NBA Star Jamal Murray's Tape Is Leaked As His Instagram Gets Hacked [Video]

Celebrities becoming victim to social media hacking is nothing new, and Jamal Murray has become the latest star to fall victim to vicious hackers. On Sunday morning, March 22, the NBA star found his name trending on social media after an intimate video was posted on Instagram Stories.

In the video, which has since been deleted from the photo-sharing site, Jamal was seen getting sloppy toppy from his girlfriend, Harper Hempel. The clip was then followed with four random pictures that included a snap of “Disposable bulls**t bag.”

Jamal later briefly deleted his account, though many people have already seen the content of his IG Stories feed and couldn’t help but comment on it. Thus, his name started trending. “sources out of Denver confirm nuggets guard Jamal Murray Has just tested positive for Wildin out on the gram at 3 am,” one joked.

“Jamal Murray before posting that video on his Instagram story,” one other said, along with a video of a woman smoking cracks. “Jamal Murray out here getting that SLOPPY TOPPY from a bunny while in quarantine, maybe he’s not a fraud at all,” another commented.

“Woke up seen Jamal Murray Trending .. thought he had The Rona but he was jus getting some late night bop from his lady & posted it by accident,” someone else commented. “I wake up and see Jamal Murray wilding on IG with a shnow bunny,” one more person wrote.

Jamal himself has since responded to the hacking. Taking to his Twitter account, he said, “First and foremost I would like to apologize to my fans. My account has been hacked, currently working on the issue. Thanks.”

Click here for the video.

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