Must Be Nice! Oprah Recently Went to the Bank for the First Time Since 1988: 'I Wanted to Go There Just to Do It' [Video]

When you’re Oprah Winfrey, you don’t go to the bank.

In fact, up until recently it had been 29 years since Oprah stepped foot inside a bank.

The revelation came during a segment of Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Ellen’s Burning Questions.’

“I went to the bank recently because I hadn’t been to the bank since 1988,” the 63-year-old said.

“What did you go to the bank for?” Ellen asked in response. “To deposit a million dollars,” Oprah confirmed.

As it turns out, Oprah actually carried her own checks for deposit.

“Really, as like a check?” Ellen asked.

“Yeah, I just wanted to go there just to do it. I stood in line, just to do it,” said Oprah.

“It felt fantastic,” she added before clarifying the amount she was depositing. “Actually, it was $2 million.”

Must be nice! Watch the full segment below.

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