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New Music: Beyoncé feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim – Flawless (Remix)


After Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj took the world by surprise with their “***Flawless” remix, Lil Kim took the remix and put her own spin on it.

Instead of taking Nicki’s verse off as we expected, Lil Kim joined the two ladies and added a few bars of her own. She posted the song online with the caption:

SEE YOU BITCHES #QueenBee #Flawless #HardCoreMixtapeUpNext #HardCoreTour2014

How does Kim’s remix stack up to Nicki’s? Listen to Kim’s below and decide for yourself.


  1. Chandler Partlow

    Kim Could Have Stayed off of it

  2. Lil Kim yassssss that bitch called your name lol #teamkim

  3. i Love it GO QUEEN BEE!

  4. lol how in the hell do i listen to it? seriously?

  5. Lil Kim ruined the whole fucking song. shes shit. and shes gotta stop actin like the queen of rap when nicki is :)

  6. Lil Kim’s verse was really good, though. I’m actually anticipating her return! Say what you will, but she can rap!

  7. The audio is on the page!

  8. Idgaf what y’all saying, Kim killed that verse ????????

  9. If people would read you would see where it says audio below at the END of the blog!

  10. this bitch is ridiculous, as her verse…like..wtf?? go take care of your baby and your plastic surgerys

  11. Lil kim verse sounds better nikki sounds like a cartoon character n her annoying voice dont match up with beyonce

  12. Don’t do Kim wrong haters, Nicki and so many female rappers come at her neck,talk about her and DISS her in songs. you hate on her when she says nothing, then hate on her when she does respond. So in retrospect what does Kim have to lose ? Kim is the Queen and she is the ORIGINAL. educate yourself.

    • Ya Baby Mama's Rolemodel

      granted , Kim WAS the Queen but (unfortunately for her) while she was off getting surgeries, dancing with the stars, and trying to “white” herself into the Hollywood inner circle, Nicki cam in and took her crown. GRANTED Nicki is nothing but a carbon copy of kim from costumes to lyrics to “tough Tanya talk” but, there comes a time when every Queen is dethroned and Nicki did that. Kim should have been taking her rap craft more seriously and came out with some new music looooong ago. I am team Kim as well but, I also can’t tell a lie!

      • nope. Kim still reigns. Kim is very influential and iconic and that will never change sorry, how can a “clone” dethrone you ? so if Kim’s not a Queen then what is she ? a peasant ? where is the respect ? Kim PAVED THE WAY for all these new female rappers and did things that female rappers were not KNOWN to do in her prime. she will forever be iconic in this game no matter where her career is. Nobody stays “in their prime” forever, but that does not mean we should throw away lil’ kim and shit on her as if she is insignificant. but yes Kim needs to truly get her shit together im tired of the disses and lack of career moves

        • Ya Baby Mama's Rolemodel

          Still reigns where? She didn’t even have enough reign, influence and “iconic” appeal to give input on her own character in the Biggie movie! A clone can dethrone you when the old heads who grew up on you stop going to concerts, buying the music, and representing on social media and leave all that up to the 90s/millenials! (especially while bringing out NO NEW MUSIC whatsoever) What is she? simply put: washed up! paved the way for ALL NEW female rappers????? so Mc Lyte, Latifah, Roxanne chate etc etc etc had NOTHING to do with even HER induction and acceptance as a female artist! You don’t have to be a relatively newer artist to look up to ANYONE in the past! So to say SHE solely paved the way for the girls out now is preposterous to say the least. What did Kim do that Lyte didnt? latifah?yo yo? please enlighten me! Exactly and since no one stays in their prime forever, they know when to ride it out, go in another direction, do something else…etc NOT try to hold on to the past by engaging in back and forth with a newer artist. Kim didn’t even do this much back and forth with foxy brown and they were out at he same damn time! She has no new music, she has spent her time trying to appease and cuddle up to the “mainstream” and now that it hasn’t worked, kim expects open armed bow downs like she is still a REIGNING QUEEN and that don’t work!

