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Cher feat. Lady Gaga – The Greatest Thing [New Music]

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Cher’s duet with Lady Gaga has finally leaked! The song was originally set to appear on Cher’s 26th album, but it was later revealed the song had been scrapped.

Luckily we have the Internet.

Listen to “The Greatest Thing” below!

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  1. A Dancer hits Gaga on the Head. More: http://wp.me/p1CkXq-1fQ

  2. Markus Bëllatrïxhäîr-Cärter Lë

    it’s such a beautiful song. i love the lyrics, the vocals and the instrumental. it is soooo perfectt :D i can’t believe Gaga wouldn’t release it but as Cher just tweeted, it’s the wrong version. Btw, it’s gonna be Cher’s 27th album.

  3. This has to be released – it’s brilliant. This is what #1 singles sound like – full video, remixes for clubs and promotion – would be as big as “Believe” and “Bad Romance”, respectively.

  4. Cher’s CD is coming out in Sept so it’s still not to late to still include this on her CD as a hidden or extra track…great song should be on the CD !!!!! Lady GA GA can get over it !! She recorded it and should lat it be on the CD !!! It’s a sure hit !!!! And fans deserve to have this song !!!!

  5. gangstersaysrelax

    Sounds like a Eurovision entry. The ABBA-piano is a dead giveaway. :)

  6. Angel Daniel Sosa Muñoz

    Was perfect.. I guess Gaga fear a Cher sucessful with that hit, insteat PopArt.

  7. I can see why Gaga apparently didn’t like it (it’s ok but not great, and Gaga’s parts are unnecessary) and wanted it scrapped but let’s be honest, it’s Cher’s song and CD so she could have made it a solo and just cut out Gaga’s bits, not dropped it just because Gaga didn’t like it and supposedly asked her to.

  8. you all must hear something I do not… This to me is a been there done that kind of song. A great hit of the late eighties.

  9. I loooooooooooooooooooooooove ittttttttttt!!!

  10. Yes, this is an homage to ABBA, and the world STILL LOVES ABBA! This song would be a global super smash even if it were the third or fourth single off of Cher’s or Gaga’s albums. Someone at their respective record labels should come to his or her senses and insist that this song get released on one of their albums.


  12. This 53-year-old loves it – JUST BECAUSE it sounds like what I danced to – twenty years and eighty pounds ago.

  13. Love it. Old school but fresh. Love it. Love them both. Love it. Get it released. Love it. Thanks. Love it.

  14. Love it!

  15. It’s better than Gaga’s new one. At least it’s catchy and memorable. “Applause” is bland as hell.

  16. Its cher’s 26th studio album

  17. I totally dig this leak! Thanks for posting it

  18. I loved it. I had been listening to it every morning. I am sad that it is gone

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