Why NeNe Leakes Is 'Undecided' About Coming Back to Real Housewives of Atlanta [Video]

Appearing on The Talk, she also revealed which costar’s name she has muted on Instagram.

Wendy Williams shocked everyone when she exclaimed NeNe Leakes told her she was “quitting” Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a claim the reality star’s publicist shot down at the time.

While Leakes herself said she was just venting to Wendy at the time, she explained why she is still unsure whether she’ll return for another season while appearing on “The Talk” Wednesday.

“I will tell you, as far as coming back, I feel like this show is my baby. I started this show. But I also feel like I don’t want to be in a group where I feel like everyone is attacking and being very malicious,” she explained.

After Sharon Osbourne said she believes Kenya Moore is “jealous” of her and there “ain’t no show” without NeNe on it, Leakes agreed.

“I know. Thank you very much,” she said, adding that while she does “like to talk a lot of trash,” she also has “a heart of gold.”

“But you know, every season when the show ends, what me and my team do, we get together and talk about what’s best for me,” she continued. “So hopefully ‘Real Housewives’ is best for me, I don’t know … Yeah, very undecided. I mean, the show is still going on. And I have to finish watching the last episodes to make sure that nasty girl is staying in her place and not saying things that she shouldn’t say.”

Speaking about Kenya, Leakes later revealed she actually has her costar’s name muted on Instagram.

“Sometimes I read the comments and I get pissed. I mean, some of the things they say are very hurtful,” she explained. “There is a lot of cyber bullying on there. It’s very hurtful. But I have a great way … if you look on your Instagram, you can go into your settings, and there’s a way to block words. Words like fat, or nails. Things you don’t want to see that trigger you, you can take them out of your social media comments.”

“I’ve blocked Kenya’s name,” she added. ” I blocked ‘wig.’ I don’t want to hear about my wig … sometimes these people, they just be like, ‘Girl why don’t you part it the other way?’ Girl, no.”

New episodes of “RHOA” air Sundays on Bravo.

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