          SO you wrote all that to get to the end and agree that, kim needs to get her shit together, make a career move, and stop dissing right? lol so yea, she should be acting more like this “reigning queen” you say she is! Prime example, beyonce been easing out of her prime little by little for a minute, even the loyalists in the behive are tiring of her but not ONCE has beyonce stepped form her throne to entertain the bullish! *side eye*

          In the words of old southern grandmothers: Kim needs to Sh!t or get off the pot!

          • She still reigns sweetheart. but like i said, you’re still on her post writing paragraphs in 2014 Kim still has enough PULL to have you bum bitches INTERESTED. speak for yourself, plenty people still LIVE for KIM. and we’re waiting on her comeback. now go check on foxy and the rest of the 90s chicks.

          • Ya Baby Mama's Rolemodel

            Where? How? I see you can not answer the question! Yes and you are here writing these paragraphs with me. and? If you are living for a woman that knows and cares nothing about you well, I can see who the true “bum bitch is” (yes, you ddnt edit fast enough for my phone lol) . Keep waiting on that there comeback and try reading a book or taking a college course during your wait! Watch what I say about someone in the public eye? So that goes for what you are saying about Minaj as well right? Girl BYE..

            i knew once I gave you points and asked you questions you couldn’t answer that you would turn into a typical ghetto Bonequisha and start hurling insults. THAT is proof of an intellectually inferior mind when someone can not get their point across without hurling insults and cursing. Kim may be a queen but from your actions, we see you clearly are not. Again, go read a book, work on a college degree or something to better YOURSELF since you clearly have nothing else to do but LIVE for a woman who doesnt know you! I’ll be ignoring you until you get that college degree so you can continue to (which i know you will) come back here and keep commenting and commenting.

  13. Stoney Washington

    I don’t like how she said she had a baby about a week ago and then mentioned her head game was presidential. You’re a mother now kimmy. could’ve came harder than that. -MiikeBeezy

  14. Stoney Washington

    I’m not gone take her crown from her, but she could have came with better lyrics.

  15. Ya Baby Mama's Rolemodel

    oh and Kim, if you gonna bogart your way onto a song unsolicited…PLEASE PLEASE PUH_LEASE come better than that! Like really KIM? Really? Thats all you got? No wonder Nicki continues to diss you and come out on top. Kim may wanna sit down now and just train a new queen of rap o take Nicki’s place in a few (cuz her days n top are numbered also-) #IggyComin4ThaSpot #2songsOnBillboard100 #1&3BillboardCharts

  16. Kim killed it! I must say

  17. Oh and team kim all day everyday since day one!

  18. Kim is 60 what? Stay retired cause this ain’t what you wanna do no more! Just face it, your time is up!

  19. Lil Kim needs to make her way to the nearest empty auditorium and have herself an abundance of seats. #tired

  20. Kim’s verse was #flawless, nicki.. Not so much.. Sorry bout it.

  21. Blah at Kim’s verse
    She took the flow and words from
    “So awesome” by Shy Glizzy
    She could have came original.

  22. I haven’t been a little kim fan since the 90s but this verse tickled me and was good at the same time. She’s been beefing with Nicki since Pink Friday but Nicki doesn’t seem phased by it lol. Lil Kim needs to just take care of her baby she had about a week agoooo bol!!! I almost started to do that silly dance when she said that! lmao

  23. In my own opinion..Lyrically… sorry KIM there was no authenticity. I was a fan.. but now it seems she’s doing anything for some shine, I never felt her verses talked about much but being a thot. Also Beyoncé even played with Nicki’s flow “Hungarian”.. every rapper has there own flow which is why Nicki’s cartoonish voice is entertaining… As generations go on the older crowd is always going to take the artist they listen too as “the best” Kim had her shine… now its Nicki’s turn.. and with Remy back I hope to see a positive colab with 2 strong artists. All about female empowerment in the rap industry.. however the rap industry is all about beefin for whos the best lyricist.. #NOFLEXZONE

  24. Ya Baby Mama's Rolemodel

    I hope some of yall are getting paid the way yall keyboard thuggin about this woman who doesnt know you or give enough care about you as a fan to give you a new album in what…..YEARS!!!!! CTFU this is toooooo funny!

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