NC Woman Charged After 7 Miniature Horses, 5 Horses, 15 Dogs, 6 Chickens, 4 Pigs, 3 Ducks, 2 Lizards, 2 Cats, 1 Fox, 1 Opossum Seized

Firefighters had to ventilate the property before they could even enter.

A woman in North Carolina is facing animal neglect charges after a menagerie of mistreated creatures were seized from her property.

On Thursday, Davie County Animal Services served a search warrant at an address in Linville — but couldn’t even enter the property due to “unsafe conditions”.

“The Residence had to be opened and ventilated by fire departments before Officers could continue their investigation,” the Sheriff’s office revealed in a Facebook post.

Inside, investigators found an assortment of almost 50 creatures, including seven miniature horses, five horses, 15 dogs, six chickens, four pigs, three ducks, two lizards, two cats, one fox, and one possum.

They also found one mystery “marsupial”, which they said is an African species that is not allowed in the United States (even though the continent has no native marsupials).

The fox, meanwhile, officers didn’t even know exactly what it was — besides the fact it was definitely non-native.

The property owner of the property, 44-year-old Jolynn Samantha Hicks, had to be transported to hospital; police didn’t specify if her injuries were connected to the condition of the house. Charges are now outstanding.

Davie County Animal Services & Sheriff’s Office said 12 different agencies were involved in the operation.

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