NBA Star Marcus Smart Is Donating Plasma After Beating COVID-19

Boston Celtics player Marcus Smart is donating his blood plasma after beating coronavirus to try to help others recover from the disease as well.

via NBA:

Some COVID-19 experts believe by taking the plasma of a person who’s beaten the virus and giving it to currently infected people can help them get better.

The science, officials say, is the antibodies in the plasma can help sick people develop similar coronavirus fighters quicker as well.

The problem? Doctors say finding donors has been tough … and the NBA,¬†according to ESPN, has actually reached out to its teams to try to get its recovered players to participate.

Enter Smart … whose agent confirmed Tuesday the Boston Celtics star is more than willing to give up his blood plasma for the potential cure.

Smart said on Twitter last week he was cleared by the Mass. Dept. Of Health after being diagnosed with the virus. He claimed he never once felt sick.

Smart is reportedly one of four players who have made the decision to donate after beating coronavirus already.

We’re happy to hear Marcus was able to overcome the virus.

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