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Britney Spears feat. Tinashe – Slumber Party [New Video]


Britney Spears and Tinashe have some sexy fun in the video for Brit’s newest single, “Slumber Party.”

In the Colin Tilley-directed clip, the two ladies arrive at a mansion and make their way through rooms of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’-inspired experiences.

We must say — Britney’s looking great these days!

Check out the video below.


  1. Brittany looking all young applauds to her MUA. This reminds me of when Bey & Shakira did that duet.

  2. Love the song and vid! Reminds me of her early 2000s music. :-)

  3. Britney’s personal trainer is the real MVP!????

  4. Who cares. I have no desire to watch Spears pretending to be hot for a girl. I have no desire to watch her doing anything. She’s a hasbeen. They give her tickets away for free in Vegas to high rollers and with different hotel deals to keep the club filled. No one wants to watch her lip sync to anything anymore. It’s why her last couple of albums have been total flops worldwide.

  5. Love it! Very sexy and visually appealing. The song is really nice too!

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