NBC Pulls Donald Trump-Inspired 'Law and Order: SVU' Episode [Video]


NBC has been teasing an upcoming episode of ‘Law and Order SVU’ that features a Donald Trump-inspired storyline about a rich millionaire running for President amid various allegations by women.

First, the network had the episode scheduled for early October, then it was pulled, then it was set to air two weeks before the election — and now it’s off the schedule again.

via TMZ:

The timing of NBC’s decision to pull the episode is interesting. ¬†Sources connected with the network told us the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” video was supposed to air 2 days before last Sunday’s debate … to have maximum impact and influence. ¬†

As we reported, “Access” execs were concerned Hurricane Matthew would dwarf its revelation so it postponed the airing, pissing off someone with the tape who then leaked it to the Washington Post.

The network hasn’t said why it changed its corporate mind on the October 26th air date.

Maybe they were threatened with a lawsuit?

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