger King” docuseries who were expecting another full installment of the insane true crime saga when it was teased an eighth episode was coming may be a little disappointed that it’s actually more of an after-show than a true episode.

Hosted by Joel McHale, who stripped down to his sexiest(?) Joe Exotic gear to help promote the special, the streamer promises interviews with the cast in the aftermath of the series. Most of them have already been making the rounds to all the talk shows, including Joe Exotic himself from prison, so we’d expect a pretty full house.

By full house, of course, we mean we imagine this will all be done via video conferencing or Zoom or something. There is still a pandemic going on, after all.

While Netflix hasn’t offered up a full list of participants, Joel did rattle off the names “Jeff and Lauren Lowe, Saff, Erik Cowie, John Finlay, John Reinke and Rick Kirkham.” Could Joe be a surprise guest, or will this actually go on without him?

One person we know will not be involved is Carole Baskin — because she’s said as much — who despite being the intended target of the murder-for-hire plot that got Joe put into jail has become the internet’s villain of the piece for the unsolved mystery of her missing first husband. There was speculation in the docuseries that she had killed him and fed him to her tigers.

Carole maintains her innocence, even as investigators have reopened the case in hopes the popularity of “Tiger King” will spur new evidence, information or witnesses to come forward.

Jeff Lowe broke the news of the new episode last week, even before Netflix did, with a Cameo video for the Dodgers’ Justin Turner and his wife Kourtney. She’d spoken about the series on her podcast, and while joking about it in his response video, Jeff let drop that he was set to film again the next day for an episode airing “next week.”

Well, next week is now this weekend, with “The Tiger King and I” set to drop on the streaming service on Saturday, April 12. That gives anyone who’s yet to see “Tiger King” a couple of days to binge through it in time to be ready.

Plus, it’ll really help you understand all those memes that are surely clogging up your social media pages.

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